The world’s tallest twin towers in Dubai okorder

The developers Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding announced a new large-scale development plan for Dubai and Dubai Bay ports. Although the plan is not designed by an official designer, the project of 6 million square meters is still not to be underestimated. On the design floor plan, we can see that there are three times the distribution of the Greater Dubai area, including the world’s tallest twin towers to be built. Although the height of the twin towers in Dubai is unknown, it will certainly be higher than its neighboring Burj Khalifa and will become the tallest tower in the world.
Developer Emaar Properties said: “We plan to build two 60-story residential towers. Once completed, more than 39,000 homes and 22 hotels can be fully accommodated in the building. In addition, a wildlife sanctuary adjacent to the visitor center will be established, which is an integral part of the Twin Towers program. & rdquo;
Amar said in a statement: “We plan to upload pictures and other information about Dubai cities and natural buildings on an open website. The newly planned Dubai will surpass many cities in the world, and Dubai will become a new city for the common development of business and culture. ”

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Small apartment, big fashion okorder

When a person wants to buy an apartment, they want to stay away from small places. In a small space, there are still many wonderful small apartment interiors. This is a good example. This apartment is very small but has a very elegant and open design.

The apartment is located in Gdansk, Poland. It has a modern look and it is small so it is suitable for one person. Or a couple, it has an elegant decoration to give a comfortable, seductive feeling, the color is very beautiful, including warm and earthy brown and gold lights, as well as beige and white. The interior was designed by Helena Michel and Adam · Michelle, who chose a contemporary style and wanted to create a simple, full-featured, elegant design.
When you enter, you can see a translucent partition that hides the room. The living area is an open space that includes a kitchen, a dining space and a living area. The apartment has custom made furniture, including kitchen cabinets, furniture area and bathroom features suitable for living here. This shows that the project is very hard to come by, it is a good idea to use custom furniture in a small space, because you can make better use of the available area to maximize the use of space.

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The curved roof makes you feel confused okorder

Each building has its own personality and its roof is one of its main features. This means that the roof is very important for your dream home. You may wonder why you should choose a curved roof for your home. Very simple: curved roofs maximize the available indoor living space and more aesthetics.

This impressive building was designed by Zhaha · Hadid, which seems to be a Perfect local cultural activities, this irregularly shaped building has become a tourist attraction, and the undulating wall surface is in front of tourists, and it rises majesticly, inspiring a nation’s optimism in the future. The architectural style is reflected in every area, including libraries, museums and a 1000-seat auditorium.

People think that the sky is the limit, McBride Charles · Shui On Architect has different opinions, so They built a cloud-like house, and he also gave us a valuable lesson: your head is not necessarily a bad thing in the cloud. The hotel is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Google’s interior design combines modern and rural okorder

Google has offices all over the world. The main reason we like them is because the interior design is beautiful, fresh and fun. The combination of functionality, professionalism and style represents a different and unique lifestyle. For example, in an office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the combination of modernity and country makes the whole place look more suitable for life than for work.

Every floor there has its own personality design and structure, and there is an area in the center of each floor. Some entertainment facilities, this area is surrounded by the work space of various departments. Each workspace has an adjacent window with a view of the city.

During the refurbishment and renovation process, the existing furniture retains the original decoration. This design is designed to provide employees with a comfortable environment that meets their needs and enables them to perform better.

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Conditions for LEED-certified green buildings okorder

LEED or Leading Energy and Environmental Design is a certified green building project. There are many levels and ratings in this certification program that recognize the best first-class home, office, new construction, school, hospital, retail, etc. construction strategies.

Green building design is flexible and far-reaching, for open development projects and making them even more Environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. The US Green Building Council developed this sorting system to promote green building practices, and the response seems to be beneficial. Not even aware of this, you may have embarked on one of the prestigious LEED-certified buildings. Find out why LEED certification is the route you should consider for your family:
1. Seal and heat insulation of all LEED home components to save your home heating and cooling money.
2, low-flow shower heads, faucets and toilets in the LEED family means lower water bills, reducing the energy of heating water.
3, the air you breathe, the dedication of green buildings does not use toxic chemicals in your home.
4, allergens are brought to the moisture control of the growth chamber with at least the prohibition of common molds.
5, air quality also improves the outdoor air brought in by the use of ventilation.
6, LEED’s family is built close to walking and cycling trails
We are convinced that let’s take a look at the rating system to learn more about LEED certification for your family in an attempt to enter all possible projects LEED certification has five rating system construction and design, interior design and construction, building construction and maintenance, neighborhood development and home.

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Mercano Architects selected to rebuild Dutch train station okorder

Mecano Architects, for engineering consulting, has chosen to rebuild the Dutch train station. Become an important entrance to the city and national park, the design hopes to transform the station into a “model” and a vibrant center for the surrounding restaurants.

“The vision of the design is defined by an unobtrusive appearance; the natural environment serves as a starting point for connecting buildings and The materialized nature of the square in front of the station emphasizes the identity of the area. & rdquo; Mecano Architects. The open wooden canopy form of the station allows for soft light to come in, with excellent insights and views of the surrounding landscape. Due to the convenience of mobility, the transmission time between different modes of transportation will be short. In addition to being a sustainable, transparent design and a wide range of station entrances and exits a safe environment.

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ANIMA Cultural Center designed by Bernard Qumi okorder

& ldquo;ANIMA Cultural Center”, designed by Bernard Qumi, specific projects have been launched. In addition, it was recently released, which clarified the intent and desire of the design. Located in the coastal city of Gultan, ANIMA (art, nature, thought, music, action) will be the first project of Bernard Qumi in Italy. The purpose of the Cultural Center is to create a diverse range of art and ideas along the Adriatic Sea, in public spaces. The 10,000 square meter house is planned to accommodate events, exhibitions and seminars around a spacious atrium.

From its appearance, the structure was identified as a square with four different permeable exterior walls. The overall appearance of the opening is layered, lightweight with concrete, access and views from the interior entrance. The layout is set up to rotate four different courtyards around a main chamber, with a central space that allows fluid circulation between each area, complemented by a series of ramps to increase movement and changing views. A range of projects are located adjacent to the main venue, including laboratories, offices, cafes and support spaces.
Introduced in February 2014, the final design by architect Bernard Qumi in Rome, the project team has conducted a series of meetings with Italian authorities to move towards a groundbreaking plan by July 2015. It is expected to open in early 2018.

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The perfect blend of Portuguese houses and rocks okorder

As a free building material and decorative materials. This seems to be the idea behind the jaw-dropping house, where the Portuguese houses are built on top, down, and a lot of stones around. It proves that housing stone can really stand the test of time. Most houses were built around the 16th century and used pre-existing rock layers as building materials.
Buildings are absolutely unique in the world because they are below these rock formations, rather than letting any attempt to delete or modify them. They have been proven to be great fortifications during times of conflict.

There is a house in the village, apparently letting the rock form the roof of the house! Other houses have stone walls and even stairs: the original inhabitants created by the giants, and then built on the second floor above them. The walls of these houses maintain the shape of natural rock rather than changing them too much to accommodate a particular aesthetic. The warm terracotta tiles and brightly painted doors complement the gray-brown stone tones, and the Portuguese landscape is green, making the village more refined.

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Cornwall’s eco-lodge relies on DuPont Tyvek okorder

Located on a beautiful winding coastline, Cornwall now has a new asset in the form of a residence: a high-profile “eco-lodge” that creates a high standard of sustainability, elegance and comfort. With a £6 million development, Cornwall built the framework. These high-end holiday homes are privately owned and managed with rental income as a return on investment for every high-tech home.

The SIPS (Structural Insulation Board System) frame structure used in this program and the highest quality materials such as wood and DuPont’s Tyvek advanced breath film to achieve the best level of energy efficiency. The flat top design is enhanced by heat pumps in other low emission systems and air sources.
A very important structure that can withstand the worst Cornish winter weather and protect it from harmful condensation, so it is vital that the membrane has good water and moisture permeability. DuPont Tyvek meets all the basic performance parameters we need at one level: performance, protection, and sustainability. DuPont Tyvek has been rigorously tested and evaluated and equipped with technical support to its manufacturers of service, safety and sustainability commitments.

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Craft decoration improves the appearance of the house okorder

It would be fun to decorate the house with crafts. This will show our creative aspects, and the interior design looks even more amazing. Everything from the interior design of the house to the decoration is better. The house renovation will give you inspiration to use your creativity to make a better home interior. Look at the pictures and complete the colorful creations from the home interior design. This room is very cheerful because of the colorful finishing in this amazing room.

You can also arrange a good craft decoration concept. This will give the house the design of the best look. The great idea of ​​craft home decor needs to make the room better. We must decide the best and most suitable for the renovation of the house. It can be adapted to the user’s design theme. If we have colorful houses, we can also add decoration using colorful materials. Modern houses can also be supported with modern craftsmanship, etc. The materials we need to prepare are not really hard to find. We can take advantage of the things that exist in the house, such as newspapers, clothes and other things. In addition to decorating our house, we can play a hobby in the craftsmanship. This is because the DIY design inside the house, as the most interesting, will surprise people from the design of the craft itself.
The interior design of the house will be the most interesting place to store. We need a suitable place to store crafts. The craft decorating concept can be counterproductive and stacked on the wall according to the design of the craft itself.

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