Foshan Zhi made overseas blush: microwave oven is popular in the United States

【招商宝】is another year of Canton Fair. On April 18th, the foreign faces inside and outside the Pazhou Complex, and even the flashing foreign faces in the nearby subway stations increased on time. These foreign merchants who meet the Canton Fair on time in the spring and autumn of each year not only take the most cutting-edge foreign trade market, but also take foreign trade orders. Among these orders, the main products are “smart” products.

In recent years, in Foshan, where the wind of wisdom has gone, all the revolutions from production to consumption have been set off. In the evening, many Foshan smart home appliances and intelligent machinery have become the new darling of the domestic production and consumer market. In contrast, these smart products are a little later in the overseas market.

& ldquo; Galanz has long had a place in the domestic smart home appliance market, but only began to export smart home appliances in batches last year. Li Wenjian, brand manager of Galanz’s overseas marketing department, said.

However, once the door to the sea is opened, there will be unlimited possibilities in the future. In the Canton Fair, the number of smart products received by the booths of Buddhist companies was much less; outside the Canton Fair, robots exported to India, smart microwave ovens &hellips in the United States, Germany, and Italy; … The sea route map is gradually becoming fuller.

Smart home appliances go to the sea: Embedded smart microwave ovens are favored in the United States, Germany and other countries

Li Wenjian clearly feels that the number of Canton Fair merchants has increased a lot this year. “In the first two days, 400 foreign businessmen visited the booth before the booth, and their attention to smart products has improved a lot.

As a Foshan home appliance giant, Galanz is the same as the previous year. Smart home appliances cover all of its booths, including the Internet Eco-Refrigerator ICE WORLD, Micro-Steamering Machine, Embedded Micro-Steamed Three-Piece Set, and Smart Air Conditioning.

According to Li Wenjian, the current overseas market revenue accounted for 60% of Galanz’s business income. Last year, its overseas income increased by 10%. And faster than the increase in overseas income, the export value of its smart home appliances increased by 15%.

& ldquo; Galanz has long had a place in the domestic smart home appliance market, but it has only started to export smart home appliances in batches last year, and its export base is small, which has caused its rapid growth. Li Wenjian said that among the smart appliances exported, Galanz’s signature microwave oven still dominates, accounting for 50%.

In the overseas map of smart home appliances, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries in Europe, America and Asia are the main export markets, accounting for nearly 40%. In these countries, smart products such as embedded micro-steamed kitchen appliances and wall-mounted mini-washers are “red people”.

Li Wenjian told reporters that high-end smart products are highly accepted in Europe and America because of their high prices. In Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Galanz is the main driver of mid-range products.

In addition to kitchen appliances, a smart refrigerator that uses infrared control cameras to monitor food preservation status and intelligent temperature control and humidity control has become a potential overseas explosion product for Galanz. “We have taken this product to many overseas exhibitions and received a lot of orders, optimistic about its future potential. Li Wenjian said.

Another Foshan home appliance giant, Chigo Air Conditioner, has already paved the way for smart home appliances. Li Xinghao, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of Zhigao Group, said that intelligentization, as one of Chigo’s core development strategies, has become a new blade for inciting overseas markets.

At the exhibition, buyers from all over the world kept asking questions about Zhigao intelligent cloud air conditioners. Among them, Zhigao’s third-generation intelligent king air conditioner, which has set the world’s most intelligent air-conditioning world record, has been favored by foreign businessmen.

In the past, the global air-conditioning market as a whole has been in a downturn, but Chigo has gained momentum against the overseas market. Among them, Chigo has achieved rapid growth in the European and African markets, with sales up 16.4% and 36.2% year-on-year.

The rise of intelligent machinery overseas: South China enterprises go to India to sell robots

Small and beautiful smart home appliances in the overseas consumer market, one piece of Foshan made “big guy & mdash; — intelligent mechanical equipment, also began to rise overseas.

At the Canton Fair booth of Foshan Jinyinhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., an automated machine for building construction glue and lithium batteries reflects cold light. Don’t look at its large tonnage, so an automated production line can replace the 50th and 60th people, and it is exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

“Southeast Asia accounts for 50% of the export market, and Europe and America account for 30%. The per capita cost of European and American countries is high, and the automation requirements for machines are higher. In this respect, we have a gap compared to the products of Italy, Japan and South Korea. Zheng Lunchang, head of the Import and Export Department of the company, said that in the Southeast Asian market with higher cost performance requirements, Jinyinhe’s intelligent equipment has a greater advantage.

At present, the export value of Jinyinhe is 2 million US dollars, but Zheng Lunchang believes that with the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative, there is still much room for growth in the demand for smart equipment in emerging markets along the future.

When the Jinyin River waited and saw the market in the Belt and Road, the Aibo robot in the Nanhai area had already traveled to India to start a robot company. After winning the Indian order for several kitchen utensils production robots, Ailebo General Manager Nong Baile decided to open a joint venture company in India to produce polishing robots.

Nong Baile explained that although many robot giants in the world produce polishing robots, Ailebo’s products have been developed specifically for the needs of industries such as cookware production, and are praised by Indian buyers as the most “ ;smart. Looking at the market opportunities in India, Nong Baile and Indian merchants started a partnership to start the Indian robot business.

Under the robot’s overseas expansion of this game, there is also a famous beauty. Last year, the US’s offer to acquire the German robot giant KUKA was well known. In the pocket of KUKA, Midea has not only obtained the weapon of its own enterprise automation transformation, but also witnessed that the US-made robots occupy the industrial fields in many regions of the world.

For example, KUKA has a relatively well-developed layout in the automotive industry. The acquisition of KUKA in the future of the global automotive industry robot market share of up to 70%. According to Fang Hongbo, “In addition to Japanese cars and Tesla, the supply of robots from other multinational auto companies will be mostly occupied by us.

Big data maintenance, 3D printing is popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East market

In addition to automated production machinery, there are also many mechanical products with after-sales maintenance intelligent functions sold out, speeding up The progress of Buddhist enterprises in deepening overseas markets.

When reporters interviewed the Canton Fair two years ago, Foshan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. said that in some areas, Foshan made it difficult to make European and American products, because European and American products have achieved full intelligence from production to after-sales, especially in terms of maintenance. Without the need for manual door-to-door, enterprises can use the big data and information system power to enable the headquarters computer and overseas machinery to realize dialogues across time and space, and provide remote maintenance guidance.

Nowadays, looking at the entire Foshan manufacturing industry, the awareness of remote intelligent maintenance of enterprises has long since awakened.

Zhu Bocheng has been in the booth of the Canton Fair for many years. From time to time, he nodded to the foreign businessmen who had passed through him, and the frequency was higher than his colleagues. That is the old friend he met again.

His company, Kangsida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., 2/3 of the products are sold to the Southeast Asian market. In order to provide better localization services and stabilize this market with deep potential, Kangstar has developed a remote maintenance system.

“The most frequently used maintenance method is remote maintenance. We use a remote monitoring system for data collection and analysis to diagnose some common and simple electrical problems. The remote system will guide the customer to solve the problem. We can also provide on-site service to overseas service points. Zhu Baicheng said.

With the in-depth development of intelligent manufacturing, the development and production of intelligent remote maintenance system equipment has already put on more corporate agendas. Bohui Electromechanical relies on intelligent systems to create a “1 hour service circle” in India, Africa and other regions with the concept of “fast”.

“We are investing in the information transformation of products and enterprises, using big data and Internet of Things to establish a remote maintenance system, and strive to allow our customers in key overseas markets to enjoy our after-sales service within one hour. Liang Haiguo, general manager of Bohui Electromechanical, said.

3D printing technology, which is the most popular smart technology with big data, is another big push for Foshan to make overseas sales. Previously, Zhongnan Machinery exported the first domestic metal printer to Turkey.

“This small size & ldquo;desktop & rsquo; price is half of the same type of 3D printer in Germany, & lsquo; print & rsquo; effect is no difference, can & lsquo; print & rsquo; teeth and jewelry, The largest dental manufacturer in Turkey immediately placed an order. Mao Weidong, executive deputy general manager of Zhongnan Machinery, said, “They have been adding orders in succession these days.

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Modern residence that blends into the surroundings

Okas Island, Washington, USA,Lone MadroneThe footprint of the house is 1600square feet. The project is composed of eliotrope ArchitectsResponsible, a studio focused on intelligent contemporary design.

Because of the residence The location must be designed to coordinate the house with the surrounding environment. At the same time, the location brought a series of problems and the house was exposed to hard weather conditions.
In order to reduce the impact of the weather, the architect designed a retractable wall panel. These wall panels act as a protective layer of interior space to block the house and provide warmth and comfort for the winter.
Another important aspect that studios have to consider is to reduce the impact of the project on nature and the environment. To achieve this, the studio incorporates a roof garden design.

Roof Garden Partially replaced the landscape that disappeared during the construction process, and also allowed the house to better integrate and become part of the natural area.
Interior design is simple and modern. Full height windows and glass walls provide a beautiful view of the room while also providing plenty of natural light.

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A new landmark in Chongqing’s food culture – “Lushan 86”

Any city has its own unique symbols. Beijing has the Great Wall of the Forbidden City, and Shanghai has tall buildings. When it comes to Chongqing, this “8D Magic Mountain City, in addition to the hot long-legged beauty, is “hemp, spicy, fresh, tender, hot”. Chongqing cuisine is an independent cuisine consisting of old leeks and rivers and lakes. The old leeks have been developed since ancient times. The rivers and lakes are rooted in folks, many of which originate from roadside restaurants and fishermen’s villagers. However, the rise of hot pot from the middle of the Ming Dynasty has made the world of Chongqing cuisine suddenly “the trend of the three countries. The trend of hot pot has also made many foods redefine the food.”

As we all know, Chongqing’s food culture is profound and profound, and Chongqing’s hot pot is a more traditional and widely The food that the foodies love. Chongqing’s vast land and natural resources, the spread of food also breeds a lot of food gathering places built by the mountains. In many food gathering places, “枇杷山86号”, the ordinary Chongqing old street located at the intersection of Yuzhong District, is becoming a new landmark of Chongqing food culture with lightning speed! Let “&” The No. 86 mountain jumped into a famous one with the scent of Xiaojing, which is known as the old authentic hot pot in Chongqing.

noon Three o’clock, it is the burning period of the sun roasting the earth, the small stools outside the door of the Xiaoyu hot pot restaurant have long queues. The waiter in the store was eagerly and eagerly received, and a burst of hot pot incense continued to float from the store to the entire sky above the Lushan Zhengjie Street. “A store has propped up a street. The taste of Xiaoyu attracts many foodies. It’s not just the smell of hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant, but also the founder Zhang Ping’s as a “hot pot of artisans”. Ingenuity interpretation.

In 1995, Zhang Ping was laid off from Chongqing 402 tram and met himself in the street of Lushan. Wife Xiong Xiaoyu. The two people’s love for food makes them not afraid of hardships and hardships. They insist on setting up a simple spicy shop on this street. In 1997, the Mala Tang shop became a hot pot restaurant with four tables. At that time, the name of the hot pot restaurant used the homonym of his wife Xiong Xiaoxuan — — Xiaoyu hot pot, this is the original prototype of the Xiaoyu Xiaoyu hot pot.

“Use only high-quality ingredients to restore the most authentic Chongqing hot pot! This is the philosophy that Zhang Ping has been insisting on since its establishment. It is precisely this kind of concept that makes Xiaowei Xiaoyu step by step and has a steady and steady pace in the hot pot industry in Chongqing.

In 2014, Yan Wei Xiaoyu hot pot was on the “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, which is to Zhang Ping That one is the best witness of the hot pot. Late night night-time speculation, countless waves of shovel, countless times of dripping sweat, Zhang Ping used his own actions to prove to everyone that the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot can afford to bear the title of authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

For many neighborhoods in Laoshan, Xiaowei Xiaoyu is like their “canteen, warm, intimate, delicious, fragrant, simple words, but it’s the neighborhood’s Yan Wei Xiaoyu’s real evaluation.

Perhaps because of “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, people have re-acquainted with Chongqing hot pot; because Chongqing hot pot, People got acquainted with Xiaowei Xiaoyu; because of the taste of Xiaoyu, “Lushan 86” became the card-selling place for the general public to go to Chongqing. Through the mouth-to-mouth communication of countless tourists, “Lushan 86 has naturally become a new place”, a new landmark of Chongqing food culture, and as a whole street food industry, “扛 扛 渝 渝 渝 渝 渝 渝I don’t know what to do!

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Teach you to care for the floor

As a good wife and a good wife, it is definitely a matter of hand. In recent years, everyone has laid wooden floors. However, as a home maintenance expert, it is necessary to have targeted measures in order to make love nests often used.

One of the great advantages of laminate flooring is that it is easy to maintain. The surface of the aluminum oxide wear-resistant surface makes dirt and dust completely out of the floor. However, it is basically woody material. The laminate flooring should always be dry and clean. It should not be washed directly with water. Daily maintenance of the laminate floor can be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, and wiped with a semi-dry mop, taking care to avoid long-term flooding of the floor. If the floor is stained with oil and dirt, be sure to clear it in time. It is best to use a special floor cleaning solution that is compatible with the floor.

In general, the solid wood composite floor is poor in water resistance, should not be wiped with a damp cloth or water, so as not to lose luster, this type of floor is still simple to take care of. Daily cleaning is slightly more stressful. Use a wrung cotton swab to wipe it. If it is stained with stubborn stains, wipe it with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe it with a wrung cotton swab. In short, water is a fatal injury to the parquet.

Bamboo flooring is a very environmentally friendly floor. Because it uses natural materials, it is highly susceptible to climate dryness and humidity. It is fragile and requires careful care to extend its use. life. During daily use, the floor should be cleaned frequently to keep the floor clean and hygienic. When cleaning, first clean the dust and debris with a clean broom, then wipe it with a rag that wrings out the water. If the area is too large, clean the cloth mop, then hang it up and drip the water droplets. Drag the ground. Do not wash with water, or use a wet rag or mop. If water is spilled on the ground, it should be dried immediately with a dry cloth. If conditions permit, a layer of floor wax can be applied at intervals to enhance the protection of the floor. If the paint surface is damaged, you can use the ordinary varnish to make up or ask the manufacturer to repair it.

Although solid wood flooring does not involve glue in the production process, it does not produce formaldehyde, which is very suitable for families with sensitive people at home. But the solid wood floor is very delicate, and it is the most difficult to manage in the floor category. In order to extend the life of the solid wood flooring, it takes a lot of effort in maintenance. Solid wood flooring does not like rooms with excessive humidity. It is like dry and smooth. If there are water droplets on it, it should be dried with a dry cloth. In order to maintain the beauty of the solid wood floor and extend the life of the paint surface, it is necessary to maintain the wax twice a year.

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In the snowy mountain meadow, the naked eye 3D hall of the Exhibition Hall of the Tibet Expo will smash the Tibetan friends circle

Face recognition wisdom reception, ai intelligent bilingual translation, smart city exhibition hall … … entering the 4th China Tibet Tourism Culture International Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Tibet Fair”), you can fully feel the informationization of Tibet Development achievements. However, during the Tibet Expo, the informatization content of the Tibetan friends circle was created by the Tibet Industrial Letters Office and the Tibet Gaochi Group. This exhibition hall is located in the middle of the Lhasa Hall and the Shigatse Hall in Hall 1. The magical naked-eye 3D eco-display content attracts guests to stop and take pictures, which becomes a must-have for every guest.

Naked Eye 3D Miniature “The Third Polar Visual Feast”

In people’s understanding, Tibet is a scenic spot on the wheel. In the vast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, tourists can only ride one day. A few hundred miles, watching the scenery across the window, taking pictures after getting off the bus; in many people’s minds, Tibet is even an adventure, dangerous. While in the Gaochi exhibition hall of the Tibet Cultural and Information Office of the Tibet Expo, everyone has a new choice: walk into the naked eye 3D exhibition hall, as if they are in the snowy mountain meadow, and enjoy the four seasons of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibetan wild antelope, yak, snow leopard and other wild protected animals. Running and jumping in the background of the snowy mountains, from far and near, people are as real as they are, and they are deeply moved and shocked.

The naked eye 3D showroom in the real scene

The combination of virtual and real digital technology &ldquo The third pole

According to the reporter, there are many important meetings of the Tibet Expo, and the itinerary is short. In order to let the domestic and foreign guests understand Tibet in a short time and help Tibet, the Tibet Industrial and Commercial Department and the Tibet Gaochi Group will join hands. Created a naked-eye 3D exhibition hall, the vision uses a 55.8-degree 38-square-meter LED curved large-screen display that conforms to the human eye curvature. In the large-screen curved screen, Namco, Yangzhuo, and Mabian faults will be displayed. The screen-wide landscape shows the ecological beauty of the snow-capped grasslands and the changes in Tibetan culture and urban development. Secondly, using the eye-effects of the human eye, the Gaochi Group has customized 12 sets of 3D holographic digital 3D Tibetan wild treasure animals with realistic digital animation and 3D holographic display. The system, in conjunction with the simulation of the ecological landscape of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, shows that the unique Tibetan protected antelopes, yaks, snow leopards and other wild protected animals in Tibet are in a variety of ways.

Participants have stopped to take photos[p>

Tibet Industrial Letters Office and Tibet Gaochi Group The 3D exhibition hall of the 4th Tibet Expo will be hand-built, so that guests can not exhibit at the Expo, and they will be able to experience the folk customs in a 60-square-space space and experience the harmonious relationship between the third person and nature. Humanistic journey.

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How can ssc share the life circle to maximize the benefits?

In 2017, the sharing economy has been recognized as a big trend in the future. In 2025, the economic capacity will exceed 20% of GDP, or 20 trillion. Use without possession, yours is mine, mine is yours, will be a big sharing trend. Ssc shared life circle In this big era background, Anhui Weisuo Technology E-Commerce Co., Ltd. prepared a new era of all-people entrepreneurship (Internet platform + sharing economy + sharing economy)!

The new era of sharing Internet has been It integrates and influences our lives, and its development results are undoubtedly the basic characteristics. During the Spring Festival Evening on the Internet, the host and the participating guests shared the changes brought by the Internet. The host Ouyang Xia Dan said that her mother and her sister often use video exchanges, etc. She said, “Parents learn to use smart phones, not Keeping up with the times, but catching up with children, people are moved. Ssc shared life circle Since the Internet, our life has more sentiment and is no longer constrained by geography.

Strategic Planning for SC Sharing Platform

1. Innovate customer value based on market demand For the center point

2. Wire the online platform and offline activities

3. Serve as an investment partner, channel party, and consumer customer. p>

4.In the sharing of economic integration, exquisite acquisition and merger, project resource docking development, healthy ecological communication, network franchise chain as business sector

Team support:

Other teams have support policies, we will certainly be more than others, and better and stronger, online and offline coverage, combined with online and offline marketing, hand-held church Internet marketing, teach popular, give a set of marketing collection, SSC sharing life Circle platform, you win me to win everyone to win together. Sharing glasses SSC sharing life circle officially designated national first-hand docking

Static king (sending hatching coupon 1 = 1 yuan)

Entering 2 singles 1980 yuan, 32 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, until 11680 is delivered.

Enter 5, 4,950 yuan, 80 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 29200 will be delivered.

Enter 10 single 9900 yuan, 160 per day, the term is 1 year, that is, send 58400.

Enter 20 single 19800, 320 per day

Term 1 year, send After the completion of 58400

into 50 single 49500, 800 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 292,000 is delivered.

Dynamic income (example: direct push 1 People)

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Five coups to help you easily get the maintenance of cork flooring

More and more families use cork flooring in the decoration, but how to maintain the cork flooring has always been a headache for the owners. The following five tricks will help you easily manage the cork flooring.

First, if there is wear and tear in some places after three or five years of use, it can be partially compensated, that is, the coating is re-applied at the local part. The method is very simple, and the sand is cleaned with sandpaper at the worn place to remove the surface. Remove the dirt, then wipe it off with a dry soft cloth, repaint the coating, or apply a polyester film to the area.

Second, the surface of the painted cork flooring is the same as the solid wood floor, usually a floor wax can be used once every six months, the surface of the cork flooring with resin wear layer is as simple as the composite floor care.

Third, difficult to clean the place with a special cleaning agent can be removed.

Fourth, to prevent heat damage. Do not place hot objects such as hot water cups directly on the floor to avoid scalding the surface paint film. At the same time, it should be avoided to expose the sun to the floor for a long time, so as to prevent premature cracking and aging after the paint film is exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time.

Fifth, the floor can be installed on the floor after 24 hours of installation, to minimize the movement of people on it within 24 hours. When leaving home, please close the window, door, especially the faucet, so as not to let the rain or drip soak the floor.

In addition, the cork floor can be made into different patterns by different colors of different tree species. For example, there will be various patterns on the NBA court. In addition, cork flooring can also be used as wall decoration or cork wallboard, so pay attention to the following three points for the maintenance of this cork floor:

1. Use vacuum cleaner, tweezers, semi-dry The rag can be

2. The local smudge can be wiped with an eraser, and it can not be removed with a sharp tool.

3. If it is a waxed wallboard, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth

The maintenance of cork flooring is easier than other wooden floors. It is recommended to place a foot pad at the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor. Avoid strong impact on the floor, carry furniture to lift, and can not directly drag, furniture legs need to pad. As long as you pay attention to these problems on a daily basis, you can easily get the maintenance of cork flooring.

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“The Xianghai-The 4th Painting Art Festival” was held in Wuzhen in April.

“Jiangshan picturesque, Shengshidang song–<;Naxianghai• The 4th Painting Art Festival will be held on June 29, 2019 in the 4A-level scenic spot of Naxianghai Country, Weihai City, Shandong Province. “The Xianghai • The 4th Painting Art Festival, with the art as the medium, invites the famous artists from the three countries of Sulu and Zhejiang to participate in the artistic creation as an opportunity to depict the natural beauty of the motherland through the brushstrokes of the famous artists, reflecting the long history of humanity. Rich folk customs and regional customs, showing the fruitful achievements of the prosperity and development of the motherland, and recording the magnificent glorious history.

Compared with previous years, this festival has created a new location in addition to Shandong Weihai, and also added Jiaxing, Zhejiang, the first venue of China’s first congress. This is also the first cross-regional linkage. Invite the artist to enter the 4A level scenic spot of Xianghai National and 5A level scenic spot of Nanhu National, 5A level scenic spot of Wuzhen National State, and the scenic spot of brothel to further stimulate creative inspiration. This festival responds to the development of national culture and art, has both humanistic feelings and the mission of the times. It aims to promote the level of literary and artistic creation in the three continents of Sulu, Zhejiang and even the eastern coast through cultural exchanges.

April 25, 2019, “Naxianghai • the fourth painting festival’s collection activities in Wuxiang, Tongxiang, Zhejiang.

“Na Xianghai • 4th Painting The festival kick-off meeting was held

At 9:30 in the morning, it was held in the conference hall of the Wuzhen Internet Conference Organizing Committee. “Naxianghai • the 4th Painting Art Festival Conference, Sulu and Zhejiang The artist and the leaders of the Zhejiang Local Art Association attended and witnessed the unveiling of the art event. There were three processes in this conference. The first was the organizer’s representative, the deputy director of the product department of Nanjing Mingyue Construction Group Co., Ltd., and the creative director of Shandong Xianghai Dongtu Wenlv Co., Ltd., Mr. Peng Yu, gave an opening speech and presented the guests. He and the leaders introduced the relevant content of the event and the history and culture of Wuzhen, where the event was held. At the same time, they expressed their sincere gratitude to the artists who came to the collection, and looked forward to the artists’ inspiration for the unique scenery in Wuzhen. Create excellent paintings.

Message from the organizer on behalf of Mr. Peng Yu

Subsequently, the local representative, Mr. Li Xinrong, Director of the Culture and Broadcasting and Sports Bureau of Tongxiang City, gave a speech on behalf of the Tongxiang Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau and the Tongxiang City Federation of Literature and Art to welcome the artists who collected the wind, and introduced the cultural development and future of Tongxiang. Planning, but also expressed thanks to the event organizers.

Next, the representatives of the artists gave speeches. Mr. Yang Zhenyu, Dean of the School of Humanities and Art of the China Academy of Art, introduced the core concept of the event as an academic host, and presented the concept of living and the guests present. A brief discussion was made.

After Yang’s profound connotation, representatives from artists from the three provinces of Sulu and Zhejiang also gave speeches. Jiangsu artists represented Nanjing Art College, director of the Chinese Artists Association, Mr. Chen Shining, and Shandong artist represented Shandong Art College. Mr. Song Qiming and the representative of Zhejiang artists, Mr. Lu Qi, the deputy dean of the Academy of Fine Arts of Hangzhou Normal University, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the event and the leaders of the event, and also looked forward to this event.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Zhu Rongyao, Vice Chairman of the Jiaxing Artists Association, made a concluding speech and wished the success of this event, which was drawn for the conference. A perfect period. At the same time, “The Xianghai • the prelude of the 4th Painting Art Festival was officially opened.

Finally, all the guests present in the Wuzhen Xizha scenic spot to take a group photo, after which, the three art masters officially entered the Wuzhen Xizha scenic spot to begin sketching. During the next four days, famous artists will perform artistic creation and academic exchanges in Wuzhen, Tongyuan Scenic Spot and Nanhu Scenic Spot in Jiaxing City.

Group photo

Wuzhen, It is the first batch of famous historical and cultural towns in China and the top ten charming towns in China. It is known as the last pillow in China.

The brothel is a high-profile town with a large number of well-preserved courtyard spaces and chessboard streets. It is excellent with the scenery and atmosphere of the Jiangnan Courtyard. The place of artistic creation.

Nanhu is not only beautiful, but also has profound revolutionary memories. The red gene makes the lake scenery of Nanhu Lake and the delicate and retro paintings even more mysterious.

When the artist draws a sketch

The artist’s Jiaxing sketches will be presented to the public in the form of exhibitions at the opening ceremony of the 4th Painting Art Festival. The exhibition will be held in Weihai, Shandong Province on June 29, 2019. The 4A-level scenic area Culture and Art Center of Xianghai State was held, and the exhibition time lasted until August 25.

“Naxianghai • The 4th Painting Art Festival was hosted by Nanjing Mingyue Construction Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Wanheng Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xianghai Dongtu Wenlv Co., Ltd. jointly hosted, Sulu Zhejiang The famous artists from the three places participated in the exhibition, through the linkage of scenic spots, cultural orientation, and social participation. The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China promoted the cultural and artistic exchanges and collisions between Shandong and Zhejiang, and promoted the common development of culture and art in the eastern coastal areas. And prosperity.

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At present, there are four major misunderstandings in smart homes, and development needs to return to the essence.

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Smart Home The understanding and development need to abandon the misunderstanding and return to the essence. In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system.

After a period of incubation and concept popularization in previous years, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into people’s daily lives, and constantly refreshed users’ perceptions and experiences of “smart life”. Finance, medical, education, decoration, media … … as long as we can think of the industry, are actively achieving integration with artificial intelligence technology, and most people are most concerned about the smart home industry, many " Daniel also predicts that smart home will become the next slogan. How much do you know about this industry?

First, the cognitive misunderstanding of smart home

Smart home appliances=Smart home

Nowadays, the development trend of the smart home industry is fierce. Many merchants have tried their best to make their products and “smart” words on the side, so many consumers mistakenly think that smart home appliances are smart homes, but they are not. Take the smart TV, it is essentially different from the smart home, because compared with the traditional TV, the smart TV is only based on its function expansion and upgrade, the variety of programs is more diverse And it can play the role of a game console, and can also install and uninstall various application software to meet the more diverse consumer needs of users, but from The quality, it can only be regarded as an integral part of the smart home, or a smart terminal, like smart phones, we are not able to equate with the smart home, so smart appliances & ne; intelligent home.

Smart Furniture = Smart Home

Artificial intelligence technology is more and more developed, and has gradually landed from the conceptualization stage, so many industries are trying to marry with intelligence, because many people There is still a blind spot in the understanding of smart homes, so it is easy to confuse smart furniture with smart homes. In fact, smart furniture is just a combination of intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence, IOT intelligence and traditional furniture. When using smart furniture, users can give full play to their subjective creativity, such as according to their own preferences and family spatial characteristics. Furniture is freely combined and matched, and smart home is a whole concept. It is a system that integrates lighting, door locks, curtains, home appliances, security and other equipment in the home through technologies such as the Internet of Things, so smart furniture & smart home .

Smart Home = Chicken Ribs

When it comes to smart homes, many people like to use “small ribs to describe it” and feel that it is a tasteless taste, a pity, and think it is not The six-character mantra that conforms to the good product, first of all, it is not a rigid demand, because for many people, it is dispensable, barely counted as “pseudo-demand”; secondly, it can not hit the pain points of consumers, Because many smart home items on the market help users solve problems, they also bring a lot of troubles. It can be said that they are not smart enough. For example, after the sweeper has finished cleaning, the owner has to manually clean the dust box. Originally, the map saves trouble, and the result is that it is gray; in the end, it does not meet the high frequency, because the frequency of product replacement is too low.

If smart home products want to detonate the market on the C side, it seems that there is still a long way to go before changing the situation. In fact, the emergence of new products and new technologies will have a “starting stage” at the beginning, but the market and users are the best touchstones for products. They will not tolerate products that have not completed the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. When this gap is crossed, it is difficult to open the market from the C side. In fact, from an objective point of view, for an emerging industry that is still in the exploration and development period, it is obviously irrational to give it a “chicken rib” hat, whether as a visitor or a consumer, we are all There should be confidence in artificial intelligence technology and the smart home industry, allowing them to grow and mature in stumbling.

Smart Home = Luxury Luxury Home

“ Smart home prices are too expensive, low-income families can’t afford it, we just wait and see, mention smart home, many people will have This kind of thinking, I think that smart home products can only appear in TV dramas or families of rich people. Actually, from the current stage, the reason why smart homes are still not popular, there are indeed price factors, but simple and rude. It is an irrational view to link it with the words “rich people, “luxury houses,” luxury goods, etc. The popularity of any new thing will have a phased process, just like when the car first appeared, we would feel it away. I am very far away, but now I don’t think so.

Second, what is smart home?

In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system, which itself includes many subsystems, such as security systems, lighting systems. , background music system, electrical control system, door and window control system, home network system, home theater system, etc., it can use integrated wiring, network communication, security, automatic control and other technical means to achieve home facility integration, thereby building a safe, Efficient and intelligent management system creates a comfortable, warm, comfortable and convenient living environment for users, thus improving the comfort and safety of users. On the platform of smart home, you can realize the home appliances according to your own needs. And remote control of doors and windows, you can also personalize according to your own preferences. (*This articleThe source and source have been marked, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Kansai Paints Completes Acquisition of European Coatings Manufacturer Helios Group

【招商宝】On April 3, Japan’s Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Helios Coatings Company in Slovenia on March 31. Kansai Paint began its expansion strategy in Europe.

The starting point of the acquisition can be traced back to 2016. On December 6, 2016, Kansai Paint, the second largest paint manufacturer in Japan, signed an agreement to acquire Helios Group, one of Europe’s top ten coatings manufacturers. Kansai Paint will invest 70 billion yen (approximately 572 million euros) from Austria’s Ring International and other shareholders to acquire the entire share capital of Luxembourg-based Annagab, thereby achieving the acquisition of the coating assets of the Helios Group in Slovenia.

It is reported that Slovenia Helios Coatings Co., Ltd. started in the 1920s, the main products are liquid coatings, powder coatings, resin coatings and decorative coatings. The company has more than 2,000 employees, and its production sites are located in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries. Helios currently serves more than 50,000 customers in more than 60 countries and sold it to Austrian holding Ring International for €145 million in 2014. Austrian Ring International established Annagab in Luxembourg to hold HELIOS Coatings.

Helios has high-quality industrial coatings, and the demand for industrial coatings is not only in Europe and Japan, but also in China and the Middle East. After the acquisition, Kansai Paint will retain all the brands of Helios Coatings, and Helios Group will become the center of innovation, R&D, production and distribution of Kansai Coatings in Europe.

David Kubala, CEO of Helios Group, said: “We are proud to be an important member of the European Group, and Japanese companies recognize our potential.

Kansai Paint is one of the world’s top ten paint manufacturers with annual sales of more than 2.6 billion euros. Kansai Paints has expanded aggressively in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, but it has no impact on the European market. The acquisition is beneficial to Kansai Paint Development and expand its market share in Europe. At the same time, it is also a global strategy. Another step.

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