Malaysian apartment using natural materials

Nu Infinity designed this apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a photographer and frequent travellers, focusing on natural high quality materials such as solid wood, plants and real stones.

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List of IDSWEST 2015 design exhibitions

Bend, sculptor and designer from MichiganGaurav Nanda. These sculptural chairs made of colored metal are both ornamental and functional.

Brendan Ravenhillstudio specializes in modern lighting and furniture design. Their simple chandeliers, chandeliers and wall candlesticks evoke the mid-century feel and incorporate contemporary forms. Their design avoids extra decoration and focuses on physics, materials and craftsmanship.

Jory Brigham works with their own originality. He chose manual tools and raw materials instead of industrial mechanization methods,JoryNo one of the works created in this way would be exactly the same.

Wolfumis a collection of desktop and household items . Their colors and patterns are the best reflection of the diverse landscapes of Los Angeles.

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What are the knowledge and skills of the package door purchase?

In modern home decoration, the door is inseparable. The door is a new type of interior door that is commonly used. Compared with other interior doors, the biggest advantage of the door is that it sells the door cover, door frame, door leaf and other components, which will make the consumer install the set. The door has become extremely convenient. So what are the skills we have when purchasing the set door? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the knowledge of the kit door purchase knowledge. Let’s take a look.

What are the knowledge acquisition skills for the package?

1, look at the package door Style and color. When choosing a set door, we should first consider the style and color of the door, and whether it is in harmony with the interior decoration style and color tone. If the decoration of the home is simple, choose a simple and elegant style. If it is delicate, choose a light and elegant style of the door. Of course, this is still based on personal preference.

2, look at the surface and workmanship of the suit door . After choosing the color and style of the door, we also need to look at the surface treatment of the door. Because the treatment of the surface directly determines the production process of the door, the simplest method is to touch the hand with good quality, the surface is smooth and the hand feel is very good.

3, look at the materials used in the suite door and Test Report. The materials used in the door can be checked by the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer, and then compared with the relevant industry standards to see if it is complete and true. Many consumers will ignore this, but in fact, this is very important and can avoid buying. product.

4. Look at the brand of the suit door. It is recommended to buy furniture with a big brand priority, because these brands will have a dedicated after-sales service team, and will promise to return the package within one year. For small businesses, the after-sales aspect is relatively incomplete, and when the product has problems, it will be difficult to solve.

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Edwardian house was refurbished

Located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia,EdwardsResidential is an existing Edwardian house that has undergone a major renovation. Most of the original house was kept and the changes were still in accordance with the history of the house. A portion of the second layer was removed for new design work. Despite the historical elements and modern extensions, the two parts blend seamlessly.
The new living space is located at the back of the house, including the kitchen, living room, dining room and Ltype pavilion.
Meet the style of other houses in the area, the new extension has a painted wooden ceiling. The white contrasts with the vertical black steel, covering the new second floor bedroom Sliding doors on both sides and floor.
Armed fly hoppers are used to create continuity between spaces.

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“Dare to make the future, enjoy the world” – Rococo class graduation design opening

In the hot summer of June, it is another year of graduation. After four years of study and training, the first Rococo class of Beijing City College officially graduated in June this year. On the morning of June 20th, Beijing City College 2018 Rococo class graduation design exhibition officially landed in Beijing Sanlitun · Beiqi Auto Showroom.

The theme of this exhibition is "Create· “Creation refers to the dreams and inspirations of students in the design and creation of the students; “Let’s use the opportunity of Luo Ke & middot; Rococo Innovation Design Institute and Beijing City College to cooperate with the school and enterprise, truly theoretical study and design practice Perfectly linked together.

Graduation design products based on “Intelligence” include smart home, smart office, outdoor products, healthcare, smart travel and other design categories. All product prototypes have completed sound, light, electricity, interaction, etc. Functionalized implementation. Dare to challenge, advancing with the times is Rococo’s educational approach. Graduates have implemented four years of learning results into an excellent graduation exhibit, creating a creative design world that dares to create.

Part of the graduation exhibition exhibits:

The leading guests at the exhibition are: Rococo Innovation Partner of Design Group, Chief Operating Officer of Luo Ke Co-founder Zhou Zhipeng; Luo Ke & middot; Founder and Dean of Luo Keke Innovation Design Institute Wang Xiaodan; General Manager of Jia Wei Design Consultant, Luo Ke & middot; Associate School of Rococo Innovation Design Institute Mr. Meng Mengzhi; Director of the Information Department of Beijing City University; Zhang Jinhua, Director of the Industrial Design Department of Beijing City College, and many other college leaders; and dozens of Rococo students and students who love design gather in the exhibition hall to witness the 2018 Beijing City College Rococo ( class graduation exhibition design results report for four years.

Originated from Jia Wei, founder of Rococo Innovation Design Group, I hope to bring the most advanced design concepts into colleges and universities, and based on the spirit of innovation and exploration of Rococo and the Beijing City College of Information Science, the two sides work together. It took only half a year to fully implement the Rococo class.

Luo Ke & middot; Dean of the Rococo Innovation Design Institute, Wang Xiaodan talked about the original intention of the founding, said that on the basis of the solid technology and discipline of Beijing City College, the innovative design concept and enterprise thinking of Rococo will be introduced to the higher level. Education; at the same time, based on the concept of running a practical talent, we invite the first-line design director and designer team within the Rococo Group to conduct professional practical teaching on the Rococo class; and introduce commercial projects into the classroom to let students understand the design of commercial projects in advance. The actual solutions and processes have a pre-emptive understanding of their career development, thus completing the “zero transition” of design students from college to enterprise. In the end, President Wang also humorously compared the cooperation of colleges and universities to the cooperation of the final 500 meters.

Teacher Wang Xiaodan, Dean of Rococo Innovation Design Institute, took the stage to speak

The design talent training, the school-enterprise cooperation model’s feelings and significant advantages, Zhang Jinhua, director of the Industrial Design Teaching and Research Section of Beijing City University, said that due to the professional nature of industrial design, it is very important to be closely linked with the company and practice. From the student’s point of view, you can get professional guidance from the frontline designers of the enterprise; be able to get in touch with the real working status of the designer, know the designer’s job ability requirements in advance; get the opportunity to participate in the enterprise design project, learn how to think in the project Inspire the enthusiasm of learning, enhance professional confidence, and quickly improve their professional ability. From the school, school-enterprise cooperation, production and education integration can innovate the student training model; at the same time, on the basis of two-way selection, it is also convenient for enterprises to train and select outstanding design talents.

When the graduate representative Li Zefeng delivered a speech, he reported to the leaders about his entire growth experience in design, how to grow from a white to a professional designer, and successfully joined Rococo Innovation. The design group participated in the work; it also described how Rococo led the classmates to participate in large-scale exhibitions and broaden their horizons during the four years of Rococo classes; participated in actual combat projects, integrated theory with actual combat, accumulated experience; The exterior design competition has won numerous awards. Finally, I sincerely expressed my gratitude to the Beijing City College and Rococo Innovation Design Group for training and teaching.

At present, there are two students in Rococo class, the first Luo Ke & middot graduated in 2018; among the 48 students of Rococo Innovation Design Institute (, many students have won design works. International Design Award K-DESIGN Silver Award and Excellence Award, China Design Red Star • Original Awards and other top domestic and international design awards more than 10, more than 20 awards. After graduating, some students joined the Rococo Group, and many students went to Japan or Australia to study in higher education institutions or choose to stay in China to continue their studies.

Beijing City College students have won numerous domestic and international design awards

So far, come on! Dear students from Rococo class! In the future after June, let us stand tall and move forward together to achieve ourselves and perform an exclusive song of youth design!

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Austin’s flexible home

Matt Fajkus ArchitectureDesignedMain StayThe house is located near Austin, Texas, considering flexibility. The structure of the house removes irrelevant details while also showing an interesting look.
The entrance channel is hidden, adding a sense of privacy. A concrete path guides visitors to here.
Design takes into account the response to the hot temperatures in central Texas , double glazed windows and advanced insulation.
The back of the house is open to the outside, with sliding glass doors that fall to the floor, blurring the interior/Outdoor boundaries.
Open living space extends to the pool The surrounding patio area expands the available area.

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2015 international sanitary ware five major trends forecast

2015 international sanitary ware five major trends forecast: trend hotspot 1: wastewater utilization, trend hotspot 2: safety and convenience, trend hotspot 3: integration with the family, trend hotspot 4: technology bath, trend hotspot 5: design in place.

Trend Hotspot 1: Wastewater Utilization

In addition to trying to develop more sanitary products that can directly save water, we also Seeing a new trend from the exhibition, many sanitary ware brands have begun to launch products with no dead ends, better cleaning products and small “wash basin toilet integrated sanitary wares. The realization of these products can not only greatly reduce the bathroom” water The utilization rate can also turn waste into treasure, letting the waste water exert waste heat.

Market Status: Green Bathroom

Wastewater Utilization Products

At present, the bathroom products that can meet the characteristics of small size, no seams, no dead ends and easy to clean are not difficult to find. Many brands even regard it as a “selling point”.

On the contrary, the sanitary products related to the rational use of waste water have become blind spots on the market, and can be used for daily washing and washing, such as washing hands, washing faces, washing vegetables, etc. It is not available in the market. It is understood that a small brand of sanitary ware that we have seen at a certain exhibition at the exhibition is only a business plan. It is probably difficult to buy in the near future. During the visit, the brand’s shopping guide said that it must be installed on the load-bearing wall, the internal pipeline layout is complicated and the price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan, which is the main reason for the difficulty of entering such products.

Trend Hotspot 2: Safe and Convenient

When the problem of aging is getting worse, smart businesses are gradually starting to step forward In this area, the bathroom industry has put forward the concept of convenience bathroom this year. There aren’t too many complicated buttons, no modern institutions, and lengthy instructions, and there are no corners and blunt designs that will hurt you. From the details of location, function and accessibility, it is a wonderful thing for people of all ages to use the bathroom conveniently.

Market Status: Elderly Bathroom

Product blanks can only be customized

In the sanitary wares of many mainstream home stores, the bathroom products for the elderly can be said to be blank. Most of the sales staff took the design points, water-saving performance and low-cost promotions and other selling points to pull the guests. When the author asked if there are more sanitary products that are suitable for the elderly to use alone, most of them are speechless.

It is understood that if you want to arrange a “luxury bathroom” for the elderly or children at home, you can only make more money to customize it.

Representative: Locker as a seat. Can’t find furniture that is purely for the elderly, may wish to hit the ball. In the whole bathroom series launched by Lejia this year, there is a flexible push-pull “towing cabinet, storage, sitting and correct, and five colors to choose from. If you move home, you can also act as a bathroom. Lounge chair. However, the chair with a squatting is slightly inconvenient for the elderly, and the merchant can be removed when purchasing.

Trend Hotspot 3: Blending with Home

“More and more time spent in the bathroom every day This is the current state of life of many people. Therefore, we hope that the bathroom will become more valuable. If comfortable sofa chairs, soft carpets, gentle lighting, and practical bookshelves can enter the bathroom, you will find that life can be renewed.

Market Status: Not Many Related Products

Consumers need to match their own

Due to the size of the space and the concept of different concepts, “Let’s live in the bathroom or “Lost in the bathroom” concept is not high in the domestic market, most bathroom brands create a “for domestic consumers”; The bathroom is kept on the sidelines. Therefore, related products are rare in the market, only some high-end brands that are mainly based on the whole bathroom have related products, and the price is quite high. Consumers are not waiting for the relevant products to be available, it is better to choose some moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant smart furniture to match.

Representative 1: Bathroom-specific bookshelves. This is an example of a small bathroom and home integration. In order not to affect the use, the owner has carried out the wet and dry partition of the bathroom, and placed the bookshelf on the side of the drying area, which not only reduces the storage pressure of the living space, but also allows the free Life walked silently into the bathroom space.

Representative 2: Durable and durable oak furniture. As bathroom furniture enters the home more and more, it has evolved from a simple storage function to an indispensable part of the bathroom space. This bathroom cabinet is made of imported oak. Due to the damp environment of the oak, even if it is used in the bathroom, there is no wet and dry partition, as long as it avoids direct scouring, such furniture will not appear. The situation of acclimatization.

Trend Hotspot 4: Technology Bath

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, simply satisfy one or several basics Functional bathroom products have gradually become obsolete. In the forward-looking bathroom trend, we see that the accessories become smaller, the water consumption is lower, the induction system is more powerful, and the ergonomic and massage-enabled large overhead spray or hand-held nozzles are more user-friendly. High-tech sanitary products may become an indispensable part of our lives.

Market Status: High-tech Bathroom

Lots of expensive prices

Chinese consumers There is a demand for high-tech bathroom products, but the amount is not large, which is the conclusion that the author reached when he visited the market. While satisfying the basic use functions, it also has a good appearance and environmental protection, and the needs of most consumers are limited to this. At present, high-tech-linked products are not uncommon in the market, but they are mostly derived from international brands and are expensive, and are usually twice as expensive or even several times more expensive than ordinary products.

A sensory faucet that represents a life span of 1:30. Kohler’s green main product this year, which was seen at the heating exhibition in March, has been on the market. The product is based on a super-powered battery system, while the battery system is made of advanced environmentally-friendly materials. It does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals. Its precise sensing technology is equivalent to reducing the amount of dozens of ordinary batteries in the invisible, greatly reducing waste. Environmental pollution caused by batteries. Compared to other inductive faucets, this product also avoids the frequent replacement of spare batteries and the inability to operate properly due to harsh lighting conditions.

Representative 2: There are four types of shower facilities. Rain shower, massage, hand-held, waterfall, German sanitary ware brand Huayida launched this year’s Tianquan series of new products, with four water outlets, can meet your needs for shower, massage, relaxation and water power Is the product of a new generation of high technology. But the price is about 5 times that of ordinary showers.

Trend Hotspot 5: Designing a Place

The bathroom space basically meets the needs —— this practice is out of date. This year, the bathroom highlights the concept of “bathroom design”, which aims to create a comfortable space for people living in busy and crowded cities.

Market Status: Personality Bathrooms See You everywhere

Demonstrate your personality

Compared to other styles mentioned in the international bathroom trend, the design sense bathroom is more widely distributed and practical in the domestic market. Shape, color, artistry, theme, in the market, you can choose the personalized bathroom products, and the price is also moderate, and can be cheaper on weekends or holiday promotions.

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What are the environmental protection tax levies, which are closely related to furniture manufacturing companies?

On April 1, 2018, the environmental tax ushered in the first levy. Since its official implementation on January 1, 2018, the environmental protection tax has been implemented for one quarter, and the first environmental tax tax has been issued throughout the country.

The new tax law has been levied as a traditional industry, What do you need to know about furniture manufacturing companies? Sina Home integrates environmental protection tax related policy interpretation, lists five major issues, please know:

Do furniture manufacturing need to pay environmental taxes? Which pollutants involve environmental protection taxes?

The Environmental Protection Tax Law provides for direct discharge to the environment in the territory of the People’s Republic of China and other sea areas under the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China. Enterprises and institutions that are taxable pollutants and other producers and operators are taxpayers of environmental protection tax. The pollutants that need to be levied on environmental taxes are mainly air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise.

As a traditional industry, air pollutants, water pollution There are four types of pollution, such as materials, solid waste and noise, which are almost entirely occupied by furniture manufacturers. Therefore, there is no luck, furniture manufacturers must pay environmental taxes, no doubt!

What is the environmental tax collection standard? ?

According to the Environmental Protection Tax Act The regulations for atmospheric, water, solid waste, and noise are not the same:

1 taxable atmospheric pollutants and taxable water pollutants are determined according to the number of pollution equivalents of pollutant emissions;

2 taxable solid waste is determined by solid waste emissions ;

3 taxable noise in accordance with national standards The number of decibels is determined.

Using current air and water pollutant discharge standards As the lower limit of the tax, the tax amount is set as the upper limit of 10 times the minimum tax standard, ie:

Atmospheric pollutants: 1.2 to 12 yuan per pollution equivalent;

Water Contaminant: $1.4 to $14 per pollution equivalent;

solid waste: ranging from 5 yuan to 1000 yuan per ton;

Noise: According to the number of decibels exceeding the standard, ranging from 350 yuan to 11200 yuan per month.

Corporate needs attention, environmental tax It is not only taxing pollutant discharge enterprises that exceed the prescribed standards, but also the pollutant discharge enterprises that do not exceed the standard. The Environmental Protection Tax Law stipulates that only the taxable noise emitted by taxpayers is taxed according to the number of decibels exceeding the state regulations. Taxable atmospheric pollutants, taxable water pollutants, and taxable solid waste, regardless of whether the taxpayer exceeds the national and local standards, should be calculated according to the actual discharge of pollutants.

Is there any tax exemption and preferential policies for environmental taxes?

Yes, but compared with furniture companies Small.

5 items are temporarily exempt from environmental protection Tax:

1 Agricultural production outside of large-scale farming emits taxable pollutants;

2 Mobile pollution sources such as motor vehicles, railway locomotives, non-road mobile machinery, ships and aircraft emit taxable pollutants;

3The centralized urban and rural sewage treatment and living Garbage centralized treatment sites discharge corresponding taxable pollutants, which do not exceed national and local emission standards;

4 comprehensive utilization of solid waste meets national and local environmental protection standards;

5 Other circumstances in which the State Council approves tax exemptions.

2 tax breaks:

1 The Environmental Protection Tax Act stipulates that taxpayers emit taxable atmosphere If the concentration of pollutants or water pollutants is lower than 30% of the national and local pollutant discharge standards, the tax will be reduced by 75%;

2 Taxpayers emit taxable atmospheric pollutants or water pollutants at a concentration lower than 50% of national and local pollutant discharge standards , minus 50% tax.

If a furniture company wants to be tax-free, it can For the fourth comprehensive utilization of solid waste, solid waste shall be stored or disposed of in facilities and places that meet national and local environmental protection standards. If it does not directly discharge pollutants into the environment, the environmental protection tax of the corresponding pollutants will not be paid.

The word “direct” is used here. The Environmental Protection Tax Law stipulates that enterprises and institutions that directly discharge taxable pollutants to the environment and other producers and operators are taxpayers of environmental protection taxes. There are two situations that do not belong to the environmental pollution tax that directly discharges pollutants into the environment and does not pay the corresponding pollutants. First, it discharges taxable pollutants to centralized treatment of sewage and centralized treatment of domestic garbage. The second is to store or dispose of solid waste in facilities and places that meet national and local environmental protection standards.

and the environmental tax is calculated based on the actual emissions of the pollutants Taxation, the word “actual” is critical. Enterprises with more sewage should pay more taxes, and less pollution can enjoy tax reductions, so companies should reduce emissions! Reduce emissions! Reduce emissions! (Important things say three times!)

How do I declare an environmental tax?

According to the Environmental Protection Tax Law, the tax payment for tax payment is calculated according to the fixed term. People, environmental taxes are taxed on a quarterly basis, but taxpayers still need to calculate the tax payable on a monthly basis, and report the tax payable on a quarterly basis. That is, “calculated on a monthly basis and declared on a quarterly basis”.

Unknown businesses may be on a monthly basis Calculations and quarterly declarations are confused. Here, we carefully explain that the environmental protection tax is subject to the policy of reporting and paying quarterly, but the taxpayer still needs to calculate the tax payable on a monthly basis.

every month–calculate this month Tax payable (no declaration, no payment)

Each quarter — summary report pays the entire quarter of the tax payable (requires declaration, need to pay)

In other words, each month only needs to be calculated. After the end of the entire quarter, all taxables for this quarter (three months) will be collected and taxed.

Is the company increased after the environmental protection tax? Burden?

Change the sewage charge to environmental protection tax It follows the principle of “tax shift”, and the scope of taxation and tax rate have basically not changed. After the environmental protection tax is levied, the taxation rigidity will be strengthened, and the collection mechanism will be more stringent. Some enterprises that have paid unpaid sewage charges will be included in the taxation scope, but the environmental protection tax accounts for a lower proportion of the enterprises paying taxes and fees, generally at 1%. In the following, in general, it does not constitute the main burden of the enterprise, and the fee change has little effect on the cost burden of the enterprise.

After all, environmental taxes are not for the purpose of increasing fiscal revenue Therefore, the impact on the cost burden of enterprises is limited. This requires enterprises to reduce emissions and reduce emissions. Re-emphasize the importance of emission reductions!

(Source: Sina Home)


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Source Kang Yunshui: Breaking the market bottleneck with business model

The water purifier market, which is known as the 100 billion yuan scale, has encountered bottlenecks in the past 2018.

According to data from, the annual sales of water purifiers in 2018 was 31.69 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 17.4%, a 15.5% decline from the growth rate in 2017, and far lower than 2014- In 2017, the industry’s compound annual growth rate of 33%.

Once, under the driving of consumption upgrade, as a piece of home appliance market, “Little Blue Sea, Net The water market is growing rapidly. In the market, there are brands such as Gion and Angel from the water purification industry, as well as domestic white giants such as Midea and Haier, as well as multinational companies such as 3M and DuPont. In the past few years, this cake has not been small, but there is no brand that has an absolute leadership position.

In 2018, the market situation turned sharply. Not only has sales growth slowed down, industry concentration and product average prices have also shown a downward trend, reflecting the increasingly fierce market competition and the industry has entered a bottleneck period.

In order to solve the pain points of the industry and build competitive barriers, one company has revolutionized the business model of water purifiers.

Subverting the innovation model

In April, Qingdao, the mountains and the sea, the air mixed with the fragrance of flowers and sea breeze, we saw the chairman of the source Kang Yunshui Dong Yanshun here.

In 2008, Dong Yanshun, who has been in the industry for many years, paid attention to the increasingly serious water pollution problem at that time and seized the national assistance. Pushing the trend of the water purification industry, Qingdao Sanshengshun Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was established to carry out community water sales machines, corporate water purification and other businesses, and has since entered the water purification field. Dong Yanshun successfully transformed his resources and contacts, and quickly promoted the community water sales machine in the Qingdao market. Due to the good quality and low price, it was very popular once it was launched. Then Dong Yanshun replicated the business in nearly a thousand communities. The annual water fee income was as high as tens of millions of yuan, which also made the business of many partners.

In 2012, a university in Qingdao planned to upgrade and upgrade the direct drinking water system. After accounting, the total renovation cost was nearly 2 million yuan. This exceeds the budget of the school, the funds cannot be implemented, and the school has made it difficult. The school and Dong Yanshun agreed to use 15 years of management rights to exchange the upgrade cost of the direct drinking water system. In the course of business, Dong Yanshun boldly used the Internet and intelligent systems, and recovered the cost in less than three years. This is a full expression of accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity, and laid the foundation for the birth of the source Kangyun water system. .

Beginning in 2015, Dong Yanshun discovered that users of water dispensers are losing. In the market survey, many users responded like this: “Your water quality is very good, the price is very affordable, and the service is very satisfactory. But now people are lazy, it would be great if you can put the water dispenser at home. Dong Yanshun’s keen discovery of this business opportunity has raised the idea in his mind: Is it a viable business model to transplant the water sales model to the water purifier?

In 2016, Dong Yanshun did A thing that many people are puzzled: investing heavily, setting up new projects, developing their own data platform and IoT water purifier, successfully creating the first source Kangyun water management platform with independent intellectual property rights in China, creating a clean water The industry’s first priority for precision services.

For the water purification industry, Dong Yanshun has his own understanding. Different from ordinary household appliances, the water purifier needs to change the filter element regularly. There is no fixed value, usually 3 months to 1 year. The water purifier manufacturer usually reminds the user to replace the filter element after 6 months of use.

This is not a solution. In the same water quality situation, for households with large water consumption, replacing the filter every 6 months means that the water purifier has lost a period of clean water. Function; for households with low water consumption, replacing the filter element in advance means waste, and the user intangibly bears higher costs.

In 2017, the first national conference of Yuankang Yunshui Platform was held in Shanghai. Unlike the common new product launch conference, Dong Yanshun did not write a special book on hardware. Instead, he described a brand-new business model: users can save free on-site installation, free replacement of filter cartridges and free maintenance and repair. Service. In terms of the cost of use, Yuankang Yunshui has two modes: flow metering and Baotian consumption. In this way, users can drink healthy and reliable drinking water for a small fee.

This mode of conversion not only reduces the burden and threshold of consumers, but also solves the problem of after-sales service.

Joining the market to grab the market

In order to quickly promote the product to the national market, Yuan Kangyun Water adopts the partner model, and the partner is responsible for the promotion of the local market, on-site installation and after-sales service. Kang Yunshui provides products and filters for the partners, and the profits are divided into two parts.

When we went to Qingdao for an interview, it coincided with the annual meeting of the source partner of Yuankang Yunshui. The atmosphere at the scene was very enthusiastic. In order to understand the operation mode of Yuankangyun Water, we interviewed several partners.

Mr. Jia, a partner of Shandong Taian, has been in the home appliance industry for many years. He first worked as an offline home appliance store. Later, his business was affected by e-commerce and began to undertake the after-sales business of the brand. He told us that the current gross profit in the field of home appliances is low, many brands are eager to pay attention to the after-sales service, and the profit margin of service providers is very small. The reason why I chose Yuankangyun Water was to be optimistic about its business model, especially the ultimate user experience brought by after-sales service.

& ldquo; Now we are doing the service, the service is done, there will be users, the end user has a good experience, will form a user fission, your product will have more people to introduce PromotionMultiply. In addition, long-term benefits are also points he values. Mr. Jia signed a contract with Yuankang Yunshui in September last year. At present, the installed capacity in Tai’an area has reached nearly 1,500. According to him, since entering the water purification industry, the income has increased by nearly 400,000 yuan, and it is still increasing. In the course of the interview, Mr. Jia’s face was always filled with a confident smile. He said with confidence: “At the end of this year, I will achieve the goal of earning more than one million in the first year of my life!

The field of pan-home decoration is indeed the easiest point for water purifiers to cut into.

Mr. Lu from Shandong Gaomi, seamlessly connected the agent of the water purifier to his main decoration business. The plumber can directly dock the user, and can also provide after-sales service at the door of the work. According to his observation, in the current market related to decoration, the demand for clean water is just needed, and the growth rate is quite fast. Mr. Lu has a high evaluation of the business model of Yuankang Yunshui. “This free model makes the traditional water purifiers unable to survive! Users spend less and can get long-term high-quality services, and that will definitely choose ours. product.

Dong Yanshun told reporters that in order to let more users understand Yuankangyunshui and enjoy the products of Yuankangyunshui, the company is willing to let the partners and consumers benefit from the long tail effect of the consumer groups.

The partnership model has attracted many entrepreneurs who want to start a business and have a sense of social responsibility, so that Yuankang Yunshui has been recognized by the market smoothly and has absorbed the dividend of market consumption upgrade. Less than two years of operation on the line, it has accumulated nearly 100,000 units of installed capacity. Not only that, the unique business model has enabled Yuankang Yunshui to successfully capture the pulse of the water purification market and lock in the consumer groups ahead of time. For Dong Yanshun, continuous profit is only a matter of time.

On the Internet of Things and big data, the business model of Yuankang Water has a lot of imagination. In addition to commercial value, there are environmental values ​​such as environmental protection, water quality monitoring, reducing the risk of drinking water pollution, and the social value of big data and Internet of Things. These are the fundamental reasons why Dong Yanshun and Yuankang Yunshui team continue to invest in this cause.

Creating a time window through business model innovation and using the partner model to seize the market, Yuankang Yunshui found a breakthrough point in the bottleneck of the water purification industry, and also attracted the attention of the industry and the media. As a start-up, the barriers to business models are not unbreakable. How to release kinetic energy in a limited time window and win a bigger market share is the fundamental to break through the bottleneck of the market!

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China’s furniture production scale is huge, and it has reached the door of innovation.

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China After years of development, the furniture industry may be the largest in the world. However, wearing a heart is still a weak link. China’s furniture industry chain lacks innovative factors, from production equipment, processes, processes and materials. The custom homes that have emerged in recent years are represented by the whole house customization. The market is expanding, and many companies have entered the market, but they are unable to escape the shortcomings. China’s furniture industry has ushered in the link of technological innovation. Enterprises should increase investment in innovation and highlight their brand personality in order to obtain a broader market.

When you hear about innovation, it is robots, semiconductors, AI… …. High-tech innovation is important, but it does not allow all people to engage in high-tech innovation. I think more than 99% of people can’t do it. Then the whole society is only innovated by less than 1%?

Brooke said: “Innovation does not necessarily require high technology, innovation in traditional industries. It can still be done. Three-quarters of the innovative companies in the United States come from traditional industries, and only one-fourth are from the technology industry. I believe that innovation must be socialized. The more people participate, the better. The more industry participation, the better. Don’t describe innovation as so. The earliest management comes from: the child is born more, how to bathe the child most effectively; how to use the most effective way to build bricks.

and so on.

Are these not innovations? No value? Management is a collection of innovations from these bits and pieces. Is innovation in the highly sophisticated world worthwhile? Traditional industries do not have to be innovative? Innovation in traditional industries has no value? I don’t think so.

The Germans made the best of one screw and one gear; the Japanese miniature bearing made the world number one. Traditional companies of these sizes can even influence the world. Many key equipments, without the screw gears of Germany, can’t run, even the US space shuttle, no Japanese miniature bearings can’t get on the sky.

China’s furniture industry innovation is a weak link

Back to the furniture industry. China’s furniture industry is doing a lot, and it may be the largest in the world in terms of scale. However, from production equipment, production processes, processes, materials … … which is our innovation? Like the electronics industry, the basic industry does not engage, we only engage in applications, so that based on others, the application is effective Fast, make money fast. Who is willing to engage in basic research and development? The probability of failure is large and slow.

The furniture industry has seen a series of sports —— marketing campaign (the Chinese seem to like sports). What solid wood, solid wood, pure solid wood … … then custom, full house customization. Which is the basic research and development? No. The current customization is actually a plate production line, plus some numerical control devices, plus data collection and distribution. Europe, the United States, and Japan did not know how many years of work. When they came to China, they became Industry 4.0 and were blown into the sky. Nowadays, there are many orders for the whole house. In the end, they all fall into some “back lane factories”, which are undertaken by small workshops. The materials and processes are very poor.

There are many reasons for the rise of custom furniture in China

In the early days of real estate development, there was a rough room, and there was a rough room, so in addition to the decoration, it was necessary to install kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. So I bought a house and couldn’t live in it for six months. The real estate industry has gradually normalized, and the finely decorated rooms have been launched. The fixed furniture such as cabinets are all equipped, leaving only the space for moving furniture.

The business of making cabinets will turn to B2B, and only large companies will work with developers. Of course, there is also a renovation of the old house, leaving it to small custom companies. China is a big country, and this kind of business volume will not be small. Therefore, whether it is B2B or B2C, custom furniture will exist, but it will gradually reduce the composition of the guests.

The storage function, many people are willing to purchase custom furniture, because the old feeling storage function is not enough, things are not collected. This is because:

The habits left by the agricultural society, the useless things are reluctant to throw away, especially the elderly, everything is collected. Recently, the Japanese advocated breaking away. In fact, this is the performance of modern society. The less things in the family, the better, the less clothes, the better. I think young people in China will be like this in the future. When you study the daily life of consumers carefully, you will find that the problem of storage is not to store, but to find.

According to statistics, at least 10% of our lives are wasted on finding things, so the more storage cabinets, the harder it is to find things.

The focus of the family’s storage is: where to use it, where to store it.

For example, a bed can be used as a bed, and the box is divided into four compartments for storing the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In fact, there are 2-3 grids, and one set is in use. There is one grid in spring and autumn, one in winter and summer, and the bed is changed in season. Everything is there, you don’t have to find it.

However, the trend of keeping up with sports, custom furniture, and custom-made sports is fire. Everyone is in full swing, making money, and managing his MDF, particleboard, water-based paint, light-sensitive paint, CNC production line … … such basic research and development, even the process flow are the things of Europe, America and Japan for hundreds of years. In the past few decades, what innovation have we had?

Those companies that have caught up with good times and whose market demand is greater than supply have made big money. Enterprises have grown bigger, but most of them are not strong. Therefore, I often encourage SMEs and of course encourage themselves: most of the innovations in business history are achieved by new external forces. These so-called new foreign forces are: not necessarily the industry; must be small businesses.

Li Gang talked about Microsoft. When Microsoft became the boss of the industry, it was difficult to accept innovation. In 1998, Microsoft developed a touch screen product, but Bill Gates didn’t like it because his interface was not like Windows, not designed for mouse and keyboard input. Our furniture company, who is growing up in constant innovation, even the relatively simple aspect of product design, how much is in the rise of the existing product life cycle, ready to replace the product?

Our company is arrogant in the product rise period. Where do they know that today’s “Golden Bull” will be tomorrow’s “water dog?”

China’s furniture industry is welcoming “Technology Innovation” Stage

In the 30-40 years since the reform and opening up, the furniture industry has been vigorously introducing advanced technology. We basically realized the introduction of large-scale production and automation technology. Even some factories (especially plate production lines) have initially established high-tech, large-scale production systems. This has laid the foundation for the next phase of technological innovation.

However, we are not encouraging everyone to make great strides in the next stage, to innovate in production equipment, process flow, production management, etc., but to turn to the design of some of the countries in Europe.

Design is a product of social culture. How do we learn from others? Our design should be based on our soil, our culture, and our society. Our design should be combined with our innovative processes, processes, equipment and more.

Teacher Liu Guanzhong said to me: He felt like he was in a coffin in a house filled with Ming and Qing furniture. I also feel that this feeling is also felt in a house of western classical furniture. At the same time, in a western so-called so-called modern design furniture house, it will also feel strange.

At least, I think it is not mine, I can’t live in it. We have to have our own things. Again, today’s design, in addition to serving our social culture, life, we must also cooperate with our innovation in all aspects of production.

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