University of London has commemorative furniture

The University of London has preserved a number of furniture made from 1964 to 1992, which were students and teachers of the University of London. Designers, craftsmen, etc. are very memorable when they participate in the course. Therefore, after talking about it, the University of London decided to hold an exhibition for these furniture to prove their worth and prove their status. The exhibition time is tentatively scheduled from November 28, 2014 to January 14, 2015.
The University of London has compiled more than 70 pieces of furniture, as well as equipment, machinery, tools, etc. used by many successful people, as well as historical photographs and original archival materials. The exhibition invited students, teachers and other staff from the University of London for many years. Outstanding alumni include: Frederick · Parker (founder of Parker), Lucian (founder of Ercol), well-known designer Woodgate, Michael · Marriott, Robert and Terence.

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The Y-shaped DC pressure seal cut-off check valve developed by Shengtai Valve has been identified as the first (set) major equipment product in Jiangsu Province.

At the end of December 2017, the Y-shaped DC pressure seal cut-off check valve developed by Shengtai Valve (14 “Class 2500 and above”, approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Committee, was recognized as the first (set) major equipment product in Jiangsu Province, which marks that Shengtai Valve has taken a new step in product research and development. Shows Santa valvein terms of product innovation Strength.

Jiangsu Province’s first (set) identification work, aims to encourage enterprises to develop high-tech equipment, large-scale complete sets of equipment and their key components independently developed in the high-end manufacturing field, and further enhance the independent innovation and market development capabilities of equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Y-shaped DC pressure seal cutoff Check valveMainly used in systems such as thermal power units and petrochemical plants to control the effective cutting or opening of high temperature and high pressure steam-water media. Good resistance to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, etc. The manufacture of this equipment has greatly changed the long-term dependence of domestic high temperature and high pressure valves on imports, and further fueled the process of localization of equipment, effectively filling the gap in the domestic market. /span>

Once again, the identification of the first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu Province is a manifestation of the research and development strength of Shengtai Valve Products, and it is also an affirmation of the innovative spirit of Shengtai Valve. We will continue to maintain the “new” as always. The status of the market to provide more technically competitive products.


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Eye mask with the best crow’s feet in dark circles. It is best to use eye mask.

When a woman is 25 to 25 years old, multiple eye problems will follow. Eye bags, dark circles and crow’s feet will all be the same. Appeared, in the face of annoying eye problems, the first thing that comes to mind is the eye mask and eye cream. However, in the face of the eye care brand on the market, which one is the most effective way to remove the bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, dark circles? Today, Xiaobian combines the major fashion media and the recommendation of the people, summing up the best word of mouth. The best five eye mask eye creams, come see if you are using the list!

Eye mask eye cream list NO.1 Yue Lei plant anti-aging multi-effect eye mask

Effect index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Tips: skin care word of mouth eye mask, zero difference evaluation, cost-effective, go to dark circles, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet preferred eye mask

Yue Lei eye mask, known as the micro-business Word of mouth Wang eye mask products, just apply Yue Lei eye mask for 15-20 minutes, can make the eye young skin regain vitality, significantly eliminate signs of edema and fatigue. Special concentrated anti-fatigue ingredients can effectively relax the eye area, effectively replenish moisture and prevent water loss. Yue Lei eye mask effectively smoothes the fine lines of the corners of the eyes. It can dilute the dark circles after regular use. It has a certain effect on eliminating eye bags. After use, your eyes will keep radiant. This eye mask, the effect is very outstanding, and the price is not expensive, only 98 yuan a box, is an absolute cost-effective ultra-high eye mask, 100% favorable rate, is absolutely eye-protection artifact!

Daren Comments: used a lot of brand eye mask, the effect is very good, can get my heart’s eye mask is even rare, because it is sensitive skin, just started to worry about the eyes will not be allergic edema, but after use, Nothing at all! The main thing is that the eyes can be obviously used for the day, and the dark circles are faded! After using 5 boxes, the crow’s feet disappeared, the bags under the eyes became smaller, and the fine lines disappeared. Even before they hated it. The eye fat granules have also disappeared, and the effect is really good to have no friends! No wonder so many stars say that this eye mask is “first aid eye mask.” This eye mask has been included in the list of unlimited purchases!

Eye Mask Eye Chart NO .2 Origins Soothing Cold Eye Mask

Effect Index: ★★★★★

Recommended Index: ★★★★☆

Tips: Lighten dark circles The effect is outstanding, the effect on the eye bags and crow’s feet is not ideal

Although this eye mask is not as effective as the Yue Lei eye mask, it is still good overall, it is more suitable for young eyes, it is recommended 20-25 Older girls use. The moisturizing part is in place, but the effect of eliminating eye edema is not very good. If you want to choose a base hydrating eye socket, this is a good choice.

Daren Comments: This eye mask a box of 270 yuan, the price is still acceptable, their habitual day and night lead to dark circles can be more obvious can save brown eyeshadow, after using this feeling is not bad At least it will not be so dull. Of course, for better results, it is recommended to use Yue Lei eye mask.

Eye Mask Eye Cream List NO.3 Yue Wei Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask

Effect Index :★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Tips: moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect is outstanding, but you need to stick to it, the price is expensive

This eye mask is born in Shiseido, Yue Wei anti-wrinkle eye mask can effectively enhance skin sputum, brighten skin tone, texture moist and refreshing, can make you show a confident smile after use.

Daren Comments: Although the effect of this Yuewei anti-wrinkle eye mask is not comparable to Yue Lei eye mask, but this eye mask is also very famous, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect are good, but the premise must adhere to Use, it is recommended to adhere to the eye essence cream, this eye mask is pure cotton material, it is not as comfortable to use as it is, the price of 580 yuan a box of 12 pairs is somewhat high.

Eye Mask Eye Cream NO.4 Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle Eye Mask

Effect Index: ★★★★☆

Recommended index: ★★★★

Tips: Born a famous nobleman, the effect is outstanding, the price is expensive

Estee Lauder is a vacuum eye mask. This eye mask is a liquid film partition. Vacuum preservation keeps the active essence fresher. When using it, it is necessary to fuse the essence membrane and squeeze the essence liquid into the area where the eye mask is located. Repeated massage allows the eye mask to fully immerse in the essence, and then only 10 minutes to achieve intensive repair effect.

Daren Comments: Each pair of eye masks contains 1/4 bottle of small brown bottle eye essence solution, this essence contains more essence, 4ml of skin repair The essence of the eyes is not sticky at all, and there is a slight fever in the eyes. However, after the contrast effect, the effect of diluting the dark circles and removing the eye bags is not as good as that of the Yue Lei eye mask, and the price is several times that of the Yue Lei eye mask.

Eye Mask Eye Cream List NO.5 Helena Revitalizing Soothing Eye Mask

Effect Index: ★★★★

Recommended Index: ★★★☆

Tips: Excellent for small eye problems, but not for big eye problems Role

The ability to soothe and reduce edema is quite glimpsShadow drops, the effect of edema on the eyes is good, but for large wrinkles, this eye mask does not play any role. However, this eye mask is more moist and delicate, and it is more effective for dry lines caused by lack of water. It can be effectively improved after one night.

Daren Comments: Applying to the eyes is more moisturized and refreshing and not irritating, and after using it, the eyes are liberated and tightened! But the overall effect is not as outstanding as the Yue Lei eye mask. And, the price of this eye mask is not cheap.

Authoritative summary: The charm of the eye skin attracts people’s attention, which shows the sexy and temperament. There are many ways to eliminate crow’s feet, remove eye bags, and dilute fine lines, but the most effective one is undoubtedly eye mask eye cream. As a typical small eye problem with eye bags, dark circles and crow’s feet, it is especially popular with Yue Lei Eye Mask. After using this eye mask, the eye skin is moist, smooth and long-lasting. Moisturizing, effectively smoothing the dry lines and fine lines that appear due to tiredness and dryness. The effect is outstanding and cost-effective. The above five recommended eye creams for the inventory are expected to provide a reference for everyone to purchase. Hao Duo Duo / Wen Yue Lei, Origins, Yue Wei, Estee Lauder, Helena, best use eye mask eye cream list

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What brand of anti-corrosion coating is better? What are the precautions for anti-corrosion coating?

Anti-corrosion coatings are an indispensable paint in our daily life. They are effective in protecting metals from air and greatly extend the life of metals. They are widely used in transportation, energy, and municipal engineering. . So what brand of anti-corrosion coating is better, what should pay attention to the purchase of anti-corrosion coatings, the following article will introduce you to everyone.

What brand of anticorrosive coating is better: Nippon

Nippon was founded in 1881 Founded in Japan, it is one of the world’s first coatings manufacturers, producing a wide range of coatings covering home improvement, automotive, and industrial applications. It is recognized by many consumers with excellent quality.

What brand of anti-corrosion coating is better: PPG

PPG was founded in the United States in 1883 and is a world-renowned anti-corrosion paint manufacturer. Its anti-corrosion paint is widely used in transportation. , industry, aerospace and other fields, is the leading brand of full anti-corrosion coatings.

What brand of anti-corrosion coating is better: Double Tiger

Shuanghu is a well-known anti-corrosion coating manufacturer in China, and one of the largest coating production bases in Central and South China. The quality is very good, has a high market share, and is favored by many consumers.

What brand of anti-corrosion coating is better: International

International is also a world-renowned anti-corrosion coating. It is well-known in the field of boats and protective coatings, and the coatings are environmentally friendly and quality. The above is quite good.

What are the precautions for anti-corrosion coatings?

1. The nature of the environment

When purchasing anti-corrosion coatings, we must first consider the environment. Choose the appropriate anti-corrosion coating based on environmental location, temperature and humidity. If an acidic medium is present in the chamber, an aldehyde resin paint excellent in acid resistance can be used. If an alkaline medium is present in the room, an epoxy resin paint excellent in alkali resistance can be used.

2. Feasibility of construction

When purchasing anti-corrosion coatings, it is necessary to pay attention to the feasibility of construction. It is necessary to adopt suitable construction methods. Generally, we can choose to dry and facilitate spraying. Brushed cold-set paint.

3, supporting system

When purchasing anti-corrosion coatings, the primer, intermediate paint and topcoat must be matched. In addition to the instructions for use of the paint, the bottom is also required. The lacquer, intermediate paint and top coat can be used to maximize the performance of the anti-corrosion coating.

Summary of the article: The above is about what brand of anti-corrosion coating is better and what are the precautions for anti-corrosion coating purchase, I hope that you can choose high-quality anti-corrosion coating products, if there are other related requirements Please pay attention to the information content of China Merchants Building Materials Network. (Articles and images are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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Passionate Brazilian residence

This beautiful private home is located in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, and is named White House.

White Housebuilt in 2014year, located in a beautiful location on the northern coast of São Paulo, surrounded by lush vegetation . Locations close to the beach offer many advantages, such as extraordinary visibility.
The studio decided to combine wood, concrete and white aluminum, which are able to withstand the effects of ocean air, and also allow architects and designers to combine tropical minimalism with Brazilian modernism.

All The social space is on the first floor. The full-height glass wall eliminates visual barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting areas and exposing living spaces to the lush gardens and ocean views.
Sliding glass doors open the interior to the outside and connect them to the balcony. Outdoors are leisure spaces and dining spaces.
In addition to the glass fence, the social area is connected to the outside through a series of perforated wood walls. These rotating walls provide shadows that don’t block the wind and can even open beautiful gardens.

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Residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil (designed by GUILHERME TORRES studio)

The residence of Sao Paulo, Brazil is made by Guilherme Torres studio design, providing uninterrupted circulation for the garden. Inside the house/External isolation was removed, creating a perfect living for the whole year of life. place.

The house is located behind a huge stone wall with a bright yellow door on the wall.
The growth of plants blends with the structure of the house, softening the right angle of the house. Yellow Multilayer The panel paintings decorate the interior of the house.
In the interior, contemporary art is mixed with furniture and antiques and family heirlooms. Vertical dark wood strips become the backdrop for all works.

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2018 annual inventory: China’s eight original brand designers

As the world enters the era of brand competition, improving brand competitiveness is a top priority for all companies. Brand design is the visual communication based on the correct brand definition. It can greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the brand and help the company to correctly control the brand direction. A successful brand design is not only about packaging products, but also attracting consumers to purchase. More is to reflect the corporate culture and brand core values.

In 2018, there are still countless Chinese original brand designers who use their own works to present designs that belong to our China. The following is an inventory of eight outstanding Chinese original brand designers in 2018. (In no particular order)

One: Reluctant

Reluctant, Guangzhou, China. Founder of International Graphic Design Master and Reluctant Design Award.

In the early 1980s, the emblem designed for the Bank of China was still regarded as a model. The Bank of China logo designed by him is simple and smooth, and has the characteristics of Western design. However, the logo is subtly integrated into the traditional Chinese culture. The middle of the logo is the Chinese bank’s signature.

In 2006, the reluctantly designed “Chongqing logo” was also identified by the official (Chongqing Municipal Government) as a city image.

Relying on the design concept of Chinese and Western fusion, he integrates the essence of Chinese traditional culture into Western modern design. Made an outstanding contribution to the spread of Chinese traditional culture.

2: Li Yongzhen

Li Yongzhen, a Hong Kong native of China, was called by the Hong Kong media to be a brand doctor. He has won more than 580 awards in recent years and is a new generation of brand consultants in Hong Kong.

The brands that Li Yongzhen has served include Dayi Group, I DO, Man Kee Dessert, Chow Sang Sang, Hang Seng Bank, Swarovski and other internationally renowned brands.

Among them, Li Yongzhen has cooperated with Manchu Dessert. He infused the sweet nostalgic atmosphere into the brand culture of Manchu Dessert, and transformed it from an ordinary family-style syrup shop into today’s famous “drink”. Monster.

Li Yongzhen proved the existence of Chinese creation to the world. His humorous, bold and unique design style has provided a source of inspiration for young designers in China.

Three: Xia Ke

Xia Ke, born in 1974 in Fuling, Chongqing, China, is a famous designer. In 2002, Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant Co., Ltd. was founded. Over the past 16 years, the team has always insisted that “original is the design concept of Wang Dao!”

“Incorporate Chinese traditional culture into design and integrate into the brand. Xia Ke insists that the Chinese-style post-modern concept not only emerges on food packaging, but also enhances the core competitiveness of the brand! In addition to “Chinese-style postmodern, Xia Ke is in the food industry today,” The new concept of special product branding, let small specialty products become a big brand, go out of China and go international!

Among them, Zhang Fei beef is succeeded under the help of the Guge dynasty led by Xia Ke. The integration of the Three Kingdoms culture into the brand culture, from the core culture of the brand to the product design, through the commercial trade to achieve industrial diversification. In addition, Xia Ke also helped the world’s top 500 Yihai Kerry’s sub-brand squid brand rapeseed oil on the packaging, the sales model has been transformed into a leading brand of rapeseed oil.

Summer The company adheres to its original “Chinese-style postmodern concept”, bringing Chinese culture to the international stage, allowing more people to recognize Chinese traditional culture and bringing Chinese design to a higher level!

Four: Xie Jianjun

In 1997, Xie Jianjun founded the Chinese Dongdao Design Company in Beijing.

Dongdao Design is well-known in the industry for its international design concept and practical operation. It is a senior corporate image design company in China. And undertake Vanke, Jingdong, China Life and other domestic famous enterprise projects.

Over the years, Xie Jianjun has been known for his international design concept. He led the leading design company to express his love for the country, nation and art with creativity.

V: Chen Youjian

Chen Youjian, born in Hong Kong in 1950, is a famous designer who has won more than 400 awards in Hong Kong and international awards.

Among them, he has cooperated with Sichuan famous tea brand Zhu Yeqing several times, using its “Dongqing Xiyun” The design concept perfectly interprets the traditional values ​​of Taoism and Buddhism advocated by Zhu Yeqing, and designs a brand new brand.It won the Silver Award in the Image and Brand Strategy Group of the Most Influential Design Award (DFA) in Asia.

Chen Youjian has integrated Hong Kong fashion with traditional culture and has opened up a different path for Chinese design.

Six: 晏钧

晏钧 is the founder of the top ten brand design company in the country.

The brand design projects such as Lerentang and Daoxiang Village, which he participated in, won the 2006 China Brand Image Design Award. 2002 China Star Design Competition Silver Award and other domestic awards.

and created a museum emblem designed by the Macao Science Museum and Wuxi Museum, which has created good social benefits.

Seven Li Huaqing

Li Huaqing, founder of Li Huaqing, a famous Chinese brand design company.

As a brand consultant of Tong Ren Tang, Li Huaqing has made a new role in maintaining the core concept of Tong Ren Tang’s traditional culture. Brand positioning and image design have enabled Tong Ren Tang to break the bottleneck of development.

Li Huaqing is the first designer in China to integrate the business color strategy and the packaging focus strategy into the product design system. Outstanding contribution.

Eight: Chen Shaohua

Chen Shaohua, Chen Shaohua Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. He is one of the most individual and most successful design masters in contemporary China.

Chen Shaohua is bold and diverse in the creation of graphics and color. He loves Chinese elements and always emphasizes design. Chinese spirit.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics logo is one of Chen Shaohua’s most outstanding works. He explores the spirit of national culture. Starting with a deeper connotation, we created a Taiji five-ring graphic that combines modernity and tradition, and international and national harmony, conquering the hearts of all judges.

So in the process of spreading Chinese traditional culture to the world, Chen Shaohua’s design is indispensable.

There are more and more Chinese original brand designers. When Chinese design slowly tears off the label of “cheap,” “cottage, when going international, for Chinese brand designers, behind the It will be more effort.

Attachment: Information is from Internet search

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Advantages and pain points coexist China’s new home retail presents five major trends

The layman does not understand the insider, the consumer is often in a weak position in the consumption process, especially the home decoration, right Owners who don’t understand the decoration can easily fall into the traps set by the decoration company or the decoration team. Compared with the mature market, this is closely related to China’s still chaotic and unregulated home ecosystem. Let us directly address the pain points of new home retail in the digital age and look forward to a better consumer environment!

The new home retail in the digital age, that is, consumer-centric, with the scene For the entrance, through the composite product service and the integration of contacts to drive the C2B supply chain, to meet consumer demand for the ideal family life, and extended to other related industries.

The current home new retail ecosystem has many pain points

China’s new home retail ecosystem has a large scale and a fast growth rate.

2016, the market size of new home retail brands and service providers in China It is close to 5 trillion yuan, and the growth rate in 2015-2016 is as high as 8%. It is far ahead of the European and American markets in terms of market size and growth rate. At the same time, the network penetration rate of the back-end of China’s new home retail sector is comparable to that of Europe and the United States. In 2016, the penetration rate of back-end home appliances has reached about 20%, slightly higher than the European market (14.9%), which is equivalent to the US market (19.2%). .

Online penetration of front-end home improvement and building materials is not high, currently only About 8%, compared with Europe (9.2%) and the United States (15.4%) have more room for development. However, compared with the mature market, the new home retail ecosystem in China is still chaotic and lacks norms. To avoid being cheated, consumers are forced to spend a lot of time learning about decoration.

For Chinese consumers who don’t love DIY, the biggest pain point is In the long process of consumption, I have to do it myself. For brand owners, one of the most difficult problems is to face the lack of knowledge, the identification of good and bad consumers with limited ability, how to stand out in the industry with low-frequency trading characteristics and mixed market.

New Flooring

The digital home China’s new home retail will show five major trends

Trend One: Standardize the Market – From Non-standard and Chaotic Markets

Going to the standard and quality assurance standards provided by the platform, the national installed service market is mixed, and in 120,000 renovation companies in 2016 Only half have relevant qualifications. The future is bound to move from a non-standard and chaotic market to a regulated market that provides standards and quality assurance by the platform.

As consumers become more concerned about health and environmental protection, brands and channels In addition, we are striving to provide more healthy and safe basic building materials, and home appliances such as air purifiers and fresh air systems that improve environmental quality are also popular. For example, in the environmentally-friendly eco-board of plates, sales in the plate category accounted for 2015. Less than 1% of the rapid increase to 23% in 2016.

We also noticed that many e-commerce platforms will set the threshold for decoration companies. If you have a Class C decoration decoration qualification. In addition, user comments, users askA, the designer’s work display and even the decoration forum, decoration diary and other UGC content and mechanism, making the decoration company’s service quality, price and other information more transparent, the whole process of monitoring and regulating the chaotic decoration service market.

Trend 2: Life Scenes – From Selling Items to Scenes Lifestyle infiltration

currently, building materials, home improvement, furniture, Local brands such as electrical appliances are still selling products, but the transition to lifestyle penetration has begun.

In the process, “lifestyle first” will become the key word for entry That is, brand owners influence consumers by creating and promoting a certain leading life concept, which in turn causes them to pay attention to related products. In terms of lifestyle communication, brand owners often use real and virtual scenes to bring consumers an intuitive experience, and experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase.

Some e-commerce platforms took the lead in doing a lot of useful exploration.

Based on the analysis of sales data, outline the user’s portrait, around Key information such as the type of households, in line with the lifestyle and appeals of the customer group, the online experience store launches scene matching, and embeds the low-frequency home consumption scene into the high-frequency retail scene. For example, the Life Aesthetics Museum jointly developed by Intime and Tmall creates an immersive shopping experience for consumers by setting up real-life scenes such as offline experience zones and scene display zones.

We also saw that some brands and channel vendors such as Red Star Macalline It has been added to the team that uses VR and 3D modeling technology to build virtualized home scenes.

Trend 3: Channel Convergence – From Cross-Channel to Omni-Channel Fusion

Chinese consumers are accustomed to active cross-channel .

In the home appliance industry, 93% of respondents are omni-channel consumers By. From the demand side, there are more and more consumers pursuing omni-channel non-sense shopping experience in 2017. The most fundamental technical support for achieving omnichannel is the Internet of Things and smart home.

We believe that smart home is about to enter the whole network interconnection stage, the Internet platform has the most It may become a unified interface to help achieve the realization of the entire network interconnection. At the same time, smart homes drive future contacts to the home, creating new consumer touches in non-traditional retail scenarios, absorbing all-round consumer life. The store’s Internet of Things technology will also promote the digital acquisition of offline behavior, thus achieving personalized marketing.

To achieve the omnichannel of all stores in the future, retailers need to do the following thing.

Online and offline users have only one ID; online and offline, Same price, unified inventory; whether you buy online or offline channels, you can choose to deliver goods to your door or store; help merchants to manage separate online and offline channel inventory management, reduce operating costs; through the Internet of Things and the cloud The technology concentrates on obtaining offline data, and it is connected with online data for unified processing and analysis.

Trend 4: Segmentation customization – from satisfying most people Basic needs to move toward meeting the improved and personalized needs of the segment

China’s disposable income continued to rise, and consumption upgrades boosted demand for improved demand. The new consumer retailers in the home, “post-80s” and “post-90s” have formed newThe segmentation group, they have certain unique needs, such as the addition of two treasures at home, resulting in the need to add a new set of children’s furniture in a limited home space.

Brands have begun to use digital means faster and more accurately Discover the unique needs of these market segments, launch new products in a timely manner, and work closely with e-commerce platforms to proactively study the most popular product features of the next season and provide timely and effective input for product design.

Today, custom services have extended from the furniture industry to the relatively standardized home appliance industry. For example, Haier has introduced a customized refrigerator that customizes the refrigerator volume, temperature adjustment method, door material and appearance pattern. However, for the niche but has certain common needs, the user asks for the demand on the platform, and the designer recognizes the idea and A number of samples were designed, and then voted by the user. After the technical feasibility verification, the pre-sales were released, and the products were iterated according to user feedback. The sales growth of Haier’s various customized products was as high as 57%.

Trend 5: Solution – From buying a product to a user Solution

Currently, home consumers in China are basically buying The single product, on the one hand, is because the brand and service providers provide consumers with a single category of household products, or simple services + limited products (such as decoration services + building materials); on the other hand, due to a large number of irregularities in the home market The operation, consumers do not dare to let the service provider provide a complete solution.

In the future, with the full range of services from design to softcover Providers of high-quality solutions are emerging, and consumers will enjoy a “what you see is what you get” consumer experience and user solutions. We believe that there are two general ideas for implementing user solutions.

First, upgrade from sales items to sales items + services. In the context of ecological integration, the boundaries of products are also blurred. Brands not only want to gain value from selling products, but also find breakthroughs in products and extensions, such as increasing contact with consumers and providing value-added services. In addition to selling paint, Nippon also provides door-to-door service, creating new value growth points.

Second, upgrade to a full solution. More and more brands are beginning to offer consumers a complete solution to cover multiple aspects of their needs or in a specific scenario. For example, home appliance manufacturers provide smart kitchen solutions to meet the needs of users in the specific scene of the kitchen. The smart kitchen has a range hood and stove ignition automatic association, the central control panel controls the oven switch, temperature and duration, and can realize refrigerator storage management and one-button ordering through the touch screen. It can also download recipes and even do it. When you see the dishes through the screen, whoever knocks on the door and talks remotely, gives an intelligent solution to what needs to be done in the kitchen and what may be encountered.

Brands offer better products for consumers to be more assured

The biggest change in China’s “home economy” in the future lies in consumers The buying experience will move from a multi-channel market that is disorderly and requires a lot of compromises to integrated scenario products and services. The five trends we observe, from the consumer scene experience and segmentation needs, to the purchasing habits of goods and services, the integration of channels and the integration of back-end supply chain, will affect the home market in all aspects. In order to seize the opportunities in the new era of home retail, brand owners need six aspects from their customer image capabilities, product marketing methods, channel delivery methods, product design and development process, supply chain assistance and consumer-oriented agile organization reconstruction. Thinking about it, and finally transforming the home market with customer experience as the first and value chain integration.

Source: Pan Home Headlines


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Intensive floor purchase considerations

First look at environmental protection For laminate flooring, the most important standard for floor environmental protection is the amount of formaldehyde released. In terms of the standard of formaldehyde emission, the environmental protection of the floor industry has experienced three technical revolutions of E1, E0 and FCF. At an early stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels is E2 grade (formaldehyde emission ≤ 30mg/100g), and its formaldehyde release limit is very loose. Even products that meet this standard may have more formaldehyde content than E1 grade. More than three times the board, which is a serious hazard to human health, it must not be used for home decoration. So there was the first environmental revolution. In this environmental revolution, the floor industry promoted the E1 environmental standard, that is, the formaldehyde emission was ≤1.5mg/L. Although it basically does not pose a threat to the human body, it still remains in the floor. Many free formaldehyde. Last year, the flooring industry began the second environmental revolution, and launched the E0 environmental protection standard, which reduced the formaldehyde emission of the floor to 0.5mg/L. Today, Del has introduced the FCF’s third-generation environmental health standards ahead of schedule, reducing the amount of formaldehyde released from the floor to an almost limitless level. After the National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Artificial Board Testing Center, the formaldehyde emission from the floor treated by ‘FCF Preservatives’ is only 0.1mg/L, which is far superior to the E0 formaldehyde emission limit. The floor has truly become a product that is harmless to the human body. The third environmental revolution marked by the Del FCF will undoubtedly become the most popular trend in the flooring industry. Then look at the quality of the floor to choose a good material, good materials should be natural, high density and moderate. Some people think that the higher the density of the artificial board, the better. In fact, if the density is too high, the water swell rate is also high, which is easy to cause dimensional changes and the floor is deformed. Secondly, relying on advanced floor production lines and equipment and rigorous craftsmanship, we can produce first-class flooring. Judging the quality of the floor can also be measured by quality inspection certificates, as well as other certificates such as ‘National Quality Exemption Products’, ‘ISO9001 Quality System Certification’, ‘ISO14001 Environmental System Certification’, etc., because the acquisition of these honors must make one The result of refined business operations. Third look at services Service is related to the guarantee of product quality, but also the performance of corporate image. After the installation of the flooring products, some deformation, lifting, cracking problems occurred, many of which were caused by improper installation. Therefore, whether the service is specialized or not affects the performance of the product. Now the floor installation is popular and dust-free installation. The dust pollution in the home decoration can not be underestimated. For example, in the floor installation project, wood chips and dust will inevitably appear floating in the air. The harm is also long-term and serious. People who move into new homes often get a strange disease of ‘new home syndrome’. For example, when they wake up every morning, they feel depressed, sick, and even dizzy; they are prone to colds; they often feel uncomfortable, have poor breathing, and have a long time. Dizziness, fatigue, etc. This is because the respiratory tract is infected, and the biggest cause is the long-term suspension of dust in the air. In order to avoid dust pollution, it is best to choose a dust-free installation. Four look at the brand The meaning of the brand is not limited to the popularity of the company. A mature and successful brand, the ultimate possession is not strong and well-known, but a strong psychological connection with consumers. A brand that is recognized by everyone is established through long-term interaction between enterprises, products and consumers. It is the accumulation of time, the practical actions of enterprises, the continuous improvement of products and services, and many other factors that breed in the minds of consumers. from. Corporate brand is a kind of commitment of the enterprise, and an attitude is a guarantee for consumers. Therefore, consumers should choose a big brand when choosing a product to get better protection in terms of quality and service. Finally, look at the price In today’s building materials industry, there are many incidents of profiteering and even harming the interests of consumers. The corruption of the atmosphere has led to a decline in consumer trust. Prices are in a state of chaos, consumers are confused, and they don’t know if their efforts are worthwhile, so they all want to know that there is a relatively transparent price. In order to make all customers clearly understand the consumption, Desen floor has implemented a comprehensive price policy in 2006. All local affiliated stores must adopt a national uniform price, give out intermediate profits to consumers, operate with integrity, and provide customers with an honest environment.

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The pollution of building decoration materials is the biggest nemesis in the current indoor environment.

In recent years, international environmental experts believe that people are entering the third pollution period marked by “indoor environmental pollution” after experiencing the harm of “soot-type pollution” and “photochemical smog pollution”.
The pollution of building decoration materials has a greater impact on sensitive people than ordinary people. In today’s increasingly pursuit of quality life, sensitive people put forward higher requirements for the quality of the home environment. Today, D-Daily will look at everyone and who are classified as sensitive people? Which sites need to be cautious when using exterior paint?


Research has found that children in growth and development have a 50% higher respiratory rate than adults, so children are more susceptible to decoration pollution than adults. Decoration pollution is extremely harmful to children. It can induce children’s blood diseases (such as leukemia), increase the incidence of asthma in children, lead to lead poisoning in children, and market children’s height and intelligence.

Women have more fat, and the harmful gases absorbed are easily stored in fat. Especially in women before and during pregnancy, paint pollution will not only harm women. Health can even have a very serious impact on the fetus. Studies have shown that benzene in paint contaminants has an adverse effect on embryonic and fetal development.

After entering the elderly, the body functions are declining, and it is more susceptible to environmental factors that induce various diseases. Paint pollution is not only an important cause of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pharyngitis and pneumonia in the elderly, but also induces hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebral hemorrhage.

Are you a sensitive person? How to care for sensitive people in the face of complex indoor and outdoor environments?

Many people think that as long as the materials used for interior decoration are green and healthy, they can reduce or avoid “indoor environmental pollution”. However, the application of inferior building exterior materials will also lead to “indoor environment.” Pollution”.

If the painted exterior paint has low performance in terms of water resistance, paint film elasticity and weather resistance, the building facade is prone to cracking, water seepage, etc., water vapor intrusion wall The body will cause the inner wall to be permeable and mold.

The long-term contact and inhalation of mold by the human body may cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms. People with low immunity may also cause fever, skin or mucous membrane inflammation, and fungal pneumonia. Severe can be poisoned or carcinogenic.

How to care for sensitive people? Not only should we focus on the selection of interior decoration, but also choose a high-quality environmentally friendly exterior paint.

A waterproof and alkali-resistant water-based exterior paint that cures you sensitively.

In recent years, with the increasing demand for home improvement and environmental protection, water-based paint products have gradually entered the consumer’s field of vision. Give your home a safe and reliable “outerwear”, digital color copper wall iron wall waterproof and alkali-resistant exterior wall paint, as a “clear stream” in the architectural coatings industry, let the outer wall be covered with “armor”, always protect the inner wall from “water vapor” Invasion, breeding mold, make the home environment safer and livable.

Strong waterproof performance, cure wall water seepage

Bronze wall iron wall paint is JS waterproof polymer, the waterproof film formed after curing has certain extensibility, elastoplasticity , crack resistance and weather resistance, can effectively solve the problem of water seepage in the outer wall, cure the wall through the water and mold.

The film is elastic and has good weather resistance

The building materials of the exterior wall of the house are prone to cracking due to heat expansion and contraction, which affects the decorative effect. The copper wall iron wall exterior paint film has super elastic properties, which can effectively cover and prevent the generation of fine cracks on the wall and prevent water vapor from entering the wall through cracks.

Direct brushing, strong alkali resistance

Bronze wall iron wall paint is super strong alkali resistance, no need for alkali-resistant primer, paint film is not alkaline, salt, etc. Material effects are applied directly to the cement/mosaic/tile base.

Water paint, and paint smell say bye

The copper wall iron wall paint is water-based paint, no irritating odor and harmful substances during construction and after construction, health Environmental protection gives the building a green and environmentally friendly atmosphere.
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