Imitation wood flooring is getting more popular. Low price and easy maintenance

The solid wood floor was not well maintained. After repeated comparisons, I decided to put the living room and the house all on the imitation wood floor. ‘Citizen Su told reporters that although she likes solid wood flooring very much, she usually needs to be careful to maintain it. It feels very troublesome. The choice of imitation wood flooring is not the same, neither looks low-grade, maintenance is much easier. When reporters visited the market recently, they learned that in view of the maintenance and price of solid wood flooring, more and more consumers have favored imitation wood flooring.

The reporter learned that imitation solid wood flooring mainly refers to laminate flooring, which is between solid wood flooring and composite flooring, not only has the characteristics of solid wood flooring (currently sold on the market with 12mm thick products), and the surface layer Uniformly pressed a layer of anti-wear agent, has strong wear resistance and hardness; plus it can simulate various wood pattern and color, stability is also strong, paving is convenient, maintenance is simple, deeply consumed Favored.

Chen Yongqian, General Manager of Anxin Floor, said: ‘The latest data released by the China Forestry Industry Association Floor Committee shows that in 2010, China’s floor production enterprises sold about 399 million square meters, including laminate flooring (that is, imitation wood flooring). It accounts for 59% of the total sales. ‘

‘From the perspective of flatness, the solid wood floor feels quite comfortable and flexible, especially its assembly gap and flatness, which is the most satisfying to me. ‘Citizen Yan told reporters, ‘At home, daily maintenance does not need to wax, even if the child accidentally spills tea, juice, etc. on the floor, just wipe it with a mop and drag it to restore it. As always, there is no pressure to use it. ‘Mr. Yan said with a smile.

Many consumers also said that they chose imitation wood flooring, mainly for economic reasons, and the imitation of solid wood flooring is rich in color, can be coordinated with different decoration styles, fully meet the individualization of decoration, price Also much lower than solid wood flooring. To take a step back, even if you don’t like this style for a few years, and then toss a floor, it won’t be very distressing.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the bamboo flooring of the floor entry knowledge!

In the home decoration, the floor is a big horn. The current home floor decoration materials are various. Bamboo flooring has a certain position in the market because of its environmental protection, low price, beautiful appearance and so on. There are some advantages and disadvantages in the decoration of the preferred materials, bamboo flooring, we will go to the details:

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What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is bamboo Combined with wood, the recycled products are generally made of high-quality bamboo, and the core layer is mostly fir, eucalyptus and other wood, after a series of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high-pressure, high temperature and glue, Nearly 40 complicated processes such as rotary grinding can be made into a new type of composite floor.

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

Advantages of bamboo flooring:

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 1. Superior performance:

Natural and fresh bamboo flooring Delicate and smooth, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, tough, elastic, etc.; at the same time, its surface hardness can be compared with common wood species such as cherry wood, eucalyptus, etc.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 2, not easy to deform

Bamboo flooring Because the floor core material uses wood as raw material, it has excellent stability, durability and good foot feel. , sound insulation performance is good.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 3, warm in winter and cool in summer

Bamboo flooring material makes it so cool in winter and cool in summer Especially suitable for interior decoration such as home environment.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 4, good health

Bamboo flooring surface bamboo texture absorbs ultraviolet rays The function is elegant and soft, which is beneficial to people’s vision; it does not produce heat and heat, and can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature. Living for a long time can reduce the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease in the elderly.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 5, the price is cheaper

Relative to solid wood flooring, the price of bamboo flooring is generally The price of solid wood flooring is cheap, the price of bamboo flooring is generally 110-150 yuan / square meter, and the wooden floor is more expensive.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 6, Easy installation

Bamboo flooring installation is relatively simple, one step in place, no need to paint, saves labor and time, does not pollute the indoor environment; in addition, it can be directly paved without keel, effectively retaining indoor space.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 7, simple maintenance

Bamboo flooring is relatively simple to maintain, you can use a damp cloth or mop to wring dry Yes, easy to dust, good maintenance.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 1. Adhesive is easy to fall off

Bamboo flooring flooring is essentially a multi-layer composite paste press. Due to the different adhesives chosen by different manufacturers, there is no guarantee that there will be no shedding, depending on the quality of the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 2, easy to layer

Bamboo wood flooring is a combination of bamboo and wood, mainly paste, by the day The effects of sun exposure and humidity can cause delamination.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 3, not waterproof

Bamboo flooring is the same as solid wood flooring, not waterproof, and will expand and deform after encountering water. Even the paint is foaming, and it has been moldy and rotten for a long time.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 4, can not be used for floor heating

Solid wood flooring can be used for floor heating, but ordinary bamboo flooring can not It is also one of the shortcomings of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly floor decoration material, and it is cheap and easy to install. It is necessary to understand some advantages and disadvantages before choosing. The above is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring, I hope to help everyone.

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Bedroom decoration tips: create a refined sleeping space

Regardless of the type of apartment, a comfortable and relaxing bedroom is especially important in homedecoration, the bedroom is a relaxing break, complement Energy, small and comfortable place. The isolation between the bedroom and the surrounding environment, the sound insulation of the bedroom itself is also very important, the bedroom should not be too close to other household houses, if the distance is closer, then the renovation should be thicker The curtains create a sense of privacy in the senses. So how can the bedroom create a comfortable rest environment?

2. The curtain also plays the role of , to keep the sleeping space of the bedroom at 10-15 square meters, so it will not be too big or too small. The bed is separated from the work area, allowing us to fall asleep without working emotions, which helps to promote sleep. If the bedroom lighting is not very good, choose half blackout curtains. The semi-blackout curtains can still block the light and create a good sleeping atmosphere.

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Floor marketing: brand new opportunities need to be refined marketing

The development of any industry is a stepped curve channel. In fact, compared with the fast-moving consumer goods market, the marketing model of the floor market is still in the integration stage. The marketing management level of the enterprise is generally extensive, in mainstream marketing. The school has begun to advocate that fine marketing is imperative. For the relatively lagging flooring industry, understanding the theory and actual combat of fine marketing has very practical guiding significance.

To summarize in one sentence, refined marketing is to properly and aptly segment your market, products, management, and customers. If it is launched, fine marketing is based on scientific management, with consumer insight as a means, fine operation as the feature, and maximizing the benefits of marketing resource utilization.

Although the flooring industry is lagging behind the fast-moving industry, the competition in the industry has led many brands to move out of the extensive business model and explore new ways of development. Success has a reason for success, failure has the reason for failure. In the post-industrial era of product homogeneity, fine marketing is one of the important tools in the competitive brand competition.

The core theory of fine marketing is positioning

positioning is not the most revolutionary brand theory in the world. The positioning theory of the system is proposed by the marketing brand, Codler, but the word “POSTIONING” is the earliest. It was proposed by American marketing experts AIRES and JACK.TROUT in the 1970s.

According to the positioning point of view, positioning is started by product, or it can be a commodity, or a service, a company, an organization, or even a person. Positioning is not simply asking you to do something about the product. Instead, you need to determine a reasonable position for the product in the minds of potential customers in the future, that is, to position the product in the eyes of your future customers. In another sense, positioning can be seen as a creative experiment with existing products. The change is the name, price and packaging. Actually, there is no change to the product at all. All the changes are basically modified. The purpose is to carry out the mentally emotional ideation by jumping off the extension of the functional appeal of the product. Therefore, the difference in ideas outside the product core is recognized by the customer, thus affecting the change of consumer behavior.

For a very simple marketing case. When we visited the flooring market below, we found that many regional brands or managers or bosses of small and medium-sized brands always complained and said: My products are the same as the materials of the XX brand, and the work quality is even better than it, but My price is not high, and conversely, the higher the price of the opponent, the better.

In fact, everyone knows this answer, the benchmark brand is nothing more than the use of the concept of fine marketing positioning, in the product concept and brand culture, not only simply sell products, but sell Culture, selling concepts, thus raising the brand position, making full use of the consumer’s mental resources, and efficient packaging for the brand value, thus forming a positioning with other follower brands, and won the customer recognition.

Overall, refined marketing is an inevitable outcome of the development of the market economy to a certain stage. Of course, not all floor manufacturers are suitable to adopt the ‘fine marketing’ strategy. In the end, refined marketing has its own suitable living space; refined marketing Not equal to detail marketing, nor equal to segment marketing or regional marketing, it is a strategy, is the ‘fine’ marketing of the entire system engineering; refined marketing can create stable and lasting benefits for manufacturers, but it does Can’t ‘cover all diseases’, and in fact no theory can ensure that all manufacturers profit.

Another very important aspect of fine marketing is the fineness and fineness to achieve the principle of maximizing market benefits.

Fine marketing can also be said to incorporate detail management into a system framework with strategic direction. For flooring companies, whether it is product development or store promotion, any node that does not have the process and content planning at the implementation level may not achieve the expected results. To put it bluntly, it takes a lot of effort and comprehensive coherence in all aspects of brand management to achieve the goal and create sales opportunities.

Flooring is an industry with low industry threshold and low market concentration. Whether it is a large-scale enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is almost easy to cut a piece of this huge cake, due to the non-standard production characteristics. In this way, the level of industry marketing management is mixed, and the overall management level of the industry needs to be improved. Therefore, the concept of fine marketing is to call on the floor enterprises to strengthen the scientific management level and put the fine marketing management on the management schedule of the enterprise, thus making The marketing management of the company keeps pace with the times, enhances the competitiveness of the company and becomes the leader in the market competition.

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Floor industry celebrity endorsements must be able to please

In the flooring industry, it is very popular for companies to ask for celebrities to make endorsements. Some flooring brands may not be familiar with most, but its spokespersons are indeed household names. The company invites the star to speak for the brand. The main purpose of the company is to convey the brand’s appeal to consumers and attract consumers’ attention and recognition. Since it is endorsement, the height of the brand itself still plays a leading role, and joining the protagonist becomes a star, it may be that the match between the brand and the spokesperson is a problem. In addition, for the star, for the sake of their own image and value is not affected, it is natural to make choices in the endorsement of the brand, not just to earn a replacement fee and casually become the spokesperson of the company and the brand.

Flooring industry stars must be able to afford to push.

The current reality of the flooring industry is that, due to the constraints of funding conditions, the floor companies have to ask for celebrity endorsements to have the phenomenon of ‘can afford, can’t move’. Please bet, that is to say, in the choice of the star, basically within the range of choice, basically have been invited by the floor. It is because the floor companies have invested in the media, and there is still a state of “more than enough, but insufficient strength” in the execution of market terminals. What makes the company worry is that the stars have also invited, the advertising industry has voted, and the consumers seem to be indifferent, and there is no obvious growth in sales.

Many people know that world-class brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are typical representatives of celebrity endorsements. These brands have large enough wrists, enough numbers, high publicity costs, and more importantly, they will change over time. Constantly update the spokesperson. In addition to the strength of the company, this is also related to the industry in which they are located. For a carbonated beverage with almost zero nutritional value, fashion may be the biggest pursuit of the brand, which is why they always do the first time The reason why the red stars join hands. For many brands under the P&G, it seems that the situation of the public actors is more, which also verifies the matching problem of the spokesperson.

The promotion cost of enterprise investment should match the celebrity endorsement

The main problem facing the flooring industry is that the concentration of the industry is low, and the attention of consumers is not high. If the upstream concentration is low, it is difficult to form a large-scale enterprise, and the ability in brand promotion will be greatly reduced, while the consumer’s attention will be more difficult to concentrate, which directly affects the concentration of upstream enterprises. Interaction, the chaotic state of the flooring industry in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States is naturally difficult to end. Back to the question of brand celebrity endorsement, the general scale of furniture enterprises is small, the promotion cost of enterprises is small, and the execution ability of channels and terminals is not enough. Please star in the state of snow storage, and it will not play its due role.

The low concentration of the flooring industry is not only the degree of standardization in the market, but also closely related to the upstream industry chain of the entire industry. The product category involved in the flooring industry is complex. From raw materials to production, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, etc., there are too many unstable factors in any link. On the one hand, there is a large amount of inventory, on the other hand, the shortage of goods is serious. The supply is not timely, which is a difficult problem for the flooring industry for many years. Another factor that cannot be ignored is that it is difficult to work and difficult to manage. It is also a major problem affecting the manufacturing of the furniture industry. Due to the limitations of this aspect, it is difficult for flooring companies to achieve breakthroughs in scale.

Market environment and consumer factors should be considered

It is not difficult to understand why some leading brands in the industry have called for integration market for several years. To integrate market leaders, it is necessary to clean up the portal through price wars, but Subject to post-platform issues, resulting in tight supply, terminal prices continue to rise, competitors are easy to find survival opportunities through the price war market.

Naturally, integration becomes an empty talk. Therefore, it is difficult for flooring companies to break through the bottleneck of scale, and the celebrity endorsements can only naturally make a icing on the cake, and it is difficult to play an ideal role.

The celebrity endorsement ‘can not move’ is also due to market environment and consumer factors. With the rise of the Internet and various emerging media, consumers are faced with the problem of ‘information flooding’ and excessive dissemination, and for enterprises, the difficulty of promotion and promotion has increased. It is difficult to quickly launch a competitor’s encirclement by launching an ‘advertising war’ in a short period of time, causing consumer concern. For consumers, the theme of consumption has gradually changed from 60-70s to 70-80s. Personalization has become a trend of consumption. A single celebrity endorsement may attract some consumers, but for most consumers. May be ‘immune’. A single star is difficult to carry the brand’s appeal. Therefore, the restrictiveness of celebrity endorsements is also increasing. Not only must the celebrity’s choice be very cautious, but also more multi-channel insurance.

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The flooring industry is misunderstood. Sustainable environmental protection is facing strong challenges.

In 2011, it was designated as the International Year of Forests. In this year and day, which is quite different for the flooring industry, the World Flooring Conference was held in Shanghai. Sustainability has become a hot topic in the industry at this conference. It is not only applicable to the protection of forests, but also to the future development of China’s flooring industry.

Is the flooring industry really ‘misunderstood’?

‘Forests have been on Earth for 380 million years, but do we really understand trees? At the World Flooring Conference, Jim Gould, president of the American Institute of Ground Materials Research, broadcasted such a video, with a variety of beautiful forest images that alternated and flashed, and this rarely mentioned problem was thrown at the beginning of the film. This short film called Forest and People was specially filmed by the United Nations to promote the 2011 International Year of Forests. At a annual event in the flooring industry, where raw materials are supplied to deforestation, it seems that some of the short films on forest protection topics are out of date.

JimGould is not persuading listeners to give up their industry, but to advise entrepreneurs in the flooring industry, ‘If we want to grow in this industry, we must educate consumers around the world: if we manage deforestation well, the floor The industry is actually good for the world. Every producer and seller of wood needs to do his job and change the misunderstanding of consumers. ‘

The chairman of Nature Floor, Yan Xuebin, said that as a boss of the timber industry, he was always asked how many trees the company had cut. In fact, flooring manufacturers have replanted trees as a common means of floor marketing. Yan Xuebin said, ‘Every time I cut a tree, I promise to plant ten trees. Cutting trees and planting trees is not a contradiction. What needs to be considered is how to source legal timber globally to achieve more environmentally friendly goals. ‘

Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, also defends the low carbonity of the floor. ‘Afforestation is to absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen, but if the wood is not used, it will eventually return to the atmosphere if it rots. . Therefore, it is necessary to use wood in large quantities, store carbon in wood products, and let the carbon delay the release time. Under the premise that the amount of growth exceeds the amount of use, it is not only one-sided emphasis on forest protection. ‘

Sustained development faces strong demand

’13 years ago, China was only an importer of laminate flooring, and now it has become the largest producer of laminate flooring. Although great success has been achieved, past successes do not represent future success. ‘This is a warning from Thomas Baert, Senior Development Consultant, China International Flooring Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition.

In the face of this kind warning, ‘reflection’ has become the word repeatedly mentioned by many speakers at the floor conference. And the challenge is everywhere. Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, listed the factors that are not conducive to the development of the industry, such as shortage of timber, rising prices, rising production costs such as manpower, tightening of real estate and financial policies, and upgrading of wood quality requirements. He concluded that it is no longer feasible to rely on the growth of resource consumption and capital accumulation.

Leading companies in the industry are also aware of this. Weng Shaobin, president of Shengxiang Group, said that China’s flooring companies are labor-intensive from product production, marketing to after-sales service. He once made a calculation. If the icon is to achieve sales of 3 to 4 billion yuan, the company needs to invest more than 10,000 people including production personnel, sales personnel and installation service personnel. Weng Shaobin believes that such high labor intensity is sustainable in the flooring industry and worth considering.

The road to transformation is not smooth, and the domestic flooring industry is fortunate that they have an increasingly large domestic consumer market compared to their foreign counterparts. During the ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ period, there will be 2.4 billion cubic meters of new buildings and 42 billion cubic meters of old buildings. This has great potential for the flooring industry, which has a 30% market share in floor coverings, Ye Kelin said.

Release date: 2011/12/12 10:33:48

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The new energy efficiency standard for refrigerators will be implemented, and the new standard products will save 40% of electricity.

From October 1st, the newly revised “Home refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating” mandatory performance national standard will be formally implemented.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the market and saw that the eager merchants have posted the 2015 new standard, and some of the inventory products with lower energy efficiency ratings are ready to be reduced during the National Day.

“The old level rises “The new level of power saving 40%

It is understood that the new version of “Household electricity refrigerator power consumption limit The value and energy efficiency rating have been revised as early as last year and will be officially implemented on October 1 this year. This indicates that the 2008 edition of the energy efficiency standards for more than seven years will be withdrawn from the historical arena.

Introduction to the industry said that the new standard was introduced, the main purpose is to “saving electricity and saving money, low consumption environmental protection, all kinds of home appliances overall To develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy efficiency standards of the old version of the refrigerator are slightly lower than the international standards. After this revision, the new national standard has already exceeded the international standard. The new standard still divides the energy efficiency rating into five levels, of which the first-level product is the most energy-efficient, and the old-level power consumption is reduced by 40% to reach the new level. Some analysts predict that after the implementation of the new standard, more than 20% of high-energy-consuming products in the market will be eliminated, and the overall energy efficiency of refrigerators will increase by about 10%. In addition, the new standard has expanded its scope to include traditional products such as refrigerators, freezers and freezers, as well as innovative products such as wine coolers, horizontal refrigerated freezers.

“The new level will increase by about 1,000 yuan

The sales monitoring data for the first half of this year shows that the retail volume of first-class energy-efficient refrigerators has accounted for 96% of all commodities. . However, after the implementation of the new national standard, about 80% of the products will be “from the moment”; the old level is “new”. In order to meet the new first-class standards, many factories need to update their equipment and need technical research and development, which will increase production costs. Therefore, compared with the “old-class products,” Or it will rise by 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, this part of the price will also be recovered in the long-term use of residents by saving electricity. The insiders also suggested that in fact, the new two-level refrigerators are in line with households, and there is no need to pursue a new level.

Yesterday, consumers who are purchasing refrigerators in a home appliance chain store said that refrigerators need to be plugged in 24 hours, which is the electricity used in the home. Large customers will consider purchasing more energy-saving electricity. product.

Inventory products face price cuts

The reporter saw in some appliance stores that some impatient businesses have posted the 2015 new national standard. A brand promoter said that the manufacturer produced new models in accordance with the new standards in the first half of this year. Although it was officially implemented on October 1, it gave consumers a choice.

In addition, in the store, there are also some old models ready to cut prices during the holiday season. Another well-known brand sales staff told reporters that from October 1st to 7th, there will be 7 consecutive days of profit-sharing activities, many products not only directly cut prices, but also give extra gifts. According to the overall deployment of the headquarters, most of the participating activities are old stocks, and new products are also reduced in price, but the magnitude is relatively small.

Industry reminds consumers that even after October 1, the old and new standards will mix and match for a long time, because businesses need to digest inventory. Therefore, when consumers purchase goods, they should pay attention to distinguish between old and new versions. The new version of the refrigerator energy efficiency label also adds a two-dimensional code. Using the mobile phone to scan, you can know the information about the product record and other public information.

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“One dollar purchase” broke the news: the insider was severely beaten!

Shenzhen Yiyuan Yunbu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as 1 yuan cloud purchase) was established in 2012, is a comprehensive cloud shopping mall, headquartered in Futian District, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Stars Square.

1 yuan cloud purchase means that you only have 1 chance to buy the desired product. That is, each item is divided into a number of “sold separately”, each share is 1 yuan, when a piece of goods is sold, the equivalent is generated according to the cloud purchase rules, the lucky person can get the goods .

Recently the Supreme People’s Court issued the Supreme People Several Opinions of the Court on Further Strengthening Financial Trial Work (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”). 30 opinions were put forward on the implementation of the spirit of the National Financial Work Conference by the People’s Court, strengthening the financial trial work, and ensuring the healthy development of the virtuous circle of economy and finance. The Internet Finance Special Rehabilitation Office issued documents for the 1 yuan purchase that CCTV had exposed many times before. Qualitative, nationwide crackdown on this scam!

(pictures are from the web)

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Cork flooring is expected to become a potential stock

Cork flooring, an unexplored potential market

At home, the most familiar and common cork products should be cork stoppers for wine bottles. In addition, we often see cup mats and Pot mats and more. But what people are not familiar with is another big use of cork, which is used to make floors.

Cork flooring is known as ‘the pyramid of the floor consumption’, as its name suggests it is a product of high-end consumers. According to experts, cork and solid wood flooring are more environmentally friendly, soundproof, and the moisture-proof effect will be better. Stepping on the cork floor gives the person an excellent feeling of comfort. Because cork flooring has this advantage, many consumers have already favored this product. ‘At present, the development of cork flooring is slow, and the degree of acceptance is not very high, but cork flooring has been recognized and paid attention to as a new type of flooring due to its inherent characteristics and advantages. Especially in the North American market, the consumption is large. Wang Yong, general manager of Beijing Dehejia Wood Industry, said.

It is understood that from the perspective of the entire flooring products, Europe, the United States, China is the world’s three major flooring market, the largest market share is currently in North America. Because the local flooring processing industry is relatively backward, the main sources of market supply include factories in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe, and the orders are huge. In addition to North America, the market consumption in Europe is also very impressive, because their consumption habits are short floor replacement cycles. China may use laminate flooring for five to ten years to replace, and they may be replaced in two or three years. Short-term use and frequent replacement directly increase market consumption.

According to the data given by Wang Yong, the global production and sales of cork flooring is about 15 million square meters, although it is the smallest category of flooring category, not as much as one tenth of the laminate flooring, but Its development prospects are broad, so it is favored by some domestic manufacturers. Europe has the world’s largest cork flooring company Amorim. Although there are quite a few Chinese companies, the scale is very small. Only the Jinglin, Shaanxi Senhao Shi, and Beijing Dehejia are the only ones. At present, China’s cork flooring market has a production and sales volume of less than 1 million square meters. Compared with the European and American markets, the market space is very broad.

Beijing Dehejia Wood Industry is one of the companies that have focused on cork flooring in recent years, and has accumulated mature brands and processes. Wang Yong, general manager of Dehejia Floor, told Sina Home Reporter that Dehe has been researching and looking for a relatively new wood flooring product. For this reason, I also thought about starting with the agent Amorim’s products, but the conditions are too harsh. I don’t want to make a floor. I don’t have too much technical content to try my own money. But I didn’t think that the process of development and production was very complicated. I have been doing it for many years, so I have persisted and gradually mastered it. The core technology of cork flooring. Wang Yong said that it is necessary to continue the cause of cork flooring. Cork flooring may be a good opportunity under the current sluggish home market.

Market segment Cork flooring is expected to become potential stocks

‘Cork flooring is a relatively European product, if it is from the trend of trendy and fashion, this is the future trend. Although we push the classical furniture, the style of western furniture has a greater influence on the international market. It represents the aesthetic taste of a culture, so the softwood floor is now being promoted globally faster. Nowadays, all the brands that are importing brands and the brands that import imported products have begun to sell cork flooring. ‘

Wang Yong told reporters that cork flooring can produce 5 million square meters of production and sales within three years. Although there are only less than 100 square meters of production and sales in China, everyone is now working harder. . All products can be seen in the law. The first floor of the laminate was not made in China. It was imported first. Since 2000, it has been gradually localized in the laminate floor, and then the production capacity has come up. And this product may be subject to resource constraints, relatively special, the price can not be as low as the laminate floor, so it will not be as large as the laminate floor, but if it is a category in the domestic market It will definitely be loved by white-collar workers and high-consumption people. This is the development trend of this product.

De Hejia used to do floor trade, and also represented domestic and international brands, but now focuses on cork flooring. Wang Yong said that it was also caused by historical reasons. Dehe’s first imported products came, and it’s not bad. But there are various reasons for doing imported products. Our overall judgment on the market, from 2000 to 2006, China’s manufacturing industry is very development. Fast, domestic laminate flooring and European products are not much different, and the laminate flooring is also exported. If we import the laminate flooring from Europe, the feeling is greatly limited. Finally, it is the thing of Ou Dian that prompts us to stop importing products. The thing of Ou Dian is to crush the last straw of the camel. When that thing comes out, we feel imported. The business of strengthening the floor is very difficult to do because the market is gone, consumers don’t believe in this product, and it is more difficult to do it. There is not much way out. Afterwards, it proves that the gradual segmentation of the Chinese market, in addition to the space of the top consumer consumption of mass consumption, to meet the individualized consumer demand, this is the reason we have been insisting and the pre-judgment of the market.

Take the fast-running strategy Early into the benign track

‘After several years of exploration, the product is now mature, with a production and sales volume of 20,000-300,000 square meters a year, and also exported to the United States. There are no obstacles and secrets in technology, but because of the special craftsmanship, there is still a certain threshold for market entry. ‘Wang Yong said that in order to occupy the market as soon as possible and establish a brand position in the cork flooring market segment, Dehe will adopt a ‘running’ strategy.

Wang Yong revealed that the core job of Dehe’s family is to open the market. In the next two years, the country will develop 300 specialty stores to form a certain channel.Road size. As the number of channels increases, the awareness of consumption will increase, thus forming a virtuous circle.

For the development strategy of Dehejia, industry experts have given full affirmation, saying: ‘Compared to the floor market, there is not much competitive pressure on cork flooring. At present, there are few brands of cork in China. In the bleak situation of the home market, there are risks and opportunities. The traditional flooring category has become uncompetitive, and cork flooring has now been recognized and paid attention as a new type of flooring. The future development space is very large, and the pioneers will Will get more development opportunities. ‘(文/新

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This is called hydrating the floor! Your top is called the bubble floor!

In the dry winter, the delicate floor is the key care object. In order to extend the life of the floor, in the dry winter, the floor must be replenished in time, so that the wooden floor can maintain a relatively stable state. There are no problems due to temperature and humidity differences.

The solid wood floor should be hydrated and waxed.

The solid wood floor is a ground decoration material formed by the drying process of natural wood. The surface texture and color pattern are all natural. Therefore, It is also most susceptible to interference from the external environment. When humidity and temperature change, it is most prone to deformation and cracking.

In the space environment of indoor temperature below 28 ° C, humidity between 50% -70%, is the favorite of solid wood flooring. In winter, the climate is already dry, and the solid wood floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase. However, as long as the water supply work is done well, the waxing of the solid wood floor twice a year can extend the practical life of the solid wood floor and make it ‘youth forever’.

It is important to note that before doing the detailed work, the solid wood floor should be wiped clean, then a layer of solid wax should be evenly applied. After a little drying, wipe it with a soft cloth.

For daily care, just wipe with a wrung cotton swab. If there are stubborn stains on the floor, it is recommended to wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent. Do not scrub with acid, alkaline or gasoline. This will make the solid wood floor ‘destroyed’.

Strengthen the wooden floor to ‘drink enough water’

Although the laminate flooring is not as expensive as the solid wood flooring, it is inexpensive and easy to maintain, so it is very popular.

In general, laminate flooring should pay attention to increase the humidity of the floor surface and maintain the moisture content in the floor. Frequent wiping with a wet mop can increase the surface moisture of the laminate flooring, which can effectively solve the problem of cracks and cracks generated by the floor. If it is found that there is still a ‘cracking’ in individual locations, it is recommended that the professional perform a local ‘surgery’ to do the filling treatment. After filling, the surface moisture should be appropriately increased to facilitate the restoration of the floor.

Quantitative hydration of cork flooring

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The cork flooring is made of cork glued together, the surface is relatively rough, with grooves, so it is easier to accumulate dust, and it should be more careful when cleaning. The waterproof and anti-corrosion performance of ordinary cork flooring is not as good as that of laminate flooring and moisture. It is also easier to infiltrate, so in winter, it is not easy to wipe with a cloth with too much water, and at the same time prevent ink, lipstick, etc. from getting on the floor, otherwise it is not easy to clean.

The biggest enemy of cork floor is Sand, if you accidentally bring the sand into the room, be sure to clean it in time to avoid damage to the cork floor. If the surface of the cork floor has worn out, it is recommended to recoat it. The method is also very simple: firstly sand it with sandpaper. Wear the area, remove the dirt, then wipe it off with a soft dry cloth, and then re-coat or paste the polyester film.

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