Water purifier industry is not optimistic consumer checks be sure to polish his eyes

[ is With modern life getting richer, but also pay more attention to their own health, we know that a lot of water hazards, every household will need to install water purifier. But the recent sampling results have shown that the water industry checks, the 45 brands 60 models sample Almost half (48.3%) failed. A similar phenomenon is equally bleak in the Guangdong region, over the past three years, including industry survey showed the Guangdong region, water purifiers failure rate of 30-75 percent range, the situation is more serious. Overall, the water industry checks pass rate in the appliance industry, it is low. This could not help worrying: home water purifier is really genuine, real wood effectiveness of it? Please note that checks can not be optimistic about the consumer, polish his eyes.

This could not help worrying: home water purifier is really genuine, real wood effectiveness of it?

perhaps to a more in-depth analysis, can be “a pretty good idea.” Phenomenon: the good and the bad past two years, the water purifier market a bit, “gets going on” feeling. According to incomplete statistics, the national water purifier manufacturer more than more than 3,000 machine manufacturers over 1500, is considered a very large scale of the. However, cursory water purifier market is not difficult to find, compared to other home appliances products, consumers may really “get lost.” An easy “seeing things” in place, the price disparities. Cheap filter can be mounted directly on the faucet, it may be only two or three hundred dollars; and a set of cartridges used in combination, a thousand dollars everywhere; even then set up yuan. What was good expensive, difficult to define than cheap consumer. Another easy “seeing things” in places that many concepts. In addition to the basic filter, purifying function, but many are under various water purifier “healthy” banner, such as may be “cosmetic”, or to generate “mineral water”, as well as producing “alkaline water”, not a ” concept of negative oxygen ions “and the like. Consumers often at a loss. How the real situation? National Academy of household appliances, deputy chief engineer, test technology research institute, health appliances Analysis and Testing Center for Lu Jianguo said the AQSIQ organized since 2014 three water purifiers national supervision, pass rate is not displayed more than 70%. The main problems in: Among the total number of colonies of water indicators of failure, water flow failed, the total water flow failed. canHe said that many aspects of the key indicators related to water purifiers, there are widespread problems.

standards are mostly recommended standard whole is still in its early stages of development, there has been good and bad. Cause problems passing rate is low, the lack of standards is not it? Water purifier market has many years of experience in Management Consulting Co., jump on Inspire’s chief consultant Pangya Hui, told Yangcheng Evening News reporter, “in the water purification industry, the standard is not missing.” National Academy of household appliances Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer explained that the current applicable national standards are the “household and similar electrical appliances” and “household and similar applications water treatment device” standards; and industry standards, it is “home and similar UF water purifier “and” RO household and similar water purifier “standard. But it is worth mentioning that the national standard is generally divided into mandatory standards and voluntary standards. In the water purifier market, most of the standards are voluntary standards. This is mainly determined by the characteristics of the water purifier itself, because water quality varies throughout, water purification materials used may vary. Obviously, the recommended standards for binding brands and products a lot smaller. Of course, we recommended standards is not a dead letter, still binding. Lu Jianguo said that many companies tend to “voluntary standards” as an excuse to implement greatly reduced. The industry has experienced a long period of time, also still in a development stage.

consumers to cut corners is difficult to identify for consumers, a water purifier or a water purifier good, with the appearance, the price is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. On the one hand I do not understand, on the other hand there is no means of detection. If the water purifier brand manufacturers cut corners in which it is difficult to explain. There was a water purifier filter core professionals dismantling a section of the water purifier market price of 2,800 yuan products, various components after dismantling, in fact, the manufacturing cost is a hundred to dollars, plus other costs, profit margin doing far more than the general home appliances. This is why in recent years, many manufacturers have put the main cause of the water purifier market. Pangya Hui to Guangzhou Evening News reporter analysis, purifiers usually use activated carbon, activated carbon while quality may vary; the rest of the water purifier comprising a purification PP cotton even line The linker may exist jerry problem; there’s like plastic parts, unscrupulous manufacturers are likely to use the word “back feed” (secondary recovery of plastics). Almost in the water purification unitAll aspects of the Department, are likely to exist where shoddy work, because more elements of different product combinations. He admits: “Material is not cut corners, manufacturers can test the conscience.” Lu Jianguo said that although there are water purification testing organization, but a small number, expensive, companies do not want to detect that some products do not meet standards also in disarray sale. And consumers want to test individually, it is more difficult.

management may be a “vacuum” Yangcheng Evening News reporter also learned that the water purifier in the management of “bull management”, it may cause some management “vacuum zone.” At present, the production of water purification systems take health permits, we can get health after the sale document. Health this document is based on the original inspection in 2001, the Ministry of Health related to the top, only involving health and safety of functional tests that do not involve electrical safety and performance. But water purifier or belong to the same electrical products, must comply with the relevant national standards, but also have 3C certification program. As a result, water purifier enterprise management supervision, access to health aspects of planning commission system, mainly in the regulatory aspects of Quality Supervision Bureau, the enterprise’s own business practices in the business sector in the regulation. Consultant Pangya Hui said that if the future regulatory direction merged together into a centralized system would be better. Solution: Huiyanshizhu

will certainly be expensive, right? Obviously, water purifier is certainly to “buy right.” But many consumers are not able to judge good and bad, it is often customary “buy expensive” that “buy expensive is to buy right.” It is not “expensive is right” mean? actually not. According to the results, Jiangsu aspect has just been published, the price is not proportional to the water purifier with water effect performance. Data show that the failure rate of between 1500-2000 yuan price of 60%; and more than $ 2,500 62.5% failure rate of the checks actually described, but the higher the price, the lower the yield of high charge play …… big brand phenomenon, partly because the water purifier market in recent years began to appear “brand war”, some brands began to focus on brand culture, first and foremost strategy is to raise the price to the price of legislation “physique”, do not try to take advantage of industry a stable and big money; on the other hand, does not rule out the use of consumer manufacturers’ expensive is good “mentality, manufacturing marketing gimmick. No matter what kind of purpose, in fact, there may be “cheating” phenomenon.

There is evidence of better than undocumented? As the market confusing consumers buy water purifier depends on the card.First see if there is no health permit this document, the state health department issued a drinking water health and safety, which is the product of “birth certificate.” Many consumers believe that the water purifier less relevant with the health sector, in fact, is very wrong. Internal water purifier market, not many companies take this most critical “birth certificate.” If sales or businesses that do not get it out, so do not buy a water purifier. Other documents needs special attention. Do not buy no express implementation of national or industry standards, do not buy manual vague terms, particularly pre-rinsing time is not clear products. Do not buy the filter model number information, production units and other products. Do not buy can not provide third-party testing testing organizations qualified information products. If you focus on some technical indicators, but also to shop around, choose gifted person. For example, like the water purifier, to select a low waste, and the like.

“walking ghost gear” can not be trusted? In recent years, many on the market street marketing staff to sell water purifiers everywhere, often also pretentiously took two electrodes do “electrolysis test.” In fact, this is a “cover-up.” Experts electrolysis test has been proven not fully explain water quality, even an excellent quality, the same “electrolysis test” will generate impurities. From the use of the characteristics of the water purifier of view, the manufacturers service capabilities is more important, but also involves service problems when filter replacement is about six months. Therefore, the consultant Pangya Hui suggested that manufacturers try to have a fixed place of purchase and complete service capabilities, not to rely on street stall selling product. Some of the “walking ghost gear” put forward to promote the event ran over, it is difficult for consumers guaranteed. In addition, there is an additional element, try to buy products with the product liability insurance. Fairly standard manufacturers tend to vote attached product liability insurance, if the use of the process in question, the equivalent of a third-party “firewall.”

How to lead the consumer to upgrade the water industry opportunities to achieve industrial upgrading

[ is ] at the moment of consumption upgrade, in the eyes of traders everywhere can be described as business opportunities. Taking into account the current development of urbanization, the increasing pollution of groundwater eyes, poor water and environment, and the situation for water quality and health requirements getting higher and higher, and therefore, the water purification industry is expected to be welcome in the consumer upgrade push to a wave of development opportunities.

In addition, although our bottled water also occupy a very high market share, even in some areas to exceed the quality of water supply, water vending, but many years ago it was concerned consumers to bottled water two secondary pollution, buckets and other material issues, but also to the development of the bottled water industry is full of uncertainty. Therefore, under the impetus “for barrel movement”, he added the prospect of a certainty.

Furthermore, although the layout of previous water purifier manufacturers focus mostly concentrated in the commercial field, but with the rapid rise of the Chinese consumer market, water purifier will like into the common people like color TV, refrigerator. This trend, in recent years, sales data from the water purifier can be seen.

According to statistics, in recent years, water purifier sales rose steadily, this year will reach 23 billion yuan.

Although the current overall consumer electronics market is more sluggish, and the water purifier is regarded as a meteoric rise, investors naturally want to take advantage of. However, it is understood that the total retail sales of water purifiers home appliances accounted for only 1.8% of the overall market, it is still at a low level.

In general, water purifier penetration rate in the market is still not high, compared to the US and Japan and other developed countries, these countries penetration rate has reached 70%, while China still less than 15 %, which shows that our water purifier industry’s future development is vast. But for water purifier manufacturers, in today’s industry homogenization serious competition in the background, users want to win the favor of the difficulty is not small.

Moreover, now that foreign companies have also incoming, all eyes on China, the world’s largest. How to compete with domestic enterprises, but also trip from the city.

domestic water purification industry frequent chaos, of varying quality, brand clutter, industry concentration is not high, and the service can not keep up. These all affect the domestic consumers buy water purifier enthusiasm. Therefore, enterprises are to the fore in the water purifier market, or to create a positive brand image, a negative change in consumer awareness for water purifier market, from the quality, technology,Sale, and other aspects, to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Overall, the prospects for the development of water purification industry is still worth optimistic. As the market clutter this phenomenon is the high-level attention, water purifier industry standards has become more perfect. Earlier water purifier was included in the list of green consumption, “water efficiency leader action plan” also released on schedule, “reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit” for approval, are harbingers of water purifier industry toward standardization, standardization of development, companies that have the core technology to produce high-performance water purification products, it will also get full support.

The new marketing concept of water purification equipment based on mobile Internet

[ is ] in a mobile world, who is already integrated with the intelligent terminal, jointly become a node on a mobile network. This makes it easier to form between each of the nodes interact with accurate and fast information, better and more convenient to meet people’s information needs. Mobile terminal anytime, anywhere to consumers around the collection and analysis of all data, so that consumers and the people around him better interaction with the deepening of the traditional mobile Internet industry influence, to seize emerging market opportunities mobile Internet has become the enterprise consensus. In this context, the Chinese .mobi came into being.

Chinese .mobi domain name is (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved by the Internet highest authority ICANN, responsible MTLD (Chinese .mobi domain Administration) operation and maintenance, and is committed to Internet content delivery to mobile devices, such as smart phone, PDA, mobile phones and other exclusive domain name, is the world’s first and the only one built for the mobile phone and mobile terminal device domain. “Chinese .mobi” domain name has easy to identify, easy to remember, quick input and other advantages. Meanwhile, the “Chinese .mobi” domain name or entry enterprises to build a unified mobile applications.

The 21st century is the era of mobile Internet, water purification equipment company in addition to traditional marketing, online and offline, will have to keep pace with the times, on the road to the mobile Internet marketing. Such water purifier business in order to better meet the needs of the times, a strong position in the market. Mobile Internet is the mobile communications and the Internet combine the two into one, in recent years, mobile communications and the Internet become the world’s fastest growing and largest market potential, the most attractive prospects of the two businesses, their growth rate is any unanticipated forecasters, the mobile Internet will be expected to create a kind of economic miracle. The so-called mobile Internet marketing is to make use MMS, SMS group sending, wap, two-dimensional code, mobile client such as mobile phones and Internet technology, direct contact with the consumer, so that the audience diffuse into every corner of the world.

As a senior Cuisi Rui domain name investors, we saw the Chinese .mobi popular level in the moment, and huge appreciation potential. He followed the trend, far-sighted, registered the “water purification equipment net .mobi” domain name. “Chinese .mobi” domain name contains bothAll the advantages of “.mobi” domain name, but also has its own uniqueness. Chinese domain name not only in the habit of people to use, and is well known to the people, to carry out business online promotion is a strong guarantee. For example: pay .mobi, music .mobi, .mobi games, news and other fine .mobi domain name industry, not only easy to remember, but also has broad representation, making these domain names have strong appreciation potential and investment value. While also blowing a large number of registered “Chinese .mobi” domain name whirlwind in the country.

about the outlook for the global Chinese .mobi officially open registration, the majority of enterprises and Internet users optimistic about the mobile Internet to launch a new way of marketing, will usher in a new prospect. And cybersquatting is predictable, and is the inevitable trend of development of the Internet.

Water purifier was able to solve common problems in all four

[ is ] the use of water purifier, can solve the drinking water problem fundamentally, as to what are the benefits? Four sentences is enough!

The first point : secondary solve water pollution

after water disinfection by chlorine can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove heavy metals, volatile substances; after long-distance transport of water through the pipe, prone to secondary pollution, so people basic will choose to boil the drink, but only boil solve bacterial problems, not solve the sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile matter and bacteria “corpse” and other issues, quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, but will also have serious health risks.

Second: selecting an alternative preferred bottled water

bottled water bucket ranging from about 8 to 16 yuan, high cost, and this is a significant proportion of water a water purifier or a large processing water, there is little natural mineral water; the same time the short shelf life of bottled water, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, air pollutants easily, and therefore is not desirable drinking water solutions.

The third point: unlike the extremely high cost of bottled water

bottled water is classified as a small number of rich families daily water, but its cost is too high, and bottled water is water, lack of trace elements and minerals, long drink to human health should not be, the effect may not be as water purifiers.

The fourth point: drink reach the standard, low cost

purifier can effectively separate and remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust , sediment and other impurities in the water and harmful substances, and the cost of bottled water is relatively much lower, good water taste, good water quality, drinking water is the ideal solution for families.

How do water purifier agents joined terminal

[ is With the rapid development of water purifier market, industry competition intensified, many agents have felt invisible pressure, clearly aware of the terminal building importance, are also trying to make the terminal building to gain a competitive advantage. So, how can we make it to the terminal building? Water purifier small series, water purification agents to join should be combined with its own characteristics in the region and market conditions at the time of doing the terminal building, according to local conditions, varies with time to explore a set of their own marketing programs.

a full use of network marketing

for each install a water filter, or yourself or your installer must take water purifier installed photo shot down, but also feel free to go online, Ye Hao circle of friends, QQ space Ye Hao, microblogging worth mentioning, can take advantage of the full availability, to brush out their own “sense of presence”, let the people around you all remember it can not only sellers but also sellers, have been sellers. Hot atmosphere that comes out of this, it is important to spread positive energy, this energy is in turn will give you extra points, it will produce aggregation effect.

Second, the implementation of standardized services

After the machine sold, and even home delivery installation, including installation work clothes, work caps, dust-proof shoe covers, installation kit, etc., ” small wrench service “first line has been maintained? each agent after the door politely civilized exchange with the owners, during installation or replace the filter in the machine, pay attention to hygiene to maintain, etc. these not only embodies the brand of professional and professional accomplishment, but also able to accumulate a good reputation. The so-called Gold, silver cup, as the user’s reputation!

Third, the timely introduction of new products

one is just new products to market, on the other hand is not on the regional market, can shines for consumers, price is not comparable to similar products, you can be called new. Otherwise, if a product other stores already have, and you just on, can not be called new. In short, the marketing, new products can bring premium space and high rates of return on market sales, water purifiers joined agents to keep up with the rhythm.

Fourth, the establishment of distribution networks

a person sellers, even if a high rate of return, but eventually limited the number, but if you have a team of sellers, cluster effect will be very obvious.So then into the next level, if the regional market where agents gradually developed distribution network, so that multiple teams together for you, even if profit margins middle a little, but the dish up, the rate of return is more than you would a person meaningful, the network built up, with brand coverage overall sales will zoom.

Fifth, make good use of small gifts

what customers really want to buy? Of course, is to buy the product! So is the core product, too different, too have to buy. But the customer still lurks deep inside a “Little 99”, is the “additional profit of excitement,” Give it to inspired, sellers paid off, it kicked into it.

At this stage, water purification agents to join the terminal building to be able to do only in the fierce water purifier market? This dream can only be achieved through effective marketing.

Behind the low-cost water purifier hidden "conspiracy"

[ is ] every thing developed to a certain stage there will definitely be chaos, the water purification industry is no exception. Today, many fake and shoddy, low-cost water purifier in the market run amok, disrupting the market order, undermine the market balance. ?

(Source network)

what exactly is behind low-cost water purifier

First, the analysis of price levels: 300 block, not a thousand dollars retail price of 500, 800 and so on, that claim to achieve drinking water standards, which is exactly what kind of “standard drink straight.”

the next level of raw materials into deep analysis?: environmentally friendly raw materials from qualified to have the composition of a water purification function of water purifier is depleted raw material costs, tooling costs, and labor costs are really able to maintain the price of a few hundred pieces do not, then there is only one possible is:? not on sold thousand Yuan is extremely likely to be material non-compliance situation.

Some users say that cheap factory direct it?

good, then we assume it to compliance. Then the profits are so out, how to serve, besides water purifier most important thing is service, and maintenance can not keep up, then buy a water purifier does not really become a thing clogging. In contrast material is not up to the other end, the effect of water addition to the raw water is not debris added a “sauce” – substandard materials release different levels of hazardous substances.

cheap drink straight behind and with what kind of “conspiracy”? What is the target group?

First of all they are for misappropriating fast, because in the Chinese market to quickly popular cheap stuff , in order to win;

followed by targeting this gap and water highly polluted sites, the group is that the water is poor, and spending power is not high and much-needed areas of water, but also aimed at the petty Chinese people as well as those of traditional thrift crowd (of course, the face of the current economic situation, there is nothing wrong saving, savings for local use, and did not want to attack working people thrifty, because you hold up the Chinese traditional culture and side of the economic power of the labor force glossy banner); of course believe that the last of these three non-drinking cheap direct product identification by the majority of consumers slowly dropped gradually disappeared.

The arc also remindFees are: you pay everyone knows, water is the major event in people’s livelihood, the intake of the body’s internal organs, must be able to discern and will not be deceived by the surface prices. Cheap drink straight face to say it out loud, “reject”, and then a wisp decisively leave. As long as no one to buy, gradually, no one would dare to sell, but also clean water a pure land.

Popularity | observed from the water purifier water quality trends

[ is ] China’s reform and opening up more than 30 years, GDP average annual growth of more than 10%, has become the world’s second largest economy. But our workers, agricultural growth is basically the expense of the environment come. Although the state attaches great importance to environmental protection, to develop a series of laws (Environmental Protection Law, Water Pollution Control Act, Air Pollution Control Act, etc.) and various rules and regulations on environmental protection in China has played a certain role, but today China’s environmental protection situation is still grim, can not be ignored!

now how about our water situation? due to our rapid development and environmental protection lag, so the extent of the water quality of water sources contaminated more serious.

water pollutants and their harmful

First, the three major sources of water pollution

1, industrial pollution: from the most backward chemical workshop to the most advanced chemical enterprises , industrial production emit large quantities of untreated water, gas, slag and other hazardous waste, seriously damaged the living environment and natural resources, biological, but also directly endanger human health.

2, agricultural pollution: livestock farms large amounts of waste, farmland of large quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, pollution of the COD accounted for 40% of the country.

3, pollution of city life: urban population growth, some as yet no sewage treatment plants, although there are some treatment plants, but not with the pipe, resulting in a large number of sewage directly into the river.

Second, the type of pollutant

1, the inorganic particle contamination

In certain heavy metal ion contamination of areas, such as areas serious Xiang, North River Basin like. Heavy metal ions is generally mining, smelting process emissions. Among them, small mining, smelting indigenous more dangerous.

Each smelter not seriously addressed by the run, run, drip, leak, so that the factory water containing a higher concentration of heavy metal ions, and no downstream municipal water warning means can not take measures (e.g., adjusting the PH value, chemical precipitation), it does not take steps (to process all the water), long-term drinking, including accumulation, hazardous to health.

2, organic pollution

In recent decades are millions of human synthetically produced organic material, which both benefit mankind, and also causes various diseases human scourge, such as pesticides, insecticides, sterilization, herbicides, plastics additives.

Third, persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

persistent organic pollutants (POPs) refers to a human synthetic lasting in the environment, by accumulating the food chain (network), and cause deleterious effects of chemicals on human health and the environment. These materials resistant to degradation in the environment, the longer retention time, can affect by the atmosphere, the water delivered to the regional and global environment, and through the food chain, that seriously affect human health.

Fourth, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)

endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) generally has similar structural or functional hormone analog can be combined with hormones receptors, thereby interfering with the organism the normal physiological function. Endocrine disruptors are mainly pesticides, herbicides, sterilizing agents, paints, plastics and the like by the solid. Typical contaminants include estradiol, bisphenol A, nonylphenol, phthalate esters and the like.

hazard endocrine disruptors comprising: an interference reproductive system and the normal development of an organism, or reproductive function decrease abnormal physiological phenomena; interfere with the normal function of the immune system, reduce the immune system of an organism, carcinogenic, easy induced tumors; interfere with the normal function of the nervous system development, damage to the nervous system resulting in loss of control behavior and other anomalies.

Fifth, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPS)

pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPS) as a new class of environmental pollutants began in the 1990s caused public concern.

PPCPS include a variety of prescription and non-prescription drugs or cosmetic for human health care, such as antibiotics, antiinflammatories, antipyretics, analgesics, anticonvulsants and anxiolytics, cell growth inhibitors, disinfection fungicides, hormones and oral contraceptives, lipid regulating agents, perfumes, cosmetics, sunscreens and nutritional products.

PPCPs goods organisms living tissue will have a strong biological activity, to produce a specific biological effect. Long-term exposure to water, it is possible to make drug-resistant bacteria and viruses, these microorganisms enter the body will bring potential harm to humans. In both domestic and foreign reports, because of the abuse of antibiotics lead to antibiotic ineffective the case of death of patients.

From the results of the current domestic and foreign research analysis, in-depth where the water treatment process, suffered emerging contaminants (includingPOPs, EDCs, PPCPs) threatening risk is small, without the risk of advanced treatment of a variety of organic contamination by conventional processes large.

then for the overall transformation of China’s water resources, which requires changes in national investment and economic structures for environmental protection, so our water will be able to gradually change, so I do need to change the source water 30 New Year 50 years good time, environmental quality, and it will get better.

of the depth of water purification water purifier provides a broad space

90% of the country’s waterworks or conventional water treatment processes, is a century-old, 100 years ago to go with the process water supply treated water for 100 years, apparently powerless. Experiments and actual production results at home and abroad show that the conventional water treatment processes can only remove about 30% of the organic matter in water, and for some pollutants, particularly chemical pollution, little change before and after treatment. Therefore, the current drinking water there is a big security risk.

In this case now, we are missing two main water treatment technology, an oxide, another adsorption, we have used are chlorine, prechlorination oxidized, but the addition of after chlorine disinfection by-products increases, and increases the possibility of cancer. So, now it is more seriously. What use is it, with potassium permanganate, ozone, chlorine dioxide, as well as bio-oxidation. Adsorption of it, now is the best activated carbon, resin as well as other things that a small amount of a molecular sieve. We now advocate Waterworks must use activated charcoal, activated carbon to adsorb organic pollutants because of small molecules, and coagulation, sedimentation, filtration old can not afford to go three sets, after the oxygen consumption of activated carbon were using the water we can achieve 3mg / L or less. Currently activated carbon combined with our nation’s water quality will not be long saturated. Water treatment technology development trend of the future should be the conventional treatment + membrane technology.

according to the national drinking water quality standards 106, if they can meet the standards, is safe! The problem in the building area is often affected by secondary pollution, water quality, the chlorine, E. coli, turbidity exceeded .

Quality criteria specified in each index value, a red value (a pass line), can not exceed limits. Some of the content of contaminants as possible indicators, such as: oxygen consumption CODMn instead of the organic pollution; represent some impurities in the water turbidity and colloidal microorganism; toxicological indicatorsSome heavy metal ions with toxic and harmful organic matter content, more water should be better.

Water typically is to achieve a plant effluent water quality standards, water fed out to meet safety requirements households people it is impossible to satisfy everyone’s cleanliness and the higher the water extract . As people on the water, the water quality requirements higher and higher, while economic development, income increase, with a certain economic conditions. People are more willing to drink clean water, more suited to their water, therefore, turn to choose their own requirements water purifier is the inevitable trend.

about the water industry, I think the water is still the mainstream. Tap water purifier is added, it is an extension of tap water. Now water industry has developed rapidly, it is understood, a 30% growth per year, which is related with the status of our tap water. At present quality of drinking water a considerable part of our town has not yet reached the national standard of 106, in this case, as a complement and extension of the water, we should say that the water industry is promising. That is, the water quality has reached the 106 standard, my view is up to standard only pass, only 60 points. With the improvement of living standards, and concerns about drinking water and health, people want their drinking water is 80 points, 90 points level. I think, for the quality of drinking water, you can not be overstated how to improve, because now we do not fully know exactly the type and quantity of pollutants in water. We are now talking about is that we can measure out. However, with the development of micro-technology, and analytical instruments increased. We will continue to find new pollutants, so I think the drinking water quality standards should continue to modify and improve, constantly adding new content.

purifier can be filtered, multi-organic pollutants, you use of activated carbon from membrane, high hard water softening is necessary, if you will drink with high purity water nanofiltration, reverse osmosis (RO). These processing techniques can greatly improve the quality of water. However, the activated carbon must be used, because we now organic pollutants in tap water standard is 3mg / L, you can handle him from 3mg / L to 1mg / L or less, drink less than to go into a good drink.

So I think, is the standard of tap water, water purification industry still has much room for development, because people increasingly high demand for drinking water, you can meet his needsYou will have a good development. Water industry will be promising.

Water pollution into the household water purifiers

[ is ] air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and contamination do not know what the future contamination of questions that people have more and more, and the water is everyone’s everyday life, the most important substance, people can not eat a few days but not without water, nourishing all things, all things are without water, water is the wisdom, the symbol of the spirit of struggle, but also a symbol of wealth.

water pollution

However, with the current continuous improvement of living standards, science and technology continues to develop, now has become the original mountains of Bald Mountain sewage. Now health problem of water has been placed high. The growing problem of groundwater pollution, secondary pollution, urban water, old water pipes, rust and so on, all threats to our drinking water health.

entered every household water purifiers

with the entered every household water purifiers, many families are increasingly concerned about what kind of water purifiers purify water healthy water. According to World Health Organization standards represented seven good water: 1, does not contain any weakly alkaline (7.0-8.0) 3 on the smell and harmful substances 2, PH value, body minerals, trace element content ratio 4 is moderate, moderate water hardness (as calcium carbonate of between 50-200mg / L) 5, moderate dissolved oxygen in water (not less than 7mg / L) 6, a small water molecules (nuclear magnetic demi width less than 100Hz) ; 7, physiological function, stronger water (including dissolution, penetration, proliferation, metabolism, emulsifying power, detergency, etc.), an unsolicited runoff meet two conditions, water can be said to be safe. However, China is not able to say tap water is healthy water.

Therefore, in order to safe drinking water as well as your family’s sake, the home should be equipped with some of the best water treatment equipment, such as: water softener, spring home machines. Install a home water purifier, bring healthy drinking water for you and your family.

Water industry to promote the development of customer service is the purpose

[ is With the domestic water pollution incident entered a phase of high frequency, people are increasingly concerned about drinking water safety issues, and is recognized as the best home terminal [123 ] water purifier, our family is very large demand for water purifier. However, due to water purification products have their own characteristics, the requirements for the service is relatively high. Many industry insiders said: There is an important factor restricting the development of the industry is the service can not keep up.

to promote the development of the water industry customer service is the purpose (Photo from Internet)

An excellent not only to provide consumers with a high quality product, more have a passion for excellent service team to ensure that consumers can enjoy a comfortable life after installing the product. In order to bring better service to consumers secure, should start from the four details:

First, the pre-sales to be patient, detailed product knowledge to explain fully communicate with consumers

[123 ] terminal shopping guide home water purifier and its services and consumer services staff first approached Purchasing Guide is different from general home appliances. Household water purifiers appear relatively late in China, its understanding of consumers is unclear, the level of awareness for water purification equipment will have a variety of concerns. Be sure to arrange an experienced salesperson for everyone to do targeted, detailed product knowledge to explain.

need to design, to do different configurations depending on the consumer’s home water environment, according to consumer demand, to provide him suitable for his home environment and economic level products. For this reason, communication with consumers, understand their water environment and matching purposes is very important. To accomplish this, we need the consumer to contact the business personnel with specialized knowledge. For example, China is more complex water quality, water quality in different regions is different. Some groundwater, some municipal water. High-rise residential water pressure problems, and old Residential aging pipes and other problems there. Individual needs require customized solutions, we must put forward solutions to a scientific system for customers. Some consumer income in general, only concerned with drinking water, then do not let him buy expensive water softeners. Some consumers seeking quality of life, it would have to consider the source from the start, three-dimensional solve the problems of their household water. While high-income families may also have the hot water boiler installation requirements. Although this miningWarm water heater product is not a water purifier, but you can still make their own professional insights for consumers.

In short, before the product is not installed, products and programs have room for negotiation, we should all try to problems that may occur thoughtful. Service installation should pay attention to quality loss, water purifiers and heating equipment bathing accidents caused to a family is very large, do not have luck psychological.

Second, the former design to carefully examine the scene

not just buy water purification products can be used immediately, professional installation is very important for future use. Engineering and technical personnel to conduct on-site installation visits, to determine whether the installation or retrofitting what needs to be done before customers to install products for customers. For the new house decoration, installation difficulty which the product is not great, but when the old building, but also to examine the original user’s water network

pipeline, the suitability of transformation, as well as other issues such as the transformation brought about by the .

Third, the installation to be carefully prepared meticulous service explain in place

before departure engineers to do careful preparation and timely communication with customers, carefully check the product and preparation tools, absolutely can not wait to the scene only to find what omissions consumer waste time. No such professionalism is difficult to become a good service provider. Dressed in tooling construction workers on site attitude rigorous, meticulous, must not have the slightest omission. After construction, the technician will do a careful debugging at the scene to ensure the smooth comfort of consumers for future use.

Fourth, after-sales management is the key to a return visit to monitor attentive service

for all products sold, consumers should pay a return visit on a regular basis, tracking the quality of products, users understand the use of service personnel assessment.

In order to ensure the quality and use of water purifiers effect, there should be a full-time staff according to the system prompts the user for machine maintenance may be required for reminding a user service, lifting customer worries. In order to solve the problem of demand for personalized service, enhanced management, allowing the user to select their own staff to provide services. In this way, the service warm and attentive staff will become everyone’s favorite objects, users need to be sure that the direction and power service efforts, has positive significance to enhance the quality of services.

push netWater industry development, is the main technological breakthroughs, customer service is the purpose. As the saying goes “Gold silver cup as word of mouth”, has won a good reputation and quality service is a prerequisite for a better start to bring clean water to the consumer experience from the service, at the same time to win the reputation of himself and better development.

Water purifier rental sales model to promote the rise of the popularity of water purifier

[ is ] water purifier rental sales model has become mainstream in South Korea: “After pay less than 600 yuan as a deposit, every month to spend $ 60, you can enjoy home cleaning every three months, replace the filter service, this deposit will be returned to you after three years. ” This model makes the Korean water purifier penetration rate of 60%. With this model lease, Korea has in the past 20 years of rapid development, from the 1990s, annual sales of 40,000 units, to 1.9 million units in 2013 domestic sales, export 300,000 units, the market size of up to 2 trillion won, accounting water purifier market around seventy percent.

water purifier rental sales model to promote the rise of the popularity of water purifiers (Photo from Internet)

rental through Korea’s unique cultural popularity of TV shopping, small enterprises to tap into the water purifier market, after previously dominating the market and clear lake Howe’s market share slipped to respectively 30% and 10%. Beijing proximal segment of the emergence of a phenomenon: appliance rental in the capital, “80”, “90” The rise in population, particularly in water purifiers, air purifiers such appliances are popular, worthy of our attention.

advance to “try” customer-oriented

many brands on the market, I do not know how to tell when consumers buy. More importantly, I do not know what kind of water purification equipment for their own use, and a large water purification supplies, the cost of one year to replace the filter needs a thousand dollars. So there is a business launch attempt early service, so that consumers leasing product trials.

In addition, the newly renovated main customers come from the customer, “80”, “90” majority. They chose more popular appliances water purifier, air purifier maintenance of such relatively high cost of product per year. For example, a water purifier, to pay 280 yuan installation fee, one year’s rent was six or seven hundred. And if the same to buy a water purifier, a year to replace the filter costs are a thousand dollars. The second year to help promote the free use of electrical appliances rental companies that can solve brand communication and inventory cash flow problems, but also to meet the consumer demand for products “poor quality” requirements “cheap”.

In short, the first year of the lease fee of electrical use, is probably the cost of deposit products account for 5-8 fold, 1.5 fold annual rent for the products; and the second year, customers in CantonLeasing application using the report under the cooperation. In other words, customers can micro-channel, microblogging, from the media to promote other ways to help the promotion of brands promotion, you can avoid the use of rent. For example, a water purifier lease, can be installed using the deposit. Late on a regular basis each year using the micro-channel circle of friends to help manufacturers forwarding soft, you can avoid the use of rent in the second year.

basis having the appearance of damaged parts price compensation

in the course of household appliances, worn inevitable, “If I rent a faulty electrical appliances in use, how to distinguish between the responsibility?” In this regard, an official said, the general appearance of the product appear damage, defined as man-made damage, “man-made damage, we ask the customer to compensation in accordance with parts prices.” the human damage have factory maintenance, parts costs borne by manufacturers, customers need the expense of home maintenance manual. “Our rent-hand appliances are new products, quality is guaranteed, damage situation is still relatively rare.” The official stressed.

water purification equipment rental promotion, after all, a road to another way of sales, in other areas, leasing has become an important sales model, it has even entered the field of financial leasing. If the lease can be successfully implemented water purifier, not only to expand the popularity of water purifier, but also reduces the cost of consumer use. Can the same pattern as the Korean market, so that patterns become normalized, we will wait and see!