Small-sized kitchens such custom cabinets save space and beautiful

Most of the small-sized kitchens are long and wide It is also relatively narrow, so after doing the cabinet, the activity space left is less, and the L-shaped cabinet will be more suitable.

For small units Most of the kitchen space is not spacious enough, so the design must be reserved for storage, activities, and use of space, and the L-shaped cabinet is the most suitable design for small-sized kitchens. Let’s take a look at these L-shaped </ Cabinet DesignLet, let the home The space is no longer wasted!

The kitchens of most small-sized apartments are long strips and have a narrow width. Therefore, after the cabinets are made, the activity space left is relatively small, and the L-shaped cabinets will be compared. Suitable.

of course the square chef It can also be designed as an L-shaped cabinet, so that the activity space will be more, and the couple can usually cook together and be very warm.

The storage of the kitchen is also very important. L-shaped cabinets can choose to hang some common kitchen utensils on the wall opposite the cabinet, as long as they don’t hit.

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Create a refined and warm little kitchen. Mastering three key words is enough.

The color can be high-key and elegant, but the color is recommended to be single. In this case, the choice of kitchen appliances is also very important, and must be able to match the cabinet, otherwise the kitchen tone will be contradictory.

In this era of “no room and no marriage”, more and more people buy houses, and house prices are rising. For most people who have just bought a home, small-sized houses below 90 square meters are undoubtedly the first choice, but the size of small-sized units also limits the decoration options to a certain extent. How to plan the layout of small-sized kitchens below 6 square meters. How to choose kitchen appliances to make the space more fully utilized? 3 keywords are not good!

Renovation suggestion keyword 1: simple

The kitchen of the area below 6 square meters is generally only considered for the function of preparing meals. A few can use the movable shelf to become a simple dining area. A whole principle of decoration is the minimalist style. The style should not be messy, and the modern style with straight lines is the best choice.


The choice of kitchen appliances should also follow the simple style, low usage rate Don’t buy the electric appliance, choose the high usage rate, or the multi-functional product is better. As the must-have cooker product, you must choose the Wopp integrated stove.

Wopp integrated stove products are very simple in style, oil hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet three-in-one, integrated kitchen electric is more beautiful.

Renovation Suggested Keywords 2: Tone Uniform

In the overall color matching of the kitchen Don’t be discouraged. Pay special attention to the use of decorative materials with a three-dimensional pattern or strong contrast between dark and dark, otherwise it will not only make the kitchen area appear visually narrow, but also difficult to clean.

The color can be high-key and elegant, but the color is recommended to be single. In this case, the choice of kitchen appliances is also very important, and must be able to match the cabinet, otherwise the kitchen tone will be contradictory.

Renovation Suggestion Keyword 3: Storage

6 Square The small kitchen within the meter is really limited, so each space is very precious and must be used reasonably to make the small kitchen play a big role.


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“Five Actions, One Country, One Promotion”, David’s 20th Anniversary

Do you have a plan for renovation? Have you been there? Waiting for a good time to buy a floor, wooden doors? Run back and forth several brand stores, compared to several products can not be determined, the price is not their own psychological price, if you have such confusion, April 16 David’s store, May 1 special is definitely a good choice.

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&emsp ; This holiday falls for you

   Decoration to buy building materials is not a small expense, let you have a headache? During the May Day, go to David to buy floors and wooden doors to help you solve big problems. WeChat pays attention to concurrent friends to give exquisite gifts; group purchases are constantly available; good gods, foot bath barrels, red oak chairs… David takes you to enjoy the gift and buy more; you can also participate in the lucky draw, 100% Winning! Great value, great value, save money and worry! Headquarters trading, more than 1,200 stores across the country linked, super cost-effective!

  David Amarty Wood Door

  Healthy quality creates exquisite home

  As a national brand of Chinese flooring and a wooden door industry demonstration company, David has been focusing on the wooden home field for 20 years. It is the international standard for the general requirements of solid wood flooring, and the technical requirements and paving of solid wood flooring for floor heating. The use of five national standards such as the Code of Conduct and six major industry standards drafting units, is one of the few companies in the industry to test the center through the national CNASLaboratory-certified companies, the results of the experiment can be recognized by laboratories in 54 countries and regions around the world!

  Event Time: April 16, 2017 —May 3rd

  Event Location: Large Guardian’s major stores in the country

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Four tips for buying a toilet, you can choose

With the improvement of people’s living conditions Bathroom decoration has been paid more and more attention by people, and the purchase of sanitary ware has become more and more important. Choosing a toilet ware with superior quality, comfortable use and beautiful appearance has become a topic of concern. But in fact, in addition to the difference in appearance, it is difficult to judge the quality of the toilet from the perspective of viewing. Next, let me come to understand the four tips for buying a toilet.

Buy the toilet Four tips

First, the flushing method of the toilet

The toilets on the market today can be divided into straight Both flush and siphon. These two flushing methods have their own advantages, and users often struggle with this when purchasing toilets. Let me introduce in detail the two flushing methods below, so that you can make quick choices.

1, straight Flush toilet


a The diameter of the flushing pipe is thick, generally about 9-10 cm, and the flushing process is short.

b, straight The water-saving performance of the flush toilet is also very good.

c, straight The flush toilet pipe has no backwater bend design, so it is easy to wash away large dirt and it is not easy to cause the blockage of the toilet.


a, toilet The water storage surface is small, so it is easy to produce dirt in the toilet.

b, due to The design of the pipeline is relatively simple, so it also has a poor deodorizing effect.

c, there is a flaw in the straight-through type, that is, its flushing sound is louder.

d, the type of flush toilet on the market today Relatively few, the choice is limited.

2, siphonic toilet


a. Due to the internal structure and water storage of the siphonic toilet, the toilet has a strong deodorizing effect.

b, the sound when flushing is small, it can be said that there is no There is noise.

c. The siphon type flushing method makes it easy to wash away the dirt in the toilet.

d, there are many types of siphonic toilets on the market today, so the choice is relatively wide.


a, siphon The diameter of the drainage pipe is small, generally about 5-6 cm, which is very likely to cause blockage problems.

b, siphon The toilet needs more water to wash away the dirt, and the water-saving performance is poor. It consumes 8-9 liters of water each time.

Second, toilet appearance

The toilet is a ceramic product, especially good quality The toilet has a smooth surface and no embossing. The general high-end toilets are all porcelain-like and have a certain weight.

The appearance of the toilet should be coordinated with other toiletries in the bathroom, and also with the overall style of the bathroom.

Three, toilet Flushing test

The flush test is an essential step when purchasing a toilet. It is recommended to put a few table tennis balls in the toilet and flush them to see if the table tennis balls can all be drained.

Some toilets are easily splashed when used. At the time of purchase, you should also pay attention to this. The reason for the splashing of the toilet and the height of the stool Off, if you want the toilet to not splash water, you must pay attention to the water seal height of the toilet. Generally, the toilet has a water seal height of 55-60mm.

Four, bathroom drainage and pit spacing

Before buying a toilet, you must know the drainage method of the bathroom at home. And the pit distance of the toilet. The pit distance requirement error cannot exceed 1cm, otherwise the toilet can not be installed. Therefore, the measurement should be accurate. When purchasing, you should provide this information to the merchant so that the purchased toilet is not suitable for your own bathroom.

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Classification of door handles, how to choose wooden door handles

The door handle is what we often see The building materials, though inconspicuous, are very important. But there are many types of wooden door handles. How should we choose? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the selection with everyonewood door handlesWhat are the tips?

I. Classification of wooden door handles

1, by material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.

2, by shape: tube type, ball type, Strips and other geometric shapes.

3, according to the style: single strip, double head , closed, etc.

4, by style: avant-garde, casual, Retro style and so on.

Second, how to choose a wooden door handle?

1. Choose the right one that you really need. Everyone wants to spend the money on the blade, the door lock Be sure to choose strong and insured; indoor door locks can be beautiful and convenient.

2, high-end imported handles have a full set of imported and imported accessories domestic The difference in assembly, the price is different, pay attention when buying.

3, the more complicated the handles, the more expensive the handles are. However, the simple operation of the locks is not necessarily unsafe, but the operation is complicated. It is not necessarily safe.

4, plastic wooden door handles do not look good, do not buy, because the strength is not enough, easy to break.

5, generally the same price of wooden door handle, Taiwan’s domestically produced spring is flexibleSexGood.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, I understand everything. What are the tips for picking wooden door handles?

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New Chinese ceiling lamp brand New Chinese ceiling lamp purchase tips

Ceiling lights are in furniture fixtures One of the varieties is also the lamp that everyone will choose in the decoration of the furniture. In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to home decoration, everyone pays great attention to ceiling lamps. So, do you know the brand of the new Chinese ceiling lamp? Many people don’t know it! Today, Xiaobian will take a look at it New Chinese ceiling lightBrand and new Chinese ceiling lamp purchase tips!

What are the new Chinese ceiling lamps?

1. Op Lighting is an innovative and fast-growing company. It is a comprehensive research and development, production and sales. The lighting company covers the fields of light source, lamps, electrical appliances, integrated ceilings and so on.

2, Panasonic Panasonic is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer First, the well-known international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group is well-known in the fields of home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics and products.

3, Philips (China) Co., Ltd., Philips Lighting Top ten brands of lighting fixtures, home lighting leader, leading high-power led manufacturer, global leader in healthcare, life and lighting.

4, Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Ten Large lighting brand, top ten brands of energy-saving lamps, China famous trademarks, Guangdong famous brand, leading domestic commercial lighting industry, large-scale lighting and light source electrical enterprise.

New Chinese suction Top light shopping tips

1, there is generally a ceiling light Ballasts and ring light tubes, ballasts have two types of magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts. Electronic ballasts can improve the light efficiency of lamps and systems, and can instantly start and extend the life of the lamps.

2, at the same time, it has small temperature rise, no noise, and volume Small, light weight, power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the magnetic ballast, so consumers should choose electronic ballasts Ceiling light.

3, the ceiling light tube has The halogen powder and the tribasic toner have good color rendering, high luminosity and slow light decay; the halogen powder lamp has poor color rendering, low luminosity and fast light decay.

4, distinguish between halogen powder and tri-color toner tube The two lamps can be lighted at the same time, and the hands are placed near the two lamps. It can be found that the color of the halogen powder tube is white and distorted, and the color of the three-color toner tube is the natural color of the skin.

5, ceiling light with remote control and without remote control Two, with a remote control, the ceiling light switch is convenient and suitable for use in the bedroom. The lampshade of the ceiling lamp is generally made of plastic or plexiglass, and the glass lamp cover is rarely used.

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Why is it not allowed to use asphalt anticorrosive and moisture treatment agent for wood flooring used in interior decoration?

  In interior decoration, liquid materials mainly refer to water-based paints, water-based adhesives, and water-based treatment agents. Because the composition of water-based paints, water-based adhesives, and water-based treatment agents is very complicated, not only the interference factors are tested, but also some samples are hardly soluble in water. If the sample is directly sampled like a man-made board, the true content of formaldehyde is often not measured. In the actual measurement work, the main reference is to draw on the formaldehyde determination method in food. The sample is subjected to steam distillation and then measured by spectrophotometric colorimetry, so that the influence of these interference factors can be overcome and the correct test result can be obtained. Therefore, the determination of the free formaldehyde content in water-based paints, water-based adhesives, and aqueous treatment agents is the most widely used spectrophotometric colorimetric method.
  Wood floor has a large market share in home decoration because of its warm winter and cool summer and comfortable feet. . Since wood flooring and other wood materials are processed by natural plants, the material itself is an organic material, which has the disadvantages of being easily damp and perishable, especially in a humid environment, and is easily rotted due to moisture. In order to improve this defect of wood, the traditional practice of using asphalt coatings is to protect the wood from moisture and moisture. Since asphaltic coatings use a large amount of organic solvents, a large amount of harmful gases containing benzene are volatilized during use, which is very harmful to human health, so it has been strictly prohibited. At present, water-based silicone rubber waterproof coating can be used instead of asphalt moisture-proofing agent, which is used for anti-corrosion and moisture-proof of wooden floor, and has good effect and little pollution to indoor environment.
  Water-based paints, water-based adhesives, and water-based treatments used in interior decoration use water as a solvent, but Essentially all organic compounds containing volatile harmful contaminants. Due to the large amount of water-based paints, water-based adhesives, and water-based treatment agents used in interior decoration of civil construction projects, and the use of these decoration materials in the interior and exterior spaces of each building, the indoor environment is seriously caused by air pollution. Therefore, the “Code for Indoor Environmental Pollution Control of Civil Building Engineering” has made the following mandatory regulations for water-based paints, water-based adhesives, and water-based treatment agents:

  (1) The waterborne coatings, water-based adhesives and water-based treatments used in the interior decoration of civil construction projects must have a report on the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and free formaldehyde content, and should be consistent with Design requirements and relevant provisions of this specification.

  (2) Thinners and solvents used in interior decoration of civil construction projects, benzene, industrial Benzene, petroleum benzene, heavy benzene and mixed benzene.

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What are the advantages of integrated wall? How much is the integrated wall?

Integrated wall decoration is a new type of wall decoration material, and it is now more popular decoration. One of the methods, but most users are still relatively new to him, the following small series brings you the advantages of integrated wall decoration and how much integrated wall Learn about the money, let’s get to know it!

I. What are the advantages of integrated wall decoration?

1, heat preservation, heat insulation

Integrated wall decoration is made of special materials, which can isolate the outside world in summer. The effect is that winter can store heat.

2, soundproofing

The sound insulation effect of the integrated wall can reach 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a wall.


After testing by the national authority, the fire level of the integrated wall can reach B1 level, which fully meets the engineering fire protection requirements.

4, super hardness

Integrated wall made of high temperature pressed bamboo fiber, with high strength and hardness, can adapt to any wall Use of the body.

5, waterproof, moisture-proof

Integrated wall surface is waterproof and moisture-proof due to its special material, and can also adapt to the wet weather in the south. use.

6, green

integrated wall material is environmentally friendly material, the room is installed, can be checked in immediately.

7, easy to install

Integrated wall surface using traditional gusset mounting method, even ordinary woodworking can be installed, labor saving, province Time and space.

8, easy to scrub without deformation

The surface of the integrated wall decoration can be directly scrubbed, and it also has the function of no deformation and no aging.

9, fashion space

Integration The wall can be applied with versatility, and can be directly combined with buckle, spelling, docking, etc.

10, save space

integrated wall decoration can directly Mounting on the wall with screws can save space by at least 5~10 cm.

Second, how much is the integrated wall decoration

The above question asked the small and medium editors to introduce the relevant knowledge of the advantages of integrated wall decoration, then let us understand the price of integrated wall decoration.

Examples of 100 ordinary units with decorative area:

Environmental integrated wall unit price: 150~400 yuan/square (including installation fee)

Minimum budget price: 100 square * 2 faces * 150 yuan / square meter = 30000 yuan

Maximum budget price: 100 square * 2 faces * 400 yuan / square meter = 80,000 yuan

and thus we can know the set Wall decoration of the total price, the general area of ​​about 100 flat units, integrated effect of wall decoration in price between 3-8 million, according to the level used in the determination of cost, the higher the cost the better decorative effect.

小编小结:Integrated wall decoration is still very delicate overall, with the effect of fine decoration, and the use is a bit very much. For the above information about the advantages of integrated wall decoration and the related content of how to integrate the wall, you can refer to it.

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Seven questions about cabinet design, you don’t want to miss the kitchen

The same cabinet brand, the same cabinet plate, the same hardware Why do some owners have a happy home, but some have a lot of trouble, maybe the problem lies in cabinet design. In order not to let our money be spent, today Xiaobian asks you seven questions. After answering these questions, everyone will have the appearance of their own cabinets.

You may wish to answer first The following seven questions:

1. Which areas are the kitchen divided into?

The kitchen can be roughly divided into Storage area, washing area, preparation area, cooking area. Each area is reasonably planned and used more comfortably.

2. Which kind of kitchen layout does it belong to?

Understanding the kitchen layout is good for Make reasonable plans when designing and installing cabinets. Is your kitchen suitable for installing L-shaped cabinets? U-shaped cabinet? Or a letter-shaped cabinet? Understand the layout and facilitate your communication with the designer.

3, how to design an irregular kitchen?

The kitchen space is large, You can choose to put the table in the kitchen.

4, the cabinet is too deep, is it inconvenient to take out the kitchen utensils?

For deeper cabinets Body, you can install a small monster basket and a flying saucer basket, which is convenient for taking out kitchenware.

5, will you touch the door when opening the cabinet?

The design of the hanging cabinet door is very wide, usually it will not touch the head. If the owner is taller, you can adjust the hanging The height of the cabinet installation.

6, the door will not be issued What is the noise?

Smooth opening and closing, experience the quietness of the kitchen, silent damping hinge is a good choice.

7, the countertop stains of the cabinet are difficult to wipe?

Cabinet counter surface Choose to be cautious, good mesa structure is dense, anti-fouling and anti-seepage, save a lot of cleaning Trouble.

Cabinet design and installation is the “key” of the kitchen decoration , before the kitchen renovation We need to know more about the kitchen and prepare for custom cabinets, kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils, and extended cabinet life. These questions are very important in the cabinet design, I hope you can help you.

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Large plate tiles are properly laid

Recently tiles are getting bigger and bigger, the large size is realistic and the natural marble texture is restored, so that it can be extended infinitely. The overall layout is simple and elegant, with few seams and easy to clean. However, many people are discouraged from the slabs.

Sophia Tiles Following 600*1200,900* After 1800, imported large plates of 1500*3000mm and 1600*3200mm were introduced. The slabs are very flexible and can be applied to the coffee table, table top, cabinets and other places.

View the video below and the following Parsing, making the slabs no longer a problem

Tip1: Large Board Handling

Use professional tools to transport large bricks to the construction site, and use the suction cups or the handling rods to carry the large plates. The larger tiles need to be transported by the moving frame.

(Handling Tools)

(At least two people are required to carry it.

TIP2: Construction Ground Cleaning

Clean up the construction site to ensure that the foundation is dry .

TIP3: Large Plate Bonding

Use the special adhesive for the large board and adjust according to the standard proportion of the product packaging instructions.

Tip4: slab adhesive smearing

Using a toothed spatula The slab adhesive is evenly applied to the base surface and the brick back. When the adhesive is applied to the back of the large slab tile, the tile is oriented at the edge of the tile. The position to be laid and the back of the tile must be scraped in the same direction to facilitate air discharge. Avoid problems such as empty drum cracking.

Tip5: slab stickers

Use the powerful suction cup to lift the large board to the construction surface and place it smoothly. The order of the slabs is to ensure the fullness of the adhesive from the inside to the outside, to avoid the phenomenon of empty drums. In the slab sticking, the locator should be used to ensure the width of the seams. The suction cup assists the ground.


After positioning, use a vibrator, rubber hammer or rubber sheet to pat Tiles for easy bonding of adhesives.

Tip7: Leveling Treatment

Insert the screed base on the positioned four sides After leveling, level the wedge and clamp the leveler.

Tip8: Cleanup after shop

Clean the residual tile adhesive in time after the slab is laid, clean the surface and protect the surface of the slab and clean it with a grout.

Pave a small reminder:

◆Do not use ordinary “cement” when laying large slab tiles, use professional Tile adhesive and adhesive to avoid the phenomenon of empty drum cracking.

◆ The height of the paving is more than 7.2 meters. It is recommended to use the hanging method.

◆The thickness of the tile adhesive is 5-7 mm, and the tile adhesive is too thick to cause the later fall off. It is recommended to use it together with the adhesive.

◆It is recommended to use a beautiful seam/porcelain grout to increase the tile The overall appearance is not mildewed.

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