How about the sound absorption ceiling? okorder

The sound-absorbing ceiling decoration in modern home decoration is relatively common. The sound-absorbing panel ceiling is a new type of ceiling formed by the sound-absorbing board as the main material and processed by the finish. The sound-absorbing panel ceiling has the characteristics of light weight, sound absorption, fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, beautiful appearance and convenient construction, and is suitable for ceiling decoration of various public buildings.
Characteristics of sound absorbing ceiling

1. The press forming process of the sound absorbing panel adopts the process of no mold, which can reduce the cost on the one hand, reduce the precision of the mold processing or reduce the mold position of the press machine. The unnecessary loss caused by the error improves the reliability and stability of the equipment of the production line; at the same time, it is accompanied by a new defect. Due to the limitation of four weeks in the pressing process, it is possible that the surface part of the sound absorbing panel is not completely compacted and baked. After drying, the perlite particles on the surface are easy to fall off, which affects the aesthetics of the sound absorbing panels; it is likely that the finished corners are loose and easy to damage after drying, and the yield of the production line is reduced.

2, the production process of sound-absorbing panels ingeniously use two materials of black material and white material, the upper surface with embossing, that is, the working surface is made of fine white material, the lower part is the non-working surface. Black material.

3, the production process of the sound-absorbing board draws on the manufacturing method of the tile, that is, first press the large block and then cut according to the required size to obtain the finished product, which means that the final finished product is sound-absorbing by the large block. The plate is cut, which is affected by the sharpness of the cutter and the nature of the cutting itself, resulting in a small amount of burr residue on the edge of the finished sound absorbing panel.

Notes on sound-absorbing ceiling

1. The close cooperation between the types of work is very important. The holes and lamp positions should be determined through negotiation.

2. When cutting the mineral wool board, the angle between the knife and the board surface is less than 45°. When cutting the tongue and mouth, cut the large surface first and then cut the small surface.

3, there are two ways to lap the small keel and the middle keel: one is to directly lap, that is, the small keel is cut according to the size, and the two ends are placed on the middle keel wing, which is convenient for construction. But there is a wrong desk at the junction. The other is to cut off the plane of the overlapping part of the small keel, and straighten the keel directly on the middle keel to make the keel lower into a plane.

Commonly used sound-absorbing ceilings in home decoration are mainly trough wood sound-absorbing board ceiling, hole wood sound-absorbing board ceiling, fabric sound-absorbing board ceiling, wooden sound-absorbing board ceiling, polyester fiber sound-absorbing board ceiling, mineral wool sound absorption Board ceilings, etc. Sound-absorbing ceilings are widely used, and are more resistant to fire and moisture, easy to install and easy to clean. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone.
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Forecast of popular elements in the future bathroom okorder

2019 is coming, what kind of bathroom will be popular next year? Designers of several home and design websites have given their answers. Although each person’s point of view is different, the following elements are repeated in their field of vision and have certain reference value.
Removing the shower room

Water Sapce is an increasingly popular concept. Different from the previous shower room, the water space is characterized by openness and unconstrained. It simply separates the wet and dry areas with a piece of glass. The metal parts can be black or gold. This innovative layout allows the bathroom. More spacious. After the space is increased, facilities such as a double shower can be set up and a double shower can be enjoyed.

Hug the basics

The “basic” is not only the concept of the clothing industry, but also spread to the field of bathroom design, showing a clean and refined shape and a single function. The “Basic” is a product of the minimalist trend. It is currently dominated by white and grey, and can be complemented by other color bathrooms to add to the bathroom’s activity.

Cut the storage space

The sink is equipped with a storage space that is a correct posture. However, some designers believe that this product is not only bloated, but also contains pieces of debris that I don’t know when I use it. It may have been wet when I use it. In 2019, the sink will restore its original appearance, and the storage function will be taken care of by the pendant and the niche.


You can change the monotonous atmosphere of the bathroom by changing the pattern on the floor or wall, or create a unique shape by breaking the inherent shape of the bathroom furniture. Symmetry is a feature of Chinese architecture and products, but asymmetry is one of the reasons why some Nordic countries and Japanese designs have prevailed. Next year, asymmetric bathroom accessories will become more popular, but you should not over-emphasize the asymmetry, but pay attention to the effect of matching, otherwise you will be sceptical.

Intelligent technology

With the advancement of technology, more technology is used in bathroom. In the next two years, smart toilets will become more popular, and LED lighting, sensor faucets, smart bath mirrors, and electric towel racks will return to the daily life from “black technology”, into more family bathrooms, implanted with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby. Equipment such as artificial voice systems will become the control center of the bathroom.

Log elements

Data shows that gray is still the mainstream color of bathroom space, and as its matching color, wood color is rapidly emerging. Because it is wooden, the bathroom equipment that incorporates the elements of the log can be matched with all the different colors to form an overall style. The shower area, the sink, the bathroom cabinet, the wall and the like are all infested.

Black rise

Gray is the mainstream color of the bathroom in 2016-2018, but will change from next year, black bathroom will be more popular, especially in lamps, mirrors, Faucets, showers, and other fixtures may be fully rolled out. Of course, gray seems to be difficult to pull down the altar, which takes a long process.

Color bathroom

With the “grey gray” fashion in the design field, more sunny and bright colors will rise. There is no doubt that color sanitary ware is the mainstay of some brands, but it is expected that more companies will launch similar products next year. Some designers believe that the blue and green that are currently popular in the kitchen will enter the bathroom next year, bringing a variety of emotions to this space. In addition, this year, companies have launched pink overall space, I believe that the next two years will be more popular.

Hydroit mill

In the bathroom, tiles are everywhere, but next year there will be a product called terrazzo. This is a product obtained by mixing aggregates such as gravel, glass, and quartz stone into a cement binder, and then grinding and polishing. It has a variety of shapes, surface patterns, reliefs, etc., can be applied to the wall or the ground, with mosaics seem to complement each other.

Industrial wind

Many sanitary ware companies have introduced industrial wind products this year, but it may not be recognized until next year. In addition to the common bathroom cabinets, industrial elements can be embodied in faucets, lamps, wash basins, toilets, etc., with unmodified cement walls and red brick walls, the effect will be more outstanding. Although the industrial wind will not become the mainstream, as a subdivision of the design trend, next year will form a small climax.

Separate bathtub

The independent bathtub has been very popular in the international design industry in recent years. More and more of these products have won awards at several design awards, which expands the bathtub design. Boundaries allow them to show greater diversity, such as having more colors and shapes. But in general, the 2019 stand-alone bathtub will be more popular, and once you enjoy it, there is no reason to ignore it.

Vintage Brass

From 2019 to 2020, the retro-bathroom with brass as the main tone will return to the mainstream with the memory of his grandfather. Sprinkle, can also be applied to the position of pendants, frames, shower handles, etc., with the modern style of space design, has become the finishing touch in the bathroom. (Source: kitchen and bathroom headlines)

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How to choose villa curtains? okorder

How to choose villa curtains:

  1, choice of curtain color

   Overall, the color of the curtains should match the color of the interior walls, floors and furnishings to create a unified and harmonious environment. Can be the same color, complementary colors, adjacent colors. In addition to this, the use and season of the room should be considered. For example, the living room, the elderly, the newlyweds’ room, the requirements for these rooms are different. In terms of seasons, what colors should be used in spring, autumn, summer and winter are all designers need to consider.

  2, the choice of curtain fabric texture

   villa decoration When choosing the texture of the curtain, the function of the room should be considered first, followed by the season factor. Curtain fabrics of different textures will produce different decorative effects. Velvet, satin, jacquard, and lace decorations will give you a sense of grandeur and grandeur. Gingham, corduroy, and earthen cloth can create a comfortable and comfortable style. It is best not to be too smooth and shiny for curtain fabrics, because such fabrics are easy to reflect light, irritate the eyes, and give people a cold feeling.

  Villa Curtain Design:

  1,Villa Living Room Curtain

  Empty Living Room with Floor-to-ceiling Window Basically occupy the hearts of all the villa owners: gray-white modern minimalist empty living room looks a bit plain, dark gray curtains when blinking, the sun slips into the living room to play and play; Jane European living room always carries a hint of natural luxury, and The light blue curtain combination shows a small, fresh childishness.

  2, villa bedroom curtains

   enchanting purple curtains, graceful and luxurious neoclassical bedroom, morning light is also fascinating for you, slightly A smile and a smile.

  3,Villa children’s room curtains

  Children’s room curtains are matched as softly as possible and kept in sync with the color tone of the room, with small color difference It can help the sleep, and can also protect the baby’s fragile eyes. The child’s eyes are the most beautiful desert oasis.

  How to choose the shape and color of the curtain flower:

   The so-called “flower color” is the shape and color of the curtain flower, it will be selected The most important step in the purchase of curtains is also the key to the curtain decoration effect. Among the many home decoration design styles, the design concept of curtains is quite different from the artistic conception. Different curtain colors will show different curtain themes. Next, we will walk into the ever-changing curtains and walk into the color and shape of the curtain flowers.

   In the modern home decoration, the shape of the curtain flower is mostly assisted by the main color of the plant and flower. After determining the shape of the curtain, the theme of the curtain is The color is matched, of course, the color of the curtains is a lot of colors. Red, white, green, blue, yellow, etc. are the colors that designers often use, and among them, white and yellow are widely used.

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How many degrees of high temperature can quartz stone plates withstand? okorder

Quartz stone has developed rapidly in China for decades. Nowadays, the use of quartz stone in home decoration is getting higher and higher, especially the use of cabinet countertops is the most common in home decoration. The problems that have followed the leaks have become more and more obvious. For example, bursting and partial discoloration have become the biggest problems that plague quartz stone manufacturers and industry professionals.
Now the most used building stone is quartz stone. The quartz stone is made of 93% quartz crystal and 7% resin and other binders. After vacuum high pressure and high vibration molding, it belongs to artificial stone plate. Also known as synthetic stone. Quartz stone has a smooth surface, dense and non-porous, and rich in color, which is comparable to natural stone. At the same time, it has certain advantages such as toughness, non-volatile gas, non-toxic and non-radiative, and large-area use without chromatic aberration.

Quartz stone can be described as the perfect combination of natural beauty and high technology. The sheet is die-casted by pressure of more than 50 tons. The hardness is not less than 6 grades of Mohs hardness and the density is 2.6g/cm3. Quartz stone has a water absorption rate of only 0.02% and is resistant to penetration. The plate is cured at a high temperature of 150 degrees, so it has a high temperature resistance function, and the quartz stone plate can withstand a high temperature of 300 degrees.

Speaking of quartz stone plate can withstand high temperature of 300 degrees, many people will have their own views, the relevant documents produced by quartz stone manufacturers to customers show that quartz stone can withstand 300 degrees of high temperature. However, in use, the plates are often cracked after contact with high-temperature objects. Due to the high hardness of the quartz stone plates, it is difficult to repair after bursting, so everyone has doubts about the high temperature resistance of quartz stone.

How much temperature can quartz stone plate withstand? I still say more than 300 degrees, because the quartz stone plate is heated to 300 degrees as a whole without any change. Many people will ask why in life, contact with a hot pot will cause a burst! Quartz stone is a brittle polymer material with certain thermal expansion and contraction characteristics. When the plate is partially heated, it cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction and will burst.
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Lazy people consumption data, find out okorder

The ability to liberate both hands and bring convenience is favored by young consumers. On December 10, Taobao released “Lazy Consumer Data” (hereinafter referred to as “data”). In 2018, Chinese people spent 16 billion lazy, an increase of 70% compared with last year. Among them, 95 lazy demand grew fastest, with an increase of 82%. .

Consumers of different ages have different needs for labor-saving goods. The data shows that the consumption of Taobao lazy household products has increased by 28% compared with last year. Consumers are mainly after 95, mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and Fujian. After the 70s, consumers tend to buy lazy mops, lazy shoelaces and lazy shoes to avoid bending. This type of consumption is mainly concentrated in Beijing and Anhui.

At the same time, smart devices that save manpower are also increasing rapidly. Lazy artifacts such as automatic washing machine, mopping robot, electric mop, etc. are constantly emerging, and high-tech electronic products capable of solving household problems have a market scale of tens of millions. Data show that in 2018, smart electronic devices grew by more than 30% annually. Smart sweepers increased by 50% year-on-year. Automatic window cleaners increased by 150%. The consumption of kitchen appliances related to diet increased by 81%, and the consumption of lazy food such as hot pot and lazy barbecue increased by 150%.

According to the level of consumption of Taobao lazy people, a “lazy consumption heat map” was formed. The lazy people consume more people in the coastal areas. Except for Hubei, Henan, and Sichuan, the Central Plains has not entered the top ten regions where lazy people consume the most. In addition, the northeast and northwest are areas where lazy people consume relatively low. In addition, the per capita consumption of lazy products in Guangdong ranks first in the country. From the perspective of subdivided age groups, Guangdong’s post-80s and Guangdong’s 90s are the top two in the lazy consumption list.
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Ma Shi, this stone is very special, innate protection is very important okorder

Ma Shi is a kind of granite. It belongs to acidic igneous rock. It has hard texture and weather resistance. The surface of the stone is pockmarked, with black and white spots, red and black spots, etc. Ma Ma is a kind of granite with a dense density and a hard texture. , often used as architectural decoration, sculpture sculpture. Due to the rough surface of the stone, it is easy to absorb and accumulate dirt. Therefore, it is very important to carry out innate protection treatment on the stone.
  Maststone renovation method:

  1, before the paving, comprehensive protection of the stone;

 &emsp 2, after paving, use the gauze curing agent to use the closed, smear method for care;

  3, after a long time of use, the surface of the gushstone has lost its original color, can be used for renovation The way to the overall renovation of the stone. The refurbished gem is again cured according to the maintenance standards, thereby improving the wear resistance, stain resistance and enjoyability of the stone.

  Special offer:

  1, general indoor stone, clean and decontamination, and then choose protective agent or sealant for curing; Br />
  2, outdoor masonry, the requirements for protection is very high. First clean or renovate the surface;

  3, select and use silane-based protective agent for impregnation protection. It can play a protective role.
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Full carpet features okorder

The characteristics of full carpets

1. First, handmade carpets: but the fibers of handmade carpets are made of natural fibers, which are characterized by elasticity and breathability, but such The carpet pattern has strong stereoscopic performance and belongs to the high-grade carpet. It is more suitable for laying in the living room, high-end rooms and some reception areas.

2. Then, the family velvet carpet: the most striking part of the family velvet carpet is the strong performance of the pattern, it is modern and colorful. However, the piles are richer and more velvety, and the variety is rich. There are more opportunities for consumers to choose, and the carpet pattern is more suitable for embossing. It is more vivid and generally suitable for offices, hotels and other places.

3. There is also Wilton carpet, which uses semi-combed spinning, and a large area of ​​high-density weaving, the face looks very rich, but It is relatively flat, and the warp and weft are relatively clear and full, so it has the functions of sound insulation, warmth and comfort. There are also many suitable venues, such as hotels and exhibition venues.

4. Finally, Axminster carpet: its surface fiber looks more natural, rough, its pattern is rich and colorful, and the preparation process is special, so the stability of the carpet can Better, it is a good choice for public areas.

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Stone price law okorder

Will the stone price increase?
Recently heard a variety of winds, it is said that the stone has to skyrocket, it is said that the stone has to fall, and some say that the stone has not changed, what is it?

Argument 1: Labor costs increase

The price rises and the actual cost of living increases. For example, last year an ordinary stone hand processing master’s daily salary was 230-240 yuan / day, and this year has generally risen to 260-280 yuan or even 300 yuan / day.

Discussion 2: Raw material price increase

The price from basic configuration to outer packaging is rising; including freight rates are expected to rise by about 33.6%, starting from November 2016, each The letter of the big stone producers on the price increase, such as snow flakes to all major channels, dealers.

Argument 3: Freight increases so much

Because the vehicle is limited to 4 meters, the previous transportation vehicles cannot be transported by container. Originally, the whole vehicle can be sent directly. Now it is divided into several Cars increase the cost of shipping.

Discussion 4: Environmental protection is dead

The frenzy of environmental remediation sweeps across the country, the stone industry is baptized, and the tide of closure and closure is constant. At the end of December last year, China’s first one-line tax law to promote ecological civilization construction, the Environmental Protection Tax Law, was voted on and was officially levied on January 1, 2018. Deeper the warning of price increases.

After reading this, do you know a little about the market? Let’s follow the more practical price rules!

The cost of stone material composition

In accordance with the usual practice of stone, the thickness is usually 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, and the three cases are used as examples to illustrate the calculation of material prices. Process:

Analysis of the reasons for the price increase of stone

➤ (1) The stone block material should be cut and processed into a usable shape and thickness, according to 18mm, When the sawn timber is 8mm, the material per cubic meter can be produced by 1000÷ (18+8)=38.46 square meters.

➤ (2) The price of the block is usually 6,000 yuan/m3, and the cutting cost of 80 yuan/m2 is considered. The cost price is 6000÷38.46=156 yuan/m2. After adding the cutting fee, it is 156+80=236 yuan/m2.

➤ (3) Due to the different sizes of stone plates, there is a problem of cutting utilization. Generally, 90% is taken. Considering the influence of cutting loss, the cost price should be 236÷90. %=262元/m2.

➤ (4) Stone manufacturers generally have to consider profits ranging from 15% to 30%. If calculated at 15%, the manufacturer’s quotation should be 262÷85. %=308 yuan.

➤ (5) stone freight 18mm stone 8 ~ 10 yuan / m2, 25mm stone 14 ~ 16 yuan / m2, 30mm stone 18 ~ 23 yuan / m2, are considered a loading and unloading, high and low The choice of cost mainly depends on the location of the project location away from the processing location.

Example 1: The price of 25mm stone is: 1000÷(25+8)=30.30m2; 6000÷30.30=198元/m2;198+80=278元/m2;278 ÷90%=309 yuan/m2; 309÷85%=363 yuan/m2, consider 363+14=377 yuan/m2 after shipping.

Example 2: The price of 30mm stone is: 1000÷(30+8)=26.31m2; 6000÷26.31=228元/m2;228+80=308元/m2;308÷90%= 342 yuan / m2; 342 ÷ 85% = 402 yuan / m2, consider shipping costs 402 + 18 = 420 yuan / m2.

So are you looking at it more clearly? In fact, what I am talking about is also the proportion. The specifics are still based on the actual materials. However, with this, you can calculate my approximate cost. what? Still not? Then let’s look down~

Price law

We will introduce the price law of marble and granite separately! (If there is no correction to the message below)

Marble price law

Egyptian beige unit is about 220-350 yuan/m2
Deep, light coffee The net is more expensive than Egyptian beige 100 yuan / m2 (330-450 yuan / m2);
black gold flower than deep, light coffee net expensive 70 yuan / m2 (400-520 yuan / m2);
Jazz white More than black gold flower 50 yuan / m2 (450-570 yuan / m2);
century beige than black gold flower expensive 80 yuan / m2 (530-650 yuan / m2);
Spanish beige is more expensive than the century beige 230 yuan / m2 (650-850 yuan / m2)
analysis of the reasons for stone price increase

granite price law

sesame white and sesame black, the price is basically the same , about 80-130 yuan / m2
sesame ash than sesame white expensive 20 yuan / m2 (120-140 yuan / m2);
yellow rust stone than sesame ash expensive 10 yuan / m2 (130- 150 yuan / m2);
China black than sesame gray expensive 30 yuan / m2 (140-165 yuan / m2);
Mongolian black than China black expensive 20 yuan / m2 (160-180 yuan / m2 );
China Red is 20 yuan/m2 (170-190 yuan/m2) than Mongolian black;
Fengzhen Black is 30 yuan/m2 than China Red(190-210 yuan / m2);
India Red Bifeng Town black expensive 60 yuan / m2 (230-280 yuan / m2);
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Knowledge about the whole cabinet, super practical, decisive collection! okorder

With the development of society, cabinets are becoming more and more popular, but for cabinets, many people may still have doubts. How should the cabinets be installed, how should the cabinets be purchased, etc., people who want to buy cabinets will ask, let’s share 30 pieces of knowledge about the whole cabinet, it is very practical!

1, the whole cabinet can not be too cheap, the amount of plates used in the whole cabinet is considerable, and generally the kitchen space and the hot and humid environment are used, and the release is increased. The possibility of formaldehyde, so environmental protection is still very important.

2, the most durable door panel is pet, the short life is blister, the most expensive is solid wood, the cheapest is double-faced.

3, the silver is rare and rarely go to the kitchen, and the effect of the fancy, choose plastic, you can make a variety of solid wood to make the shape.

4, less silver and often go to the kitchen, choose pet or double finish, durable and practical.

5, the overall cabinet door sealing edge is best to use ABS, more durable.

6, the overall cabinet top cabinet is not very useful, can not be placed too heavy, but also inconvenient to take, far less than a 40-door cabinet to the top.

7. It is not necessary to use glass to make the door. There are no enamel crafts in the whole cabinet. They are all oily, salty and vinegar-like debris. It is difficult to see when exposed. If it is necessary, It is best to choose flowers or scrubs.

8, the cabinet plate can not be repeatedly nailed up and down, so use a little hardware at the beginning.

9, the overall cabinet door handle should be considered wet hand or oil hand use, so it is best to choose a larger handle.

10. Chinese food needs to be placed much more than Western food. Don’t forget to leave space for rice, noodles, oil and miscellaneous grains.

11. If you put the disinfection cabinet and the oven into the whole cabinet, the cabinet walls around these appliances should be affixed with aluminum foil paper, or even the four walls will be baked together, reducing the overall Cabinet life.

12. It is very practical to put a small wattage operation wall lamp on the console.

13. Two kinds of baskets are the most practical, one is to put the bowl, the other is to put the pot.

14, the basket is best not to be attached to the door panel, the door panel is easy to deform for a long time, and the other door panels are not in a plane.

15, drawers are very practical, but not as much as possible (price is too expensive), in fact, most of the drawers are not placed properly, it is recommended to consider the small partition in the drawer.

16, the sink must have a basket to prevent the water from entering and easy to clean.

17, the sink must be made to make a S-bend, otherwise it will return.

18. If the family has a large population, the large single trough will be more convenient and suitable for life.

19. If the kitchen has no floor drain, the washing machine should not be placed in the kitchen.

20. When renovating hydropower, you must think about the overall cabinet layout and electrical requirements. Be sure to leave enough sockets. It is best to leave the sockets on the front and rear walls. The waterproof box is not necessary.

21, do not put paintings in the kitchen, ceramics, fake flowers, what kind of flashy, you can consider planting a little potted plants, foreign countries like to plant some herbs in the kitchen, mint, what can be used at any time In the dish.

22, if you need to use the kitchen often, you must understand this point in advance, the kitchen function is still used, it will definitely contradict the beauty, you have to choose, unless the kitchen is used to see .

23, the gas must not be killed, must leave a place for inspection and maintenance.

24, in addition to the total valve, for gas stoves, gas water heaters, etc., it is best to set a separate valve, problems are easy to close.

25, the hose must be replaced after two years.

26. If most of the gas pipelines are packed into the whole cabinet, it is best to leave a gas alarm socket. Consider using the alarm in the future or now.

27, the kitchen gets a hanging rod, hang some common guys, it will be very convenient to use.

28, the kitchen bricks and high light are still relatively good to clean, but do not choose pocked or matte.

29, unless the kitchen is very small, in general, you can try the color outside the white, preferably with warm colors, you can consider the two colors, have a home feel without losing the restaurant feel.

30, kitchen floor tiles must be non-slip, it is best to put a floor mat in the operation area. The kitchen window sill can be made as wide as possible, and can put a lot of things, which is more practical.
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Home businesses should re-understand the value of e-commerce okorder

In the end, which companies can achieve better development through e-commerce, and entrepreneurs who want to do better, how to re-understand e-commerce value. Let us first look at a few interesting phenomena:

  2018 double eleven, the top two sales of home brands are – Red Star Macalline and Real Home, the sales amount is 15 billion yuan And 12 billion yuan
& emsp; & emsp; – (doubt) Red Star Macalline and actually home is not offline shopping malls?
   Qumei Home used to be the largest direct store in China – Beijing North Fifth Ring Store, now called “Jingdong Home”;
  -(doubt) Jingdong What is the name of the house that can bring to Qumei?
  Tmall double eleven night, the total title is a home brand – Gujia home, really the long face of the home industry;
& emsp; & emsp; – (doubt) so big hand ” “Save money”, what does Gu Jia rely on to win back profits?
  Lin’s Wood Industry claims to be the champion of Tmall furniture sales for 6 consecutive years;
  ——(doubt) Why haven’t only one furniture e-commerce brand in Lin’s wood industry have formed over the years? Scale?
  44 home furnishing brands claim that double eleven sales exceed 100 million;
  -(doubt) such concentrated orders, how should the enterprise’s manufacturing system respond?
  Starting on October 23, 2018, the IKEA online store is online, covering 149 major cities in China;
  ——(doubt) IKEA’s “closed loop” orientation, Will it be the unicorn of China’s home electronics business?
  In-depth analysis: Using 7 keywords to understand the “e-commerce portal” of Chinese home furnishing brands
   This is an article that causes everyone to think, when we all have I am used to the form of “e-commerce”. Have you ever understood what is called “e-commerce entrance”? When we talked about the sales performance of some home brands’ e-commerce, have you thought about what new changes will happen in the future? The core of
  1, traffic entry
  e-commerce portal refers to consumers who purchase furniture in the future will get used to purchasing products from e-commerce platform, which becomes The “first interface” for home consumption, which is what we call “entry”.
  2, brand shortcut
   in the mainstream household product system, e-commerce has It is an indispensable part of the company to achieve all-round marketing, and it is also the best way for enterprises to build their brand and dissemination platform. This is why a large number of enterprises claim to be the double eleven sales champions – at least the single category sales champion, the core The purpose is to create a brand of height.
  3, O2O
   online sales + offline experience will become a norm, companies want to get better sales, they must Achieve a closer integration between online and offline, including front-end brand communication and display, as well as control of on-site experience and online information synchronization in the sales process, but also need to pay attention to the symmetry of using online tools to achieve information in the after-sales link. To make consumers more Rest assured.
  4, industry concentration
  Internet and e-commerce will accelerate the increase in the concentration of brand in the home industry, only with e-commerce operation capabilities, able to form online and offline Only by operating an interactive enterprise can form an effective scale-based operation, which will have a huge impact on the industry concentration of the home industry.
  5, transformation service provider
   The e-commerce model is not only its own concentration, it will also accelerate the transformation of traditional channel dealers to channel service providers. When consumers do not need to “learn the purchase” or storefront to understand and familiarize with the brand, they just go online. Under the store to experience, the value of traditional dealers will be greatly transformed.
  6, modular design
   except for a part of highly personalized products, in the routine In the field of household products, e-commerce will deeply influence the standardization and modularization of products, because only standardized and modular products can form high-efficiency, low-cost mass production and sales. In recent years, so-called “custom homes” The popularity of this is precisely the matching of such attributes and characteristics, so that the scale of these enterprises can be rapidly increased and enlarged.
  7, efficiency priority
   e-commerce to production The impact of manufacturing is concentrated in efficiency. The e-commerce model will force furniture companies to think more about efficiency. Based on today’s Internet, consumers are hard to accept the waiting period of 30 days to 60 days in traditional furniture stores. And the inventory management does not meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of consumers. Therefore, based on standardization and modular design, the product system that can realize 3-7 days of order production delivery is the most popular mode in the e-commerce market. .
   There is no doubt that e-commerce has really changed the market for home-based products and services, and with the full competition of China’s modern home market for more than 30 years, some companies have found excellent Methods and paths, not only are the “tools” of e-commerce well-used, but they are well integrated with them – including capitalIn combination with the brand, we have reason to believe that the future of China’s home furnishing industry will change further, and the “e-commerce portal” will have its richer meaning.
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