During the 2017-2018 floor sampling test, a total of 33 batches of floor exposed formaldehyde exceeded the standard, accounting for nearly 30% of the unqualified batches. okorder

In recent years, wooden floors with comfortable feet and decorative features have become the choice of more and more people. However, after running the building materials market several times, it will be “smooth and fascinating” in many types of flooring and brands: Which floor is more suitable for so many floors? What are the main aspects of choosing a floor? What are the quality problems that are likely to occur with different types of floors?
In October 2018, “Consumer Report” compiled and analyzed the results of floor inspections of government agencies such as quality inspection and industry and commerce in the country from 2017 to 2018. Floor types include solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (reinforced flooring) and bamboo flooring. The sampling results showed that a total of 114 batches of the floor were unqualified, and the main unqualified items included static bending strength, surface wear resistance, and formaldehyde emission. It is worth noting that a total of 33 batches of floor surface formaldehyde emission exceeded the standard, accounting for nearly 30% of unqualified batches, including famous brands such as Shengxiang and Ou Pai.

A wide variety of wooden floors

A wide variety of wooden floors, generally solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (reinforced flooring), bamboo flooring , cork flooring, etc. The so-called solid wood flooring is the floor directly processed with solid wood; while the solid wood composite flooring is made of solid wood imposition or veneer (including remanufactured decorative veneer) as the panel, with solid wood panels, veneers or plywood as the core layer or The bottom layer, which is laminated by different combinations, generally has two, three or more layers of solid wood composite flooring.

▲Solid wood flooring

In the building materials market, laminate flooring is also very common. Laminate flooring is also called impregnated paper laminated wood flooring. As the name suggests, this is a surface of a substrate that is impregnated with one or more layers of special paper, and is coated on a substrate such as particleboard or high-density fiberboard. Layer, front plus wear layer, hot pressed, molded floor. Laminate flooring probably grows like this:

▲Reinforced wood flooring

In recent years, with the increase in spending power, it is known as the “pyramid tip” of cork flooring in the floor. It has also become popular. The cork floor is made of a bark of cork oak, which is mainly grown on the Mediterranean coast, and is crushed and pressed. The style can refer to the cork board that we usually insert the sticky note paper, or the cork in the red wine bottle. The touch is more flexible, moisture-proof and soundproof, and the price is relatively expensive. Relatively speaking, the bamboo flooring is much better understood, that is, the floor pressed with bamboo and wood composite. Among the many types of flooring mentioned above, laminate flooring is very popular because of its affordable price and the texture of wooden flooring. Solid wood composite flooring is also the mainstream choice in the market because of its durability, resistance to deformation and crack resistance. The more mainstream is solid wood flooring, although the price is more expensive, but natural, environmentally friendly, comfortable, there are many fans. .

“Consumer Report” suggests that consumers can reasonably choose flooring products according to their own environment and economic situation.

41nd batch of wood flooring, etc. The static bending strength is unqualified

Wood-made wood-based panels may bend or even break after being subjected to a certain pressure, and it is under stress. The pressure strength that can be withstood after the break, the so-called static bending strength. Static bending strength is an important technical indicator to measure the bearing capacity of laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring. However, the standard requirements of the two are slightly different. “GBT18102-2007 impregnated paper laminated wood floor”, that is, the static bending strength of the strengthened floor is ≥35.0MPa, and the “GBT18103-2013 solid wood composite floor” requires static bending strength ≥30MPa. . That is to say, the static bending strength of the reinforced floor is higher and the squeezing resistance is relatively stronger. In the 114 batches of unqualified flooring finished in this publication, the static bending strength failed to reach 41 batches, which is the unqualified item involving the largest batch. Well-known brands including David (production date/lot number: 10081604) and icon (production date/lot number: 2016/10/6, 2017/3/12) are on the list. If the static bending strength is not up to standard, the structure may be loose, deformed, etc. during use, which may affect the service life. When consumers choose the floor, they can ask the merchant for the sample test report, understand the static bending strength of the product in the report, and try to choose the floor with high static strength value.

The total surface of 36 batches of floor coverings such as Quanle and Baisenyuan is not qualified.

The paved floor is neat and beautiful, but it will take a long time to be used. It is prone to wear marks and scratches, which depends on the wear resistance of the surface of the floor. Taking the laminate flooring as an example, a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer is added to the surface layer to ensure that the floor can resist a certain degree of scoring, cigarette burning, furniture friction and other daily wear and tear. Therefore, the surface wear resistance of the floor is qualified, which affects its service life and appearance. The surface wear resistance of the floor can be judged by its wear resistance. For example, take a laminate floor and polish it on the turntable covered with sandpaper. After every 500 rpm, the sandpaper is replaced until the number of revolutions of the floor is a certain amount of wear. “GBT18102-2007 impregnated paper laminated wood floor” has different regulations on the surface wear resistance of different grades of floor. For example, when the number of revolutions of local board is ≥9000 rpm, it is commercial grade floor; while the standard of household grade I is ≥ 6000 rpm; household class II is ≥ 4000 rpm. Of the 114 batches of unqualified flooring finished in this publication, as many as 36 batches of flooring have problems with surface wear resistance, and these unqualified products are laminate flooring, such as Quanle (production date/batch number: 2016/ 12/23), Boss (production date/batch number: 2016/4/27), Baisen source (production date/batch number: 2017/3/15), etc.

European and other 33 batches of products exceed the standard

In the decoration process, the problem of formaldehyde has always been one of the most worrying things for the owners. And the wooden floor is justIt is also an important source of formaldehyde release. Compared with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and parquet are more prone to excessive formaldehyde. This is because both floors use a “layered bonding” structure, which uses a large amount of adhesives, such as urea-formaldehyde glue, phenolic glue, etc., which contain a large amount of free formaldehyde. Slow and sustained release indoors affects human health. The sampling data of the Industrial and Commercial and Quality Supervision Bureaus across the country from 2017 to 2018 also verified this point. The laminate flooring is the most important floor category for formaldehyde emission. Among the 33 batches of floorboards with unqualified formaldehyde emission, 32 batches were impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, that is, laminate flooring; another batch of unqualified products was solid wood composite flooring. Among the brands on the list, there are many well-known brands such as David (production date/batch number: 2912160701) and Europa (production date/batch number: 2015/2/3).

When consumers purchase laminate flooring or parquet, they can pay more attention to the formaldehyde emission level of the product. At present, China’s “GBT18102-2007 impregnated paper laminated wood floor” will be divided into E1 grade and E0 grade. The E1 level requires formaldehyde emission of ≤1.5mg/L, which is basically no threat to the human body; while the E0 environmental protection standard requires floor formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg/L. If you are concerned about formaldehyde, consumers can try to buy E0 floor products and keep indoor ventilation during use.

Shopping floor tips

When purchasing, you can ask the merchant to provide third-party test report of the product, understand the surface wear resistance, formaldehyde release level, static bending strength, Physical and chemical performance indicators of various aspects such as immersion peeling and water absorption thickness expansion ratio. Pay attention to whether the appearance of the wooden floor is uniform in color, clear in pattern, cracked, smudged and damaged. The product should be tight and tight without pungent smell. Pay attention to the processing accuracy of the floor. It is advisable to try 5~10 floors to see the size of the gap and the height difference, and whether the floor is smooth and smooth, and whether the groove is tight. For example, if the side and end splicing points are smaller from the seam, the hand touch is not high or low, and the processing precision is excellent. It is excellent within 0.10mm, otherwise there is a defect in accuracy.
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Tile sanitary ware industry welcomes more development space okorder

  With the promulgation of the property market regulation policy, the domestic urbanization process has been accelerating, the urban economy has developed rapidly, the housing has been delivered in batches, and the living standards and consumption power of urban residents have also increased rapidly. It is expected that the domestic ceramic tile sanitary ware market will usher in a golden period of development, which not only brings new development opportunities to the channels of Shanghai building materials industry, but also contributes to the transformation and upgrading of the tile sanitary ware industry, bringing more development space to the ceramic tile ware industry. .
   China’s ceramic tile sanitary ware industry is developing rapidly, its strength is growing, and the tile market pattern has begun to take shape. China’s sanitary ware industry market demand and investment consulting report shows that after more than 20 years of development, China has become the world’s leading producer of sanitary ware products and has formed a number of influential ethnic ceramic tile brands.

   At the same time, the manufacturing bases of tile enterprises in developed countries have shifted to China, which has promoted the overall technical level and management level of China’s ceramic tile industry and Shanghai building materials industry, and has improved consumption to a certain extent. The cultivation of the people has effectively paved the way and promoted the rapid development and growth of the entire industry. The globalized and professional division of labor cooperation system provides a good market opportunity for Chinese ceramic tile sanitary ware, which is beneficial to the development and competition of Chinese ceramic tile sanitary ware at a higher level.

  The sanitary ware industry market research analysis expects that the global sanitary ware market will grow by nearly six percentage points from 2015 to 2018, and the countries with the strongest growth in the next few years will be surrounded. Among Bolivia (16.8%), Bangladesh (16.4%), Jordan (14.6%), Vietnam (8.6%) and China (8.1%), these countries are considered to be the most likely to show significant market growth in the next few years. The country has a very promising future.

   China’s ceramic tile market has a lot of room for development in the global competitive market, including the Shanghai building materials industry, including innovation, technology and other aspects. The constant running-in and development ahead.
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Faucet repair, you can also okorder

1. Change the axis of the faucet

Knowing yourself and knowing each other can be a battle, and the faucet is the same. If you want to leak the faucet to repair it, you need to understand the reason why the faucet leaks. If the shaft pad in the faucet is worn out, then use the pliers to loosen the gland bolt, then take out the shaft gasket and replace it with a new one. Just fine!

2, the water stop tape is damaged

Tighten the faucet and then use a wrench to remove the faucet counterclockwise, then use the threaded hole with the windprint tape Clockwise on the six-fold look, after you have made it, re-tighten the faucet, then open the switch and try to see if there is water leakage.

3, the faucet takes over the joint at the junction

The cover nut of the faucet is sent off, and then re-tightened or can be directly replaced with a new u-type gasket.
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Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearings, find out okorder

Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearing (JDB for short) is a novel lubricated bearing that combines the characteristics of metal bearing and the characteristics of self-lubricating bearing. The metal matrix bears the load, and the specially formulated solid lubricating material acts as a lubrication. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and strong self-lubricating ability. It is suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging, etc., which is difficult to lubricate and form oil film. It is not afraid of water and other acid etching. Scour.
Users generally reflect that solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings are not only fuel-efficient, energy-saving, but also have a longer working life than ordinary sliding bearings. At present, the products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines. As self-lubricating bearings are becoming more familiar, more and more people are choosing to use self-lubricating bearings. But do you know the details of self-lubricating bearings that need to be paid attention to during installation? The following is a detailed introduction to the installation process and precautions for self-lubricating bearings:

The installation of self-lubricating bearings must be Perform in dry, clean ambient conditions. Care should be taken to check the mating surfaces of the shaft and the housing, the end faces of the shoulders, the grooves and the joining surface before installation. All mating joint surfaces must be carefully cleaned and burred removed, and the unmachined surface of the casting must be cleaned of sand.

Oil-free bearings should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene before installation, and used after drying, and ensure good lubrication. Oil-free bearings are generally grease-lubricated or oil-lubricated. When using grease lubrication, greases with superior properties such as no impurities, anti-oxidation, rust, and extreme pressure should be used. The grease filling amount is 30%-60% of the volume of the self-lubricating bearing and the oil-free bearing housing, and should not be excessive. The double-row tapered roller oil-free bearing with sealing structure and the water pump shaft of the pump shaft are filled with grease, which can be used directly by the user and can not be cleaned.

The mounting method of the bearing housing varies depending on the structure, fit and conditions of the bearing housing. Generally, since the shaft is mostly rotated, the inner ring needs an interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearing housings, press with multiple presses, or use hot charging methods. For taper holes, mount directly on the taper shaft or with a sleeve. When installed in the outer casing, the general clearance fits a lot, and the outer ring has an interference amount, which is usually pressed by a press or a cold shrink fit method after cooling. When dry ice is used as a coolant and cold shrinkage is used for installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing housing. Therefore, appropriate rust prevention measures are required.
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The scale of the door and window industry is expanding, and the market share of high-end doors and windows is still expected to increase. okorder

Benefiting from the development of the downstream real estate and construction industry, the market size of the door and window industry reached 665 billion yuan in 2017.
  The expansion of the door and window industry, the market share of high-end doors and windows is still expected to increase. According to the “2018-2023 China Door and Window Industry Market Prospect and Investment Planning Analysis Report” issued by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the market size of China’s door and window industry keep increasing. Benefiting from the development of the downstream real estate and construction industry, the market size of the door and window industry reached 665 billion yuan in 2017, with a four-year average compound growth rate of 10%. Under the background of a prosperous market, there is an increasingly fierce competition. How to build your own brand competitiveness and break through in the era of thousands of sails is the most concerned topic for all major door and window brands.

   high-end door and window market is promising in the future

   With the upgrade of consumption, middle and high-end door and window products are beginning to be favored by consumers, and the market demand is constantly Expanded, the high-end market gradually showed a prosperous scene. Some people in the industry have said frankly that “the high-end market is not only one of the means to differentiate the brand, but also to obtain higher profits, which is very beneficial for the manufacturers.” Of course, the high-end doors and windows themselves have high value, whether it is In terms of use value and performance value, we can give consumers better quality and quality products. More and more door and window companies are beginning to position themselves for high-end and branding, and consumers’ demand for doors and windows is gradually becoming higher-end. Future doors and windows should be developed in the direction of high technology, and the custom door and window industry has unlimited potential.

  Home improvement “cake” should not be underestimated

   China’s door and window industry market scale has shown a leap in growth since 2012, the market size in 2013 It has reached 458.9 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 80 billion yuan over 2012. The market growth rate of the door and window industry in the three years from 2014 to 2016 has decreased compared with the previous period. The market size has also remained between 550-600 billion yuan, but the market still maintains growth. . In 2017, the market size of the door and window industry reached 665 billion yuan, mainly benefiting from the positive development of the downstream real estate and construction industry. Personalized and customized, the “cake” of the home improvement market is getting bigger and bigger. The enterprises that once focused on the engineering doors and windows have gradually begun to transform and gradually turn to the home improvement market, and develop in depth into the home improvement field. The unlimited development prospects and profitable space of the home improvement market are attracting more and more enterprises to enter.

  branding, the road to scale is inevitable

   the market’s survival of the fittest and layer shuffling, after more than a decade The development of the small factory is growing in the direction of enterprise grouping. It must be developed and strengthened in the fierce market competition. The development of enterprise group is the only way out. Groupization is inseparable from the complete production equipment, and it is inseparable from the complete talent reserve. Therefore, large-scale investment and large-scale production are the development trend and the only way to the group. The so-called “homeopathic”, in the face of the current development trend of the door and window industry, door and window enterprises also need to understand the current situation, grasp the trend of the times, the most important thing is to be down-to-earth, starting from the actual situation of the enterprise, Develop a reasonable development plan to seek profitable space for the company and strive for long-term development.
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Real stone paint needs to be updated regularly okorder

The quality of real stone paint is high, gradually replacing ceramic tiles and dried cassia stone, and has become the preferred exterior wall decoration coating for medium and high-grade buildings. This is like a beautiful coat, deeply loved and loved by people. However, the real stone paint applied to the outer wall has been exposed to the sun and rain for many years. After a certain period of time, there will be powdering and aging. If you want to wear this outerwear for a long time, the decorative effect is better, which requires regular Update the real stone paint.
Real stone paint update time is very important

  Aging and damage can be divided into 3 grades:

  I grade aging damage degree For mild quality degradation, such as the gloss of the coating film, some chalking, fading and discoloration, has begun to be contaminated, some floating pulp and pulp skin, it is generally considered that the finishing update is too early.

   Level II aging has changed its appearance in terms of aesthetics, maintenance, and function. If the surface gloss is further reduced, the pulverization and fading phenomenon are everywhere, and the overcoat layer consumes almost the surface cracking, swelling, a small amount of flaking and exposing the aggregate, and the surface gradually begins to fall off. It can be seen in many places with the pulp, the degree of pollution increases, and the adhesion strength decreases. In general, Jiabai Li water paint thinks that it is most suitable for finishing the decoration at this time.

  Class III aging damage is caused by the quality degradation. If the coating is not immediately updated, the base layer will be directly affected. For example, the aging crack has deepened to the base layer, and there is obvious hollowing and peeling. There are many places where it can be seen, the floating pulp and the skin are visible everywhere, the main layer coating begins to be consumed, the adhesion strength is greatly reduced, and the base layer is exposed in a serious place. At this time, the finishing of the painting is necessary, and a considerable amount of the old coating film must be processed, and the engineering cost is greatly increased, which is the most uneconomical updating method.
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What happens when I “stand up” the floor? okorder

White wall and black tile, there is a strong color in the family culture of our country. With the emergence of modern architectural forms, the white exterior wall is gradually covered by red bare bricks, mosaic tiles, marble, etc., but most families of interior wall decoration will still be “white”! Do you feel that your home lacks vitality, no features, in fact, you The family is defeated on this white wall!

A, charm – the natural breath

Extending to the wall, the simplicity exudes a natural atmosphere. The soft reflection characteristics of wood give a visual harmony. More importantly, wood absorbs ultraviolet rays from sunlight and reflects infrared rays. This is one of the direct reasons why wood can produce warmth.

B, temperament – like an artist

wooden floor decorative wall, with any style, it is very artistic. Using wood as the living room wall can greatly highlight the taste of the owner’s life. There is also a little warm temperament.

C, unique – adjust the indoor temperature and humidity

Wood is still a master of temperature and humidity, can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The decorative wall of wood is conveyed to the visual senses by materials, and the different arrangement methods bring different visual enjoyment. This is a kind of relaxation and enjoyment from the body to the heart.
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Custom hardcover, what do you think? okorder

Customized hardcover into a hot spot

2018 is a huge year of change in the home furnishing industry, even referred to as an unprecedented “cold winter”, poor and thoughtful change of many home furnishing companies trying to seek new breakthroughs, in 2018 At the end of the day, custom hardcover has become one of the many breakthroughs.
“Customized hardcover is the concept of relatively uniform hardcover, the real estate company delivered to the customer’s real estate, although the same real estate, the same type of housing, but the decoration style of each household is not the same, completely personalized. Custom hardcover is through change The real estate business’s delivery model has changed the real estate business from uniform decoration to unified delivery, rather than sporadic delivery to the owners.” As a relatively earlycomer to the custom hardcover field, Shanghai Ruihe founder CEO Gao Liang believes that customization Hardcover can achieve both “batch” and “personalization”.

From selling a simple rough house to selling a complete, “delivered and staying” home, the emergence of custom hardcover comes from the background of consumer upgrades, the introduction of hardcover housing policy, but the tradition Due to the single style, the hardcover room can’t meet the needs of current consumers. “There are six problems in quality, material selection, style, function, individual needs and maintenance of the house after delivery. To solve these problems, customized hardcover is a direction. Customized hardcover can not only achieve ‘delivery is staying’, like buying Buying a house like a car can also enhance customer stickiness.” Wang Chencheng, Greenland Hong Kong Fine Decoration Division, is looking forward to the future of custom hardcover.

Face to face challenges

Customized hardcover looks beautiful, some companies have already begun to layout, but the real landing is still facing a very big challenge.

As the first person to eat crabs, China’s earliest enter the field of custom hardcover, the Guangtian Group, which has already achieved listing, and the share of custom hardcover is very limited. “Guangtian began to try out fine decoration in 2014, and now accounts for 60% of the overall business.” Ding Li, chairman of Shenzhen Guangtian Yunwanjia Technology Co., Ltd. said frankly, “We have been trying for three or four years and have been doing market education. Let developers gradually get used to and accept the consumer trend of hardcover, but even so, most of the renovations we offer are still standardized, and the personalized hardcover products are very limited.”

While doing its own custom hardcover, Hirota is constantly seeking partners. “We have developed tooling companies with tooling backgrounds to make home improvement, but their experience stores are no more than 500 square meters. At the same time, we have adopted the method of joining, let the workers in the workwear do the whole company and use local resources to help them. Customized hardcover.” Ding Li said that the tooling company that makes the custom hardcover has the advantage of the brand. The management difficulty is not very high compared to the whole equipment, but the profit is much higher than the tooling, because it is necessary to divide the profit to the real estate, sales company, joint promotion, etc. Wait.

Another one that has been explored in the field of custom hardcover is Kim Min Jong. “Jinyi started to make renovations of the house very early, but it did not enter the home improvement industry until the end of 2015.” Yang Peng, chairman of Jinhao E-Commerce Co., Ltd. believes that custom hardcover really faces great challenges and needs to be personalized. The needs, information system management, supply chain management and resource integration of all suppliers, so there is not a strong back-end is not enough to support.

New Business Opportunities or False Propositions

Although many companies are engaged in custom hardcover, customization and hardcover are two completely opposite concepts. Customization pursues individualization, and hardcover needs scale. Whether the combination of “customized hardcover” can represent the development direction of the industry, people can not help but doubt its market prospects, and some insiders pointed out that “customized hardcover” is just a false proposition.

First of all, from the customer’s point of view, custom hardcover does not achieve the desired results. On the one hand, the home functions required by the customer are constantly changing, and the things that are not needed in the early stage may be needed later in the home decoration. On the one hand, the custom hardcover can only change the surface decoration, the internal structure can not be changed; Secondly, from the policy level, the provisions of the “Urban Real Estate Management Law” on pre-sale: “Under the seven-layer to reach the main project cap; seven layers Above, the main project must be built to more than 2/3 of the total project budget investment.” Shenzhen has even begun to implement the “Completion Acceptance Record” before it can be sold, which is a challenge for customized hardcover that needs to be personalized. Third, from the perspective of the production capacity of enterprises, under the custom hardcover, the floor space, pipelines, materials, etc. of each floor are different, and the integration ability and design capability of the supply chain are also a great test. “Not all decoration companies have this powerful back-office capability.” Yang Peng said frankly that tooling is like fighting a position. Home improvement is like guerrilla warfare. When the custom hardcover really wants to land, it is a positional battle. This positional battle has more challenges than the traditional fine decoration.

Xing Yi, Hua Wei, the founder of the famous craftsman Yu Jingwei believes that 2019 is the time for the development of the art decoration industry. “The future ’95 after’ has gradually become the main force of household consumption, ‘after 95’ The pressure to buy a house, or even sell a house out for renovation, means the arrival of ‘big house decoration’. I am not very optimistic about the whole decoration, the whole thing is nothing more than providing a building materials exhibition hall, and the art decoration is after the ’95 ‘The first choice’.

The industry believes that although the custom hardcover can not be regarded as the mainstream direction of the future industry, but it is a diversified trend of the industry development, bringing more choices for the fine decoration market.
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Do you want to leave a seam? okorder

It has become an industry consensus to lay bricks and seams, but for some owners, it does not seem to be a matter of principle. Do you want to leave a seam? After reading the following 10 points, I decided.

From the effect of paving, the seam can effectively avoid the problem of hollowing out.

The tile in the objective environment will expand and contract due to the obvious change of temperature and humidity. The phenomenon, if the brick joint is too small, the stress between the adjacent tiles may be squeezed, resulting in an empty drum.

The seam can reduce the angle of the arching angle, etc.
In addition to the thermal expansion and contraction, the cement mortar will also have a force during the drying process, if the tile is Insufficient gaps, the force exceeds the limit, and the adjacent tiles will squeeze each other and arch and warp.

Retaining seams can reduce the impact of manual errors

Paving bricks is a technical activity, because manual operations are not completely accurate, so proper seams can provide workers with adjustment space. The tiler can reduce the subsequent impact by adjusting the width of the brick to ensure visual effect. If there are no seams, the final flatness and seams are prone to irregularities.

Appropriate seams can enhance the aesthetics

In fact, the tile seams are more in line with the aesthetic level of the average person, and can enhance the layering and three-dimensional effect of the paving effect. In particular, some antique bricks, exterior wall tiles, cultural bricks, etc. that pursue special effects need to be widened. In the case of caulking materials, the sizing agent is rich in color and has better physical properties. In the past, tile caulking materials were generally white cement mixed caulking agents, which were single in color and easy to be dirty. As the caulking material continues to improve, the color of the brick seam is more varied, which basically meets the color matching needs of the tile. Secondly, the physical properties of the caulking agent, the beautiful sewing agent, the beautiful sewing glue and the like are also greatly improved, and it is not easy to have problems such as being dirty, yellow, and mildew.

Small seams are more likely to be dirty. It is difficult to clean.

The choice of fine seams, the gaps will also be dirty, and it is more difficult to clean. On the contrary, the fillers are usually used after the tiles are laid in the normal seams. There is also a special agent cleaning agent on the market, so daily cleaning and maintenance is not difficult.

In terms of seamless concept, seamless bricks are not really “seamless”

“Seamless bricks” are finished in the production process. The corners are more uniform, but from the physical properties of the tiles themselves, the paving and application process will still be affected by the cement tension and thermal expansion and contraction, so it is still necessary to leave a slit.

Seamless bricks have higher requirements for construction

The technical requirements for fine seaming are higher, and the control of cross stitching and misalignment is more strict. When the whole brick cannot be used due to the area problem or the yin and yang angle during the construction, the cutting tile has high technical requirements. If the bricklayer’s experience or skill is insufficient, it is difficult to guarantee the best paving effect. Due to the uncontrollable factors in production, the values ​​of length, straight angle and straightness of each tile are not absolutely consistent. The slight error in the standard range is not awkward and does not have a significant impact on the paving effect. The appropriate seaming can further weaken the seam deflection caused by such fine errors.
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How to maintain ceramic basin? okorder

Although the basin is only a small basin in the bathroom, it has a vital role. The style and style of the basin directly affect the mood of the person. A personalized basin can bring a bright spot to the bathroom. Now in the bathroom, the ceramic basin is still the mainstream basin, let us know how to maintain the ceramic basin.

1. Avoid placing items on the basin. I have to change it.

2. Some bathrooms have a dressing table. The make-up plate on the wall above the basin cannot be used to enlarge the daily necessities. You should set up a locker to facilitate the collection of daily necessities to avoid prevention on the makeup board.

3. Usually clean: porcelain appearance soft bristles or sponge with neutral detergent cleaning, but avoid hot water rinse, so as not to crack the basin. To use the basin to hold water, you should first put cold water and then put hot water to avoid burns.

4. Regular maintenance: The water storage bay head under the basin can be easily disassembled, and the accumulated stains are taken out regularly, so that the basin is drained smoothly.

5. Regularly check whether the bathroom basin in the home is cracked. The test method is to fill the basin with water and pour it into the colored pigment for one night. If there is a crack, you can see the color clearly. stripe.

6. When cleaning the basin, try to use a sponge to clean the detergent. Do not use the melon cloth. Do not scrub with a hard brush, acid or alkali chemicals or solvents. Otherwise, it will form on the surface of the basin. Small scratches make it rough and easy to deposit dirt.

7. The conductivity of porcelain and glass is very small. If it is heated rapidly, it will rupture. When using the basin, pay attention to the temperature difference. The basin should also avoid external force collision, so as not to break the basin.

8. There is also a submerged wash basin, which needs attention when cleaning. The dead corner of the joint below the countertop and the basin is the focus of cleaning.
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