What are the materials for household carpets? okorder

The carpet is a ground covering made of natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass, etc., which are knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process. It is one of the world’s fine arts and crafts with a long history. So, what kind of material is good for household carpets? What are the types of household carpets? Below, let’s take a look.

First, what kind of material is good for home carpet

blended carpet, suede mat, chemical fiber carpet, silk carpet, chenille carpet, pure wool carpet above, You see which one you want to use? The chemical fiber carpet is used at the door, and the pure wool carpet is better in the living room.

Second type of household carpet

1, pure wool carpet

relatively expensive, the most common type of plucking and woven, Most of the decent carpets are priced at 800-2000 yuan (140*200cm as the reference standard). Its cleaning and care is very cumbersome and requires professional cleaning in the laundry. If the cleaning is careless, the service life of the carpet will be greatly shortened.

2, cotton carpet

A wide variety of, there are flat weave, line carpet (can be used on both sides), nowadays very popular chenille tufting series (have There are many kinds of fine velvet, there are also velvet), the cost is higher, the general price is between 300-800 yuan (140*200cm as the reference standard).

3, synthetic fiber carpet

The most commonly used two kinds, one use surface is mainly polypropylene, the backing is non-slip rubber, the price and pure Cotton carpets are similar, but the flower samples are more variety, not easy to fade, and can be professionally cleaned. If you save a little, you can also use the carpet cleaner to clean by hand. The feet are not as good as wool and cotton carpet. It is suitable for restaurants, bathroom areas or children’s rooms. The other is a chenille tufted cotton carpet, the form is similar, but the material is replaced by chemical fiber. The price of the aforementioned synthetic fiber carpet is much cheaper, and the visual effect is much worse, but it is easy to get static electricity. It will be very uncomfortable to step on it. It is recommended to be used as a door mat.

4, suede carpet

generally made of crushed cowhide, the color is relatively single, smoke gray or nostalgic yellow most, I have seen in the FENDI fashion furniture leather exhibition To purple and rust color, very glamorous! The general price is also above 800-1000 yuan, very fashionable, very strong texture, suitable for dry areas such as living room, studio, study, etc., because the suede carpet can not be cleaned with water, only Clean by vacuuming.

5, jute carpet

Like the suede carpet, it is a very beautiful but difficult to raise carpet, because it can not be washed, but can be scrubbed with detergent. The price is not cheap! My family used jute carpet. It is very comfortable sitting on the carpet in summer. It has the effect of tatami mat. If there is a special room and a housewife who loves clean, consider this carpet. It is very elegant. It is also very good taste of the owner!

6, rag carpet

is a cost-effective carpet, the material is simple, so the price is very cheap, the color is The same color or complementary color is the main color, it can be machine washed and can be used on both sides. However, it is not suitable for large-area applications. It can be used in formal spaces such as living rooms or restaurants, but it is a good choice for entrance, dressing room, dining room and studio.
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The window is right, it is soundproof okorder

Many owners found that after they stayed upstairs, they ran upstairs, quarreled next door, and danced downstairs in the square… all kinds of noisy voices around, mad at people all the time. I don’t pay attention to the sound insulation before the decoration. I really want to demolish the house in minutes. So, where do the noises we encounter every day come from? What is the isolation method?
The source of noise is

The room window is facing the road, and it is full of traffic during the day and night. Not only that, but also the noise brought by the residents in and out of the community, I can’t tell my own community. Some people also danced square dance, which is uncomfortable. Some girls and children are afraid of thunder and lightning, and they are not afraid of sound insulation.

Noise source 2

The family has a large population, and everyone has different life rules, which inevitably affects each other’s rest. Old people are used to going to bed early and getting up early; young people like to sleep late on weekends; small couples have their own private life. Door and window sound insulation is not done well, not only affecting family harmony, but also a lot of embarrassing conditions.

Window soundproofing should pay attention to:

1, the best way to deal with noise is to seal the window, whether you are a single-story window or a double-story window, Sealing is the main thing. In order to smoothly open and close the sliding window, there will be gaps between the track and the window sash, and these gaps cannot be closed. In contrast, the casement window can be sealed with a seal that is even better.

2. Selecting 3C certified double-layer hollow tempered safety glass is also a good way to soundproof.

3. Adding a thick key insulation curtain can also provide a certain degree of sound insulation.

Soft-packed sound insulation

After the house is renovated, it is found that the sound insulation effect is not good, and you don’t want to change the hard work again, you can use the soft clothes. Reduce noise, such as soundproof wallpaper on the wall. The main material of soundproof wallpaper is soft fiberboard. Compared with ordinary wallpaper, it has better sound absorption effect, which is more expensive than ordinary wallpaper. Doors and windows are an important part of the decoration process. It is not only a decoration, but also a guarantee of quality of life. Choosing the right soundproof windows and doors, you can have a quiet and comfortable living environment, even if you are in a busy city, you can sleep well.
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I like DIY’s own paint friends. okorder

Nowadays, many owners like DIY, and painting paint in their own home is a matter of saving money and having fun. But do you know that if the paint is not brushed, there will be many problems such as blistering, unevenness, cracks, and bottoming. In order to avoid these problems, we must pay special attention to the construction. Below, I will introduce you how to brush and some precautions.
1. Construction process:

First, clean the wall, then repair the wall, start putting putty, brush the first paint, brush the second time, and finally brush the third time .

2. Clean the wall:

Inspect the wall for peeling and loosening, clean the surface, apply it with cement mortar, and then shovel the residual ash. Then clean the entire wall.

3.Repair the wall:

Wallen plaster will be used to level the wall bumps and the gaps of the potholes. After drying, use sandpaper to grind the protrusions and dust. Sweep.

4.Scrape putty:

Scratch three times putty under normal conditions (mainly look at the level of the wall), the first time with the scraper to the full horizontal scraping, pay attention to scrape The board should be clean and neat. The second time is scraped vertically with a squeegee, and after it is dried, it is smoothed with sandpaper. The third time, the wall surface is flattened, dried and smoothed with fine sandpaper.

5. The first coat of paint

The top wall of the top plate, the gesture is to go up and down. Clean the wall and wipe off the surface dust. Mix the paint well before use, and add some water to dilute it. The purpose is to prevent the paint from being too thick to brush. After it is dry, brush the putty again, polish the sandpaper and clean it.

6. Second coat

This step is best not to add water to prevent the bottom. After the paint film is dried, the wall is rubbed off with fine sandpaper, smoothed and cleaned.

7. The third coat

Because the paint dries faster, the operation is as fast as possible. When brushing, brush from one end to the other, pay attention to avoid The joint after drying appears.

Second, the precautions of brushing your own paint

1, dark paint should try not to mix water, otherwise the color difference will be more obvious.

2. Try to work on sunny days. If the paint is applied in wet weather, it is likely to affect the overall construction quality and the paint is dry.

3, pay attention to the indoor ventilation and heat dissipation after construction, each process must be dry after the process.

4, after brushing the paint, pay attention to whether there are bubbles, if the bubbles are found to break immediately.
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How to distinguish inferior latex paint? okorder

Nowadays, latex paint is a kind of decorative material used in decoration. Therefore, there are a large number of latex paint brands, styles and types on the market, and latex paints are different in quality and harm. Then, let us introduce how the latex paint is poisonous and how to distinguish the inferior emulsion paint.
Is latex paint toxic?

Latex paint is a kind of water-based paint, but is it toxic to latex paint? You may not know much about it. Today’s latex paints use standard ingredients in the manufacturing process to make the products more secure, but some unscrupulous merchants, I have reduced costs, added organic mercury in mold inhibitors or used ethylene glycol in filming aids. Hazardous substances, these substances will bring toxic gases.

How to distinguish inferior emulsion paint

1, see

The high-quality latex paint looks oily and has good gloss.

2, smell

The high-quality latex paint smells no pungent smell.

3, wipe

The high-quality latex paint is very fine and lubricious.

4, brush

The high-quality latex paint is smooth and has a strong hiding power.


The high-quality latex paint has no sand, and the water rinse has a slippery feel.

Hazard of latex paint on the human body

Hazard a

The latex paint contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, which is colorless and odorless. The incubation period for humans is very long, and long-term absorption of formaldehyde can cause serious diseases such as asthma and cancer.

Hazard 2

The latex paint contains harmful substances such as methylene chloride and toluene, which may cause nausea, headache, fatigue and the like.

Hazard three

The latex paint contains heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium, which cause damage to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
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Why is the stone factory constantly shut down in the past two years? okorder

1. Most stone factories are unlicensed. In the past few years, in order to develop the economy, the state did not interfere with many unlicensed processing plants, and the entry threshold of the stone factory was extremely low. As long as it could be opened in more than 100,000, it caused various domestic A large number of unlicensed stone factories have emerged in the stone producing areas.
2, the planning of the stone factory is not reasonable. Since it is an unlicensed stone factory, it is naturally not necessary to plan. Most of them are built close to the roadside and close to the mine. They are also constructed at will during construction. Most of the factories have no decent factory buildings and walls, not to mention the greening and environmental protection in the plant area.
3, the stone factory has pollution problems. Although the stone factory uses electricity for production, it does not produce exhaust gas, but there are still problems such as noise, dust, and wastewater. Especially the dust pollution of stone carving factories is extremely serious.
4, the stone factory has low efficiency. In fact, from the scandals that have occurred in many places in China, pollution is not a key issue in determining the life and death of a company. The key is whether your pollution can match the economic benefits you generate. Just like some chemical plants, steel mills, coal, oil and other industries, there is pollution, but the GDP contributed is too tempting, and local governments usually close their eyes. The efficiency of the stone factory is very low, but it takes up a lot of land, and the government will naturally not be soft.

The above four points are the fundamental reasons why Xiao Bian believes that many local stone factories have been banned. Xiao Bian believes that in order to develop a stone industry in a region, it must first reach a certain scale, can contribute to the local GDP, and secondly do a good job of pollution prevention and control, and can no longer be as unrestrained as in the past. The world’s general trend will be long-term and long-term, and now it is at the stage of “combination.” From the economic development of these years, we can see that all walks of life are gradually starting to integrate resources, and small businesses will have less and no living space.
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How to choose beautiful wallpapers? okorder

How to choose the right and beautiful wallpaper?

If you want to know how to choose a wallpaper that is both cost-effective and beautiful, the following five ways to choose a wallpaper are worth learning.

One How to choose wallpaper to save money and beauty

Select wallpaper first, plan well, such as considering the size of the living room, spatial scale , the orientation of the room, etc. Only by doing a good job of macro-planning can you choose a cheap and suitable wallpaper. This macro plan can be considered from the following aspects:

1 Choose better than before, buy on demand

Planning those places before you choose to paste wallpaper, wallpaper style, color , pattern, characteristics, etc., what kind of space is used for what kind of wallpaper. Under the premise of unifying the overall style, the wallpaper selection of a space can be determined according to his function, and then the purchase plan is deliberately reduced to reduce the waste of wallpaper.

2, purchase according to the wallpaper layout area, reduce waste

The wallpaper is suitable for use in the bedroom wall or the living room’s four walls, but it is not suitable for the roof. According to the budget, choose to paste the wallpaper or the wall part of the wallpaper. If the whole floor is darker than the small area, you need to consider The whole effect.

3, Rational planning of wallpaper accessories, comprehensive savings

The accessories required for wallpapering include the base film (brushed on the wall, with anti-mildew, moisture-proof, alkali-resistant effect), rubber powder (after mixing with water, brushed on the back of the wallpaper), glue (a kind of bonding) Agent, generally brushed on both sides of the wallpaper, the role of the edge. When choosing wallpapers, you should also understand their function and quality. It is recommended to choose a brand with a complete system. The use of the system is not only effective, but also comprehensive and economical. It can prevent unfamiliar and random purchases.

2 Reasonable selection of cost-effective wallpapers from a variety of styles

There are many types of wallpapers that can be roughly divided according to their substrates. For: pure paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, foam wallpaper, non-woven paper wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, bucky wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper and special wallpapers, etc. So in the choice of wallpaper, what kind of wallpaper can be more suitable for our home decoration and save money?

4, according to their own needs and wallpaper Feature selection wallpaper

There are seven kinds of wallpapers commonly used in home decoration wallpaper: pure paper wallpaper is suitable for children’s room; PVC wallpaper is not wallpaper Limited to use; non-woven paper wallpaper suitable for living room, bedroom, wall, etc.; fabric wallpaper for wall and ceiling; cloth-based wallpaper for TV background wall, bedroom wall, study wall; special wallpaper based on paper or cloth The material is suitable for special spaces.

5. Pick wallpaper based on popularity and personal preference

Wallpaper is one of the most popular elements in home decoration. There are many kinds of wallpapers. You can choose the right material and style according to your own home decoration. After comparing the characteristics, performance, price and applicable space of various common wallpapers, we can Choose the right wallpaper for your own needs, so that you can choose and lay wallpapers with purpose.


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The color of the countertops began to entangle okorder

Whether the cooking area is well loaded will directly affect people’s mood, especially the countertop. It is the most frequently used part of the whole area. It is important to pay attention to the color matching. Generally speaking, most people will choose according to their own preferences. The color of the countertop, but the color matching of the countertop will not only affect the overall style of the kitchen, but also related to the future cleaning and maintenance, then what is the color of the kitchen countertop? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
Which kitchen countertop color is good

1, slightly textured white countertop

If you want the whole to look big and light, and there will be no simplistic feeling Xiaobian suggested that this color can be seriously considered. It is usually made of stone or artificial decorative surface material. Although it is more neutral, it is also very modern, very fresh, and the pale color gives the space a clean and The feeling of lightness and the subtle changes.

2, pure white

For many people, it is more inclined to bright, modern decorative style, so pure white is a very ideal color, and it can It is very resistant to stains and can be kept clean and white with simple maintenance. In modern space, it will feel refreshing, especially suitable for small spaces.

3, wood color countertop

If you want to make the cooking area more accessible and enjoy the feeling of country, it is recommended to use wooden countertops, which give A pure, natural feeling, as everyone knows, the white kitchen makes people comfortable, while the wooden countertops are not so simple. It is the best choice for transition kitchens, balancing traditional and modern elements.

4, black countertop

I believe that everyone often sees this tone in the ordinary life, it presents a thick Gothic feeling, because not Dirty, so very popular, no need to carefully clean and maintain, but also a very good classic black and white mode.

5, gray countertop

This is a more neutral color, and is also an excellent choice with a colorful cabinet, it can effectively combine the light and dark cabinet Together, the soft grey countertop looks like concrete, and it’s not too easy to dirty and easy to clean. It’s a very nice color.

6, green countertop cabinet

This is a very healthy and environmentally friendly color system. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not be annoying, and it can also It creates a soothing and pleasing sensation, and uses green as the color of the countertop of the kitchen cabinet, which makes people feel like they are in the nature.
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Which is better for the lamp warm bath and the warm air bath? okorder

Which one is better for the warm bath and the warm bath? This is a problem that many families will encounter when they decorate. Let’s introduce it to everyone for reference only~
Light warm bath: light warm and wind warmer, everyone should be familiar with the lamp warm. Lamp warm bath is more common, and it is also the most cost-effective type of Yuba. The lamp warmer uses the heat radiation of the bulb to raise the temperature, so its advantage is that it heats up quickly and consumes less power, but the biggest disadvantage is: there is safety. Hidden dangers, such as: poor eyesight for children. The lamp warm bath is suitable for a small-sized bathroom. If the area is relatively large, it may be difficult to take it outside the lamp. Moreover, Yuba has requirements for the height of the bathroom. The bathroom with very low floor height should not be used, and the people who will take photos are not comfortable.

Wind warm

Wind-heated Yuba: The principle of the air-heating Yuba is similar to that of the air conditioner. After the power is turned on, the hot air can be emitted from it, and the heated area is relatively large and uniform. The safety performance is relatively high. But the price is more expensive, the biggest drawback is that the preheating is slower. At the same time, the power is relatively large (the power of a single air outlet is generally above 1000W), and it consumes more electricity than the lamp warmer. There is no limit to the height and area of ​​the bathroom, and it is suitable for most families. At the same time, avoid the bathtub or shower when installing the wind, so that the hot air will not blow directly to the body, so as not to feel dry when taking a bath. Although the air heater has high power consumption, it is not without a solution: the hot water and the air heater can be turned on at the same time before the bath to speed up the heating rate of the bathroom. After the room temperature is suitable, the bath can be turned off to reduce the energy consumption. After talking about the warmth and warmth of the lamp, I think everyone has a basic understanding of them. Then the question is coming. What should I choose? Look at the following 4 points, you may know.

Energy saving: The lamp heating power is about 1100w~2000w, and the wind heating power is about 1400w~2200w. Therefore, in terms of energy saving and power consumption, the lamp warming is better.

Safety: The light of the lamp is more glaring, especially for children, the damage will be even greater. At the same time, the infrared rays in the warmth of the lamp may cause burns to the skin after being used for a long time, which is harmful to health.

From the price point of view: from the market point of view, the price of wind heating is much higher than the temperature of the lamp.

Comfort: The lamp warmer is suitable for small-sized units, but the lighting is more glaring, and it will feel uncomfortable after a long time; the wind heating is more suitable for most families, and it can also freely adjust the cold air and warm air. The experience is better. Through the above comparison, I think everyone has an answer in mind, anyway, the home is more inclined to choose the wind, of course, you can choose according to the situation of your bathroom.
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Building materials and home industry analysis okorder

The national building materials and household prosperity index BHI released by the Department of Circulation Industry Development of the Ministry of Commerce and the China Building Materials Circulation Association: The National Building Materials Household Climate Index (BHI) in September was 101.22, up 5.23 points month on month and down 2.17 points year on year. The sales of home building materials above designated size in September was 91.64 billion yuan, up 14.44% from the previous month and down 0.26% year-on-year. From January to September 2018, the cumulative sales were 692.94 billion yuan, up 6.13% year-on-year.
In September, home improvement building materials entered the traditional consumption season. After a small rebound in the off-season in August, BHI continued to climb upward this month.

The specific analysis is as follows:

First, from the real estate market

Since September, four first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen All have carried out special actions to control the chaos in the real estate market. The real estate-related rectification policies are still being released intensively, and the national property market regulation continues to deepen. In addition, credit tightening, and the recent provident fund policy has also begun to tighten in many cities across the country, the phenomenon of national housing prices has been significantly braked, the market cooling is obvious, it is expected that the national real estate market in the fourth quarter may still show a steady downward trend. It should still be mentioned that with the implementation of the policy of rent-and-purchase, the housing leasing market has been rapidly expanded. As a large number of leasing properties come from the stock market, the re-decoration of the stock real estate will have a profound impact on the development of the national building materials home market.

Secondly, from the BHI index,

In September, the BHI index has a different degree of increase, only the “management confidence index” The chain fell by a drop of 17.36 points. It can be seen that although the traditional sales season of “Golden September and Silver 10” is on schedule, due to the current downward pressure on the macro economy, the China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) released by the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing was released in September. It was 50.8%, down 0.5 percentage points from the previous month and 1.6 percentage points from the same period of the previous year. In addition, in September, the United States officially imposed tariffs on 200 billion commodities exported by China. The further intensification of Sino-US trade friction has become an important factor affecting China’s economic trends. These factors make the confidence of building materials and home furnishing enterprises low, and the national building materials and home furnishing market is expected to weaken in the fourth quarter. And the pessimistic expectations of the economic downturn and the risk of foreign trade have also curbed consumer demand to a certain extent. This can be seen from the BHI sub-index “Purchasing Power Index”, which fell by 18.25 points compared with the same period last year.

Development Suggestions

On September 20th, the State Council issued the “Several Opinions on Improving the Mechanism of Promoting Consumption and Further Stimulating the Consumption Potential of Residents”, which first mentioned consumption as the final Demand is not only the ultimate goal and motivation of production, but also a direct reflection of the people’s need for a better life. It is recommended that building materials and home furnishing enterprises be policy-oriented and adhere to the development principle of “consumption leading and advocating consumer priority”. In the future, enterprises that can cultivate new consumption and continuously stimulate potential consumption can take the lead in the development of the industry.
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How to choose a shower without leaking water okorder

Many netizens will squirt their own showers on the Internet, but sometimes people can bear it and think that there is water to make it work. But life can’t be done, quality should be stressful, and today we will talk to you about how to buy a shower without leaking!
1, look at the shower water effect

How the shower water effect determines the bath is uncomfortable, high-quality showers pay attention to the balanced design of each water hole, in different Water pressure can ensure the water flow effect. We can try the water when we choose, see if the shower water is even and soft, and try the water function of different functions.

2. Look at the surface plating of the shower

The high-quality showers usually use electroplating to treat the surface in order to protect the shower from corrosion and keep the surface beautiful. A good electroplated layer can be kept at 150 °C for 1 hour without blistering, wrinkle-free, and crack-free. The 24-hour acetate spray detection does not corrode. When we choose, we can observe whether the surface of the shower is flat and bright, and touch the surface with hand to feel whether it is smooth and burr-free.

3, look at the self-cleaning effect of the shower hole

Hand-held and top-spray part of the shower, a granular silicone water hole is exposed outside, the shower water will be more comfortable natural. The quality water hole feels very textured. According to industry expert Kabei, this design is to make it easier for us to clean the shower. We can use the hand to press or wipe with a cloth to remove the stain inside the shower. .

4. Look at the shower faucet

The faucet is the core part of the shower. Among them, the valve core placed inside the faucet is the “heart” of the shower, and its quality affects the service life and effect of the shower. The high-quality shower head is made of a good ceramic valve core, smooth and frictionless, and very durable. When we choose the shower, we can rotate the switch of the faucet to feel whether the faucet rotates smoothly and comfortably. In general, a quality shower can be used for about 10 years. However, if the quality of the shower is not enough, the life of the shower will be shortened. If you want to buy a good shower, it is better to go to the physical store to choose, don’t be lazy online shopping!
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