6 small tricks to teach you to clean the floor easily! okorder

There are owners who complain that cleaning wooden floors is troublesome. In fact, it is not the case that some common items can be used as a preparation for cleaning the floor, and the cleaning effect is not inferior to professional products. Today, I will teach you six strokes to clean the floor and help you easily clean the wooden floor.

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Cleaning the floor method 1: Use the candle

to accumulate the remaining candle heads. When collecting a certain amount, cut it off and remove the wick. Add the same amount of turpentine to the wax, place it in a pot filled with cold water, boil it in water, dissolve the candle, stir it, and pour it into the tank for cooling. In order to make the floor easy and labor-saving, the floor wax can be slightly heated before use.

clean the floor method 2: self-dosing agent

put soft soap, bleaching earth in the cauldron, Mix 450 grams of soda and 2270 ml of water, boil them and boil them to half the original volume, then cool and store them in the tank for use. Use a hard brush to rub the stain on the floor, usually along the line. Floor texture brush, then wash with hot water and dry it.

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Cleaning the floor method three: color The magical effect of pulling oil, milk and tea

When wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor very bright. Or add a little vinegar with sour milk, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be very bright. In addition, the dirt on the paint floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice. Wipe the smudges on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash, then smear the vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor, it is easy to remove the smudges.

clean the floor method four: concentrated alkali water to grease

oil grease on the floor, such as Boil the aqueous solution of the concentrated alkaloids, then cover the stain with the dough synthesized with bleaching earth and hot water, and keep it cleaned overnight, and repeat if necessary.

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Cleaning the floor method 5: salt to egg stains

There are egg traces on the floor. You can sprinkle some salt on the egg stick and sweep the ground after 10-15 minutes. The egg marks on the floor are easy to remove.

Methods for cleaning the floor: Tape and vacuum cleaner to remove glass fragments

Ground glass fragments are very dangerous. If they are visible to the naked eye, they will be glued with adhesive tape. If they are powdered, they should be sucked up with cotton, or some rice grains should be spread, glued up, and then sucked up with a vacuum cleaner. The scattered floor can also be wiped with a piece of wet soap, and the glass shards will stick to the soap bar. Scratch it at any time and press it until it is cleared.

Have you learned these six tricks, there are so many ways to clean the floor,

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How to choose the color of composite wood flooring? Wood floor color matching skills and precautions okorder

Complex wood floor color purchase precautions

1. It is recommended to choose the color of the wood floor color, such as teak, oak, walnut, etc. on the neutral color film; P>

2, according to the decoration style of the room, the general decoration styles are European, Chinese, Japanese, etc. European style decoration is more atmospheric, so it is recommended to match the floor pattern, preferably single or double (There is a large pattern on a floor.) The pattern is good. The Chinese style chooses a more traditional three-pronged pattern. The layering is better, and the room space is larger.

3, it belongs to the more popular now. Neo-classical, modern fashionism and other styles of decoration, these decoration styles are more arbitrary, choose the floor can be based on the two principles, with more stylish floor, such as colored floors, more weird floors.

composite wood floor color matching skills

1, the overall decorative style

renovation of the house must first determine the overall decorative style, which is decided to use what color parquet An important premise. There are dozens of colors of parquet from light to deep. It is not a kind of solid wood composite floor that can match all decorative styles.

2, space size

The size of the space and the color depth of the parquet are also very important. For rooms with large space or good lighting, the use of dark solid wood composite flooring will make the room appear compact and not affect the line of sight; small rooms with light-colored solid wood composite flooring will make the room look brighter.

3, furniture color

furniture color and solid wood composite floor color can not stand the overall decoration theme. The color of the furniture is deep with the middle color solid wood composite floor; when the furniture color is light, some warm color solid wood composite floor is selected. If there are elderly children in the family, you can choose some soft color matching, which does not affect your eyesight.

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“Double Eleven” countdown, floor and other home enterprise resource integration challenges okorder

The time has come to the end of October, although the gold nine silver ten is nearing the end, but the annual ‘double eleven’ is coming soon, and the major flooring companies are beginning to gain momentum, preparing for online and offline marketing and promotion activities. But for the floor store, it is simply love and hate, want to avoid it and want to eat.

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‘Double A ‘countdown in the floor and other home business resources integration challenges.

‘Double Eleven’ countdown in the floor business is ready to go

Online shopping It will undoubtedly become one of the hot search words in November. Although there are still half a month away from November 11, the major online shopping platforms have already been overwhelmed by thousands of shopping advertisements. A countdown to this crazy day.

For the home store, although the spending power of the Golden Week has been released a lot, but in the face of the double ten On the online shopping festival, I still don’t dare to take it lightly.

‘Double 11 Promotion’ is not just for the day of November 11th, after entering November, the major lines The next platform will push various activities, such as ex-gratia, spike, clearance and other ultra-low-cost activities, the promotion is not inferior to the online store, and some merchants take the same order as the online payment, pre-sale, etc. Consumer, ‘direct You can enjoy the online shopping price when you book the store, you don’t have to wait for the double eleven. ‘

It is understood that the online flagship store generally diverts orders according to the buyer’s delivery area. To the brand stores in various urban areas to be responsible for the installation, for consumers, online orders can not see the real thing, coupled with the cumbersome logistics links, easy to cause high return rate, if the physical store orders can enjoy the price of the online store, then How can consumers go farther?

All major home furnishing companies should integrate resources to deal with ‘double eleven’

The consumption pattern has always been unable to keep up with the holiday consumption. In the past, the merchants who circled the traditional holidays have now begun to adapt to the market, and consider the network’s hot-selling ‘Double 11’ and ‘Double 12’ into the promotion node of the business performance breakthrough. In the long run, it is better to face this trend than to avoid, add or ask a merchant to ‘stay in the team’, and to choose ‘two choices one’ on the online and offline channels.

When standardized goods and finished products become more and more mature, the goods provided by traditional home stores can basically be found online. Board and other household e-commerce companies will continue to penetrate all corners of the market by compressing profit margins. In the face of this situation, businesses must consider stability and change, and blockade is not enough. After all, online shopping has become a life of many people. Part of the inseparable part, when it is unable to change the consumption habits, can only adapt to the market development trend, improve the cost, change the marketing ideas, strengthen the physical store to see the goods pick-up and experience functions, and jointly stimulate the market and share the food. market.

As long as there are more attractive places than the price, such as product added value, services, etc., I believe that the warmth of the store is more attractive than the cold online shopping. .

Release date: 2014/10/28 12:02:20

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The whiter the tiles, the more radiation? Beware of brighteners producing radiation okorder

Radiation, for most people, is a familiar and unfamiliar term. Computer radiation, ionizing radiation, telephone radiation… These invisible and intangible radioactive elements are not harmful, which is quite helpless. Nowadays, the radiation of electronic products has long been eccentric, and for home products, attention is also rising.

Ms. Sun, who lives in Zijin Nanyuan, recently complained about the renovation. It is understood that when she was renovated, Ms. Sun took a fancy to the marble and did not expect to have an odor when she found it. Not only that, but after a long time in the indoor confined space, the eyes will dry and shed tears. To this end, Ms. Sun deliberately asked the environmental protection professional agencies to go to the door to check that it was caused by the marble radiation, which really made her miserable.

In response to the marble pollution incident of Ms. Sun, Xiao Bian immediately conducted a market survey, and 80% of the consumers were not clear about such pollution. However, after hearing about the radiation of marble, most people began to question the environmental protection of tiles. Tiles are an indispensable building material in the current home decoration. Is there any radiation? The vast majority of decoration users shouted ‘poisonous home really hurt! ‘

Market visit: natural stone pollution is even more whitening agent is the source of radiation

‘ Before, many home decoration will use stone, natural stone led by marble, granite is widely used Laying on the ground and on the wall. However, since natural stone itself has radioactive elements, it will cause certain radiation. Liu Fang, head of the home improvement department of Marco Polo Red Star, said that the brand tiles are different from natural stones such as marble and granite. They are made of quartz stone, clay and other elements, and the radiation is almost negligible.

Liu Fang told Xiaobian that the use of marble in the previous decoration was derived from the effect style. Now the tiles are constantly changing with the color and texture, and the appearance is getting closer to the natural stone, even more Beautiful, the most important thing is that the environmental protection of tiles is much higher than that of natural stone.

Of course, marble and ceramic tiles cannot be compared in terms of environmental performance. However, this does not mean that there is no gap in the environmental performance of the tiles. Sun Xin, the manager of Nobel Tile Nanjing Sales Branch, said, ‘Some merchants add a brightener called zirconia to enhance the brightening effect of the tile surface during production, and this material is the main source of radiation. . ‘

Expert reminder: Dabai brick additive is not toxic and is not recommended for large-area paving

As the production process of ceramic tiles is gradually improved, the appearance is also comparable to natural stone such as marble, more and more The family chose to replace the marble with ceramic tiles. For the issue of tile radiation that consumers are very concerned about, industry insiders say that the pollution of large brands is negligible. Of course, for the rookie-level decoration users, the relevant experts also gave a unique purchase insight.

‘First of all, choosing a regular, qualified brand is actually a quality guarantee. Every aspect of the production of large-name ceramic tiles is tested. From the procurement of raw materials for ceramic tiles, the sources of pollution are eliminated. After high-temperature firing, the production process is green. ‘The head of the home improvement of Marco Polo Red Star Store recommends that everyone choose a big brand. When purchasing, you can also ask the merchant to show the product test report. The radioactive standard is A grade.

In this regard, Sun Xinshen, the manager of Nobel Tile Nanjing Sales Branch, agreed. She also reminded the majority of the decoration owners, unless the glazed glaze itself is white, otherwise the large white brick is not suitable for large-area paving. If there is no way to identify it, try not to choose too white tiles, beware of illuminating agents such as zirconia to generate radiation, which is harmful to your health.

Release date: 2012/10/17 10:17:36

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What skin care products are used on the floor? okorder

Coup 1: A maintenance agent for the surface treatment of solid wood flooring

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Analysis and solution for cracked floor problems okorder

Wood flooring is favored by consumers because of its aesthetics, warmth and practicability. However, due to improper construction and temperature conditions, various problems will arise in the use of wood flooring. What are the causes of the problem? How to solve these problems? Xiaobian understands with you.

Problem 1: Swelling Arch

Surface phenomenon: the wooden floor surface is partially arched upwards, or some wooden floors are arched upwards.

Cause analysis:

1, continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is too high, no moisture removal measures, the moisture in the air is absorbed by the wooden floor and then absorb and swell;


2, the wooden floor is hygroscopically swelled after flooding;

3, the house is long-term empty, uninhabited, poorly ventilated, and the water in the stucco layer is evaporated and nowhere to be absorbed by the wooden floor. Moisture absorption expansion;

4, the moisture content of the base concrete is too high, the moisture barrier is not sealed and hygroscopic expansion;

5, the wooden floor paving is not pressed between adjacent plates Requires the extension of the seam, the moisture is swelled and swelled by the humid air, and even the lacquer surface is cracked;

6. The wooden floor covering area is larger or wider, and no segmentation measures are taken.

Precautions: Always open the window to ventilate; and reserve structural extension joints, segmentation joints and adjust the extension joints between adjacent plates.

Solution: When the function is not affected, it can be used for a long time. After the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air, the dismantling and resurfacing schemes are taken as appropriate; or all are removed. Open the resurfacing, adjust the section seam and the adjacent section to reserve the seam.

Problem 2: Floor cracking

Surface phenomenon: fine cracks appear on the painted surface of the wooden floor, and the paint film peels off in severe cases.

Cause analysis:

1, when the climate change is large, the moisture content of the wood floor is too large or too low, the wooden floor appears dry shrinkage or swelling, causing the paint film to crack; P>

2, the sun is exposed to the sun or the long-term wind blows, the wooden floor appears to shrink and shrink, and the paint film wrinkles and cracks;

3, the wooden floor is damp and the water content increases. Swelling, causing the paint film to crack.

Preventive measures: Select the wooden floor of a good quality manufacturer, and the adhesion, elasticity and wear resistance of the paint film can be guaranteed.

Solution: a small amount of paint film cracking, can be repaired by touch up. If the cracking area is large, it can be re-painted after being smoothed. If the single wooden floor paint film is cracked longer, the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece.

Problem 3: There is sound on the wooden floor when walking

Performance phenomenon: After the wooden floor is paved, there is a creaking noise when walking, or a single squeaking cracking sound Wait.

Cause analysis:

1, the concrete base layer is not flat, the spacing between the mats is too large, the keel cushion is too high, etc., so that the walking parts of the frequently moving parts are loose, the keel elasticity increases. The up and down displacement occurs, resulting in a decrease in the firmness of the keel pavement;

2, the moisture content is too high when the keel is paved, the moisture content is reduced after the gradual drying, the nail holding force of the wood is simultaneously lowered, and the keel installation is loosened. ;

3. The moisture content of the concrete base layer is too high, and the moisture-proof insulation layer or the moisture-proof insulation layer is not completely sealed, so that the keel absorbs moisture, the water content increases, the distortion occurs, and the keel installation loosens; /P>

4, the keel material density is too low or the cross-sectional area is too small, the nail holding force is insufficient, the nail diameter is too small, the length is too short, the keel paving flatness does not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient installation firmness; /P>

5, wood floor rafts and troughs due to climate change when the wooden floor is swollen and dry, the gutters are detached and do not work. When it is too tight, it rubs against each other when it is swollen;

6 Excessive dry weather, weakening the nailing force of the wooden floor and keel, loosening the connection between the wooden floor and the groove, excessive moisture makes the wooden land Lateral expansion, to produce a slight expansion extrusion bagging the loosening of the keel, that the same nail holding force is weakened;

7, the installation process is not standardized.

Preventive measures:

1, check the flatness of the concrete base layer before construction, and repair until the requirements are met before continuing construction;

2, before construction Check the moisture content of the concrete base layer or the integrity of the moisture barrier;

3. Check the cross-sectional size and water content of the keel;

4. The larger the contact area of ​​the concrete base during keel paving The firmer the installation, the more the bolster part, the higher the bolster, and the more likely it is to loosen.

Solution: Construction conditions and concealed works should be strengthened to ensure the flatness of the concrete base layer and the moisture-proof insulation layer intact; if only excessive moisture or excessive dry weather occurs, observe when the climate is normal. If there is no obvious sound, you do not have to trim it.

Problem 4: Warping deformation

Surface phenomenon: the wooden floor is tilted upwards on both sides, like a tile.

Cause analysis:

1, the concrete basement moisture content or the adjacent wall moisture content is too high;

2, the concrete base layer has been splashed with water, mixed with water Materials, etc., causing the moisture content of the concrete base layer to increase;

3, failing to take waterproof and moisture-proof isolation and blocking measures as required;

4, the keel moisture content is too high, the evaporated water is The back of the wooden floor is hygroscopic;

5, the water pipe leaks under the surface of the wooden floor, the indoor temperature difference forms condensed water, etc.;

6, the surface of the wooden floor is wiped with a damp cloth.

Precautionary measures: The concrete base layer must be constructed after the moisture content is required. When the moisture content exceeds the standard, the moisture-proof insulation layer must be paved. The moisture-proof insulation layer should be sealed as a whole, and the waterproof and moisture-proof isolation and blocking measures should be taken.

Solution: Remove the wooden floor around the room to allow it to squirt, partially relieve the deformation, replace the wood floor with severe deformation; if the deformation of the wooden floor is large, the paved wooden floor can be removed Wait until the concrete base or keel is dry and re-paved. Re-paving the original usable wooden floor and replacing the wooden floor used.

QQuestion 5: Dry shrinkage

Surface phenomenon: After installation for a period of time, there is a phenomenon of separation between the wooden floor trenches.

Cause analysis:

1, the climate is continuous high temperature and dry and other abnormal weather environment, the wooden floor dehumidification is too fast, no humidification measures are taken;

2 The air is dry for a long time, the dehumidification is too large, and no humidification measures are taken;

3, sun exposure, long-term air blowing and other abnormal environmental factors, causing excessive dehumidification and shrinkage of the wooden floor;

4, the room is closed for a long time, no humid air is added, indoor air is dry;

5. When paving in wet weather, the paving interval between adjacent plates is too large, in case of dry weather, it appears Larger dry shrinkage.

Preventive measures: select the wood flooring material with good stability and moisture content to control the local equilibrium moisture content requirements; calculate and master the climatic conditions during the construction of the adjacent slabs of the wooden floor, appropriate Leave or not to stretch the seam; prevent sun exposure, it is not appropriate to close the doors and windows for a long time without ventilation, or partial concentrated blowing.

Solution: Wait for a period of time, after the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air, replace the single block, or completely disassemble the resurfacing, and set the adjacent plate extension as required. /P>

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Analysis of the characteristics of the development of China’s flooring industry okorder

2014 is about to pass. For the flooring industry, 2014 is both a year of Vientiane and a challenging year. In the face of various ups and downs, it also presents some development opportunities. For the floor enterprises, rationally set goals, strive for stability, establish a foothold in the big environment, and improve themselves step by step, do a good job in products and services, enhance brand value, and discover and create more highlights of the company. This is the light that shines in the environment of the boat.

The following are some of the characteristics of the overall development of the flooring industry in the China Report Hall.

1, the floor consumer group sharing features significant

In the early days, people have a habit of exchange purchase and decoration experience, but due to the lack of media, was limited to Chatting between friends and family, or sporadic lessons when needed.

But the development of the Internet, as well as the spread of social media and the rejuvenation of the floor consumer groups, nowadays a considerable number of consumers will share their own through Weibo, QQ, BBS, WeChat and other platforms. Impressions and evaluations. Sometimes, when they encounter injustice, they will also seek help from the news media.

2, network consumption has become more prominent

The number of owners of building materials such as flooring and other online products continues to increase, the proportion of all owners has gradually increased, the range of products purchased continues to expand, from simple Home decoration, faucets, lamps, switch panels, simple wardrobes, wall stickers, to big beds, tables, chairs, etc.

In a certain period of time, toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, as well as paints, flooring and other products, more and more consumers may buy online.

3, domestic brands are still the mainstream

At present, in the field of tiles, flooring, wallpaper, home textiles, lighting, home decoration, interior design, sanitary ware, etc., domestically produced Brands are mainstream, and many domestic brands are now diversifying. Innovating in design, materials, visual effects, etc., will continue to firmly grasp domestic consumers. In the field of coatings and sanitary wares, although foreign brands have a very large market share, the newly emerging middle-class consumers are more inclined to excellent domestic brands.

4, product functionality is getting more and more attention

In any era, the function of the product will affect consumer decision-making. According to the China flooring industry market survey report released by the China Report Hall in 2014-2018, home building materials such as flooring also have their own functions, such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and even the function of improving air. For example, the water saving function and deodorizing function of the toilet; for example, the energy saving of the lighting fixture and the softer light. Better features will be welcomed by more and more consumers.

5, the company’s development gradually adopts the O2O model

Online understanding of brand and product information, search for word of mouth, compare products, offline to the store to observe and experience, and then place an order This phenomenon is more common in household consumption. However, whether it is online purchase or order in the store, there is no fixed model, which is affected by various factors such as price and service.

Release date: 2014/12/22 13:08:20

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D9 club project investment, Brazil d9 club project hot investment okorder

What is the D9 Club!

Many people ask me if you have any risk in doing this project for the D9 Club. I often smile and answer, in today’s society, what can be done to ensure that there is no wind? Indeed, When we can control the risk of a business, I think we can still try it. It is said that the three most valuable words in the world are ~ try it!

Why do we choose D9 today, it should be said that everyone has their own criteria and position to choose the project. Then the Internet industry has been playing for 10 years, so I have a little experience today. . .

From the initial ignorance, I was deceived a lot of hard-earned money, and now I have earned my life from the Internet project. I have my own team and let my parents live what they want. The life I have, this is my most happy thing.

So today I know gratitude, thanks to all the people and projects that have made me suffer, because they let me grow. I am also grateful to the people who helped me on this road. They made me feel warm. It is because there are many expensive people on the road. Therefore, I understand the importance of helping others. I have been looking for opportunities to understand Internet projects and want to The market leaders who have gained in this wave of wealth, the future market leaders will work together, and the wealth will gather together to create a better future.

Following the above topic, each person’s perspective on the project is different. For me today, the first thing I look at is the safety factor. That is to say, any project has risks. What I have to do is to comprehensively evaluate the operability of a project with my accumulated experience of more than 10 years, or to say that it is not safe. Only in the case of project safety, consider in-depth investigation!! There are never shortages of projects in the market. Many players often choose a project to consider whether it is fast or not. In fact, projects with too much bubble tend to fall too fast. In the end, they lose themselves and their own team! It is worth the loss! I believe If you let a friend who has lost money re-select a project, I believe that friends will be like me, the first consideration is the safety factor of the project, not the money is not fast!!

D9 this project abroad It has been running very steadily for several months and has a market base. The most important thing is that the founder of the D9 club has a professional football sports competition team, the boss’s experience over the past 13 years, participate in betfair, the daily return on investment is 6%-12%, generally 8% average, the winner each hand Part of the profit is 5%, which means that there is a daily return on investment of 1% to 7%, and the average daily return is 3%. The D9 Club promises to the members a bonus, a static return of 391%, and a dynamic development market of up to 100%, that is, the total annual return on investment is 500%, as long as the daily return rate of 1.37% can be achieved. This rate of return is lower than the D3 club boss’s average annual return of 3% over the past 13 years. It is basically safe and reliable. In other words, if there are no low-level mistakes and other special accidents, the bonus can be allocated.

Another point that we do a lot of projects is to make money, so a powerful bonus system is equally critical to the selection and validation of a project!!

Is investing in d9 clubs safe?

As D9 projects grow and grow, more and more members are already making money. The money in the member account will be more and more. In order to protect the security of our funds, from today, our transfer and withdrawal will increase the verification of a security facility AUTHY. AUTHY is an internationally recognized security facility. As the door god, D9 company has to pay for this. With this verification, the money in our account will be safer, and the company will be more and more perfect. But we need to download and install authy’s app in our own bound phone, then select AUTHY in the SECURITY option in the D9 account, and fill in the bound phone number to connect. Each time the withdrawal or transfer, the system will send a verification code to the AUTHY on the bound mobile phone through the AUTHY system. The verification code is changed every 16 seconds, which increases the security of the funds. But first we must learn to download and install the AUTHY app. We will send out relevant information for everyone to learn.

The d9 project is very simple. After the investment, it will return to the fixed dividend of 170 US dollars every week, and return the principal in three months! The remaining nine months of accumulated return dividends are all earned! Return to 52 weeks to go out! This is a Brazilian gaming investment. We don’t participate in gambling! We just invest in financial management, don’t participate in gambling, and have an opportunity to turn around!

1. Feasibility/safety analysis of the project

[D9’s hematopoietic function]

*Betfair trading in Betfair, London, UK

*Gambling Trader Professional Training School

*Growing money through global Bitcoin

*D9 International Marketing Network

2, [D9’s Control Mechanism]

*Three-month and one-week return period

*Cumulative currency diversification, timeliness

*Deducted $50 network maintenance fee per month

*Withdrawal is subject to a 5% fee

* After 52 weeks, the original position will be re-submitted

*If you meet the conditions, you can redeem it.

*Even if you don’t recommend people, you can make money.

[D9 Legitimacy]

*Brazilian legally registered husband

*Conforms to the Internet Convention

3, [D9 International]

Currently 77 countries are connected, on YouTube, the world’s largest video site. A lot of video introductions about D9 projects. The rate of praise is extremely high. The company’s reputation is excellent.

4, [D9 reliability / initiative / advantage]

*Strong old company = rich marketing experience

*New project = Global integration of legal platforms

*International market, 77 countries online

*Strong physical hematopoietic function

*Strict control mechanism

*Legal global operations on the Internet

*Directly earning dollars instead of earning points

*Receiving Visa cash cards

*Withdrawals available Full withdrawal

*One person can open multiple accounts

*The original point can be used to replenish the difference

*Weigh the dividends every week, see the money fast, return to this fast

D9 Club Bonus System 1. Order: $50, monthly online learning consumption, referred to as monthly fee; Entrusted bets 340 points, about $1996 (fluctuating according to the bitcoin exchange rate, the dollar will fluctuate, now $2,208), the time limit is 52 weeks, after 52 weeks, you can re-bet at the original point; one can entrust bets to countless hands, Subordinate to different points. At present, the total amount of one-handed orders is $2,258.

2, betting static rebate (weekly salary): 340 points, according to Bitcoin as the trading benchmark electronic currency, settlement according to the US dollar, the US dollar and the bitcoin exchange rate often fluctuate, according to the project launch time when the caliber is 1996 dollars, Now $2,208. A weekly rebate of 50%, which is 340X50% per week = $170, a commissioned bet can be returned for 52 weeks, 170X52 = $8,840. The return on investment is 8840/2258X100%=391%.

3, direct push award (daily salary): 50%. Example: 340 points X50%=170 US dollars

4, direct push award team commission (daily salary)

Level commission ratio direct push award day team direct push award commission (US$) /p>

2 3% 170 5.1

3 2% 170 3.4

4 2% 170 3.4

5 1% 170 1.7

6 1% 170 1.7

7 1% 170 1.7

5, static rebate team commission (weekly salary):

generation commission ratio week Static rebate (US$) Weekly team rebate (US$)

1 5% 170 8.5

2 3% 170 5.1

3 3% 170 5.1

4 2% 170 3.4

5 1% 170 1.7

6 1% 170 1.7

6, monthly repeat consumption team commission (monthly salary)

Retirement rate in monthly reimbursement (US$) Month re-depletion commission (US$)

1 10% 50 5

2 7% 50 3.5

3 7% 50 3.5

4 6% 50 3

5 6% 50 3

6 4% 50 2

7, Double Track Balance Team Development Award (Day)

According to the total number of points in the community, 40% commission, the community has no performance threshold, the regional performance Retain for fifty-two weeks;

1:1 performance balance to the award, only to assess the performance of the community;

high dialing ratio: according to the community currency 6.8% commission (experience estimate);

No capping restrictions, depending on how much your dynamic cell has a daily turnover.

8, the level of physical awards

Community performance:

Captain 6800 points, presented a high-class watch;

coach 17,000 points, Give 6+ Apple mobile phone;

Convener 34,000 points, one international luxury cruise ticket;

Manager 170,000 points, one international air ticket:

The conductor is 340,800, and a Honda car is given;

Director 680,000 points, giving a Corolla or Honda Civic car;

Vice President 1,000,000 points, presented Mercedes-Benz or BMW One car;

President, 2,300,000 points, a Land Rover.

Up to the highest level, all levels of physical awards are available.

Don’t be in kind, you can redeem a currency prize of the same value.

Good projects can’t be met: If you also see this business opportunity and understand this project, then you can find me to understand the phone Weixin: QQ9968134 invites to join, cooperate with the Chinese market!

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D9 Club Top 8 Highlights 1, Powerful Hematopoietic Capability: This Project It is not pure play funds, he is actually trading on the sports exchange. Member backstage, daily trading videos are announced. After the company’s real profit, dividends are given to members. Unlike virtual currency, there is no profit, no blood, other dividends, and many are just a concept.

2, the authenticity of the project: Unlike many domestic brands, the name of the foreign company, please some actors, the actual is the domestic network opened. This company really started in 30 countries. All over the five continents!!!

3, the international market is hugely advanced: there is no other team professional operation in China. There are less than 100 members in the country! We invite all major teams to dock! D9 is very good news, yesterday the company officially replied: When there are 500 people in China, or up to 2 months will open a Chinese language organization website.

4, network team promotion advantages: new members register themselves and then online recharge automatically activated, D9 docked a third-party recharge platform, so each person directly registered to pay to the company, no intermediary, capital security, and facilitate network fast Promote the replication team!

5, project continuity and late explosive power: D9 dividend disk compared to the already popular split disk advantage! The advantage is that the people in front are equal to the people who join later, which is conducive to team development. Create enough time for the capable people to develop the team and enjoy the dynamic benefits. Thousands of tens of thousands of people in the day, which project is not due to team income.

6, high-yield and low-risk: weekly fixed dividends, quick return, no return to the highest annual dividend of 4 times! No freezing period, can be fully cashed out! Local leaders hold investment conferences. September 15 South Korea, October 23 Italy, October 30 Africa Uganda, November 26 Poland. In December, will it be China, just look at the partners!

8, D9 club to the material award, the world has issued 5 BMW 5 Series car awards! Land Rover Auto Award is about to be born, China The market has just started, you will be the first car award winner!???

Brazil D9 Club China District first docking system God of War system, violent docking!!

D9 Club truly international market stable operation in the first batch of market leaders in 38 countries.

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Home industry outlook: Technology and channels will become the core driving force of the home industry okorder

Image from “123rf.com.cn

[Editor’s note] Service landing, innovation The upgrade and channel diversification have become the key development direction of the home furnishing industry in 2019. In the new year, how to provide better services and more innovative products for users will be a problem that every home enterprise should consider.

In 2018, the home industry has gone through a tortuous year in the overall adversity. During this year, the changes in the home consumer market continue to bring new challenges to home furnishing enterprises through their own industrial structure. , product quality, service level is constantly upgrading, some excellent home furnishing enterprises can rise against the trend, but also brought a lot of enlightenment to 2019, 2018 has entered the last month, the home industry will have new trends, how to Change can stand out from the contrarian, let us look forward to the new year.

“New innovations become core competitiveness

With the changes in the consumer market, “the gimmick” is no longer a fake landscape, “just edit it casually.” The era when concepts can attract consumers is gone forever. Even children know that they have been on the Internet for many years. Mr. Yang told Beijing Morning Post that consumers will pay more attention to the inner experience of home products. .

In recent years, many home furnishing companies have gradually shifted their research and development focus to “innovation in the design, workmanship, raw materials, and comfort of home products, in China”. Under the environment of 2025, “new innovative products suitable for Chinese consumers” is a magic weapon for the future home industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers

In recent years, although the scale of the customized home market has not expanded as expected, it is undeniable that more and more consumption People began to accept differentiated customized home experiences, and more and more families began to try to meet different home needs through a “customized way”, especially with the lag period of the two-child era. The household consumption upgrade of the two-child family as the main consumer group will come intensively, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more concrete.

Diversified channels for symbiosis and win-win

In this year’s “Double Eleven, many traditional home furnishing companies, such as large stores and home improvement companies, have chosen a variety of ways to connect with the Internet. The business platform “marriage”, from the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, also achieved good results. Due to the special nature of household products, there are a certain proportion of consumer groups in various channels, such as online and offline retail, home stores, etc., and the balance is difficult to be broken in a short period of time. In the new year, how The organic use of diversified channels is a key factor in achieving good results in 2019.

Environmental protection consumer demand continues to increase

The 2018 environmental protection issue of rental housing has caused concern about home environmental protection issues. Nowadays, many consumers have already adopted environmental protection attributes when choosing home products. Putting it first, and because many consumers are constantly learning about environmental protection through the Internet and other channels in the process of purchasing, the environmental identification ability of household products has also been greatly improved. The improvement of consumer identification ability has made some pseudo environmentally friendly products nowhere to be seen, and some excellent environmentally friendly products have been favored. Under the head and tail effect, environmental protection has become the key word for the reshuffle of household products. In the new year, It is the general trend to do environmental protection in a down-to-earth manner.

Service-oriented home business to fine transformation

In 2018, at major home exhibitions, you can see that some big home manufacturers are doing something “small things,” For example, a home improvement app, a data management software or even a smart light, as long as it is more on the comfort of the home experience, it can attract consumers to stop and win business opportunities. In the new year, how to put some high-tech Technology such as big data, VR, AR, etc., landing in the service experience, is a problem that every home enterprise must consider.

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Lushan Spirit·Chinese Ink Painting Institute Lushan Sketching Exhibition okorder

Shandong 2018-11-22 (Commercial Telecommunications) – November 22, 2018, Lushan Spirit & mdash; — Chinese Ink Painting Institute Lushan Sketch Exhibition, grand opening at the Beijing Exhibition Center of the Chinese Ink Painting Institute.

This exhibition aims to showcase the beautiful scenery and cultural charm of Laoshan Scenic Area. Combined with the profound expressions of traditional landscape paintings, this exhibition further highlights the charm of the mountains and seas, and enhances its visibility and influence. Promote the improvement of the cultural quality of the scenic spot.

In the past two years, under the leadership of the president of Man Weiqi, the Chinese Ink Painting Institute has written three times in the mountains and created a large number of outstanding works. In this batch of works, North The beautiful scenery of Jiu Shui, the magnificentness of Yangkou, the tranquility of Qingshan, the culture of Taiqing Palace, the integration of mountains, sea, heaven and people show the style of Lushan and show the charm of Chinese contemporary ink painting.

The famous painter Zhang Guoxing said in the opening ceremony that this time he went to Lushan’s sketching process, and the mountains, the sea, the sky and the people merged into one. The scenery touched him a lot, and in just a few days, he created 22 sketches.

This exhibition was jointly hosted by the Chinese Ink Painting Institute and the Lushan Scenic Area Administration. It was hosted by the Qingdao Jianuo Art Museum. The next stop of the exhibition will be exhibited in Qingdao. Show the style of Laoshan through a group of excellent art works in front of the world, let more people know Lushan and fall in love with Lushan.

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