Kuncheng Culture Helps the 8th Exhibition of the Three Expos of the Expo okorder

On November 8th, the 8th Sichuan International Self-driving Expo was successfully held in Wuhu Qingren Beach, Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture. At this expo, there are three distinctive exhibitions on the spot. “The three major exhibitions are Liangshan Prefecture Global Tourism Development Photo Exhibition, Liangshan Prefecture Tourism Achievement Photography Exhibition, Self-driving Tour Equipment and Featured Commodities Exhibition. “The three major exhibitions show us the tourism development of Liangshan Prefecture and this Expo. Theme of.

“The Liangshan Prefecture Global Tourism Development Photo Exhibition shows us the development of tourism in Liangshan Prefecture. Liangshan Prefecture has rich tourism resources and many beautiful places, but it has not been well promoted because of the lack of convenient transportation. This exhibition allows us to clearly see the changes in Liangshan Prefecture. With the improvement of traffic conditions, more and more beautiful scenery in Liangshan Prefecture was exposed to people’s eyes, which evoked the desire of people to travel, which led to the development of the tourism industry in Liangshan Prefecture.

& ldquo;The Liangshan Prefecture Tourism Achievement Photography Exhibition can be said to be “Land Mountain State Tourism Development Photo Exhibition” A detail showcase. The development of the tourism industry has driven economic development and made the construction of tourist facilities better and better. As a result, more and more people come to visit. More and more beautiful scenery in Liangshan Prefecture are recorded by tourists who come to visit. In the device. They admire the beautiful and stunning natural scenery, and want to stay at this moment and live through images. Every photo in the exhibition is a boutique, which expresses people’s love for the beautiful scenery of Liangshan Prefecture.

&ltquo; Self-driving equipment and featured merchandise exhibits exhibited various products for self-driving tour, for self-driving Travel enthusiasts provide relevant information and let more people know about the products of self-driving tour. In addition to self-driving equipment, there are also special products that showcase the theme of the entire fair, both self-driving and Liangshan.

“The three major exhibitions present a beautiful and colorful Liangshan Prefecture, beautiful scenery and folk customs. Each item is unique and fascinating. The scene of the Expo is endless, and it is very positive to play through the booths and appreciate the charm of others. It definitely arouses its own itch.

“The three major exhibitions let the guests feel the local customs of Liangshan Prefecture and the beauty of Liangshan Prefecture. The scenery, the organizer and Chengdu Kuncheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. together created this visual feast, showing the guests a beautiful and beautiful Liangshan Prefecture.

Chengdu Kuncheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. insists on internal supervision through professional and standardized operation procedures. Customers provide localized, real-time, systematic and interactive services.

Finally, with the help of Chengdu Kuncheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the 8th Sichuan International Self-driving Expo was successfully held and it was a complete success.

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2018 China Scenic Spots Micro Video (Micro Movie) Competition okorder

November 3rd, & ldquo;Emei World Show · Big Buddha Reputation China China Scenic Spots Micro Video (Microfilm) Competition Awards Shengdian was held in the scenic area of ​​Emei Mountain. Zhao Huayong, honorary chairman of China Association for the Advancement of the Association, Zhao Baojiang, honorary president of China Association for the Advancement of the Society, Wang Fengwu, president of China Association, Gao Jian, deputy secretary-general of China Visual Association, Sun Jianping, vice chairman of China Visual Association Micro Video (microfilm) professional committee, Sichuan The vice chairman and secretary-general of the association, Han Lu, and the deputy director of the China Association for the Advancement of the University, Qiu Yuehua, and other leaders were invited to attend the awards ceremony.

The scenic spot micro video contest is settled

This contest is made up of Chinese landscape Supported by the Association of Famous Places, approved by the China Television Artists Association, and sponsored by the China Television Artists Association Micro Video (Microfilm) Professional Committee, Emeishan Scenic Area Management Committee, Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area Management Committee, Sichuan Yusheng Cement Group Co., Ltd. Co-organized, CITIC Guoan Emei Tourism Mountain City Investment Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation, Qingchengshan Dujiangyan, Putuoshan, Wuhan East Lake, Liaoning Qianshan, Yunnan Shilin, Guangxi East and West Mountain six scenic spots held friendly cooperation.

The competition organizing committee has been collecting for six months, and has been screened by experts and online voting. In the end, it has stood out from 405 entries from hundreds of scenic spots and individuals across the country. Excellent works of the Ministry. The awards of this competition are set from the perspectives of ecological environment, historical humanities, network popularity, visual design, production techniques, etc., comprehensive analysis, summary assessment, and finally set as the best scenic spot micro video award, the best ecological scenic spot. Fourteen awards such as the Micro Video Award and the Best Scenic Visual Micro Video Award.

Top Annual Tourism Culture IP Feast

This awards ceremony is based on the beautiful spirit of Emei Mountain. The natural stage brings together the outstanding scenic spots from China’s five lakes and four seas, creating a largest and most influential annual tourism culture IP feast in China. “Showing is the fascinating charm of Emeishan, and it is also the creative core of this awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is based on “show” as the main line, in the interaction of people, scenery and love, through the artistic expression of singing and dancing, with the help of “by” The beautiful design of sound, light, shadow, fog and flame fully shows the magic and magnificence of Chinese scenic spots, and “shows the roots and souls of the land of China”.

The award ceremony was hosted by Hunan Satellite TV’s famous host, Li Rui, and Sichuan native beauty host Yang Chang. In addition, there are world-class treble king Wang Chunlei, “comedy actor Ji Xing,” and young singer Zeng Yong and many other powerful stars to help out. More than ten song and dance performances combined with the local cultural elements of Sichuan and Chongqing have been performed in a wonderful way. The rhythm is the rhythm of the rhythm and the rhythm of the dance, which expresses the majestic mood of the atmosphere, highlighting the flourishing scenery of the scenic spot, and pinning the feelings of the homeland that did not change.

This year’s competition promoted the exchange, display and dissemination of scenic spots in China, and it was presented to the world. A “Beautiful Chinese Cultural Card”. At the end of the party, everyone was immersed in the aftertaste of the party. At this moment, they are flying their hopes and dreams. They wish the tourism development of the scenic spots to a new height. I wish the Chinese scenic spots to a broader stage, show the world its prosperity and beauty, and highlight its history and heritage!

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China Overseas New Energy Industry Institution and State Grid Electric Vehicles Deepen Cooperation okorder

On October 19, 2018, State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. visited China Overseas New Energy Industry Organization (hereinafter referred to as “China Overseas”) and discussed with China Overseas to further deepen strategic cooperation. The implementation of the new energy development strategy will be promoted side by side.

China Overseas Chairman Fang Yue and Jiang Bing, Chairman of State Grid Electric Vehicles, met and discussed the future issues of the new energy cooperation. Vice Chairman of China Overseas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aiqika New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Wendou, Mr. Zhu Zhenmao, Assistant Chairman of China Overseas Overseas Wang Qinghua, Assistant Chairman of China Overseas and Director of Asset Management Liu Peng, State Grid Electric Qi Shifeng, deputy general manager of the automobile company, Peng Xiaofeng, director of the energy service branch of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company, Xia Yansong, general manager of the charging facility operation division of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company, and assistant to the director of investment and strategic development of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company Liu Huiwen attended the meeting and participated in the discussion.

At the meeting, China Overseas highlighted the five existing business segments: Automotive, Power, Wind Power , financial and electric heavy-duty trucks, including, for example, the development of ultra-high-power fast-charging equipment, the creation of a smart capacity platform, the deep mining of IoT big data and the application of AI technology, the intelligent management and application of high-energy density batteries, and the high-power drive motor. Innovative application technology and so on. These major business segments complement each other and take the new energy as the foothold, and are committed to providing personalized and comprehensive solutions for the different needs of various users. During the discussion, the two sides further refined the cooperation direction and mode mentioned in the previous signing ceremony, clarified the cooperation strategy and goals, and hoped to further promote the efficient use and development of new energy through cooperation between the two parties.

In just one month, the leaders of the two sides met twice and concluded many details of the cooperation. It shows the determination of the cooperation between the two companies and the urgency to promote the development of the entire industry. The leaders of the two companies all said that the cooperation between China Overseas and the State Grid electric vehicles should be fully integrated and cooperated, and deep into a certain business line for deep development, such as electric vehicle charging facilities construction and operation, charging cloud Platform interconnection and data sharing, energy-related technologies, financial leasing finance, new energy smart car R & D and manufacturing, technology, product promotion and derivative services, etc., both companies have a broad space for cooperation, there is a specific practice of real-time Conditions should be implemented quickly.

The two sides reached an agreement: in the future, the world economy will move toward a clean and low-carbon development, and new energy will fundamentally promote the sustainable development of mankind. The two sides will use the infrastructure of car, ship, pile, net, electricity and storage as the carrier, and rely on the strength of cutting-edge technology to open up two major fields of energy and transportation. While pursuing commercial value, they will also undertake more. Corporate and social responsibility. As a pioneer in the industry, China Overseas and the State Grid electric vehicles said that the cooperation between the two parties is not only a mutually beneficial and win-win model, but also explores a future viable path for other companies in the industry to actively promote and promote the positive of the entire industry. To be healthy.

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The gap in the smart home market in India is wide open, and the potential of Chinese brands cannot be ignored. okorder

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Branding and internationalization are the two key words that Chinese home furnishing enterprises should pay attention to. With the continuous popularization of smart homes, the demand of foreign markets is slowly opening up, especially in India, a populous country, Chinese brands should see their own advantages and Potential opportunities.

India’s smart homes are heating up rapidly, and market demand far exceeds expectations. In the second quarter of 2018, India’s smart home shipments reached 1.4 million. These smart products include connected lights, smart speakers, connected thermostats, smart TVs, home monitoring and security products, digital media adapters, and home connectivity devices.

According to statistics, India’s smart home electronics products are growing at a rate of 107% per year, which is a huge attraction for any smart home brand.

However, one question we need to think about now is whether China’s smart homes are likely to enter the Indian market? When can we bring the perfect smart home products to Indian consumers?

We have thrown this question for three reasons:

First of all, China’s smart home products have a leading edge in the world. Although TV is not the first in China, China’s basic and global pace in the smart home and artificial intelligence industries are consistent.

Especially in the smart home field, due to China’s huge market demand, it has a leading edge in technology, design and innovation. It is possible that China’s smart homes will become opportunities for overtaking in corners of the Chinese home appliance manufacturing industry.

Secondly, at the world’s three most prestigious consumer electronics exhibitions (IFA in Germany, CES in the US and AWE in China), the function, intelligence and convenience of China’s smart home products are very advantageous. The signals revealed from the show seem to be able to see that China’s smart home is inevitable and may become the industry standard for smart homes.

During the German IFA this year, we saw the smart home exhibited by Haier in China. The smart home launched with the concept of whole house wisdom has truly realized the Internet of Things, which surprised many people.

Third, China’s smart homes should be more popular. The main reason is that China’s huge application market has already been tested by the market. Therefore, when China’s smart homes are pushed to overseas markets, consumers do not doubt technology and quality, and the shortcomings of China’s smart homes to overseas markets are lack of brand effects, and there should be more scene experiences to allow Indian consumption. Learn about China’s smart home.

Now, there are not many Chinese smart home brands that support the Indian smart home.

With the tremendous growth of smart TV, especially India’s smart TV market, in addition to the benefits provided by smart TV, the main credits include the Over the Top (OTT) content player. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and Viu are some of the popular brands in the Indian OTT sector. They have been attracting Indian consumers to get rid of traditional TV services such as live-to-home (DTH) and local cable network providers.

Smart Speakers is another segment that has experienced tremendous growth. Indian youth are not only focused on listening to music, but also want to communicate with their devices, while smart speakers such as Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Echo are best at it.

Amazon, which has Echo series of smart speakers, leads with a 59% market share, followed by Google.

However, many young consumers in India are looking forward to China’s smart home products. Especially the Indians who have been to China, or have visited the German IFA and the US CES show, are full of expectations for China’s smart home.

China’s smart homes have impressed young Indians with designs that they like very much. Nowadays, there are not many smart home products in the Indian market. Some Indians understand Chinese smart homes and watch them with YouTube videos.

On the one hand, you can see the product more directly, on the other hand, you can learn more about technology through video. We observe that China’s smart homes will have many opportunities in India, but when it can enter India in large quantities and benefit more Indian middle class, we have no way to predict.

But we can tell Chinese smart home companies that the gap in the Indian market is opening rapidly, which is a huge opportunity for companies that want to enter smart homes in India.

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Guangdong United Alibaba Cloud held Tianchi Competition with AI to help industrial intelligence okorder

At the just-concluded 2018 Beijing International Design Week, Rococo & Middot; Luo Ke New Species Design Exhibition, “Guangdong Industrial Intelligence Big Data Innovation Competition is unique among many exhibits. In addition to occupying a whole wall, the contest was specifically mentioned in the theme sharing including Li Fancong, general manager of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group (Beijing).

New Species Design Exhibition Theme Sharing Day

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and Alibaba Group jointly launched the “Guangdong Industrial Intelligence and Big Data Innovation Competition”, which was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Foshan Municipal People’s Government and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. The world’s top talents focus on industrial manufacturing big data, application-oriented, explore the world’s advanced intelligent manufacturing application results, provide assistance for the government’s next industry introduction and investment promotion, and promote the development of Guangdong’s intelligent manufacturing industry.

According to reports, this competition is held in Nanhai District, Foshan City, divided into two major venues: intelligent algorithm competition and application innovation competition. Among them, the intelligent algorithm competition is based on the identification of aluminum surface surface defects, facing the real pain points of aluminum profile benchmark enterprises in Nanhai District, requiring players to establish algorithm models with standard data to provide a quick identification solution to help enterprises complete intelligent upgrades. .

And the application innovation competition takes Alibaba Cloud as the only competition platform, with the theme of industrial intelligent manufacturing, setting four major links of supply, research, production and sales, and recruiting smart industrial innovation solutions nationwide. It is required to effectively trace the causes of quality, the reasons for inefficient production, the reasons for high energy consumption, etc., and to automatically adjust the corresponding production process parameters in real time. The selected project will use Alibaba Cloud’s rich investment sources and a large pool of talent resources to carry out the empowerment incubation and ultimately realize intelligent manufacturing and make continuous contributions to the development and reform of Guangdong Province.

Rococo · Los Angeles 2018 New Species Design Exhibition

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become a national strategic emerging industry. From 2015, the State Council clearly stated in the “Made in China 2025” that “accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment and products, and promote the in-depth integration of informationization and industrialization. By July last year, the State Council publicly issued the “Notice on the Development Planning of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence”. Clarify the strategic goals and key tasks of the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry. The country attaches great importance to it and promotes the vigorous development of the artificial intelligence industry.

Therefore, in the reform and opening up, Guangdong Province, which is at the forefront of economic development, is also keeping pace with artificial intelligence as a new engine for innovation-driven development. In March of this year, Guangdong held the provincial science and technology innovation conference, and emphasized in the “Guangdong Province New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (2018-2030) (Draft for Comment)”: By 2025, the core scale of the artificial intelligence industry should exceed 150 billion. Yuan, driving the relevant industries to reach 1.8 trillion yuan; by 2030, the entire artificial intelligence industry should enter the high-end link of the global value chain.

With the continuous improvement of Guangdong’s manufacturing industry information construction, a large number of industrialized enterprises with high degree of informationization have accumulated certain data resources and have a good environmental foundation for holding competitions. How to make good use of existing industrial big data resources has become a new topic facing Foshan’s industrial transformation and development. This also promoted the cooperation between Foshan City and Alibaba Cloud Tianchi Platform in the Guangdong Industrial Intelligence Big Data Innovation Competition from 2018 to 2020. The two parties will jointly build national-level events in the field of intelligent manufacturing in the next three years, and convene global wisdom with data openness. Guide the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry and change and develop, improve the production intelligence of manufacturing enterprises, and obtain sustainable competitiveness.

It is reported that the manufacturing scale of Nanhai District of Foshan City is close to 700 billion yuan, and it has the geographical advantage of radiating the Pearl River Delta and the world cloud manufacturing base. It is vigorously promoting the integration of industrialization and informationization, promoting online and offline Domestic and international cross-border innovation to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and products. Gu Yaohui, the head of the Nanhai District, once said: Nanhai plans to cultivate the big data industry into a pillar industry in the South China Sea in three years, actively promote the innovation and application of big data, and strive to build a national new smart city demonstration zone.

It is understood that this Guangdong Industrial Manufacturing Big Data Innovation Competition is also one of the innovative cooperation between Alibaba and Guangdong Province for several consecutive years. As early as 2014, the Guangdong Provincial Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Alibaba in Guangzhou, and cooperated closely in frontier areas such as intelligent logistics backbone network, cloud computing and big data, public service e-commerce, and county e-commerce.

Since then, a number of Guangdong manufacturing backbone enterprises, including Zhujiang Beer and Zhujiang Piano, have successfully cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to solve the painful problems in the process of transformation and upgrading.

At the same time, this competition is another cooperation between Foshan Municipal Government and Aliyun Tianchi. The Guangdong Government Data Innovation Competition held last year was carried out by the Nanhai District Government of Foshan City, and the Foshan Institute of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information provided a large number of high-definition satellite images. The event finally attracted Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, 3,677 teams from 18 countries and regions such as Singapore participated in the competition, focusing on the innovation application and cross-border integration of government data to promote the overall management and service capacity of the government.

Since its launch in 2014, Alibaba Cloud Tianchi has hosted nearly a hundred high-profile competitions, covering 92 countries and regions around the world.District, over 200,000 data developers, have deposited massive data sets and solutions in multiple fields, and exported to government, business and social organizations including but not limited to medical, transportation, tourism, industry, Internet of things, etc. Domain solutions.

According to the official website of the Tianchi Competition, the competition is open to the whole society. Individuals, universities, research institutes, enterprises, makers and artificial intelligence research institutions can register before October 8. Participate in the competition and will decide the champion team in late November to win a prize of up to 200,000 yuan.

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Looking at the evolution of domestic independent brand design from these three masters okorder

With the globalization of the economy and the further expansion of the opening up policy, the development of Chinese brands in the domestic market and the international market is in full swing. China has gradually moved from the past “production countries” to “big brands”, and domestic brand design has evolved.

As we all know, brand design is the core of the brand, an important step in establishing a brand image, and the key to increasing the added value of products and increasing market share. So, we may wish to start from the well-known three brand design masters in China to see what level of domestic brand design is above.


Reluctantly, born in Hong Kong, he advocates integrating the essence of Chinese traditional culture into the concept of modern Western design. He emphasized that this kind of integration is not a simple addition, but a fusion of profound understanding of Chinese culture. In his consciousness, “beautiful design is not necessarily a good design. The best design is those that suit the company and fit the product.

For example, the logo of Chongqing’s urban image propaganda, “Everyone Chongqing, barely will be two joys of joy The “overlapping” of human figures has become a “clearing word, taking “double celebration”, people-oriented, hand in hand. Water and ink are the materials, the landscape is the theme, combined with the practicality and artistry of the text. From a distance, it is a magnificent grass. In the near view, it is the landscape of the peaks and turns, barely for the careful layout of the Chongqing. Sexual sway, pour the secluded chest in the heart of the words, draw the words in my heart, let the traditional Chinese ink shine.

Chen Youjian

Chen Youjian was born in Hong Kong, China, and is a Chinese culture. The heritage is very persistent and deeply loves Chinese traditional culture, but this deep love does not turn him into a tradition of “old art”, perfect for Western aesthetics and oriental culture, giving the work a traditional charm without losing fashion taste. Elegant.

In 2000, Chen Youjian’s poster for Rossini’s watches impressed many people on the poster. The scale is not the previous Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, but is replaced by some incomplete texts, but the movement of the hour hand can add a moment to each moment, making it a complete Chinese lowercase number, concisely and clearly Reflecting the creativity of the dial, this is the ultimate embodiment of Chinese elements used in modern design, such design products are not only beautiful but also very interesting. It is undeniable that from Chen Youjian’s works, we can appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional culture in a design full of Western sentiments.

Xia Ke

Hong Kong, China, as a place of harmony between Chinese and Western cultures, breeds A lot of designers in the design industry, but in the case of inland, contact with foreign design smoked later, there are also some brand design masters, Xia Ke is one of them.

The same as the first two, Xia Ke insisted that the core of the design is also the Chinese traditional culture. From the early years of studying oil painting to the later focusing on ink painting, Shake’s strong Chinese complex is reflected. After working in the food field, he also opened a proper term in the field of food packaging —— Chinese post-modern food packaging design. Combining Chinese traditional culture with modern aesthetics into design, this can be called pure original “Chinese design”.

Located in the specialty, he settled at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province. Before, it was the ordinary cheap rice candy, Xia Ke’s intervention, let “Shovel shovel turned into a body”, Zhang Renfang, became the world-famous “Taojia rice candy.” Among them, “The key to the world of Zhangrenfang is the Taoist brand culture that Xia Ke has instilled in it. Grasping the characteristics of Qingcheng Mountain, the birthplace of Taoism, its vegetarian culture is blended with” Shovel shovel in the rice candy, and on the packaging, the image of the man is selected as the main element, the whole package is skillfully used to form the image of the keeper in a paper bag, and the rope is tied to the crown of the keeper, and it is taken without a bundle! Shaped like an angry hair rushing crown; bundled, molded! Xianfeng bone.

In fact, no matter the Hong Kong design masters mentioned here, Qiang Qiang, Chen Youjian, or inland design master Xia Ke, their design style, combines traditional Chinese culture without exception. Today’s brand design industry is no longer the past era of “Chongyang Meiwai,” whether it is “Chinese and Western” or “China” postmodern, bringing the history and culture of China’s 5,000 years of history to the international arena. Let Chinese brands be known to the world, and let Chinese design be recognized by the world!

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How does the kaa live platform dock to the official? Deren Kaa live broadcast for sunny days okorder

Deren Fund provides KAA with an operational plan that meets the current environment. Innovative Internet thinking combined with investment and management, Mai drag and disassemble this eight-character mantra to create a new business model. Because we must first raise money before we do anything; there are only two forms of financing around the world: one is equity financing and the other is bond financing. Equity financing is that everyone makes a business together and earns everyone a share of the loss of shares, and everyone loses. The common saying of bond financing is to borrow money. I need money to do business. You lend me. Then my business is doing well and badly, it has nothing to do with you. I just need to give you the interest and interest according to the deadline.

But we found the Chinese market today. When you share with others how much it is for others to invest, it will become more and more difficult, so we have innovated in financing today. We didn’t make money in the early days, only fans. Because now China has entered the fan economy. Ma Yun once said a word: the resource is called the world, the resources she talked about are fans. In the first stage, we set a small goal and first melted a million fans.

What the fans have to do is to talk about it later, and it’s even harder to invest. Many companies thinking about Internet thinking are thinking about how fans can quickly realize their problems. A precise investment must depend on whether he has three characteristics, whether it is a competitive product and a strong culture, and a system that is human. Therefore, the final kaa product is the educational live training and shareholder dividend mechanism. Of course, there is also a series of blockchain ecosystems such as the second stage of the award-winning voting exchange. Then we look at the first stage of entertainment live broadcast, you can quickly achieve the circle powder. A new net red can have millions of fans.

With education and training, we plan to create online live learning education for blockchain. This is still in the blank stage at home, and no one is doing the blue ocean market. For the entire blockchain industry, fresh blood is constantly being cultivated. At the same time, the shareholder dividend mechanism is adopted to realize the anchor community user to become a community of interests. That can give 83% of the total return to all Kaa partners.

So KAA’s products are highly competitive in the market, so we should also give it a strong culture. The three big companies in the world are Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Their employees are all over the world and they share a common culture called faith. Applicable to our people is called a dream, everyone has the right to realize their dreams. Today KAA is a platform to realize their dreams. Entertainment live broadcasts everyone’s star dream and education and training realizes everyone’s big coffee dream; shareholder dividends realize Everyone’s dream of success. Three dreams, the gathering of kaa carries the hope of everyone. Kaa’s mission is to help our little friends succeed in their dreams. Product and culture are perfect, this is not a good business model. The system is the most crucial part. Today we need to change and innovate in the system, so that almost everyone can have a relationship with the guests. In other words, as long as you want can help you achieve. The first user relationship occurs, that is, free download registration and complete real-name authentication; kaa live broadcast will send you a high bitcoin reward, random fight. If you want to have a shareholder relationship. You only need to bring a hundred users to kaa live, you can become our VIP share of kaa; you can enjoy 3% of all eco benefits of kaa. The higher the number of people, the higher the income will be!

KAA token mechanism, rewarding live broadcast Mine platform purchase, cost, voting, and distribution. This world is so good! There is a self-reliant exchange, and the rest of the tokens are voted on. That’s right, KAA is so powerful!

If you want to be a sharer of kaa, become a shareholder of kaa, realize your dream of success; you can follow the public number to enter the community.

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How do domestic coating companies compete for high-end market in the crack? okorder

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Paint is not commonly used by people However, it is an indispensable building material for home decoration, or it can be used on walls or furniture, so the environmental standards of coatings have become the focus of consumers. However, looking at the paint brands in the domestic market, the level is uneven, there are still many problems. In the future development, the capture of the high-end market must be an inevitable development trend of the paint industry.

The current waterborne coatings have been favored by more and more people, and the comprehensive properties, fullness, film hardness, abrasion resistance, service life and color formula of the waterborne coatings are all To have a higher level, that is, advanced products in water-based paints, advanced products also have higher requirements in terms of production cost and technology, which have always been a concern in the industry.

And for advanced water-based coating products, the equipment and technical level of the smaller-scale enterprises are still not up to standard, and only a few companies in China can produce them. However, in the future development, high-end coatings must be a major development trend. How to seize this market will be a big problem related to the success or failure of enterprises.

Consumer demand growth promotes the development of high-end water-based coatings

In the morning, we will see people exercising, and there will always be many people stopping at the market stalls marked with green food. It is the social reality. People’s living standards have improved, and their attention to health and other issues has increased. People’s needs in living and living have also been reflected. Although the paint is not commonly used by people, it is an indispensable building material for home decoration, or it can be used on walls or furniture. Traditional paints contain high volatile chemicals, which are very good for people’s health. The big threat, so many consumers often spend a lot of money to buy paint, which shows that people’s consciousness is changing. Because water-based paints use water as a solvent, they are rare, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odorless, and have become more and more popular in the market.

In 2018, changes in China’s national policies will have a greater impact on the industry. According to Xiaobian, the state has corresponding regulations and standards for each industry, as well as coatings. From architectural coatings to wood coatings to industrial coatings, each department has corresponding standards to regulate the market.

The introduction of coating standard regulations not only regulates the industry market, but also improves the overall quality of coating products. At the same time, it also has clearer regulations on volatile hazardous substances in coatings. For example, on October 1, 2010, the “GB24613-2009 Limits for Hazardous Materials in Toy Coatings” was officially implemented. The total lead content, volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc. were clearly defined. The regulations, and the introduction of these standards, can also promote the development of the specification of the toy coatings market.

Industry reshuffle: How do domestic coating enterprises compete for high-end coatings market

Speaking of industry reshuffle, it is necessary to talk about the situation of China’s coatings market, from China’s 7,754,400 tons in 2009. In terms of output, China’s coatings industry seems to have developed very well, but people in the industry know that although China’s coatings industry has large output, its product level is uneven, and the scale of enterprises is relatively small. There are only a handful of real large enterprises. Types also tend to be in the middle and lower levels, and the real high-end coating market share is still in the hands of foreign brands.

However, with the development of society, coating products with high performance will naturally be loved by consumers, and the market space for these products will also become larger and larger, and products with poor product performance will naturally Will be eliminated by the market.

Chinese coatings companies still tend to develop high-end products. Industry insiders have also said that many domestic coating companies also have the ability to develop and produce high-end coatings, but it depends on whether they have the courage to go abroad. The company is going to compete in this market and play its own brand in the high-end coatings field. Since the high-end coatings market is a trend in the future, domestic companies must have their own high-end coating products. Xiaobian hopes that under the baptism of the industry, more and more enterprises will have better development opportunities.

In life, paints play a great "ownership" for many industries "growth and color", of course, the development of China’s coatings industry has been very large, since 2009 Since the beginning of the year, production has leapt to the top in the world. However, China’s coatings industry is large but not strong. This is because China’s coatings companies still have a large gap with coatings technology and high-end raw materials supply. This is the crux of China’s coatings industry. In the future coating industry, the high-end market is an inevitable development trend of the entire coatings industry. This requires more attention from local companies, and continues to develop the technical level of coatings, allowing China to enter the ranks of coatings.

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Chengdu Mobile signed and Zhongxing, the Western Zhigu data center officially launched okorder

Today (January 18, 2018), China Mobile Communications Group Sichuan Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Mobile), and Chengdu Hezhongxing Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Wuhou West Zhigu Data Center to build and operate The signing ceremony was held in China Mobile Sichuan Co., Ltd. After the project is put into production, large Internet application companies, large-scale Internet of Things application companies and related government and enterprises will be introduced.

In the era of information explosion, more and more users want to get a faster experience of mobile internet, whether it is video pictures, mobile payment, location services, remote scheduling, mobile music, social activities, mobile games, etc. Rich and colorful mobile Internet applications, as well as smart government, smart medical, intelligent transportation, digital urban management, smart education and other government and service applications, are inseparable from the support of high-speed data centers. At the same time, big data and cloud computing are profoundly changing the various fields of society. All of these network devices, links, exchanges, and the operation, calculation, and storage of big data require a large number of data center rooms. At this time, it is very necessary and feasible to build a high-efficiency, low-energy, and environmentally-friendly data center in the region. The mobile western Zhigu data center was born in Wuhou District, Chengdu.

West Zhigu is located at the northern end of Chengdu Wuhou Industrial Park, on the outside of the Third Ring Road in Chengdu. It is connected to the freight avenue of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. It covers an area of ​​750 mu, with a total construction area of ​​over 1 million square meters and a total investment of nearly 3.3 billion yuan. The park is adjacent to the 1200-acre Southwest Logistics Center, about 5 kilometers from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, about 5 kilometers from the West Railway Station, and about 6 kilometers from the South Railway Station. The logistics is cheap and the traffic is convenient. In addition, the 55-mu comprehensive supporting service facilities planned by the park will provide talented apartments, business hotels, exhibitions, banks, law firms, accounting firms, catering, supermarkets, fitness, leisure and entertainment related services for the enterprises. Investors realize the convenience of all modern life while achieving exclusive use of office space. Up to now, there are 89 enterprises that have built industrial production bases in the park, 51 have been put into operation, and there are about 30,000 employees in the park. Many well-known brands and high-quality enterprises have settled in the park. A group of Fortune 500 companies such as Emerson, DuPont and Taiwan Lianqiang, as well as Sichuan Dazhisheng, Digital China and Rainbow Group, which have important influence in China, have settled in the park.

Data Center Interior

This West The signing ceremony of Zhigu Data Center was highly valued by relevant leaders of Wuhou District and relevant leaders of China Mobile Sichuan Chengdu Branch. They believe that the completion of the construction of the data center of the Wuhou Zhigu Park will greatly contribute to the development of the industry in Wuhou District and even Chengdu, and help the construction of the wisdom Wuhou and the wisdom of Chengdu!

It is understood that the other party in this contract —— and Zhongxing Company belong to a large IDC service cluster. The cluster focuses on data center operation, construction and network access for 16 years; accumulated operational data centers up to 20; investment and construction machine data centers 4; 2017 consultation and construction data centers 2; IDC data center business nationwide 50 Node resource. The cluster is designed to provide Internet companies with secure and worry-free data services. The business segment covers T3+ five-star data center construction, operation, and lifecycle maintenance; high-defense, multi-line, CDN acceleration and other value-added services; secure public cloud, Private cloud (government cloud), hybrid cloud construction, etc., is the first batch of ISP\IDC service providers in China.

Pre-communication survey site map

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Business Leaders Annual Meeting Guest 丨 Hong Tai Fund Sheng Xitai: Angel’s Uprising okorder

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 26

Hong Tai Fund founder Sheng Xitai has confirmed attendance Sponsored by the Business Media Group, “Great Change and New Beginnings —— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum. On January 25, 2018, he will give a keynote speech in the search for the variables of the times.

Jogging 1000 meters, punching 800 times, kicking 200 times, push-ups 80, sit-ups 120, flat support four and a half … … in the latest fight training, 47-year-old Sheng Xitai completed the above actions in 2 hours. “Each indicator needs to go further every time. The bones and muscles of the human being are the relationship between the land and the crops. If there is no water in the land, the crops will be finished. This is his request for himself.

In the past two years, the founder of the Hongtai Fund has spent a small amount of free time in the training hall. Paired with it is the world free fight champion Yang Jianping, who was famous for his three-game winning streak in a fight titled “Kunlun”.

In fact, the winner of this championship is Sheng Xitai. Two years ago, as an individual angel, Sheng Xitai invested in Kunlun, which laid the foundation for its current valuation of 300 million US dollars, and even won the honor of President Xi Jinping. The burgeoning success of this success was finally due to the addition of another partner, Ms. Yu Minhong, the most famous entrepreneur in China, which gave birth to the Hongtai Fund, which was called the “friend circle killer” in the past year.

“ The killer is clearly a tribute, especially for China in the 2015 entrepreneurial carnival. People are relishing the story of a night of riches or “small-fashioned counterattacks”, like a fight in the fight, the audience is looking forward to the KO moment on the stage. Fighters who win screams often belong to those who are calmer, faster, more sensitive, and more able to grasp the rhythm.

From the beginning of zero, 60 projects will be invested in one year, the layout will be from seed to the new three-board industrial chain fund, the branches in 10 cities around the world, and the construction of software and hardware incubators. Sheng Xitai, obviously meets people’s expectations for the “killer.”

“ My original glasses did not have color, but in order to avoid their sharp eyes, I changed the glasses with 30% ink. Sheng Xitai’s hair is upright, raising two fists, one close to the cheek with “30% ink glasses to protect, and the other one to reach out to the imaginary opponent in the air, ready to punch a blow.

Taige is very busy

Sheng Xitai is really busy.

According to some statistics, in the past year, he traveled to and from the Capital Stadium and the Capital Airport, where the headquarters of Hongtai was located, and took an average of four days every day. The flight mileage is equivalent to flying around the equator around the Earth. A little more, I sent 13,300 business cards —— and this is exactly the total number of entrepreneurs, media, angel investors, etc. he talked about in 365 days.

A sense of urgency, initiative, All in, let the slow-paced partner Yu Minhong feel a lot of emotion: “From the first day of Hong Tai’s birth, Tai Ge seems to be not going home, in order to give Hongtai layout, looking for projects, in addition to working day and night, Taige is also running around the country, roads and sermons.

“Tago is Sheng Xitai, correspondingly, Yu Minhong is familiar to everyone, “Yu teacher has become “Hung Ge.” They tried to tell Hong Tai’s story as China’s “PayPal gang”, which gave birth to some of Silicon Valley’s greatest companies — — Tesla, LinkedIn, YouTube and so on. Therefore, the Hongtai Ecosphere is also known as “Hong Tai Bang”.

This reflects Sheng Xitai’s ambitions, and he is blunt: “We will train the first generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, clean and true entrepreneurs, without original sin, China will enter a new era.

Sheng Xitai is one of the most qualified people to talk about this topic.

In 1992, Sheng Xitai, who had not graduated from Nankai University, rushed to Shenzhen to join the first securities companies that had just been established, —— Junan Securities. On the third day of employment, he wore Pierre Cardin, which was set up by the company for 3,000 yuan. As an intern, he took a prospectus in Hong Kong with a blue-covered logo car, took over and finally completed the first IPO case in Sichuan: Jinlu Group.

At that time, the China Securities Regulatory Commission had not yet been established.

A fame in the battle, a young boy. Sheng Xitai became the vice president of Shandong Securities at the age of 26, and served as the vice president of United Securities at the age of 32. He became the president of United Securities at the age of 36 and became the chairman of Huatai United at the age of 42. The cross-border brokerage investment bank has been in the rivers and lakes for 22 years, and has conducted IPOs for dozens of well-known enterprises such as Zoomlion, Han’s Laser, and Blue Cursor. The industry is known as “Little Shuai”.

However, he gradually felt lost. “In the 10 years after the new century, China’s securities industry will no longer occupy the tide, and will no longer give me an opportunity to engage with the mainstream of the society. It will still be this bear-like for another 20 years. I have more opportunities to switch to a bigger securities company to be the president. The same, what is the difference?

In 2008, Sheng Xitai accidentally visited Li Ka-shing, 80, and saw that the latter’s office was very well appointed. Personal interest, and I have been the president and chairman for more than ten years. You are the director of the bureau level, but never do it in the office.Personal decoration. This makes him even more lost: he is just a soldier who has a career and no career. Four years later, Sheng Xitai left the securities investment bank, which has been in business for 22 years, and slowly touched the road of angel investment.

Later, the former colleagues visited him and asked why they must do this business. They are all “slow money.”

Sheng Xitai replied: “What do you know about my pleasure?”


Afterwards, on the morning of September 2013, It seems that it is no different from the past.

Sheng Xitai, the former bureau leader who resigned from the sea, decided not to stay at home to tease the children, but to visit a friend at the China World Hotel. Passing through the hotel lobby, he saw several people in suits and suits chatting together. Several of them just happened to know each other, so they went to say hello and greeted the courtesy. They learned that the young man named Jiang Hua was looking for angel investment.

In those two years, Sheng Xitai did not find a new direction in life. In the past, he was an investment bank, serving the enterprise’s long-term back-end. In accordance with the inertia of more than 20 years of practice, he tried to find inspiration in the PE field of the same service enterprise back-end. The angel investment in the front end of the service enterprise was regarded by the former as a “sweet investor” and the image was low-end.

Sheng Xitai stood up and planned to leave. Unexpectedly, Jiang Hua suddenly stepped forward and held his fists like a martial arts man: “Sheng Zong, can you take a step to speak?

Three days later, Sheng The money went to the account of Jianghua Company. He did not intervene in the name of an angel, but a co-founder.

In less than 11 months, the free-scoring brand called “Kunlun” has become a race with the old-fashioned fight program “Wulin Wind”. After 14 months, Kunlun decided to introduce a new round of financing, valued at 150 million US dollars. At the end of 2014, in the national ratings ranking, Kunlun decided to take the second place, second only to “If You Are the One”, the number of fans reached tens of millions.

In 1 year, from 0 to N, this subverted the recognition of Sheng Xitai. In particular, it is himself who catalyzes this miracle.

He did two things: introducing his own contacts and resources, introducing his own experience and patterns

As co-founder, Sheng Xitai invested in Jiang Hua and quickly resolved for Kunlun From the office space to the follow-up financing issues, IDG and Zhenge Fund have entered.

At the beginning, “Jiang Hua, who has only done some successful small businesses, estimates that Kunlun can achieve a market value of 10 billion yuan. Sheng Xitai has calculated an account based on his own experience and pattern: 300 million US Population, the world’s top comprehensive fighting event UFC can achieve 3.8 billion US dollars, China’s population is more than four times the United States, in order to benchmark, Kunlun can reach 10 billion US dollars.

In January 2014, Kunlun’s first game was held in Thailand. After the broadcast of Qinghai Satellite TV on Sunday night at 22:30, it was not shocking. In the second game, Kunlun decided to cooperate with the martial arts wind to clear the obstacles to the approval of the domestic landing. As one of the cooperation conditions, the competition fees were paid by Kunlun. This game is very hot, fighting fans suddenly know Kunlun, many people become fans.

Fortunately, the introduction of the national sports industry policy and the approval of large-scale events this year. Kunlun decided to stay in place one year ahead of schedule and stood on the vent. Today, Kunlun is not a purely fighting game, but a super IP that sits in the business sector of e-commerce, apparel, games, games, etc., is regarded as a model of “Internet + sports”.

“Being needed is the greatest enjoyment. Kunlun has subverted Sheng Xitai’s perception of angel investment: “The original angel’s interesting thing is that with my age, experience, connections, resources, experience, etc., it is really possible to make an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial project leopard! I am without me, it is a difference between life and death.

—— Hong Tai’s investment philosophy was thus built: Angel + (ANGEL PLUS). Later, these two words became the English name of Hong Tai.

There are no gods in this industry

At the end of 2014, Hongtai was established, the first year of Chinese entrepreneurship is coming, and 6,200 early investment institutions are ready to go, “double slogan” When it comes to the fore, Chinese-style entrepreneurial carnival is dazzling. But human nature has never changed. Fighter Sheng Xitai began to be as calm as a veteran, looking for his own rhythm.

Throughout 2015, Hongtai Fund received a total of 20,148 business plans, with an average of 2.3 startups coming to the door every hour, and Hongtai invested 60 projects from it, with an investment rate of about For 3‰, compared with the domestic angels, the selection rate of 1%~2% is extremely demanding.

A business plan needs to be screened through six layers before being accepted and determined to be invested: investment manager screening, group screening, partner screening, management partner screening, Sheng Xitai judgment, Yu Minhong on some projects Interview. In this process, each link is vetoed by one vote, and it is better to miss the wrong project.

I remember that at the beginning of 2014, Sheng Xitai accidentally contacted the Huimin network team. He didn’t feel the project, but he felt that the team was very strong. Where is the strong? The founder will tell the story, the team has been working on it for a while, and none of the questions asked can be answered. Sheng Xitai feels interesting. Please ask a dozen e-commerce providers in the circle of friends to check. The big men went to investigate and replied: This project cannot be cast.

Among these amnesties, there are no shortage of people who have invested in similar projects with Huimin.

But the Shengxi Taiyue and Huimin network team contact, the more reluctant to give up. “Gambling is gambling, no matter what others say, Laozi will do it! This is his only project to discuss with his wife before the vote,” “I don’t want her to make a decision for me, just want someone to tell me. Release the pressure, because no one supports me, everyone is against me, I want to vote for ……

Now, this is abandoned by 300 investment institutions, and the industry is not big. The optimistic project has become the largest community e-commerce and supermarket purchase platform in China, with a valuation of 2 billion US dollars. This gives Sheng Xitai a further insight into angel investment: there is no god in this industry, we are looking for people with success traits, including but not limited to learning ability, persistence ability, and self-reflection ability.

Further extension, the essence of angel investment lies in understanding human nature.

Now, entrepreneurs are talking about projects at Hongtai Fund Headquarters and Sheng Xitai. Sheng Xitai often plays with mobile phones. If the other person can make him thrilled to lose his mobile phone, congratulations to the entrepreneur —— you have succeeded.

Now, no one in the venture capital circle knows Hong Tai, no one does not know Sheng Xitai, and he only wants to give this success to the younger generation.

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