The moment, in the end how the Chinese intelligent robot development?

Intelligent robot is a perception, thinking, effects aspects of a comprehensive simulation of human machine systems. In recent years, with the AI, big data, and the development of intelligent manufacturing breakthroughs, making the robot further enhance the experience, coupled with voice interaction, face recognition, automatic positioning and navigation technology and the deepening of the integration of the robot, intelligent robot species is more increasingly rich, it has been widely used in various fields.
Second, it can be done in accordance with the instructions variety of people relatively simple task, such as reconnaissance, distribution, reception, room service, entertainment, nurses, education, etc., to a certain extent to solve the people unable or unwilling to complete things, not only can operate autonomously, but also to work together to complete tasks or to complete the task under the guidance of people. For example during the epidemic, Jingdong logistics and distribution intelligent robot completed the first single delivery in Wuhan, the success of medical supplies and life transported from Wuhan Ren Jingdong logistics and Wuhan site to ninth hospital; Suning logistics distribution plan to launch robotic assistance www.cechina .cn , the courier after delivery to the cell door, has been handed over to the disinfection of Suning no delivery robot, which can determine their own route, take the elevator, and remind consumers to pick up the CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [123 ], can be realized “non-contact delivery.” Hatch used in intelligent residential community launched unmanned robot intelligent logistics and distribution hachi delight; excellent mandatory 5G robot acts as a high-speed vigilante checkpoints in Shenzhen Hok Chau checkpoint, 24 hours a day to remind passing motorists scan code in advance of the deep personnel and vehicles full coverage information check register. It is reported that each robot can save four police, while reducing the risk of infection caused by contact with people close. Of course, in everyday life, such examples is endless. Intelligent robots, science and technology to fight the epidemic put a layer of protective clothing Currently, with the increasing number of market demand for intelligent robots, application scenarios in expanding the application model is also more innovative. As Dharma Ali hospital health sector to provide aid package of knowledge, developed a “smart robot epidemic”; a new song in collaboration with domestic hospitals, jointly developed the cancer treatment applied to the “ablation medical assistance robot”; developed and launched the Orion Star ” epidemic prevention and control intelligent robot “; Jingdong number Branch launched the” epidemic interrogation robot “and so on. Among them, the number of families Jingdong launch inquiry epidemic machineIs people, with artificial intelligence control engineering Copyright , the robot can learn professional knowledge related to the epidemic, the user basic questions of analysis and judgment play a supporting role in health care. Orion Star developed and launched the “epidemic prevention and control of intelligent robot” is a multi-camera modules, laser radar navigation and other components, in addition to answering the basic question of attenders, intelligent guiding patients, but also enables physicians to conduct remote diagnosis and treatment of patients. Other platform-oriented enterprises, such as IFLYTEK, cloud-known sound, thinking Spitzer to provide for the company’s intelligent robotics technology, making intelligent voice prompt to be popular, so the virtual robot also plays an important role. Baidu free and open during the outbreak of epidemic prevention and control organizations to the National Intelligent outbound platform, intelligent outbound robot for community epidemic prevention and control efficiencies. And these model innovation, technological innovation has led to the industrial diversification intelligent robots, it embarked on the fast lane. It can be seen – (2018 China intelligent service robot sales and growth forecast in 2019 and 2013), from 2013 to 2018 annual growth rate of 33.2%, especially 2017 to 2018 the annual growth rate close to the figure below 16% of 2018 sales of $ 1.86 billion. 2019 China is expected to intelligent service robot market will reach $ 2.2 billion. In this regard, Chinese Science and Technology Association Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Huai Jinpeng, said, “the era of robot technology changes rapidly, network, intelligence and integration increasingly significant trend, driven by old and new converts kinetic energy to accelerate and promote digital economic collaboration and intelligent manufacturing force, and constantly changing the way people work and live. many cutting-edge breakthroughs in core technologies surging, explosive growth of new products, the industry thriving. ” Crucial moment: the core components of intelligent robot localization trend is gradually emerging at the same time also found that although in recent years, our industry is growing intelligent service robots, artificial intelligence, machine vision technology has been great progress, but at the core parts chips, sensors, reducer, and other components, ABB, KUKA and other foreign manufacturers occupy the first-mover advantage in the field of core components. Domestic enterprises new song, horizon, Cambrian and other emerging technologies in the field of laser radar sensor, AI chip, also is seeking a breakthrough. Even so
, and ChinaTechnology is relatively backward compared with developed countries, still in the development stage. Especially in computing, vision, speech, four key technologies driving, only voice technology, visual technology talk to leading international technology comparable, more obvious gaps in other areas. Technological gap, resulting in China still relies on imports of core components, thus contributing to the high price of Chinese robots, products uncompetitive. Mutual technical and cost constraints, has become the biggest challenge to the development of China’s robot industry. I believe that, in addition to defects in the technology, hardware, as well as the talent pool, social infrastructure, lack of uniform standards of product reasons. First, reserves and quality of talent determines the development and distribution of robot technology, it can decide how far to run, long life, high and low quality of production, and secondly, the degree of improvement of social infrastructure, such as the ability to determine the distribution of the robot other vehicles as normal on the road, the ability to have a system of laws and regulations to protect. Finally, the lack of uniform standards, many companies flocking to the strength of good and bad, which will have a negative impact on the development of the robotics industry in our country, the development of industrial robots to be of the order. But CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “China’s robot industry development report (2019),” the report pointed out that at present, China is still the robot R & D breakthroughs in key core technologies robots primary objective, with the full cooperation and research, preliminary controller to achieve localization. And core technology breakthroughs in key scientific and technological development as an important strategy robot, Chinese manufacturers overcome reducer, key parts of the core areas of servo control, servo motors and some other problems. Therefore, the core parts made in trend gradually.

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