Water pollution occur frequently, install a water purifier is king

In the water purifier to join the process, there will always ignore some of the details, but these details tend to affect our ultimate success. Then the water purifier to join what errors exist? Below you one by one answer:

1, do not rush to the market to investigate the market, some of the franchisee only to see the conditions and prospects of appealing advertising, see the nice company directory, in a hurry to join the after, but I do not know to enter the industry, the industry has a better business, agents have more favorable conditions and support guide, we want to drop out, because of “breach of contract” and no way retreat. Looking for a good brand, is impatient eat hot tofu.

2 study is not comprehensive enough, just visit those money-sided water purifier store, there was not sufficient rational analysis. Prior to joining, although in accordance with the opinions of many brands and manufacturers to understand exactly what the business is doing, but also to see the store operating conditions, but a lot of water purifier brand agency service providers generally only take you to see what well-run water purifier store, and you may not see but which the mediocre performance of the water purifier shop.

3, did not follow the provisions of the unauthorized change of business requirement or standard, in violation of the terms of the agency agreement, such franchisee encountered a lot of clear spring, leading to adverse consequences of lack of agency services business recognition and support, ate dark loss there is no one to talk. Generally speaking, the job requirements of manufacturers are tempered through out, it has a certain rationality to tampering will lose the meaning of its existence. After

Some franchisees think they are familiar with the operation of the entire store, you can not follow the operation specified in the manufacturer’s own decisions and do not know there will be problems. A series of changes in operating procedures in particular is carried out with the acquiescence of or non-authorized agent of the manufacturer, not the headquarters of the various provisions of the execution or refuse to perform, then the agent will lose support headquarters, only alone.

summarized above, is the clear spring a few errors in the Join process, existing franchisee, franchisees hope to learn a lesson ,, the only way to become a successful water purifier franchisee.

Water purifiers to join, you have to know things

Water purification agents rely on to increase sales? Water industry one hundred billion market by 2020, attracting a large number of investors, to expand the ranks of competition, indeed, so many agents feel the pressure, however, clear spring think agents only need to do work in three areas, improve sales is not difficult .

1. position. A wide range of water purification products, agents must first make the positioning of the product, can advance the investigation of local water quality and consumer groups, they need to understand what kind of water purification products, what kind of purifying effect and so want. Be targeted, pave the way for future sales.

2, mass. Any of a businessman, you want to go in the industry longer term, the quality of the product will always be your keys to success. Especially water purifier that sewage treatment products, it not only affects the quality of water purifier brand image, but also involves people’s health. And the product quality is the basis for water purification agents culture where customer loyalty, if not a good product to impress customers, the shop’s popularity naturally not busy. In the entire water purification industry, clear spring water purifier brand of water purification products, is out of the name of the highest cost-effective products, excellent quality, reasonable prices.

3, sale. No sale and no sales, due to the special nature of water purification products, water purification agents need to do follow-up tracking service, improve service quality, increase customer stickiness and increase retention rates.

water purification agents rely on to increase sales? Only seriously do the above aspects, coupled with the strong support of all aspects of the manufacturers, to enhance water purifier store sales, nor difficult. As the clear spring water purifier brand agency, clear spring water purifiers provide the most satisfactory end marketing solutions for local agents, marketing case are market-tested, with a strong operational.

clear spring to take practical action to tell partner that you are not a person in action, clear spring on the terminal market sales agents has been very body center, and will do our best to help water purifier company agents better to carry out sales, improve performance, the two sides reached a win-win result.

processes to promote the development of additive manufacturing market

Jabil for 3D printing stakeholders in an investigation launched in 2019, the results show that although there are still challenges in terms of quality parts and materials copyright control Engineering All , 3D printing technology use rate is still expected to increase significantly. In the 300 respondents, more than half of the respondents said the cost and availability of materials hindering the popularity of 3D printing is a major factor. [A] binding material, the process and the machine lifting Additive 3D printing penetration Jabil complete solution for producing a binding material, manufacturing process and machine.

Jabil will assess, review and verify the relevant material, combined with proven machine and manufacturing processes to meet the quality requirements of specific components to ensure special materials to enhance the availability, shorten time to market and reduce costs, produce the highest quality parts. In addition, Jabil follow the strict manufacturing standards, while an open industry-leading 3D printing platform that will help optimize the performance of a particular material on a variety of 3D printer. Jabil has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, combined with extensive knowledge of all types of customers, technology and industry Control Engineering Copyright , so that in the further development of additive manufacturing on the field has a unique advantage. Jabil in Minnesota Innovation Center set up new material Jabil in Minnesota set up a materials innovation center offering complete one-stop 3DP printing solutions, covering the polymer formulation, development and ISO compound9001 quality management system certification and other aspects. Jabil Materials Innovation Center brings together additive manufacturing engineers, chemists, materials scientists and production experts to provide customers with consulting services, promotion Jabil-related innovations in the field of materials science, as well as supervision of manufacturing all aspects of custom powder and wire.
material strength Jabil Innovation Center to test materials engineering

fast iterative engineering materials and certified production www.cechina.cn , will accelerate the speed of product manufacture from prototype to production. Its value-added attributes include, without limitation, enhanced, flame retardant, conductive, lubrication, static dissipative and other engineering properties. Currently, innovative materials can provide a complete service center, including compounding, extrusion molding, powder production, and the complete system on a standard open source platform integration of manufacturing a fuse comprising a support (Fused Filament Fabrication, FFF), selective laser sintering (Selective Laser sintering, SLS) and high sintering (High-Speed ​​sintering, HSS) device. Professor of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, “Pan Industrial Revolution: How will the new manufacturing giant to change the world,” a book author Richard D’Aveni said: “Jabil as emerging digital manufacturing giants CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , is trying to overcome major obstacles control Engineering Copyright , in order to create a stable performance, certification, traceability increase timber production manufacturing solution by making it a global additive manufacturing network 3D printer, manufacturing processes and materials successfully interconnected, Jabil is expected to accelerate the development of the flexible additive manufacturing market. “


Stone decoration advantages and maintenance rules! okorder

So first of all, we bring you the knowledge of marble decoration and maintenance, and are renovating and Friends who are going to decorate with marble, let’s take a look at the small series of Experienced Scholars!

Marble Decoration What are the advantages?

◆Marble decorated ground, first What attracts you is its beauty.

because very There are few building materials that have the natural beauty of marble. There are a wide variety of marbles on the market, with a wide variety of colors, ranging from black, pink and white, even dark green with white texture(This is the most expensive type of marble ) marble, which makes your decoration style classic and ultra-modern.

◆marble is a very durable, hard stone.

The inherent solidity of marble is actually very good for people who love pets beneficial. You will never have to worry that your dog will scratch your floor with your claws, is the gospel of the shovel! !

Marble is durable and its life is beyond imagination.

Marble as one of the oldest building materials, deep Popular with Greeks and Romans. After many years, these classic marble works still exist today.

Marble How to maintain it?

QualityMarbleWhen youwillselecttime, should also knowhow to maintain.NextIwill provideseveralMaintenanceMethod:

◆When cleaning the marble, periodically wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent or with a liquid scrubbing agent, You can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but the time for the lemon to stay on it is preferably no more than 2 minutes. If necessary, repeat the operation, then wash and dry. For minor abrasions, Special marble polishing powder and care agent . For antique or expensive marble furniture, please consult a professional.

◆Stained on cosmetics, tea and tobacco, Apply hydrogen peroxide, stay for two hours, then wash and dry.

◆ For oil stains, Can be wiped with ethanol (alcohol), acetone (wood) or sparkling oil, then rinsed and dried.

◆For Slightly scratched marble furniture, with special marble cleaners and conditioners; hard-wearing marble furniture is difficult to handle, can be wiped with steel wool, then electric The sander is polished to restore its original luster. For antique or expensive marble furniture, please consult a professional.

◆The oiled marble furniture must be treated with a paint stripper. And follow the product instructions. After removing all paint, use steel velvet and electric sander Polished.


(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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More smoke-absorbing, Siemens “Hurricane” series range hoods stunning listing! okorder

VR is not a new technology in the game industry, but when German black technology and net red, it has a new feeling: September 24, West The second stop of the home appliance & ldquo; hurricane series new product launch, held in the Hangzhou Suning Jiade Plaza store. Different from the Wenzhou new product launch event, this time, we invited the top ten net red to the live broadcast to help out, and experienced the large-scale “Hurricane Action VR game” with the visiting guests to feel the charm of the new product. Staged a beautiful visual feast.

Exclusively equipped with the original BLDC motor, strictly comply with European standards

The motor system is extremely important for the hood, just like the human heart, as the core function of the range hood. Technical support, it directly affects the air volume, life, noise and other aspects of the hood. The Siemens “Hurricane range range hood” is equipped with the original BLDC motor system —— DC brushless inverter motor with independent intellectual property rights. It is in the same production line as the motor of more than 4 million Siemens washing machines, and strictly follows the European standard. Design, adopting imported variable frequency controller, precise control, stability performance; internal and external dual cooling system, realizes that the hood is not hot at high speed, has long life, and allows Chinese wife to enjoy in the kitchen for a long time. The fun of cooking brings wonderful culinary inspiration!

The jewellery worn in the clothes is for others to see, and every time the kitchen creaks, every detail is our own to the family. The most silent and the healthiest love. At present, the powerful Siemens Hurricane Range Range Hood has been officially launched, embracing healthy and clean kitchens from now on and experiencing high-quality home life.

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Quantum dots will subvert display technology, and foldable TV is just around the corner okorder

“This is not the final form of quantum dot display technology. If you can get rid of LED backlights, the advent of foldable TVs and foldable phones will be just around the corner.

At the end of September, domestic TV manufacturer TCL launched a high-end sub-brand “Chuangyi (English name is “Xess”), and its quantum dot TV, tablet, mobile phone Several terminal products. Among them, Quantum Dome TV X2 is featured as an important flagship product and is expected to be officially launched in the market three months later.

The data released by TCL shows that the X series of quantum dot TVs can achieve 110% of the industry’s highest color gamut and pure color display because of the use of Yuecai quantum dot display materials. And accurate color expression. As a new technology that has recently exploded, quantum dot technology has played a new generation of revolutionary overtures of display technology because it brings not only better display quality, but also the concept of a foldable screen. further.

Technology from the future

The quantum dot technology was born in 1983. Scientists at Bell Labs in the United States first studied it, but forgot to name it. A few years later, Yale University physicist Mark · Reid officially named this semiconductor micro-block as “quantum dots” and still use them to this day. How to apply the principle of quantum dot illumination to display devices has long been studied.

 At present, quantum dot display technology includes two types, one is a quantum dot light emitting diode, and the other is a backlight technology based on a blue chip. Zeng Haibo, director and professor of the Institute of Nanophotonic Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, told the reporter of the Chinese Journal of Science. Among them, a quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED) is a quantum dot as a light-emitting layer, and is electrically driven to convert light into light. The backlighting technique is based on the principle of photoluminescence of quantum dots, also known as OLED. That is, the light emitted by the blue chip is used to excite the mixing components of the quantum dots, thereby emitting light of a plurality of colors. When these lights are combined, white light is generated, and the color display can be realized by the control of the front optical film group. The traditional QLED quantum dots are composed of zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulfur atoms, and these quantum dots are very small in size, and are only particles having a particle diameter of less than 10 nm. Whenever a quantum dot is stimulated by light or electricity, it emits different colored light.

In traditional display technology, it is impossible to rely on backlights and picture tubes. The imaging principle of the LCD panel can be summarized as the addition of liquid crystal molecules between two glass substrates, but the liquid crystal itself cannot emit light, and the voltage must be applied to make the molecular arrangement change in a zigzag manner. The screen passes through the collision of the electron group to create a picture and pass the external light. Perspective reflections to form a picture. In the meantime, the backlight changed from a cold cathode backlight (CCFL) to a backlight of a light emitting diode (LED).

Which CCFL and LED are more advantageous, the debate on this has not stopped, and the emergence of quantum dot technology has interrupted the competition between them. However, the quantum dot TV that TV giants are now launching is not really a quantum dot TV. Because manufacturers do not fully utilize the characteristics of quantum dots that do not require backlighting, they are added as a luminescent material between the LED backlight and the LCD panel. When the LED emits a blue light source, it will “illuminate the quantum dots with a diameter of about 2 to 10 nanometers in front, and the quantum dots that are illuminated by the blue light will exhibit a full spectrum of light, thereby greatly improving the color saturation.

“ This is not the final form of quantum dot display technology. Zeng Haibo explained, “If you can get rid of LED backlights, then the advent of foldable TVs and foldable phones will be just around the corner.


Although the quantum dot display technology has a bright future, the current industry discussion on whether OLED has industrial advantages or QLED has more development prospects has been ignited. Zeng Haibo believes that OLED and QLED have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of industrialization, QLED is easier to implement because it can produce QLED products with almost no need to make too many changes to existing product lines, but OLEDs do not. . At present, the two major companies in South Korea respect two technologies, which also form the current competitive landscape of OLED and QLED. “However, I think that the real market-oriented display technology depends on the cost of the product, which cost can be lowered, and which one is more likely to be quickly accepted by the market. Zeng Haibo said.

From the perspective of cost, in terms of existing production technology, the OLED display panel manufacturing process is relatively complicated, because the OLED display panel requires a deposition process during the fabrication process, and the deposition requires a shadow mask. device. Therefore, the production of OLEDs is expensive. In comparison, QLED does have a bigger advantage in this regard.

And, theoretically QLED has a longer life and better color performance. According to the BT.2020 standard for the next-generation ultra-high definition video production and display system promulgated by the International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunication Department in 2012, the Apple mobile phone that brings people visual enjoyment can only reach 50. Around % means that half of the color is not displayed, but the quantum dot can achieve 100% color display. At the same time, it is also more energy efficient than OLED. “If you can really achieve quantum dot technology that does not rely on backlights, then screens such as TVs can be produced just like newspapers. Zeng Haibo said.

Subverting Display Technology

Zhejiang UniversityProfessor Peng Xiaogang, a professor of the Department of Science, said in July this year that scientists and media face-to-face activities have said that China’s quantum dot technology is already at the world’s leading level. Now, quantum dot TV, which still uses LED as backlight, belongs to the first generation. However, it is expected that in the next five years, the second-generation quantum dot TV will adopt the principle of electroluminescence, which means that a clear image display can be obtained without the need for a backlight. In the future, when the electroluminescent quantum dot technology is put into use, the lighting and display industries will be subverted. “Display technology will affect many industries, not only in the areas of television, mobile phones and other reforms, but also in the automotive technology, and even the reform of traffic lights. Zeng Haibo said.

At that time, the use of quantum dots to print TVs like newspapers can effectively reduce waste and play an important role in mitigating the global energy crisis. It can be said that “the quantum dot has a bright future.”

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Quality is more important than life. okorder

On February 27, 2012, Shandong Tongmao Wood Industry Co., Ltd. North production base personnel, including first-line production workers, logistics management personnel and other 47 people gathered in front of the company office building.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818051612.jpg”>

Asian floor hammer hammer unqualified product

The chairman of the company, Zhang Zhizhong, ordered the production of more than 170 square meters of the previous production. In front of the office building, one by one, during the pressing process of this batch of floors, 1-2 pinhole indentations appeared on some of the plates, resulting in paper scraps on the board.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818051613.jpg”>


600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818051614 .jpg”>

Asian Floor Hammer 砸Unqualified Products

Company Chairman Explain the problems in the production, the reasons for the unqualified products, and the matters that should be paid attention to in the future production, then take the lead to lift the hammer to the floor, and ask the vice president of production Liu Weiping to bring All the production leaders have smashed all the unqualified products, and many employees at the scene have left tears. Perhaps this is the best mind for them. Only qualified products are the cornerstone of the company’s long-term development.

The company attaches great importance to this unqualified product incident, and will strictly investigate and strictly manage it to ensure that unqualified products are not shipped out, and effectively protect the fundamental interests of consumers. As always, to provide consumers with peace of mind, peace of mind, practical laminate flooring, Asian and Austrian products, responsibility is higher than everything, quality is more important than life.

Release date: 2012/3/15 10:43:00

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The production and sales of the flooring market are out of balance. The terminal market is overcrowded. okorder

Now part of the high-end brand flooring factory, facing two headaches: First, the speed of opening a store is slow, only 10 stores are opened in one year; second, the products are difficult to sell in large quantities after the opening of the store, and the capital turnover is tight. At present, some enterprises have begun to make efforts to adjust existing channels: large enterprises will increase new production lines and expand production capacity on the basis of existing product lines; small enterprises will increase new projects, test water conversion, cross-line marketing; Directly provide supporting services for engineering projects.

Companies that develop agents or specialty stores across the country are not ideally located in areas outside the main markets. They are ‘outside brands’ and are naturally excluded from local factories, husband and wife, and building materials. Local brands have delivery time. Short-term, low-cost, wide-ranging relationship and other relative advantages, if you want to share with them in the market competition, foreign brands must have better ‘products, quality, price, service’, etc., but most dealers in these The aspect is not in place, and it is estimated that about 30% of dealers are on the verge of being eliminated.

Cost pressure rises

The rise in prices, inflation, and rising costs of raw and auxiliary materials have become a dilemma for the home building materials industry. Enterprises in many industries are deeply under pressure.

A boss revealed that sales in 2010 increased by 20%, but profits did not increase but fell by 30%. This ‘upside down’ phenomenon is a headache for practitioners. Another boss said that his factory rent is 700,000 yuan a year, and renting for 5 years requires a total of 3.5 million yuan. Such an expensive rent, if the sales volume has not risen sharply for three consecutive months, the company has the pressure to survive, plus business , taxes, firefighting and other expenses, production costs only increase, and painstakingly managed but can not make money.

Increased production, but sales have not increased

Manufacturers, distributors, stores and other major factors, constitute the market structure of the home building materials industry. In order to digest production capacity, many companies continue to develop dealers and agents, resulting in an increase in the number of home building materials stores. Judging from the two elements of ‘stock’ and ‘incremental’, although the dealers, independent stores, and building materials streets in most regions of the country have their dealers removed and changed, the new amount is still greater than the ‘exit amount. ‘.

Many companies have built new factories and expanded old factories. Due to the large goals, concentrated investment, and flexible investment policies [introduction], the flooring industry has emerged as a company that has developed 200 dealers in one year. For example, a factory that I recently visited was transformed from other industries. In just over a year, the development speed was very fast, and the tentacles extended to the whole country, but the actual sales volume did not improve.

The state increased its control over the property market, which made the market wait and see atmosphere; and the production costs rose, many enterprises were hindered from development, and they hoped to expand production capacity and reduce costs by large-scale production. As a result, production and sales were seriously unbalanced, and the terminal market was overcrowded.

Release date: 2011/12/12 10:35:11

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Teach you how to maintain solid wood floor paint film okorder

Solid wood floor paint film, which is a layer of paint film attached to the surface of solid wood floor, which has the characteristics of water resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. When we are doing solid wood flooring maintenance, we must first protect the paint film on the surface. However, due to the different paint patterns on the surface of the wood, the maintenance methods are different.

nitro wood varnish floor

The paint film is made of polishing and rubbing, the water resistance is poor, so it is not suitable to wipe with a damp cloth or water to avoid loss of luster and shelling. Specific method: every six months or months, rub with a glazing wax, and then rub with a clean cotton yarn. In the course of use, use a soft towel or cotton yarn to wipe off the dust on the paint film. Because of the poor heat resistance and corrosion resistance of nitro wood varnish, it is necessary to pay attention to anti-exposure and anti-smoke when using.

Broad paint and lacquered floor

The two paints are high-grade paints, and have good water and high temperature resistance, and have natural characteristics, and are deep and shallow. The characteristics of the original background color can be gradually restored after painting, and the low temperature water can not be rubbed frequently during use.

Polyurethane paint floor

The finished paint film has strong high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and its maintenance method and nitro wood varnish The floor is basically similar, but it is not suitable to rub with water to avoid rubbing off surface lipids and reducing the gloss of the surface.

Alkyd varnish floor

Alkyd varnish is the best varnish in the varnish. It can be rubbed with a damp cloth or a soft towel during daily use. It is not suitable to put on this floor. For items that are too hot, do not cover the surface with anything like plastic paper or paper.

Secondly, the maintenance of wooden floors should also pay attention to avoid scratching the floor with heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, studs and other hard objects. Do not drag the furniture when moving the furniture; Stop the cigarette butts on the floor and place acid and alkali objects. Do not place hot objects such as kettles and stoves directly.

After a long period of use, the wooden floor appears stale and should be painted in time. There are two kinds of painting methods: one is directly lacquering and coloring, and the method is the same as that of wood furniture. After drying, the floor wax can be applied. When waxing, the air is evenly coated, not too thick, and the wax is slightly dry. After that, wipe the wax with a mop until it is bright. The second is that no color is needed for the background color, and no paint is used. Instead, it is rubbed directly with the floor wax. Because wood flooring is a natural material, it is not only durable, but also perfected over time, more natural, especially pure waxed wood flooring, will become extra bright, smooth and beautiful.

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The pan-home pattern opened in 2012 okorder

In 2011, the development of many flooring companies fell into a quagmire of high investment, low growth, high cost and low profitability. However, in this year, which was generally seen as a decline in the industry, many Wood Co., Ltd. began to steadily advance its new strategic deployment: First, the floor space, capacity scale is larger, compatible with laminate flooring, solid wood composite floor research and development, The production of a new generation of modern factories into the construction phase; Second, the new home category – wooden doors officially entered the market, and received very good market feedback. The gradual expansion of the floor product line and the manufacture of flooring products into the wooden door category, in the case of macroeconomic ups and downs, the strategic transformation trend and diversification is in line with the development of the market, industry and enterprises. It is also an established strategy that has been gradually developed for several years. It has a clear development direction and has a strong step-by-step orientation.

The long-planned pan-home

As early as three or four years ago, the development of the flooring industry was at its peak. The transition phase with the trough. The financial crisis that originated in the United States brought the world economy into the cold winter. The real economy suffered major setbacks and the flooring industry was not spared. It is also at this time that the wood industry began to rethink when the market went down: thinking about the future development direction, thinking about the industrial planning structure, thinking about the change of the profit model, and thinking about the strategic transformation of the enterprise. After careful planning and screening of various categories, the breakthrough direction is locked in the wooden door industry. It is true that from the floor to the wooden door, many technologies and resources are common. There is no absolute bottleneck problem, and it is easy to get support from existing resources. Therefore, the door industry has naturally become the “pan-home” strategy for all wood industries. first step. However, while proposing the direction of the pan-home planning, it also clarified its own business development route, not only maintaining the dominant position of the main business–floor, but also effectively supplementing the wooden doors and other pan-home products as the floor category.

Prudently open pan-homes

Floor companies are facing diversified operations, and the difficulties they face seem to be small. In fact, it is undercurrent. The first is whether the enterprise itself can coordinate the resources of all parties well, effectively prevent and resist risks; the next is whether the internal systems of each enterprise that match the diversified operation are established and sound; in addition, the management and management of multiple categories Ability problem.

So while the wood industry promoted the door industry, it also began a positive exploration of the problems that can be encountered in all aspects. At present, all the wood industry has insufficient experience in the operation of ‘pan-home’, which is also the weakness of most flooring companies. Therefore, in response to this reality, the corresponding disposal plan has been set up, and several basic ones have been constructed. Supporting system. On the one hand, it is to optimize the existing product structure, mainly the floor. Before designing and producing each product, it is necessary to make an objective and detailed investigation and analysis of its market prospects, and then ensure that it receives corresponding market feedback to reduce the enterprise. The waste of resources will firmly consolidate the healthy development of the main business; on the other hand, it will rationally allocate resources, gradually optimize technological innovation in a gradual manner, ensure the synergy of flooring, wood doors and other categories, and give full play to the comprehensive competitiveness. Open up a corporate marketing strategy with obvious market segments, which will be of great help to both the brand’s influence and the terminal’s profitability. In addition, it is also the most crucial point, that is, anti-micro-duration, for all kinds of problems encountered in the process of moving towards ‘pan-home’, regardless of the size, we must conduct timely analysis and summary, and make corresponding adjustments.

In fact, in terms of resource allocation and business control, flooring companies are not yet fully integrated and diversified because of their late start and short growth time. The advantageous projects of the camp and the progressive addition of supplementary items can make the development of the floor enterprises more stable.

Step-by-step pan-home

All wood industry is taking a step in the process of moving toward ‘pan-home’ They are carefully thought out and carefully planned, and each step is progressive and interrelated. According to the Vision Plan, the first step for all wood industry transformation and development of related industries is to extend to the wooden door industry. The first attempt of pan-homes through the Kanghui family’s wooden doors, after accumulating experience, then on stairs, wallpapers and other household items. Make a fuss.

The reason why the wood industry will be involved in the pan-home camp in 2011, on the one hand, the trend of the development trend of the big home is irreversible. At the moment, consumers are gradually keen on one-stop services, especially some high-end customers, their consumption habits will directly lead to changes in the sales model and product line of building materials and home businesses. In addition, after years of development, the domestic building materials market has gradually entered the stage of ‘profit bottlenecks’. In order to bring secondary market expansion to enterprises, in order to bring stable and sustained profit points to corporate partners, the trend of big homes cannot be avoided.

Perhaps for a period of time, diversification is the choice of a few flooring companies, but after nearly 30 years of development, the flooring industry and the market have gradually stabilized. And mature, facing the unpredictable macro environment and more professional, more rational, more critical, more selective consumers, flooring companies can not do nothing, in addition to a breakthrough in the main direction, but also in the appropriate In this case, promote the development of other household categories to effectively complement the flooring category. Only in this way will the foundation of the development of flooring companies become more stable and the development prospects will be more clear.

The development of the market does not allow companies to stay in place. If companies do not adjust themselves to conform to the development trend, they will be eliminated sooner or later. The road chosen by Kang Hui is based on its own reality and objectively understanding the results of the development of the industry and market environment. Also, for the betterThe embodiment reflects the pan-home strategy that highlights the floor as the core business and continues to promote other household items. By then, the new-generation brand image, the new-generation strategic goal, and the new-generation product structure will have more comprehensive competitiveness.

Release date: 2012/1/30 13:09:36

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