MIIT: the acceleration of industrial software technology to accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector

“We want to insist on problem-oriented, constantly clarify ideas, innovative approaches, and perseverance in promoting and marketing of industrial internet platform construction, speed up industrial technology software technology to accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector.” Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division inspector Li Ying in the software services industry recently representation on the topic of industrial technology software Forum “Million APP industrial Forum” open forum activity CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Ministry is actively supported by all forces to jointly promote the implementation of various forms of industrial technology software engineering. “The current Internet by the consumer sector, virtual economy, networking, intelligent accelerate the production economy, the real economy depth development, manufacturing to digital transformation, data-driven, software-defined, platform support, value-added services intelligence-led industrial development characteristics become more evident . “Li Ying said the Internet industry as a new generation of information technology products and manufacturing depth of integration of a timely, has become an important force in the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. Internet platform around the promotion of industrial development and industrial APP nurture , Li Ying introduced, the Ministry is the perfect policy system, the issuance of embodiment and mentoring programs to promote local industry Internet platform building measures local governments; foster industrial internet platform, organization and implementation of industrial innovation and development of the internet platform project CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the selection of innovative applications platform integration pilot demonstration projects; APP advocacy training and industrial training; build industrial platform for internet innovation ecosystem to support the industry alliance to promote the industry’s focus on promoting cooperation in four areas, and continued dynamic optimization. Former Deputy Minister of Industry, Beijing University professor Yang Xue Shan pointed out that the manufacturing process is to software intelligence tool manufacturing. “Tool is the alternative people, behavior and thinking people into alternative process software by the system, people, data, models, algorithms, software, industrial technology and six elements constitute complete.” Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Service Software Division industry researcher at Fu Yong Bao stressed that support reuse of industrial and trading platform can not do without the APP. For the cultivation of industrial ecology and to explore innovative Internet platform, currently many local governments and key enterprises have joined forces to launch a number of public service platform, Innovation Center , can play a good role in promoting the industrial application of APP. For the importance of the industrial cultivation of APP, vice chairman and secretary general of China Software Industry Technology Industry Alliance, cable system, Chairman Li Yi Zhang pointed out that the two areas of artificial intelligence and manufacturing integration can not communicate, we must rely on software of industrial technology to break down the barriers which CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and to achieve the core software technology industry is the industry APP. “Nurturing industry APP, the need to provide methods, tools, policy guidance, funding; among the important thing is to find a consumer, by demand pull, supply and demand precision docking.” Li Yi Zhang believes that supply and demand precision docking industrial APP quality efficient cultivation effective path, and in this process, the polymerization more upstream and downstream resources, industrial internet service platform support can play an important resource. “When the industrial software platform resource access to the Internet industry, the future of the industry APP developers and users do not even have to buy the expensive software industry.” Li Yi Zhang said.

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