Refurbished Madrid Penthouse

Architectural StudioA-ceroRefurbished this130Square(1399square feet) penthouse, located in a typical skyscraper in Madrid, Spain. After entering the apartment, the corridor branches into two paths, one is the public area and the other is connected to the private part. The ultra-modern space is filled with right angles and lines that connect this all-white apartment.

The kitchen’s white paint cabinet has a stylish look. The kitchen is located above the living room, but is slightly separated by a glass panel.
The open living area is surrounded by large windows and you can see the city of Madrid. There is also a balcony. The floor is white wood that can be used with all other surfaces of the house.
Two chandeliers hang from the table. Most of the furniture is made up of A-ceroSpecially designed for this apartment.
There are two bedrooms in the house, one with a master bedroom and a second bedroom with a hallway bathroom.

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ZOKU – a new type of hotel for travel professionals

Every hotel has something to make it stand out. ZOKU is a good example of a new concept in the hospitality industry.

firstZOKUHotel will be at 2015Opening in Amsterdam in the fall. It will provide a hotel service and a comfortable home. The hotel will include 133oneZOKUAttic and 500Square living space. There are two types of attic, with different layouts, but with the same characteristics, they are designed into concrete structures.
This is ZOKUAn example of a loft. This is a 25square meter(269square feet)The space is a mixed miniature apartment that provides living and working conditions. The loft includes a compact kitchen with a recess Shaped work area and other interesting elements.
The space is divided into two areas. One is a functional space and the other is a living area. Between them is a Built-in unit. This unit includes a bathroom on one side and an alcove table on the other side. This unit also contains a large number of hidden storage and versatile features.

The corner is A small kitchen with built-in appliances, open shelves and all the necessities. The design is very compact but practical enough to accommodate the attic. On the other side is an interesting combination that includes a shelf, wardrobe compartment, a TV and a retractable staircase.

The corner is a small kitchen with built-in appliances, open shelves and all the necessities. The design is very compact but practical enough to accommodate the attic. On the other side is an interesting combination that includes a shelf, wardrobe compartment, a TV and a retractable staircase.
Stairs can move or provide access to the upper area. This is a clever and clever feature that means it can add to the function of the attic. The wooden screen can hide this space when needed, such as when a guest comes over.
The interior of the sleeping area is very simple, with only basic elements, but overall comfortable, with a relaxed atmosphere and decoration. Wooden panels not only hide this area, It also makes the sleeping area itself more comfortable and enticing.
The rest of the public area is furnished with sofas, colored pillows, chic floor lamps, wall-mounted shelves Modern art.
There is also a four-person table with a simple design that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as desks or dining tables. /span>
The attic is modern and compact with a mix of design and versatile layout. Designed for travel professionals, it can be rented for one night or longer, and its comfortable environment will make guests feel at home.

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Italian artistRossella Ramanzini A considerable part of modern hand-painted furniture has been accumulated, and her work does not carry all types of preconceived ideas. Marocchino is her latest cabinet design, its design is solved from a typical double door cabinet It constitutes a half cabinet. The cabinet with one door shows the iconic layered labyrinth design features of Ramanzini<span style="font-family: Times New Roman;

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a collection of works inspired by raw materials

EsraweWith a new collection of works, there are lamps, accessories and small tables, Named Prima Materia. The focus of each piece is on materials, which are randomly found in various forms of shops and warehouses. The first step after selecting materials is to study their originalform to determine which direction the material is made in. The finished product is a unique collection of close-knit, made of wood, brass and bronze.

Héctor EsraweandEmilio ChapelaWorked together! Span>EstratosTray. Made of solid wood and brass, each tray is made after natural design, the wood is photographed, digitized, and then the machine is used to track the surface of the wood. This process is repeated until the pattern is slowly engraved into the wood.

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Bookniture hide furniture in a book—— It can be a stool, table or whatever you want——this is yours select.

TwemcoFlip clock, price 85US Dollar
This inspiration comes from the retro clock with sophisticated German mechanics. Will automatically flip the page to display the time.

birdhouse bookshelf, fromThingIndustries,price 60US$
A simple house-shaped bookcase fixed to the wall, can also be used as a bedside table, perfect for apartment residents.

Underwater landscape fish tank, fromaruliden,price97US Dollar
This award-winning hand-blown glass aquarium uses light and shadow to create a pet for your pet fish Amazing home.

Orange car pots from RevolutionDesignHouse,price70US Dollar
Group 3a flower pot can be used in your A single succulent plant is planted on the window sill.

Oriental scented candle fromTomDixon, price 80US Dollar
is placed in a brass container, this candle is made of rose petals and Made from cinnamon sticks with the smell of Chinese grass musk.

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The table with the beauty of the incomplete is inspired by Japanese culture.

xN(or xNewtons) is a table frommobstudio, mixed with Japanese culture, traditional woodworking and incomplete beauty, or the beauty of silence. The rustic style of the wooden bracket base reveals its original, purest state, highlighting the charm of the flaw. Each piece is unique because it is incomplete until its owner completes it with a hammer.

This work emphasizes the evolution of furniture, from bottom to top, from logs to round marble tabletops. It has a brass turning wedge that accelerates the cracking process of the wood and helps it reinforce the marble when the wedge is nailed in.
Once the table comes to the owner’s hand, the table becomes a finished product, and the end result depends on the power of the people using the hammer.

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Self-built French cottage turned into a modern second home

SOLEYÂChalet used to be a charming mountain home in 2014The year has been transformed. The owner changed the function of the cabin and turned it into a second home.

Master wants The cabins offer more natural light and spectacular views, which are not available in the original layout and small windows. The new design method provides an expanded structure made of glass and black aluminum.

in transformation At the stage, the cabin was also insulated, which did not affect the original design and construction.
The design team brought a new extension to the cottage, offering a range of other features, including a steam room and a lovely outdoor space. The social area is a welcoming space that mainly includes the living room, an elegant dining space with expansive views of the surroundings and an open kitchen.
The interior design has chosen simplicity, modernity and elegance. The living room is a mix of sophistication, simplicity and organic beauty. The trunk-shaped coffee table brings an unusual uniqueness.
Each part of the cabin, whether new or old, has its own personality.

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Bar stool inspired by traditional saddle

Wire Barstool is from Danish furniture manufacturerOvergaard & Dyrman The latest work, inspired by traditional saddle manufacturing techniques. Contemporary design combined with classical methods created a unique stool, but did not neglect comfort.

Like otherOvergaard & Dyrman WireCollection, this stool Have a flexible steel structure Used to support foam and leather seats. Thick processed leather and soft aniline leather are sewn together to support the structure of the seat while still maintaining comfort.
Wire Bar
Stools are available in counter and bar heights, with satin chrome steel surface or matte black powder steel surface, as well as different types of leather and woodmaterial.

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1010 design of amazing street art illusion

From2009Year Since then, German street artists 1010created these mysterious entrances on the walls of the world Street art illusion. At first glance, it looks like layered colored paper. If you look closely, you will realize that what you are seeing is the paint on the wall. This is a street art that is more different than the past. Recently, in order to celebrate Hamburg’s KnotempunktCity and Contemporary Art Festival, 1010Year created a huge layered mural consisting of blue, purple, red, and black. Paper-like layers spread to deeper colors until you feel like you are watching a dark abyss.

You can see this mural formed here by video. Affenfaust Galerie1010Description is:“His art processing language, symbols and logo bands There are cognitive and social structures of unconscious behavior. In his paperwork he deliberately brought key themes to the audience with a beautiful aesthetic. In his monochromatic acrylic bird painting, he created a rather dark atmosphere with these dark-wound creatures. 1010 is a conceptist. His art does not explain itself.

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Architect’s apartment in Beirut, Lebanon

ArchitectKarim Andary Stayed in Paris before deciding to move to Beirut, Lebanon 20year time. Living in a small apartment in Paris for so long, his design focuses on maximizing storage space and creating a spacious living space.

AndaryIt seems that small houses provide us with shelter and storage, while larger houses provide us with non-satisfaction while meeting these needs. Utilitarian spaces such as leisure and architecture.

The living room or lounge has a full wall that serves as the main storage space for the apartment. It is covered by glass and a smooth surface, and the reflected light makes the room look bigger.

The middle storage wall is a glass box that can be seen from the lounge to the hallway. Family members can place their most important items there.

A video projector turns the room into a cinema

Stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen hide cooking equipment Let freedom counter looks clean.

In the kitchen, the change of lighting provides a different atmosphere at different times. A corner dining area is inspired by the local 20Century70<span style="font-family: Song; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman"

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