A young apartment in Madrid

A person should decorate his or her apartment according to personal preferences, and the space should reflect the personality of this person. When someone needs to look at your home they should be able to say it suits you, in this case a good example is this chic apartment in Madrid.

As you can see, highly value the decor of the room and all the small details in this apartment. The atmosphere and decor are young and happy, but they are also chic and stylish. The style chosen is a combination of modern and traditional elements. In the living room, for example, there are brick walls that have preserved the original features. This is part of the personality and charm of the apartment, with many details to make the room feel comfortable and welcoming.

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Sliced ​​process light designed by MEJD Studio

Based on MEJD Studio, two new lights have been developed that look like two-in-one objects: the first with a chandelier and a bowl together like a kettle, and the second with a table lamp, including brass The two halves of the earth. Two pieces of work that have a recycling function in the shape of the two halves.

Process Lights-Ceramic Lights” width=”550″ height=”348″ src=”/Upload/Other/jc2014093005.jpg” />

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Pure white apartment in Geneva

The owner of the 35m2 apartment in Geneva, Switzerland, went to the Freaks freearchitects studio for help and she wanted to renovate her house. The team was asked to create the largest living space with the existing settings.

To do this, the architect chose a very clean and simple design. They divide the space into two areas, one of which is the living space, and the other contains the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. Paint everything in white, except that the ground features a dark blue resin. The living space is very simple. The light grey sofa faces the window, behind the restaurant, with elegant white rectangular tables and chairs, and grey seats. On the adjacent wall, there are bookshelf fixed on the wall.
Other sections are divided into small bathroom walls with clear glass, a large closet from floor to ceiling, a small kitchen, a bed and a deck. There is also a functional glass partition between the kitchen and the bed that allows the light to illuminate all corners. Although there is not much to say about decorating, except for the wonderful layout and clean appearance.

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Hull sofa creates a private space

The Canadian studio has designed this very original sofa: named “Hur Sofa”. Open the privacy of the space, flexible wooden slats mimic the tall grass, allowing users to see and maintain a semi-private environment while reading, calling or discussing space.

Hull sofa allows users to enjoy half-private space when needed: see a few articles, a phone call or Skype to chat with. At a meeting, a quiet conversation, or a moment with a loved one, in a busy mall, or a long temporary stay of a book. The Hull sofa gives a sense of security, which is the feeling that other high-back sofas cannot be found.
Flexible slats mimic tall grass, giving users the ability to be undetected to a certain extent. The slats can be separated by hand to give the user a better view. The semi-private screen also allows passers-by to see if the couch is occupied, while still blurring the user, avoiding anyone getting in. The slats are made of white ash and can be easily replaced by other materials.

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The most charming view of the subway station

When people talk about subway stations, what do you think of? You might think that there is a performance of the band. But think again, the wandering band at the subway station sometimes gives us a good feeling. But busy subway stations will also wear high-end art. For those subway stations lined with dirty cement and glued steel railings, the other subway stations are more unique, amazing, and have a gorgeous appearance. On the contrary, walking into this most charming subway station is more like stepping into an art museum.
Please allow us to introduce some of the most fascinating subway stations from around the world. Of course, if you have ever visited any of these transportation subway stations, you know that the pictures can be treated fairly and how beautiful they look forward to in real life.
1, Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

The epic Toledo Metro Station is located The most popular shopping street in Naples. It opened its doors in September 2012.

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Metal curtain wall design at Steirereck

PPAG Architects designed and remodeled the Steirereck restaurant in Vienna, as well as an extended building. Sometimes the amazing results made the venue almost invisible. A restaurant redesign competition was held and a firm statement was chosen as it creates a more intimate contact environment than traditional restaurants. The surface of the multifaceted metal curtain wall is blurred and the boundary between the volumes sometimes produces a hazy reflection, and the building disappears around it.

Each table unit has a curved background and sash windows to create a private space in the open outdoor. The solution is considered both for the guests and for the catering staff. The facade has a large block of reflective metal that confuses the environment of the restaurant. The clear surface blends with the blurred portion of the façade to create a striking visual effect. The restaurant also features a green roof that brings back a more natural alignment design and is gently contrasted by an expanded streamlined look.

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Stone walled cabin as a comfortable holiday home

The cabin is great, especially for your holiday. If you want to build such a cottage as a vacation home for you to enjoy your own relaxed area, then you should consider making some small changes in the basic wooden house structure.

We are considering using wood and stone to build our own stone walled cabin. Of course you can also create only one stone wall, but for other such walls, you should have a more stable structure. Stones are more heat resistant than wood and your house will remain unchanged for a longer period of time. There are many ways in which you can make this dream come true, and many beautiful patterns are stone-walled cabins. You will find the choices here and choose your favorite ones. After that, you can start building your own small holiday home or ask for some help from the profession and give them some inspiring material.

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Stone can highlight European architectural style

When I travel to Europe, I am fascinated by the beautiful old structures of the cities and towns of the entire African continent. The beautiful scenery of the stone and the old wood, many of the houses look like a fairy tale book. Using materials such as stone, you can also implement a country cottage, a fairytale cottage, or a castle that suits the king.
When you use natural materials such as stone, granite, marble, you can create a design that will change your entire family. This includes a retro feel. In Europe, whether it is a Mediterranean villa, a French farmhouse, a British country cottage, or a castle in Ireland and Scotland. Natural materials such as stones are combined into a fun way. You can create a design that will make your home look antique.

Use old world materials in new homes
such as stone, wood and granite materials, there is a “The feeling of the old world”. They combine with the use of mosaic tiles and marble to create a fabulous home feel, but also a modern style and charm. When you use these materials, please keep in mind the following suggestions:
1. Create a focal room with your natural stone.
2, style pieces show off the natural elements used in your home.
3, reproduce the feeling of antiques with a structure in a soft palette.
4, mixed textures create an interesting stone design.
5, considering the floor, will emphasize the design of your choice, such as marble, granite, slate.
6, use plants to strengthen the feeling of nature in your design.

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Apartment interior design in Scandinavian style

This small apartment is only 29 square meters in size. It includes an entrance hall, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. In response to the lack of space, many smart and clever design solutions are being applied. The interior design is typical of Scandinavian style, including elements such as white hardwood floors and minimalist furniture, with a little rustic charm.

The living room also serves as a bedroom. A Murphy bed is hidden in a white panel. The table by the window can be turned into a bedside table at night, and the area where the chandelier hangs the sleeping area becomes an extra pleasant space. The large sliding door hides plenty of storage space, plus the bed, forming a continuous white unit. A comfortable white sofa and a flip-flop form a seating area that can also be used as a dining space if needed. Some photos on the wall also create a harmonious atmosphere.

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The number of megacities has increased to 28

A report found that the number of megacities in the world has increased nearly threefold in the past 24 years. Such megacities refer to urban areas with more than 10 million inhabitants, and such cities have grown up around the world. But this year, there is now an amazing 28 such big cities. Despite the environmental benefits of a dense urban environment, they create significant hazards.

The World Urbanization Outlook Report states that in 1990, 10 megacities housed 153 million people; In the year, 28 major cities lived with 453 million people, accounting for 12% of the world’s urban population. These cities form an environmental double-edged sword. As a whole, the city is responsible for 70% of global carbon emissions, but major urban centers are doing more than others to curb these emissions. In the report released by Metropolitan City 2.0 in response to climate change action, in early 2014, large cities were found to have doubled, and they are taking carbon emissions reductions over the previous two years.
So, these big cities? The report explains that “Tokyo is still the largest city in the world with a population of 38 million, followed by Delhi with 25 million people, Shanghai with 23 million people, Mexico City, Mumbai and São Paulo, each with approximately 21 million inhabitants. Osaka has just over 20 million people, followed by Beijing with just under 20 million. New York, Cairo, each with a population of 18.5 million.
On a case-by-case basis, emerging metropolises have raised some worrying issues. Smithson pointed out that big cities rely on dirty energy to create residents’ health risks. For example, Shanghai has the highest cancer mortality rate in China, which is a statistical figure with air pollution. In cities such as Los Angeles, passengers in the outlying areas are reduced. The United Nations expects that the number of megacities will continue to grow: by 2030, they expect to have 41 major cities, and although Tokyo may shrink a little, it will still be the biggest.

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