The slope of the bathroom has been out, look at this installation is popular

The floor of the bathroom should not be sloped. The rich people should install this instead. The drainage is fast and non-slip
We all pay more attention to the decoration. One of the most important places to pay attention to is the bathroom, because the details in the bathroom are more, and If any of the details are not done properly, it will bring a lot of trouble to our lives. For example, the drainage problem of the bathroom, in order to do a good job of draining the bathroom, everyone can really hurt the head. Because the bathroom is indeed a very easy place to be wet, after doing the wet and dry separation, it is necessary to let the water in the bathroom drain at the fastest speed, otherwise the humidity of the air will increase, which is harmful to our health. And the bathroom is a warmer place, which is good for the breeding of bacteria. When cleaning the bathroom, in addition to installing the floor drain, we all need to build a slope in the bathroom. Other places in the home may be flat on the floor, but the bathroom is not! Because if the ground is flat, there will be a lot of water on the ground, but if it is a slope, the water will be faster. Into the floor drain, we all will be more convenient when taking a bath, the moisture-proof effect of the bathroom will become very good.

The construction of the slope in the bathroom, the technical requirements of the workers master is very high, so we must choose an experienced decoration master, and must be filled. The location including the installation of the floor drain must be strictly checked. It must not be installed in the center of the bathroom. It must be installed in the corner! Now most people buy small houses, so the design of the bathroom needs more attention. If there is any inconvenience in the use of the bathroom, it will also affect the use of other spaces in the home, which will make the home full of odor, and it is extremely inconvenient for us to clean the bathroom, while using the bathroom. There are also security risks. Finally, you can also consider creating a trough in the bathroom. Compared to the slope drainage, the trough design not only drains quickly, but also has a better anti-slip effect on the ground. It is very suitable for families with elderly and children. It is best to choose the material for the grooved material, because the material is also atmospheric and can block the flow of water. If all of us are still having a headache about how to build a bathroom, then try this way. The effect of the decoration is really good. Do not make slopes on the bathroom floor. The rich people will install this instead, and the drainage will be fast and non-slip.
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Wallpaper paint construction process

   wallpaper paint is a kind of wall art paint, also known as “liquid wallpaper”, “water-based wallpaper”, “wall art paint”, etc. It is an environmentally-friendly water-based paint that combines the advantages of wallpaper and latex paint. . It is constructed by professional construction personnel through special construction tools to create different visual effects according to the wishes of the decorator. It not only overcomes the limitation of single color and no layering of latex paint, but also avoids the wallpaper. Discoloration, warping, seams and other shortcomings.

   wallpaper paint is a special water-based paint for wall printing through a special mold. The patterns are realistic, delicate, seamlessly connected, no skin, no cracking, free color matching, and the pattern can be customized. Different refractive effects can be produced under different light sources, and the stereoscopic effect is strong, and there is an elegant and luxurious feeling. The coating is suitable for wall, ceiling, gypsum board and wooden partition decoration of interior walls of large buildings such as houses, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

  Color matching is very important in modern home interiors. Walls have a lot of space and good color matching will make the room elegant and fun, creating comfort. Elegant, warm family atmosphere. Wall art paints use various special tools and techniques to match different coloring techniques to create a variety of texture textures and artistic effects of light and dark transitions. It is the latest generation of wall decoration materials. Its rich expression techniques and colorful decorative effects have become an indispensable decorative element in modern space. It has a competitive advantage in the middle and high-end decorative market and is very popular among designers and owners. .

  Wall art paint blends the latest European and American decorative trends with traditional Chinese culture. With its rich patterns and colors, each wall has a personalized harmony. Let your space full of spring warmth, summer vitality, autumn elegance, winter crystal!

   wallpaper paint is an environmentally friendly water-based art paint that combines the advantages of wallpaper and latex paint. Mainly based on mica titanium pearlescent raw materials, the adhesive also uses non-toxic, harmless organic colloid, which is a truly natural and environmentally friendly product. It does not need to use 107 glue, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. during construction, so it does not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury and aldehydes, so it is non-toxic and non-polluting, and it is a truly green product.

  The personalized pattern of wall art paint, the patchwork texture, elegant and gorgeous texture, the color of any blending, bringing the wall paint from the synthetic smooth era into the natural environment The new era of embossed coatings meets a variety of decorative effects, and the product has versatility, such as mildew, radiation, UV protection, etc., various performance indicators are more reasonable, such as gloss, permeability, Moisture resistance, heat resistance, frost resistance, adhesion, etc. are improved compared to conventional coatings.

  Liquid wallpaper paint has the advantages of rich color. It can create different visual effects according to the wishes of the decorator. The decorative effect is strong; it is a green environmental art paint because it does not need to use 107 glue during construction. Polyvinyl alcohol, etc., so it does not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and aldehydes, so it is non-toxic and non-polluting; it has strong anti-fouling properties because it is a water-based coating with good moisture and antibacterial properties. Insects are not easy to age.

   wallpaper wall art paint through a proprietary mold to create a variety of patterns on the wall. The visual effect is very similar to the current wallpaper, and it also has a bumpy texture effect, but since it is still a liquid paint, the final result after construction to the wall is called “liquid wallpaper”. The wallpaper paint not only overcomes the disadvantages of single color, no layering and easy discoloration, curling, blistering, seaming and short life of the latex paint, but also has the advantages of easy construction of latex paint, long life and beautiful wallpaper. Good decorative effect. With this product, it can maintain the superior effect of different styles and silky silk for more than 15 years. The wallpaper paint series has five series of printing, knurling, luminous, chameleon and embossing, and hundreds of patterns for customers to choose. Its unique decorative effect and excellent physical and chemical properties can not be achieved by any paint and wallpaper.

  The construction process of wallpaper paint:

  stirring→feeding→scraping→receiving→pairing→adding flowers

& emsp; & emsp; 1, stirring: the product is opened before the product is painted, the mixture is fully stirred with a stir bar, if there is air bubbles, please let the product stand for about 10 minutes, until the bubbles disappear.

   2. Feeding: Place the appropriate material on the inner frame of the printing tool.

  3, scraping: put the printing tool on the corner of the wall, the mold surface of the printing mold is close to the wall surface, and then scraped with a scraper.

  4. Receipt: After scraping each pattern, remove the excess paint on the mold and lift it up and down perpendicularly to the wall.

  5.Flower: When the mold is set, the horizontal, vertical and oblique lines can be made into a line according to the arrangement and the line spacing of the pattern. With the outer frame of the mold close to the outermost edge of the already printed pattern, the reference point is found and then scraped, and so on to the entire wall, the reference point can be found through the outer frame of the mold.

  6, applique: When the wall is not enough in the longitudinal and lateral directions, please use the soft mold to make up.

  Liquid wallpaper has the following seven characteristics:

  The material used

   as a new type of decorative material, is a low-cost, ultra-luxury, high-grade, large to hotels, office buildings, small to thousands of households, multi-directional and multi-level Environmentally friendly art paint that can be applied.

  ■Personalized graphic design

   can be customized to a variety of personalized patterns to maximize the market’s individual needs It also creates a unique selling point for you.

  ■Excellent physical and chemical properties

  avoid the traditional wallpaper easy to curl, seams, moldy and complex secondary construction And other unfavorable factors, while ensuring its non-toxic, non-polluting, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and other new features, the use of this product has a long life, ten years lasting as new, more conducive to secondary renovation.

  ■See the new environmental protection

  Because the main raw material is taken from the surface of the natural shellfish bioshell, it is truly green, Environmentally friendly decorative building materials.

  ■The color of any blending

  The variety of colors and colors, the pattern can be freely added, and the color paste can be added to any color.

  ■Simple and convenient construction

  Easy decoration, simple construction, easy to get started, double construction can be completed in 2 hours More than 100 square meters of wall.

   ■The cost of ultra-low cost

  The material cost of liquid wallpaper is several yuan per square meter, but the market price is 30-50 yuan per Square, ordinary wallpaper one hundred meters to 100 yuan.

  ■The technical characteristics of the construction

  There is an elegant, honest, firm and luxurious montage quality, luxurious but not kitsch, atmospheric oil However, born.

   Wall art genre

  Auxiliary material genre: You can use your own tools to create your own free-printing action, making it rich and colorful The colors that inspire your flowing inspiration. Disadvantages: The effect is single, and you can’t change or make effects at will.

  Natural genre: If you are creative, you can use wall art to create a variety of effects, bringing a visual sense of three-dimensionality and messy beauty.

   Simulation genre: What tools are not important, what kind of wall is not important, the important thing is the material. The individual use of wall art coating materials is the detached effect brought by the wall material itself.
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Smart home creates more possibilities for life

The diversified and quality of life needs of modern people promotes technological innovation breakthroughs and upgrades in the traditional home furnishing industry.

  Life needs change and innovation smart home equipment

   Modern people’s diversified and quality life needs to promote traditional home The manufacturing industry has made breakthroughs in technological innovation and improved product and service standards. Smart homes create more possibilities for life and bring unlimited hope for industrial development. In recent years, “big names” such as Ali, Huawei, and Xiaomi have launched their own smart home products and want to be among the top in the market. With the help of these big names, the smart home industry has achieved certain results.

  It is estimated that shipments of smart home devices will reach nearly 1.3 billion units by 2022 >

   According to the statistics of the “Smart Home Equipment Industry Market Preview and Investment Strategy Planning Report” released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the global smart home equipment market is expected to grow 31% year-on-year in 2018. Shipments reached 643.9 million. The entire smart home market – including smart speakers, video entertainment products, networked lighting, smart thermostats and home monitoring/security products – is expected to reach nearly 1.3 billion units of equipment by 2022, a five-year compound annual growth. The rate (CAGR) is 20.8%. Smart speakers (such as Amazon Echo and Google Home) will be the fastest growing category, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 39.1%, reaching nearly 100 million units in 2018 and reaching nearly 230.5 million units by 2022.

  In the first quarter of 2018, China’s smart home market shipped 29.89 million units, a year-on-year increase of 26.3%. Among them, video entertainment equipment and other (large and small household appliances, etc.) accounted for 87.4% of the total shipments; in addition, smart speakers, smart lighting and temperature control equipment grew fastest. It is estimated that the smart home market will reach 150 million units in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 35.7%. It is estimated that by 2022, the market will exceed 300 million units, the main growth comes from home security monitoring, intelligent lighting and smart speakers.

  China’s smart home market shipment statistics and growth in the first quarter of 2018

  Data source: public information, prospective industry research institute

   Throughout the forecast, dedicated smart speakers with built-in voice assistants will become mainstream, and we have seen significant changes in this market. Many new devices inside and outside the home now include built-in voice assistants. These devices not only help increase the number of end-user touch points, but also help each voice assistant grow and gain insight into the content, time, and manner in which users handle various tasks by expanding coverage.

  The smart home market is optimistic, security and privacy issues are in the first place

  The smart home device market is optimistic, when considering the use of smart home devices, Most consumers put security and privacy issues first. In addition to having adequate security solutions when bringing devices to market, vendors must address consumer concerns by properly training on protection measures and increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of shared data. Over time, you can ultimately provide better equipment, services and experience.

  Subdivided product categories become consumer highlights

  1, video entertainment products mainly consist of smart TV and digital media adapter Such as Google’s Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku devices. This category is expected to grow as the main equipment for the living room, and its shipments are expected to reach 457.5 million units by 2022, a five-year compound annual growth rate of 10.9%. For many brands and consumers, this category is expected to become the mainstream consumer product of the smart home ecosystem, so IDC expects this category to have significant competition in terms of content and price.

  2, home monitoring/security equipment including door/window sensors, door locks and IP cameras, etc., is expected to account for 19.4% of the smart home market by the end of 2022. While the category has great potential, with a five-year growth rate of 27.3%, it is still targeted at a limited consumer base, especially homeowners, as most products still do not provide much value to consumers living in apartments.

  3. Although smart speakers are now the focus of attention, it will become the third largest category in 2022, as many vendors offer products to support Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. . Siri, Cortana and Bixby are also expected to be widely used, although none of the above products can challenge the production status of Google or Amazon. Although a large number of markets have not yet begun to develop such products, IDC expects that most of the smart speaker market will be downgraded to China, and in this market, established companies such as Xiaomi and Alibaba have already occupied a large market share.

  4, Networked lighting, thermostats and other products will complement the smart home market, providing users with a complete ecosystem of products and services to control and monitor their families. The five-year compound annual growth rate for these categories is expected to reach 26.9%, while lighting products (such as Philips Hue) account for almost one-third of shipments. Although thermostats are popular in North America, they will grow slowly in other parts of the world, as many countries do not use central HVAC systems and therefore do not require dedicated thermostats.


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Home improvement, lighting is very elegant

  I often listened to friends and spit out, saying that after the new house was in check, I found that many of the lighting fixtures in the room were not ideally installed, the lighting was not very comfortable, and the renovation was troublesome. Avoid this and learn about it in advance.  
  The living room is usually designed with a top lighting. If the indoor height is low (2.6m or less), it is best to use a ceiling lamp or a dewaxed glass lamp cover jewelry; otherwise, it is best to use a chandelier. If the living room is to be fitted with a crystal chandelier, the bottom of the lamp should be at least 2.2 m from the ground. If it is a duplex house, the living room is two stories high, then the design of the luminaire should be at least not lower than the second floor.

  The bedroom is a private space in the home, and the lighting should create a space atmosphere with soft, decorative lamps. A ceiling light can be used as the main light source, and a wall lamp or a light socket can be provided as a decorative lighting tool. It is important to note that it is uncomfortable not to place the luminaire directly above the bed.

   The restaurant is a place for family gatherings, requiring the main lighting to have high color rendering, high illumination, and warm tones. Chandeliers or ceiling lamps are generally used. There should be a distance of 70-85 cm between the luminaire above the restaurant and the table top.

  If you want to sit at the desk and read, only indirect lighting is not enough. It is best to place a table lamp at the corner of the table, or set the hanging lamp directly above it for accent lighting. The lighting height and brightness of the study are very important. Generally, the wattage of the desk lamp should be around 60 W. The table lamp should be placed at the left front of the desk to avoid glare and protect eyesight.

  The choice of kitchen lamps should be based on easy scrubbing and corrosion resistance. The top center is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof ceiling lamp, which is safe and easy to clean. Whether it is for aesthetics or safety, it is necessary to arrange the luminaire above the kitchen counter. The luminaire should be placed 1.8m from the ground or 70-85cm from the kitchen countertop.

  The main lighting fixtures installed in the bathroom and bathroom can be waterproof and embedded ceiling lamps. The color temperature of the light source should be cold. The mirror headlights should be waterproof and adjustable in angle for easy washing and makeup.
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How to maintain the wooden bathtub?

How to maintain the tub of the tub

1. Buy the bucket and soak the bucket for two-thirds of the bucket for 8 hours in three days to restore the normal moisture content and prolong the service life (not needed by the southern users) .

2. Normally used once a week.

3. In areas with high radon in winter, use at least two times a week or two-thirds of water for 8 hours (a small amount of water in the barrel is more effective) Poor, especially in the dry climate in the north, especially pay attention).

4. If the usage time interval is long, it is recommended that the northern users only need to soak the bucket for two-thirds of the water for one day and then use it normally.

5. If it is not used for a long time (more than 10 days), soak the bucket in half a bucket of water for one day, soak it in a sponge, put it in the bucket, and seal it with the bucket bag. Keep the temperature of the barrel.

6. Please do not expose the barrel to the sun or be hit by strong winds. This will speed up the evaporation of the bathtub and cause cracking.

7. It is best to put a little water in the usual time to absorb moisture and keep the wood saturated and moist. But don’t put too much water, because the bathroom itself has a certain humidity. Be careful not to leave dirty water after bathing, so as to prevent wood from absorbing sewage and accelerating aging or causing mold spots.

Because the air in the south is relatively humid, the water dispersion of the bathtub is relatively small, and it does not require much effort to maintain. However, the northern region should pay special attention to these problems and can extend the service life of the bathtub.

2 Advantages of the tub bath


Health is the best gift from heaven. Everyone wants to have a healthy body. However, as the pace of life is accelerating, too many people are increasingly ignoring their physical health, and too many people are in a sub-health state without knowing it. When the body really straddles, it is regrettable. Bathing was originally a good health activity, but it was ignored by many people, and the bath became a fast food like KFC. A hasty shower, no health benefits. Only by taking a bath can you repair your tired body and let you recover your healthy body in the comfort of your life. According to expert advice, a person should bathe in a wooden bath at least twice a week for at least 20 minutes. The rapid flow of blood from the barrel bath and the natural massage of the body caused by the pressure of the water are similar to the exercise you have done, and the movement is still throughout the body. It seems to be very good for your health. Especially the internal organs benefit from the process of taking a bath.


The barrel bath is very comfortable, in the warm water of the deep and the chest, in In the faint woody fragrance, people whose comfort is not experienced can not be experienced. If you add aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., it will not only be good for your health, but you will also sigh that life is so beautiful. If there is another bookcase, can you read the book during the bathing process, improve your knowledge and cultivation, why not?

Save water

Many people I think that taking a bath in a wooden barrel will waste water, but it is not. Because the insulation of the barrel is excellent, even if you soak for an hour, the water temperature is almost the same as when you just soaked in, so there is almost no need to change the water during the bath. The bathtub needs to constantly add hot water to the inside to keep the water temperature from falling. If the shower is more than 10 minutes, the water used is much more than that used in a wooden barrel. Health is created by ourselves. We want to be healthy, we want to be comfortable…

3 The design of the wooden tub tub

The bath tub is the most comfortable bathing method. One. Ellipse, deep design, body soaking, natural hydromassage, enhance heart and lung function, and quickly eliminate fatigue. Excellent thermal insulation, you can feel the warmth of meticulousness. Patented technology, dozens of processes are carefully crafted, no static electricity, easy to clean. It occupies a small area and does not need to be installed. It can be used at any time in one step. Used in public places, it can be used with disposable bucket bags, which are clean and hygienic. It can add Chinese herbal medicine, bath liquid, mineral powder, milk, petals, etc. It can also be connected with negative ion generator and ozone machine when used. The full range of bath tubs, bath tubs and wine barrels are complete in specifications. Can undertake the custom-made non-standard size barrel type, the overall cedar wood bathroom design, decoration construction.

Compared with ancient and modern

The traditional wooden barrel has a short service life, easy to crack and leak water, and its circular design is small in size and the bath is not comfortable enough. The fragrant rain barrels use cedar wood with rare and precious, long growing period, hard wood, fine texture, high density, corrosion resistance and natural primary color as the raw material of the barrel. The wood is specially treated and adopts a streamlined pure hand-made process. It overcomes the various defects of traditional wooden barrels, is ergonomic and saves water, and is a truly environmentally friendly product. The wooden barrel is made of centuries-old cedar wood. It will emit a natural aroma after entering the water and contain negative ions, which can improve the water quality and activate the skin cells to relieve fatigue, relax the body and mind, and improve the body and body. . In addition, because natural cedar has a strong antibacterial ability, it can not only improve the air and environment of the bathroom, but also inhibit and prevent skin diseases such as acne and acne.
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Leading the new trend of cabinets

Time rushed away like a stream of water, only half a year between the fingers. It is said that the trend is a reincarnation, catching the current popular elements, you are the “trend leader”!

In fact, the kitchen is the same, maybe it is one or two fashion contacts, your kitchen is superior to others.

Element 1: Functional Pragmatism

The cabinets have now jumped out of the most basic washing, cooking, cooking, and storage functions. Become a builder of the living atmosphere and become another carrier in the family to release emotions and stress.

“Good cabinets must of course also pay attention to appearance, but the appearance of the product is not dominant.” Zhibang kitchen cabinets said that the cabinet as a durable consumer goods, its use process is a very emotional consumer Cognitive process.
Because it is used every day, consumers will have a personal experience of whether the cabinet is easy to use. A good cabinet brand will spend more energy on the details and functionality, combining fashion and practicality.
The improvement of living standards has prompted people to derive the aesthetics and values ​​of home decoration in the new era. The cabinets that pursue aesthetics and neglect practicality are no longer the mainstream, and practical functions have become the primary consideration.
Element 2: Modern light luxury style popular
With the development of society, the current consumer group is 80, 90, and after 60, 70, the younger generation of consumers prefer to be natural. Extremely simple, this year’s modern light luxury is prevalent.
Modern luxury and luxury is a natural phenomenon, because this style pays more attention to quality and design than the ultimate simple style, and reveals that life is truly natural and pure.
There is no traditional luxury style of “dense and heavy color”, but return to the true nature of life, giving people a sense of sleek simplicity, temperament and elegance, avoiding the aesthetic fatigue caused by complex structure and diverse colors.
Element 3: The new fashion kitchen concept
More than one side of life, fashion is not a simple trend synonym, not a brand name, not a luxury spending, fashion is a life attitude, is a unique The vision and taste are the emphasis on the details and texture of life.
Element 4: The combination of stone and wood grain
With the proliferation of various industrial decoration styles in the home decoration market, the return to nature of the wood color is increasingly welcomed by consumers, especially Wood grain cabinets.
The kitchen with wood cabinets is not only more natural, but also brighter. The rustic woody texture and the lustrous and versatile stone are still unbeaten classics.
Excellent kitchen design can enhance the temperament and taste of the family. A person who loves life and enjoys life must not be willing to satisfy his “satisfaction” in the kitchen. It can also make people feel good about life. Produce more embarrassment.

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What should I pay attention to when buying a bed?

The bed is where we rest and sleep every day. In order to have a good quality of sleep while sleeping, the quality and comfort of the bed is very important. There are a lot of brands on the market, what kind of bed to buy? What do you need to pay attention to when buying a bed? The following small series recommend some brands of beds and tips for buying beds.

What bed to buy

1. All Friends


What bed is good to buy? In fact, the bed of all-friends furniture is very good. All-Friends Furniture was established in Sichuan in 1986. It mainly focuses on R&D, production and sales of panel furniture. Its products include living room furniture, bedroom furniture and panel furniture, and its products are made of green materials. Cheng, has been recognized by consumers.

2. Double-leaf

The double-leaf solid wood bed furniture brand was established in 1995. After years of continuous development, it has become a professional production design. The large-scale enterprise of solid wood furniture belongs to the domestic large furniture manufacturer, and its products are exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad.

3. Huafeng

What bed is good to buy? In fact, Huafeng solid wood bed is quite good. It has a history of more than 50 years. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “excellence and sincere cooperation”. After years of hard work, it has become a world famous solid wood furniture brand.

4. Fuzhidao

Fuzhidao was established in 1992. It is a large-scale integrated furniture company, mainly designed for products. , research and development, sales-based. After years of continuous development, we now have hundreds of patents, breaking the record of Chinese furniture patents.


Ikea was founded in Sweden in 1943 and is the world’s largest supplier of furniture. Its products are of high quality and low in price, and are highly recognized by consumers.

What to pay attention to when buying a bed

1. The material of the bed should be healthy

In the purchase When bed, its quality is the most important point. The beds on the market are more solid and environmentally friendly. The solid wood materials include cedar, eucalyptus, birch, nanmu, oak, red pine, yew, toon, etc., but the price of pure solid wood beds is generally more expensive.

2. The size of the bed should be appropriate

Before you buy the bed, you should know the size of the bedroom and see how big the bed is. In general, the size of the bed is: 1.2*1.9m, 1.5*1.9m, 1.5*2.0m, 1.8*2.0m, etc. This refers to the size of the mattress (inner frame) of the bed. Pay attention to the outer frame of the bed, because the different styles of the bed have different outer frames.

3. The style of the bed should match the style of the bedroom decoration

When buying a bed, pay attention to the style of the bedroom decoration, and the style of the different home decoration should match The style of the bed. The style of the general bed is European, American, Korean, Chinese, Southeast Asian, pastoral and other styles, among which the rustic style can be matched with a variety of home styles.

4. Bed styles

General bed styles are divided into: single bed, double bed, lift bed, bunk bed, combination bed, drawer bed, Goupeng bed, etc. When purchasing a bed, you should purchase a suitable bed according to your needs.


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Art Lock. Aesthetic Flooring Personalized floor experts should contact the sender if needed! !

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Is the leakage switch a kind of switch that will leak?

Speaking of the leakage switch, I believe many of my friends are not too familiar with it. I think this is a kind of switch that will leak electricity. In fact, this is not the case. The leakage switch is a kind of protection type switch, which has anti-leakage and leakage. It can automatically cut off the power supply function, which can protect our personal and property security. Although it is not easy to see in our lives, its function can not be ignored. Now every house will install leakage. Switched. So today we will talk about the principle of leakage switch, and let us know the type of leakage switch.

First, what is the leakage switch

1, leakage switch, also known as leakage protection switch, can be generated at home A protective switch that cuts off the power supply when it leaks can protect our safety. The leakage switch is composed of the output current winding and the input current winding and the secondary winding. In normal life, it is no different from the ordinary switch. The output and input current are also the same, but the circuit safety hazard occurs. It will play a very big role.

2 There are currently three types of leakage switches on the market, namely voltage type, current type and pulse type. The voltage type leakage switch is mainly used on the transformer, but since it cannot be graded, it is basically no longer used.

Second, the principle of leakage switch

1, leakage switch is divided into two windings on the core, one is the input current winding, the other is the output current winding, in the absence When a leakage occurs, the input current and the output current are the same, and the current on the core is the same, so that the current induced by the third winding is not excessive, resulting in tripping.

2, if the leakage switch is added to the device, even if the device does not leak, but because the current in the core is unstable, this will be the illusion of leakage, it will Make the leakage switch automatically trip.
Third, the type of leakage switch

1, the first is only leakage protection function, when used in conjunction with fuses and relays.

2, the second is to increase the overload protection function based on the leakage protection function.

3, the third is to increase the short-circuit protection function based on the leakage protection function, and can also automatically power off when a short circuit occurs.

4, the fourth is based on the leakage protection function to increase the overload, overvoltage and undervoltage function, to achieve a variety of circuit failure protection.

5, leakage protector, this protector can be divided into two according to the tripping action and actuator, one is the electronic leakage protector, and the other is the electromagnetic leakage protector. The actuator of the electronic leakage protector is a relay, which is powered off by a relay. Its advantages are that it is more sensitive, the cost is lower, and the error is small. The actuator of the electromagnetic leakage protector is an electromagnetic tripping device, which is powered off by an electromagnetic tripping device. Its advantage is that it has strong anti-interference and stable leakage characteristics, but it is relatively high in cost. .
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What color is good for living room tiles?

Tiles are a kind of floor decoration material commonly used in our house decoration. It is exquisite in color and excellent in wear resistance. It is widely used in living room, kitchen and bathroom. Has a strong decorative effect. Then What color does the living room tile chooseOkay, What are the skills of living room tile color matching? Let me introduce you to the following article.

What color is good for living room tiles: use cool-tone tiles

For those living spaces with small space or poor lighting, it is best to choose cool-tone tiles, cool-tone tiles, not only will you visually feel Comfortable, but also used to enhance the visual effect of the space.

What color is good for living room tiles? : Use warm-tone tiles

For those living areas that are relatively spacious, warm-tone tiles can be used. Warm-coloured tiles give the living room a more intimate home atmosphere, especially in beige, brown and orange. It will make the whole space easier and more comfortable, but the pure color of red and yellow is not suitable for the living room, because these colors are easy to get upset.

What color is good for living room tiles: black and white grey tiles

Black and white ash is a color often seen in our living room floor tiles. White can make the living room brighter and more transparent, and can be matched with other colors in the living room. The grey is full of art and is loved by many home improvement designers, making the living room look more elegant. Black tiles can be used to decorate the living room to make it more spacious.

Living tile color matching tips

1, match the overall home style

The color of the living room tile needs to be chosen in a more overall style. For example, the rustic living room decoration, it is best to choose light-colored tiles such as light yellow and green, and the modern minimalist style is best gray and white. Monotonous color tiles.

2, depending on the color of the wall

Depending on the color of the wall, it is very important for us to choose the color of the living room tile. If the wall is in warm colors, the tile is also best in beige. Light tones such as ivory white make the living room look bright and spacious.

3, match with light

The color of the living room tile can be matched according to the light of the living room. The living room with light can choose darker tiles. If the living room is dark, you can use light-colored tiles.

Article summary: The above is about What color to choose for living room tilesGood and living room tile color matching skills The relevant introduction, I hope to give you some help in the decoration of the living room, so that everyone can make the whole living room space more beautiful and gorgeous by matching with the reasonable tile color.


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