The arrival of the smart home era Why did the winds fail to break out?

  The wind of smart home has been blowing for several years, and after a small climax broke out in 2014, it has been in a state of tepid development. Sexual progress. Not long ago, famous financial person Wu Xiaobo published an article saying that the era of smart home has arrived. This is a visible vent, so is the wind coming really?
  In the first quarter of 2018, several smart home financings appeared one after another. Many companies have been tempted to try to speed up capital and strategic layout. It seems that there are signs of an outbreak, but from the big-level market feedback and According to consumer research, the penetration rate and penetration rate of smart homes have not reached the expectations of the industry before, and even a long distance.
  Why has the high-end smart home vents been blowing for so long and has not achieved a real explosion? How to catalyze The advent of the smart home era? There are three main suggestions:

   one: rooting in the local market, breaking the product Homogenization

  There are countless products on the market for smart homes, door locks, speakers, monitors, rice cookers, The washing machine can be described as a dazzling array of flowers. However, it is not difficult to find out by careful observation that there is actually a small difference in the seemingly rich categories, and the homogenization of products is serious.

  A typical phenomenon is the explosion of smart speakers, starting with Amazon Echo and two years after technology The giants have entered the field of smart speakers one after another. From GoogleHome, Microsoft Invoke, Apple’s HomePod, Baidu’s DuerOS, Ali’s Lynx, Xiaomi’s AI speakers, Tencent’s smart speaker ears, and small and medium-sized startup products

  Smart speakers became the entrance and standard for smart homes overnight. But with so many kinds of smart speakers, the functions are nothing more than a few. Getting together to develop and produce homogenized products will only accelerate the saturation of the market. The end result is that the company is in a self-sustaining mode, and consumers do not buy it.

  The fundamental solution to this problem is that enterprises must develop and innovate according to market demand and their own characteristics. Type products. For example, regarding the speaker product, taking Amazon Echo as an example, its usage scene is mostly in the kitchen, and exists as the background music for the American housewife to adjust the atmosphere when cooking. This is because American kitchens are mostly open kitchens, and their cooking is quiet compared to Chinese frying and cooking, which is suitable for listening to music, which has even become part of the Western kitchen culture.

   By contrast, most of China is a closed kitchen, a small family model of a family of three, no The social group that forms the western housewife is busy with work or entertainment at night, and rarely uses audio, which limits the market development of smart speakers to some extent.

   but this does not mean that it has no market in China, on the contrary, according to the billion euro think tank research institute According to the market research of smart speakers and the hot scenes of the 100-box battle last year, smart speakers have a lot to offer in China, but they need to make efforts in product differentiation and develop smart speakers that meet the needs of China’s domestic market. Not only that, the product function can increase innovation, not limited to listening to music, reading materials, news, but also can develop weather, check holidays, check stocks, translate, control home appliances, set alarm clocks, ask time and other functions, and even provide O2O services. , including shopping, takeaway, taxi, voice notes, etc.

  On the aspect of product innovation, how the brain is novel is not an exaggeration. Of course, homogenization is a common problem in the entire smart home industry, not limited to smart speakers.

  2: Strengthening connected thinking and breaking product fragmentation

  Smart home products are many and miscellaneous, and even more terrible is that they are all separate and unrelated. This is a headache for consumers. Obviously, we can’t control other brands’ home appliances on Mijia APP, and we can’t use Ali’s smart speakers to control Mi’s products. Consumers need to weigh, and whether the products they buy can work with other brands they like. Compared to buying an Android or buying an Apple phone, thisThe choice is even more difficult.

  The current smart products on the market are mostly operated in isolation, and need to install their own APP for control, first It is cumbersome to say that the various types of software already in the mobile phone will be affected. Once the mobile phone is stuck or the network is smashed, these smart home appliances become vases. The original advanced feeling disappears instantly, the TV can’t be opened, the song can’t be heard, and the rice is uncooked.

  In solving the problem of product fragmentation, Haier relies on a complete set of things to make people a smart home. The landing made an effort. In the future, the real smart home is a complete system of its own set. The major smart home manufacturers should learn the thinking of Haier’s complete set of things, and break the limitations of the small object voice control and the layout of a single desk.

   In addition to strengthening the connection between things and things, we must also enhance the interaction between people and machines. Some smart products are forgotten because they lacked interaction after trying to be fresh. For this problem, manufacturers can strengthen innovation in product development, and increase human-computer interaction and enhance user stickiness through various interaction modes such as hearing, vision, touch and smell.

  3: Enhance user experience and increase product security and practical value

   The essence and goal of smart home is to provide people with a safer, more comfortable, convenient and efficient life. It makes no sense. In order to cater to the market, some home furnishing companies advocate the concept of intelligence. The products produced ignore the user experience and design many seemingly cool but flashy functions. Not only do they not bring convenience to consumers, but they are redundant and cumbersome.

  For consumers, any unremarkable product defect can be a fatal pain point, a lot of intelligence The product market is selling well, but the utilization rate is still to be considered. The reason is that many young consumers buy products based on curiosity and freshness, but because of the poor experience, they are idle after a few attempts. For example, the recent popularity of kitchen appliances in the popular market, dishwashers, professional institutions survey shows that in recent years, dishwasher sales have exploded, becoming a new position for companies to compete for layout, but the consumer usage rate on the other side is not high, for Many, such as complicated operation, too long cleaning time, too much noise, not clean, easy to break up items.

   For example, it is a sweeping robot that is used to save energy. It is noisy and can’t be cleaned up. It is a common problem. After using it, you have to manually clean the dust box to the trash can. Instead, it is awkward, and there are even potential dangers such as being twisted by wires and hitting children. What’s more, some intelligent products such as intelligent monitoring and smart door locks have many security vulnerabilities, leaking personal information and privacy, and become a tool for criminals to steal data.

  So, the real smart home needs to return to the human text, user-centric, increase product safety performance And practical value, before putting into production, from the user’s point of view and the height of the industry, rather than the smart scorpion, the essence is the growth of immediate performance. Moreover, the eyes of the masses are sharp. Once they understand the essence, they will naturally stay away from it. Enterprises want to live for a long time, and avoid this kind of self-defeating business.

   smart home as a whirlwind that has not been able to break out, in addition to the above three main reasons, low demand High prices, different industry standards, mixed products, and insufficient technical level are also important factors affecting their development. Therefore, as a producer of the enterprise, while boldly innovating and solving problems, we must also take into account the user experience and market feedback, and do a good job in market research before the development of new products and production, so that the products truly enter the public and bring people life. Convenience, to promote industry development and social progress as the ultimate goal, rather than staying within the company’s self-satisfaction and market marketing momentum. Source: billion euros net, author: Zhang

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It is called life in modern kitchens!

The life of modern people is becoming more and more “petty”, clothing, Home style always shows the pursuit of lifestyle. The small kitchen has become the “speaker” of quality life, carrying the lifestyle and story of a person and a family through food.

People’s pursuit of food has gradually risen to The realm of life aesthetics can be seen from the fiery degree of “China on the tip of the tongue.” Not only pay attention to the quality of the ingredients, but also pay attention to the atmosphere of the kitchen, the mood of the chef.

The 2017 China Internet Consumer Ecology released by CBNData The Big Data Report found that the quality consumer demand of consumers has been upgraded again in 2017, and more attention has been paid to the small details of improving the quality of life, making the vertical subdivisions more popular. From the design of the whole kitchen to the thickness of the props, it has become the object of the “choosy” of the cooks, and strives to be more perfect in all aspects of the kitchen.

In the modern kitchen decoration, efficient, Smoke-free, easy-to-clean, and environmentally friendly have become “standard.” The choice of materials for the countertops is also very particular, and quartz countertops have gradually become the first choice for modern kitchen countertops. Due to its excellent characteristics of environmental protection, stain resistance, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, non-toxicity and no radiation, the quartz stone with excellent quality is also widely used in cabinet countertops.

In the “battlefield” filled with fireworks, collar quartz The stone can achieve the effect that the liquid such as soy sauce and oil does not ooze, and the knives pass through without leaving marks, which brings great convenience to the daily kitchen life. In addition, the unique texture, such as the texture of the fat, has become an expression of the self-lifestyle of many owners.

Leading Quartz Stone LS-5211 Red Bean Acacia

Leading Quartz Stone LS-8115 Black Forest

Modern kitchen decoration pays attention to functional aesthetics, and collar quartz stone has always pursued quality Balance with art design. As an important product project of China Liansu, the texture design and shape design of the collar quartz stone cater to the kitchen space style that young people like, while the excellent products such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, dirt resistance and easy cleaning are free of “clean kitchen.” “Wait for peace of mind.”

Leading Quartz Stone LS-9221 Tobago

Leading Quartz Stone LS-6153 Shirley

The combination of “quality” and “fashion” makes the practical kitchen space more artistic. Through the upgrade process, the collar quartz stone enhances the quality and function of the stone and brings more visually innovative products. Let more consumers feel the beauty and enjoy the moodCooking fun.

There is a modern kitchen that allows it to live in the kitchen It has become simpler and more fashionable. Those who know how to live can always find fun in the four seasons, making the day interesting.

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Doors and windows to buy knowledge Daquan, so that no troubles at home

Steadyness is the key factor for windproof doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy, which is stronger than rigidity. Strong, in the face of strong winds, doors and windows will become a security line of home. In addition to the frame material and the opening method, the thickness of the glass affects the airtightness of the door and window.

1,The most important windproof

Constancy is a key factor in doors and windows, and aluminum doors and windows is refined from titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy It has strong strength and rigidity. When faced with strong winds, doors and windows will become a safety line for the home.

In addition to the border material and In addition to the opening method, the thickness of the glass affects the airtightness of the doors and windows. Generally speaking, the double-glass aluminum alloy doors and windows have better airtightness.

2,Do not ignore watertightness

There is good water tightness, so that the doors and windows will keep the interior dry when facing the storm, without the trouble of water seepage and leakage. Among the doors and windows of the material, the aluminum alloy doors and windows have better water tightness.

The glass of the door and window can be selected as the insulating glass, which is effectively sealed between several layers of glass. And a desiccant that absorbs moisture to cause the presence of water vapor and dust in the glass.

3,Airtight gender 觑

Closed Better doors and windows, double-layer tempered glass, plus double-channel rubber sealing strips, so that doors and windows are both windproof and heat-insulated.

In addition to materials, doors and windows open The way is also a key factor in determining sealability. The flat-opening window uses a three-sealing structure with a hard seal and two soft seals to give the window a good airtightness and watertightness. For the door, the embedded sliding door has high air tightness and good sealing performance.

4,The most important windproof

See the quality is guaranteed

In addition, we must also pay attention to the following points:

(1) The flatness of the weld, to see if the inner and outer corner stitching is flush.

(2) look at hardware accessories, good windows and doors The hardware accessories are thick and the surface protection layer is dense, shiny and has no scratch marks.

(3) Look at the buffer rubber, cushion rubber and anti-collision glue to protect the door from strong collision.

The configuration of the home can reflect one’s style and taste, and the safety is above the taste.

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How does the stone industry recapture the market from the tile industry?

  The development of the tile industry is actually a Expand the history of aggression. Decorative materials such as natural stone, wood grain floor, fur, wallpaper, etc., are all imitated and tried to replace. Among them, natural stone is the main object of tile imitation, and it is also the most popular decorative material. The product designers of ceramic tile companies have almost bought and scanned the stone colors that can be seen in Fujian, and developed them into ceramic tile products. The imitation of the imitation stone tiles steals a large number of potential stone customers, making the stone people bite their teeth.

Imitation of marble tile decoration

   Although not reconciled, the tile still succeeded in occupying the home improvement market. In recent years, many ceramic tile companies have frequently exerted their efforts in the tooling market, which has made the stone industry feel pressure. Rescuing the tiles and regaining the market, especially entering the tiled belly home improvement market, has become a consensus in the stone industry.

    In order to win the counterattack, the stone industry has learned a lot from the ceramic tile industry, “standardization”, “branding”, “marketing”, “consumer education”, etc., but has never been able to achieve major market breakthroughs. Large and small decoration companies around the country, more will provide a variety of brands of tiles for customers to choose, stone is rare. Why is the stone decoration effect deeply loved, but the natural stone home improvement market is delayed? This is the confusion of many stone people.

    combing the entire service chain of home improvement, we will find that, unlike the tooling market, the performance of the decorative materials in the home improvement market is whether it can be recognized by home decoration designers and end consumers. At present, whether it is facing designers or consumers, compared with ceramic tiles, natural stone has a huge gap in user experience.

   First of all, natural exploitation of stone, the surface of the plate is inevitably present in different degrees of natural defects, such as color, color lines, cracks, stains, etc., the formation of the color texture sometimes can not be naturally connected, artificial large area paving often appears defect. In the case of a tangled owner’s client, the meeting will generate disputes that do not match expectations. The imitation stone tile spray glaze does not have such problems.

   Secondly, the tile is designed and processed, which can be produced infinitely. The large amount of the picture material library for the designer can call, free to play the design imagination, or customize according to the customer’s preference, and easily realize the decorative effect in advance. In the “custom home”, “full house customization” home improvement trend, provide customers with home design solutions, space renderings – “what you see is what you have” It is standard. At present, natural stone is obviously not able to meet this market demand. Not to mention that most home improvement designers have less knowledge of stone, even if they are senior in deep stone.Designers often only choose tiles when they encounter materials. Because if you use stone, he may want to use a certain variety, but I don’t know which board can achieve the desired effect.

    Finally, compared with the tile industry, automation, intelligentization and mass customization have already been realized. The production of the stone industry is mainly based on manual processing by the trimming master. The material yield is low and the error rate is high. For the owner’s customers, high cost of delivery, long lead times, low product satisfaction, poor consumer experience.

    Ma Yun said that the competition in modern society is not the competition of strength, but the competition of user experience. For stone companies, they can’t surpass the ceramics from the user experience. Entering the home improvement market is doomed to half the effort, even failing. However, With the in-depth application of Internet technology and the emergence of new types of equipment, the stone industry has the possibility of overtaking.

   First, do the management of the owner’s customers. The natural characteristics of stone can not be changed, then frankly tell. In the past two years, the maturity of stone scanners has enabled the visualization of natural stone. The sheets used are visible, and the customer knows the bottom, there will be no expected gap. From another point of view, the natural characteristics such as chromatic aberration do not completely mean the burden on the stone. In the process of deepening the understanding of the stone by the designer and the end consumer, it may become a better selling point.

    Second, for the designer to provide stone stock slab material library and design software. Through the stone scanner, the spot slabs of all categories will be scanned and updated in time to ensure the real board. In the open gallery platform, in addition to further understanding the matching and application of natural stone, designers can also find suitable board materials at any time when designing solutions for customers. At the same time, with the design software, designers can easily complete the virtual paving of stone, soft-fit matching, application scene output, etc., to meet the personalized customization experience of the end consumers.

   Third, take the initiative to upgrade the transformation, Embrace smart manufacturing. Actively introduce advanced technology and stone intelligent CNC bridge cutting equipment, through the digitization of the board, information technology, guide the machine to process according to demand, to achieve mass customization, to ensure efficient delivery of terminal demand.

    The road is long and the road to repair, the establishment of the natural stone home improvement market service system, can not be achieved overnight. But I believe that stone companies insist on optimizing user experience, and the industry will work together to defeat imitators. SteadyRegain market share and create a new ecosystem of stone home.

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Choose the color of the carpet to make your home more fashionable


Before weaving the female sister introduced to you how to choose the size of the carpet, please see “How to choose the size of the handmade carpet”, in addition to the size, some people are very concerned about the color of the carpet and the interior design, most hand-woven carpet They are not monochromatic, not even a color system, and the colors are thick and colorful. There are very few hand-woven carpets with neutral colors. It is difficult to simply suggest the color of the curtains to match the color of the curtains. Consistent, so today only give you some ideas for choosing the color of the carpet, for reference only.

The foreigner often calls the carpet the fifth wall of the house, “The fifth wall”. It is obvious that the carpet is important for soft clothing, so they often suggest that the soft clothes at home also start from the carpet. At this time, the choice of carpet color is relatively large, you can decide the color of the carpet according to your lifestyle, personal preference, etc. Once the carpet is selected, it basically determines the general design style of this space.


For example, families with children and pets may give up white carpets that are not dirty and do not choose long-haired carpets that are not cleaned. At this time, very easy to clean dark natural material carpets, such as wool and silk carpets are selected.

If you want to create an intimate and intimate family atmosphere, then warm, dark and highly saturated carpets should be considered, and these carpets will make people There is a feeling of warmth.

If the space in your home is small, it is recommended to consider a light-colored carpet that will make the space appear larger.

If the lighting at home is better, using a cool-toned carpet will make the space look calm and comfortable.


Low-saturation color has been very popular in visual design for several years, and the purity of color is low. Even if the user spends a long time, the fatigue will not be too much. . There are fewer hand-woven rugs in low-saturation colors, because hand-woven rugs originate from the nomadic people who live by the grass. In the open world, the gorgeous carpet can reduce the single natural environment.A sense of boring.

But the carpet with low saturation color is very good with modern home decoration. If you want to create a completely quiet space, the carpet with low saturation color is the best choice. The low-saturation space of a single tone will give a feeling of coldness, and of course the purest land that will comfort the soul.

And it’s very easy to change this space. Add some colors, such as pillows, hanging pictures, objects and other decorations, you can change it immediately.

Bright and bright colors that are different from the subsistence and color will make the whole space vibrant. Therefore, the colorful carpet is often a source of warm and welcoming space, and the soft texture of the carpet can bring the warmth of the whole room to the extreme.


If the carpet is the last step in your softcover, then the consideration is that you want to use the carpet to sublimate the design of the entire space, or to add, or neutralize. If the interior design is perfect, then you can choose the same color and the same color as the interior design when choosing the color of the carpet. For example, in the selection of living room carpets, the color of the carpet can be selected from the colors of sofas, pillows, walls, curtains, etc. This is the most common color matching method.

If you want to make the space more colorful, you can choose a carpet with a different color tone and add some similar color to the carpet. Vases, artworks, ornaments, etc., so that the added color will not be too awkward, and the space can be better integrated.


Hand-woven rugs rarely appear in a large area with one color. There are dozens of colors in a carpet, and the pattern is complicated and rhythmic, so the hand Woven rugs, especially Persian rugs, are very versatile, and the use of the same color rug on a large area requires a discretion.

The above just gives you some ideas and rules for color selection, but it is not absolute. As the saying goes, the rules are used to break, so the choice of carpet color is the same as the choice of carpet size. Your own home is your own, comfortable is good, after all, life is more of its own, and has nothing to do with others.

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The smart home smart lock market is booming, what is the reason for the popularity?

With social and economic level Development, the perfection and popularization of Internet of Things technology, people’s pursuit of home quality is also getting higher and higher, and the demand for smart home systems is getting stronger and stronger. Smart homes have always been considered to be “small and rainy”, but in recent years, the smart home market has been strong, maintaining an annual growth rate of 20%. It is expected that by 2021, the market size will exceed 290 billion yuan. In the smart home, smart door locks become an important category of a single product PK, which can be said to be the first level of smart home items. Zhuo Lian Zhijia came to analyze the status of smart door locks in today’s market.

According to statistics, There are 1,129 smart lock enterprises in the country, more than 2,800 brands, the blue sea market of smart locks has been formed, and the current hot lock of intelligent locks cannot be separated from three elements: market, policy and technology.

Market Factors

According to statistics, China has about Of the 460 million households, about 20% of the population is concentrated in renting houses, and the proportion of renting houses in first-tier cities is as high as 40%. From the perspective of urban development and urban resources, the expected proportion of renting in the future will exceed 50. %. This special situation will speed up the existing rental housing and the demand for smart locks in public rental housing and apartments.

In addition, 2017 The number of proletariat in China has reached 385 million, and it is expected to increase to 480 million in 2022. This group, which has received high education and high acceptance, will take the lead in completing the consumer education of smart locks and become the main force of smart lock consumption, taking the lead in enjoying intelligence. According to the data, under the special economic system of our country, there are all kinds of large, medium and small enterprises. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2015 is more than 70 million, and it shows a steady growth trend year by year. The departmental setup and office space demand for smart locks is estimated to be several times that of 70 million.

Comprehensive above, In China, there are only three accommodation rooms, urban residential buildings, and corporate office space. The market potential demand for smart locks is extremely impressive, and the industry has been immersed in this “big cake” through sensitive market grasps, and fiercely compete for the “smart lock” battlefield.

Policy Factors

With the continuous development of human society, the future city will carry more and more people. At present, China is in the period of accelerating urbanization, and the problem of “urban diseases” in some areas is becoming increasingly serious. In order to solve the urban development problem and realize the sustainable development of the city, building a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend of urban development in today’s world.

With the rise of smart cities, security has also become intelligent to improve the construction needs, and the relationship between security technology and the Internet has gradually strengthened to provide an opportunity for the development of smart locks. In recent years, the construction of “smart cities” in China has been developed by security systems to a considerable extent. It can be said that security is the foundation of smart city construction.

And the “Smart City” construction was put forward in 2012, many well-known IoT companies and famous housing companies Etc., focus on this strategy for deployment.

Technical factors

IoT technology and artificial intelligence are constantly perpendicular to the application field, accelerating the development of smart locks. Implementing smart locks as the core The road of family security is not limited, and the development of technology supports the development of smart locks. Smart lock enterprises, while exporting their own products, also spread the healthy concept of intelligent life, relying on various black technologies to continuously solve consumption. Consumers’ pain points are based on quality and meet the growing needs of users. The new technology that is constantly iterating also frequently ignites the enthusiasm of consumption and the passion of industry competition.

Intelligent convenience is the vision of intelligent life, regardless of market, policy, technology purposes In the end, they all have the same goal: let people’s lives “burden” and make the city smarter and better. The smart locks also confirm the awakening of people’s intelligent life concept.

For the entire smart lock industry, 2016 is the “wind is coming”, 2017 is a big step in the annual capital, and the competition is in full swing. In 2018, Industry “outlet of the” real soon. Who can become a first-line brand depends on the comprehensive strength of the company!

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Decoding new retail, Mousse launches Golden Butler Service Brand

   June 1st, co-hosted by Mousse Bedding and Wu Xiaobo Channel “Retail New Species·Mussian Gold Butler – 2018 Muse Service Brand Launch Conference” was held at the Sheraton Xixi Hotel in Hangzhou. Wu Xiaobo, a financial writer, and Wu Sheng, the founder of the Scene Lab, and Yao Jiqing, the president of Mousse, attended the event and discussed the new retail breaks. They witnessed the official release of the new retail species, the Musijin Butler Service Brand.

  Goldhousekeeper is admiring The brand new service brand launched by Sis is different from the bed, mattress, row skeleton, pillow and other physical objects provided by Mousse in the past. The service is commercialized and branded, and the new retail outlet is well grasped. 360° matrix service consisting of full life cycle scene experience, full sleep data detection service, sleep consultation service, deep decontamination service, full life scene experience, and colorful sunlight distribution installation service, from the vertical and horizontal axes of time Power, really do a good night’s sleep, accompanied by life.

  10 years of exploration, 4 years of polishing, according to international advanced Service standards and process incubation have become the brand of Musi Jin Butler Service, which fundamentally subverts the traditional retail model of “selling goods and goods” after the past sale of the home industry, realizing the value reconstruction between enterprises and consumers. For the model of Mu Sijin’s housekeeper, financial writer Wu Xiaobo gave a high evaluation, and praised Mousse as an important practitioner of China’s consumption upgrade. As an iteration of a healthy sleep system, this new species of gold butler has become a moat for mousse.

  in new retail Under the turmoil, how to dig deep into the enterprise moat, how to use new methods, new methods, new scenarios, and better links with consumers? Long-term struggle in the first line of marketing, the president of Mousse Yao Jiqing gave the answer: return to the essence of business, build a super user. Through continuous upgrading of the link scene with consumers, it achieves strong correlation with consumers, high viscosity, and fully occupies the time value of customers. The customer is no longer a god, but a family member, so the Mussin Housekeeper is a healthy sleep housekeeper who spends his life with the consumer.

   at the press conference, Also unveiled with the Musi Jin Butler Service is the “M Expert’s second generation of anti-snoring mattresses”. The German imported Ivo珑 珑 螨 fabric makes the mattress more effective and hinder, and upgrades the use of imported latex, 3D materials and defense in Thailand. Interfere with the independent tube spring to create a comfortable sleep. It also forms a closed loop of “product + service” with the Golden Butler Service. The temperature-like service like family members and the continuous exploration and upgrading of products in the spirit of artisans constitute the life of Mousse in the “new retail era”. The complete solution.

  Wu Xiaobo at the event Share their own opinions. He believes that whether it is a new species, or a new retail, regardless of businessHow the logic changes, the fundamental standard of consumer judgment still lies in the product and the service itself. When the enterprise is a combination of hardware products and software products, you can get rid of the price of the Red Sea and upgrade your brand.

   At the same time, multi-scene links allow users and products There is an emotional connection between them, just like the super user created by the Musijin Butler Service, which is not only the consumer of the product, but also the loyal user of the product. At the same time, it may be the disseminator of the product and even the brand reputation, thus the materialized product. The result is a personalized brand.

   Wu Xiaobo, Wu Sheng, and Yao Jiqing also conducted in-depth discussions on how to play “new species” in the “new retail” era. The combination of theory and business practice experience has brought profound inspiration to the audience.

   As the initiator of the “New Species Experiment”, Wu Sheng believes that “new species” is an unfinished vocabulary, it requires more practitioners to create and attack, and enterprises must be for the current society. The trend has a deep understanding and it takes advantage of the trend. Sleep is a professional matter. In this sleepless era, the Mussin Housekeeper is the new species that comes to life.

  How do new species move away from the distance? Wu Xiaobo said that no matter how innovative retail is, it will eventually return to the products and services itself, and consumers will become your super users. The gold butler service brand released by Mousse essentially enhances the relationship with consumers. The moat that protects this group of users has been widened.

   Forum scene, Musi Yao Jiqing is proposed, The era of sleep knowledge payment has arrived, and the era of sleep butler service has arrived. Today, Mousse has a core competence that is based on its expertise in the field of sleep, culture, and the ability to sleep professional solutions. Mousse is no longer a product. It is a way of living a healthy life.

  in “new retail Under the tide of the rise, Mousse launched the Golden Butler Service as the key layout for the upgrade of the Mousse brand system, and it is also an inevitable choice for better fulfilling the corporate mission of “making people sleep better”. It is believed that the release of this new species of Mu Sijin Butler will also provide more reference and reference for the new retail of the whole industry, thus promoting the overall development of the industry and ultimately benefiting consumers.

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Direct hitting the industry’s pain points

Since 1994, the concept of smart home has been in China for the first time since it was introduced to China for 24 years. China’s smart home industry has experienced the fascination of the budding period (1994-1999), the hard work of the pioneering period (2000-2005), the pain of the flood season (2006-2010), and the regeneration is now in the process of integration and evolution. .

Direct industry pain points smart home ecological construction speed up

Chinese companies have started late in the smart home industry, but their development prospects are promising. On the one hand, China has built a wide range of Internet infrastructure, and a number of technology companies have accumulated high technology in areas such as artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and IoT technology. On the other hand, China’s traditional home appliance manufacturing industry is very capable. . According to the data of Analysys think tank, the size of China’s smart home market is expected to reach 180 billion yuan in 2018. According to a report by market research firm Zion, Asia Pacific will become an important growth factor in the smart home market in the next few years. High prices, limited consumer demand, security, reliability, and interoperability have all become obstacles to the popularity of smart homes.

By benefiting from the penetration of technology in the realm of life, in recent years, consumers have The pursuit of texture life has gradually turned into a “sense of intelligence.” The digital home has also made smart homes begin to become fashion trends, imperceptibly affecting home life. From smart cities, smart transportation, to smart families, smart medical care, and wisdom education, from macro to micro, smart life comes to the fore. “Technical heat affects the direction of smart homes, AI will help new genes in smart homes. Smart homes have gone from ecological disputes to all-platform competition for product interconnection. The revolution has arrived.” Zhou Jun, secretary general of China Smart Home Industry Alliance, is in the smart The Life Series Summit Forum said.

With the wider and deeper cooperation between smart home businesses, mindset It is also becoming more open. During the year, there are many interconnections from the cloud to the chip, and more open platforms emerge. Enterprises actively promote the cooperation of the ecosystem to build complementary advantages, collaborative and innovative industrial chain cooperation and win-win platform, and explore new growth momentum of the industry. Leading the development of the industry to a new level.

The cooperation of the ecosystem has solved the painful link between smart home scenes. Let smart homes not connect for connectivity, smart and intelligent, it will enter all the home appliances into the smart scene ecosystem, so that the product’s intellectual ability can be integrated into the home life. This kind of thinking breaks the thinking limitations of traditional smart home solutions and forms a strong commercial support. It also brings customers to the market while revitalizing user resources.

The competition in the smart home field has already evolved from product and system to ecological Fight. The so-called ecological dispute depends on who has a platform to convene more partners, and the accumulated user base is large. Of course, the premise is that the smart home scene experience provided by the user is better, otherwise it will eventually be abandoned by the user, or even It is the first to become an escaper in the field of smart home. According to the author, the future ecological platform dispute will be the situation of “big fish eat small fish, small fish eat small shrimp”, and finally form the trend of “three countries standing”.

An important factor behind the Hundreds of Boxes is that the giants are fancy It is a smart ecology carried by smart speakers. The ultimate goal is to grab a line of entrances through smart speakers and get a ticket to the smart home ecosystem. In the process of the intelligent ecology of the giants, the smart speakers are like the Trojans that were put into the Troy city by the Greeks.

According to relevant industry insiders, the smart speaker connection data is large, and the smart speaker is at the front end. Each interaction generated will be fed back to the cloud platform. Brand operators can improve the products through the big data collected by the front-end, provide users with a better experience, provide more reference for their subsequent product development, and more importantly. It is to build a smart home ecosystem through smart devices to provide users with more content and services.


The digital revolution is in full swing, and intelligence has been fully integrated into social life. Deeply cultivating big data technology and grasping the opportunities for artificial intelligence development has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the smart home industry. The Juli AI Ecology, combined with the upstream and downstream industry chain, sharing high-quality project resources, jointly promoting the development of the industry chain, and building a smart life of the whole scene is the era trend of the smart home industry to achieve a win-win future.


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Living room lighting brand rankings 7 famous living room lighting brand introduction

Lighting fixtures are one of the indispensable decorative materials in our interior decoration, especially the living room lamps, which not only have to choose excellent lighting effects, but also need to have certain decorative effects. The living room looks more beautiful. So what is the ranking of living room lighting brands? The following article will introduce you to the 7 famous living room lighting brands.

Lighting is one of the indispensable decorative materials in our interior decoration, especially the living room Lighting, not only to choose the excellent lighting effect, but also need to have a certain decorative effect, so that the living room is more beautiful. Then Living room lighting brand rankingWhat is it? The following article will introduce you to the 7 famous living room lighting brands.

The living room lighting brand rankings, the following rankings are in no particular order, for reference only.

1, Op Lighting

Ou Pu Lighting was established in 1996. It is a well-known lighting brand. The company mainly focuses on R&D, production and sales of various lighting products. The products cover home, shopping malls, electricians and other fields. There are more than 1,000 specialty stores in China, and the products are sold well in many countries and regions at home and abroad.

2, TCL Lighting

TCL Lighting focuses on R&D, production and sales of various lighting products, covering a wide range of products, including engineering, home, industrial and other fields. Has been committed to product innovation, the production of lighting products in terms of appearance and quality is quite good.

3, NVC Lighting

NVC Lighting is also a well-known living room lighting brand in China. The company has been committed to producing lighting appliances and electrical devices. The products cover many fields of business, home and outdoor, and are favored by many consumers with excellent quality.

4, Panasonic Lighting

Panasonic Lighting was founded in 1918. It is a well-known electrical appliance manufacturer from Japan. It produces a wide range of electronic products and has long been ranked on the living room lighting brand. In the field of lighting lighting also has a good sales.

5, Huayi Lighting

Huayi Lighting is a well-known lighting brand from Zhongshan, Guangdong. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the “high quality” and “professional” routes. The quality of lighting products produced by the company is quite good, and it has a high reputation in the field of indoor lighting.

6, Yaming Lighting

Yaming Lighting belongs to the brand of Haiya Mingfeiya Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. The company mainly produces and sells various electric light source products and lighting appliances. With a wide range of products, we are committed to providing consumers with a green and healthy lighting environment.

7, Sanxiong·Aurora Lighting

Sanxiong Aurora is also a well-known brand in the field of lighting and lighting. The company mainly focuses on R&D and production of high-end energy-saving lighting products. The product range is more than 2,000 varieties and is highly competitive in the industry.

Article summary: The above is about Living room lighting brand ranking related introduction, I hope to give everyone When you buy a luminaire, it helps us to have a beautiful and bright living room. Such asFor other related needs, please pay attention to Qijia Information.


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What is the impact of the price of the window screening?

  The price of the window screening is real and transparent, and there are few cases of deceiving consumers. Now the market is developing more and more stable, and the market consumption is transparent, so the price is on the manufacturers. The quotations are also similar, the amount of the difference is very small, the price of the window screen is mainly affected by the price of the aluminum ingot. As long as the price of the aluminum ingot does not change, the price of the monofilament is stable in a certain period of time.
   Under normal circumstances, the price of the window screen is more than 30% higher than the price of the inferior and ordinary aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, some small factories use recycled aluminum to make doors and windows, which is greatly reduced in cost. Relatively speaking, the price of color aluminum is much lower. The door and window made of aluminum is not as strong as regular. Aluminum products, so the safety is not high, especially when used on the balcony, the danger is very high, so remind consumers that they must not consider safety for the sake of cheap, affecting their own and others’ personal safety.
  The level of performance will also affect the price of the window screen. The high-performance aluminum doors and windows are very careful when selecting materials. Because the performance of doors and windows required in different use positions is different, so pay attention to the strength problem when selecting materials, whether it can withstand high pressure, and whether the air tightness is good. These conditions directly affect the merchant’s quotation. This is also a problem that cannot be ignored.
  Second is the difference in the production process of the window gauze, the price will be different, some merchants work more meticulously, the doors and windows The internal structure of the window frame is very strict, neither air nor water, and it is also unique in the design of the glass. The special airtight strip structure can play a good soundproofing effect. It is also used in the use of the guide wheel. The nylon guide wheel has better durability. Every process procedure is taken seriously, and it is not rude and casually handled. Therefore, it is not only a single price to look at when purchasing, but also depends on quality. Secondly, the production process of the window screen is different, and the price will be different. Some merchants work more meticulously. The exterior structure of the window frame of the door and window is very strict, neither air nor water, and it is unique in the design of the glass. In place, the special airtight strip structure can play a good sound insulation function. The nylon guide wheel is also used in the use of the guide wheel. The durability is better. Every process procedure is taken seriously, and it is not rude. Therefore, when buying, you can’t just look at the price level, but mainly depends on the quality.


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