Common precautions for the use of wooden floor buckles?

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What to do with wooden floor buckles

Because the installation of wooden floors needs to be complete As one of the most important accessories, the buckle system is mainly used to solve the interface problems such as fixing, closing, connecting, transitioning and abutting of the floor. One is to have sufficient expansion space for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. One protects the edges of the floor from abrasion and joints, protects and decorates.

Most floor brands do not have matching buckles

Reporter visits Several major building materials markets in Beijing found that except for a few high-grade floorings, there are matching buckles, and most other flooring manufacturers have no formal matching buckles on the floor.

Another reporter also found that many When consumers buy, they usually only care about the quality of the wooden floor, neglecting the quality of one of the important accessories of the floor, and lacking the professional knowledge in this area, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. The inferior aluminum alloy buckle manufacturer is Use consumer knowledge of the knowledge of the buckle, production and sales The other part is the floor quotient of the figure. It is known that the inferior floor buckles are also sold in the market and ruin the consumers.

Inferior buckles are easy to fade, fall off, and lift off


The fake aluminum alloy buckle is basically made of scrap aluminum. Its hardness and strength are not up to the minimum requirements. The surface oxide film (alumina) is very thin. The wear resistance and corrosion resistance are not guaranteed at all. The so-called aluminum alloy imitation wood grain spray paint has poor adhesion and wear resistance. Another ‘titanium’ alloy buckle has no special treatment on the surface. The so-called ‘titanium’ gold on the surface soon fell off. After the installation of these fake and shoddy buckles, fading, shedding, loosening, deformation and lifting began to appear, which greatly affected the service life of the wooden floor. >

Because of the low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy buckles, the selling price is often much lower than the regular deduction. A large number of counterfeit and inferior deductions flood the market, seriously damaging the interests of consumers and hindering the health of the flooring industry. Development. For this kind of deception of consumers Therefore, it is hoped that relevant departments must step up efforts to crack down on crackdowns, purify the urban consumer market, and maintain a normal market economic order.

At the same time, for the majority of consumers, on the one hand Understand the knowledge of floor buckles and improve the ability to identify and inferior. On the other hand, it is the right choice to buy floor buckles from well-reputed wood flooring merchants.

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11 long vacations, 4 cities with the most experience and food

In recent years, travel enthusiasts have chosen to travel from the mountainous landscapes to the modern tourist city. So, in the upcoming 11th National Day holiday, I want to travel to the Red City, how to choose? Today, I have compiled five major online red cities for everyone, and focus on the most representative foods in each city.

& ldquo; hot beauty Chongqing

If you want to use a character to describe the city of Chongqing, nothing is more suitable than a hot beauty image, after all, Everyone thinks that the first thing that comes to mind in this mountain city is definitely its famous hot pot.

In Yuzhong District of Chongqing alone, there are nearly 3,000 hot pot restaurants in less than 9 square kilometers. In many hot pot restaurants, which is the most authentic taste of Chongqing old hot pot What? Of course, by virtue of the strength of the “China on the tip of the tongue” in Chongqing, the representative of the old hot pot restaurant & mdash; — 渝味晓宇火锅.

渝味晓宇火锅 uses fresh and delicious ingredients to select materials, make fine top grades and uphold the heart The business philosophy has grown from a four-table hot pot restaurant to more than 100 stores in 23 provinces across the country. Going to Chongqing wants to eat the most representative authentic old hot pot, then choosing Xiaowei is undoubtedly the most correct decision.

Section Store Address:

渝味晓宇枇杷山正街店(Head Office): No. 86, Lushan Zheng Street, Yuzhong District, next to the Minjian Building;

渝味晓宇龙湖Shop: The main building of Chunfeng City, Songshi Branch Road, Yubei District;

Yanwei Xiaoyu Yanghe Store: No. 46, Bangxing Garden, Yanghe Middle Road, Jiangbei District;

渝味晓宇Dongwon D7 Store (New Store): No. 12, No. 12, No. 86, Hongyuan Road, Jiangbei District.

& ldquo;The hot little girl Chengdu

Chengdu is said to be “a city that has come and gone, the richness of the land of abundance and the unique leisurely temperament of Sichuan people have always made foreign tourists Be fascinated. A bamboo bench, a cup of tea, a pleasant afternoon, Chengdu has a slow pace that is rare in first-tier cities. However, Chengdu people have a delicious and delicious food & mdash; — string of incense, which is popular among locals and foreign tourists, is the famous five-zone small county liver skewers in Chengdu.

The five-zone small county liver chuanchuanxiang of the steel pipe factory adheres to the traditional string and fragrant form, and has the innovation of dishes. It is not only the collective feelings of old Chengdu, but also deeply loved by the tide people. Stand out in more than 500 string stores in Chengdu.

Section Store Address:

5th District Xiaojungan Xinhua Park, Steel Tube Factory: No. 335, Shuanglin North Branch Road, Xinhua Park, Chenghua District

5th District Xiaojungan Wangping Store: Chenghua District 18 Tianxiang Street

Wugang Xiaohegan Jinhua Store, 5th District, No. 126, Section 5, Second Ring Road, Jinjiang District Opposite to Wanda Plaza, No. 101,

& ldquo;Straight Hanzi Xi’an /p>

“The ancient capital of Xi’an has a long history and cultural heritage, as well as the bold and heroic northern Shaanxi folk customs. Since ancient times, Xi’an has no shortage of celebrity chefs who serve the dignitaries, and has passed through the tradition to form a unique northwestern flavor. In Xi’an, 馍 is the staple food that is most acceptable to the locals. The meat sandwich is the most classic way to eat, it is a wonderful combination of two kinds of food: Baiji and meat. Fan Ji wax juice meat folder is the heart of Xi’an people.

Founded in 1904, Fan Ji La Juice is a real old name, more than 100 years old. In the historical evolution, it still occupies the position of the first store in Xi’an Meat Sandwich Shop. Friends who go to Xi’an must not miss it.

Section Store Address:

Fan Ji La Juice Chopsticks, Zhuji City Store: No.53, Zhuji Street, Beilin District;

Fan Ji La Juice, Meat Clams, Xingqing Store: Beilin District The Second Ring Road commercial economy belt Xingqing Road.

“Huanghe Youth Wuhan

“The Yellow Crane Tower blows the jade flute, and Jiangcheng falls in May. Jiangcheng Wuhan is located at the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Han River. It controls the throat of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and is the key to traffic in the north and south. The unique geographical location has made Wuhan a unique food culture, with a unique atmosphere of rivers and lakes, elegant and popular, fresh and spicy, heavy and heavy oil. The famous “Black Duck” is the same, but now “Day Black Duck chain stores all over the country, you can also eat without having to go to Wuhan.” Today, the author recommends to everyone that the food that needs to be eaten locally in Wuhan —— Cai Linji hot dry noodles.

Cai Linji is an old-fashioned noodle restaurant. His hot dry noodles are delicious and refreshing. They are delicious and deep. Appreciated by the general public, it was at the first China Noodle Culture Festival.Was rated as “China’s top ten noodles.”

China People talk about eating, not only to eat thirst and thirst for three meals a day, but also contains the inherent quality of Chinese food culture. Different localities have different folk customs, and naturally have different tastes. Take advantage of the 11th Golden Week to go to different cities, taste different tastes, feel the charm of food, and experience the joy of travel.

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Customized furniture to join, or a new wave of business opportunities due to the rise of nine new cities

In 2017, China’s GDP trillions of cities’ competitiveness report was released, and nine cities’ new stars have emerged! In 2017, China’s GDP is expected to exceed 80 trillion yuan, with a growth rate of 6.9% for the whole year!

According to media analysis It is said that there are nine new cities in China, including nine cities including Nanjing, Qingdao, Changsha, Wuxi, Foshan, Ningbo, Dalian, Zhengzhou and Shenyang. These nine cities will develop rapidly and become the leaders in GDP.

We all know that the current price of first-tier cities still puts buyers under tremendous pressure, and some Some people who work in the first-tier cities choose to leave here and target their home ownership in cities that are second only to first-tier cities, with lower-priced cities and higher economic levels. Judging from the current situation of these nine cities, it is an indisputable fact that the future economy will develop rapidly. Compared with the first-tier cities and the hot new first-tier cities, these cities are also at a medium level. These factors will undoubtedly become a new choice for buyers.

The influx of homebuyers also means more and more demand for home decoration, and furniture accounts for a large proportion of the decoration, coupled with the popularity of custom furniture, believe in custom furniture If you have a lot to join, you don’t know if you can seize this business opportunity.

In the nine new cities, the custom furniture market has not been fully developed, and the market share is mainly geographically Sex brands are occupied by custom furniture. Even in some fringe towns, custom furniture companies have never set foot in, and the market utilization rate of branded custom furniture is zero. It can be seen that the market has huge capacity and has great market potential.

Investment has always been the first to eat meat, and later to drink soup. Now Canoa Xiaobian wants to add one more sentence, and later can only eat the soil. Business opportunities are fleeting, and savvy custom furniture franchisees have long realized this, are stepping up their pace, actively looking for custom furniture brands, and strive to enter the custom furniture industry as soon as possible, to get a piece of it.

Canoa, focusing on custom home for 17 years, is leading the industry in comprehensive strength. Joining Canoa for only 300,000, you can make a big home and do a big business with an annual output of more than 3 million and 30 million! Enjoy the life of wealth, choose Kanoa right.

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2018 autumn and winter picky food guide, spring broadcast warm winter plan

It’s another year’s double eleven. Don’t panic in the face of global delicacies. When we are dealing with deposits, bloating, allowances, and red envelopes, we can also be transformed into a “small role”, according to the map, enjoy peace of mind, healthy and delicious, leisurely picking good goods, and easily arrange this year’s warm winter plan.

From November 1st to 13th, Spring Broadcasting launched 7 special offers for 13 consecutive days. This winter we only Picking seasons, not eaten, straight-through, delicious, real food, more free to buy one get one free, heart-breaking price, intimate gift, easy to share benefits, bring everyone fancy experience how “The picky eaters have a way:

November 1st – 2nd, the spring broadcast “ld pick and eat the season.” It tastes different at 4 o’clock in the year, and the autumn is full of sweetness, sweetness and richness. This period has: the word of mouth is good in the spring, and the sweet and fragrant pear is the fruit. The 6-year-old sweet lily is grown from the drinking water source level. Residual hairy crabs, imported Canadian burdock, Chilean avocado, Greek cocoa … … one stop receipt of autumn taste, and family and friends, carefully taste the time to precipitate the delicious.

From November 3rd to 4th, the spring broadcast “ picky eat and eat has not eaten. In the era of Internet, I am afraid that it is difficult to find a food that you have never seen before, but it is still not easy to taste a delicious taste. The traditional sweet and sweet taste of a certain red city; the free-range savory taste in the Jiuhuashan 10,000-mu ecological tea garden; the exquisite flavor of the hidden deep mountains of Fujian; the Spanish grain feeding, the original flavor of the original cut; the deep sea of ​​the Nordic Faroe Islands Taste … … spring soars across the mountains and rivers, for you to find the mouth from the distance, perhaps you have been looking for but have not tasted the peace of mind.

November 5th – 6th, spring sowing “double picky eat and eat.” What is the spring broadcast? The spring broadcast buyers go to the place of production, and visit the farmer, understand the planting details and production environment, compare the taste, record the buyer’s notes, and taste the shelves to find the ingredients. Every bite you tasted, “Spring is straightforward,” is a “name” traceable. This season’s food is very special. If you look at it carefully, you may encounter unexpected stories about the dreams and persistence. Delicious, from hard work, more rooted in sincerity.

November 7th-8th, spring sowing & ldquo; picky eat and eat delicious. At least in China, there is no real authoritative data standard to define “good”, this concept is Hamlet in the food industry, it is difficult to define the word. Chongqing facets, Korean coffee, hand-made brown sugar taro, island carp, Yongquan tangerine … … different flavors will always heal the hearts of different people, let the choice syndrome let go of yourself, you like it is the best.

November 9th-10th, spring sowing & ldquo; picky eat to eat real. Peace of mind is the basic and eternal appeal of people to food. Since its inception in 2014, Spring Broadcasting has been adhering to the positioning of “Anxin Health Food Purchasing Platform”, using Internet technology to achieve full control from the field to the table, and through professional equipment and team, let each batch of goods be checked first. Out of the warehouse, each item delivered to the user’s hand is equipped with an exclusive spring sowing safety test report. Double eleven everyone’s joy & ldquo; 剁 hand, enjoy a variety of special offers, but also can achieve real peace of mind to buy and buy.

On November 11th, the three-day peace of mind health food carnival and selection will be opened, and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous ending. When we harvest these ingredients, we don’t let the refrigerator alone witness the passing of the delicious. In the busy autumn, stay for a while, let your kitchen find the temperature to respond to, and let the tableware that is sleeping in the cabinet be re-employed. A person, a family or a group of friends, get together and patiently feel the temperature and taste of the ingredients.

Bearing in mind this feast of consumption, you should not only have your payment record, but the body and memory of the body and memory that are vital to the healthy ingredients of spring sowing; warm winter time & mdash; — Friends and relatives and yourself.

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Wood floor waxing method Home floor waxing process and benefits

Since the choice of wood flooring, then the waxing and maintenance of the wood floor is essential. Waxing wood floors is a good way to maintain your floor. What are the waxing methods for wood floors, the process of waxing wood floors, the cost of waxing wood floors is not expensive, the benefits of waxing wood floors and the precautions for waxing wood floors?

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Part1: Avoid maintenance misunderstanding floor waxing maintenance instructions

Floor waxing maintenance is a kind of maintenance method that many people know, but what is the floor wax? Is all the floor waxing? Isn’t it only a method of waxing and curing? Everyone is not very familiar with it, so let’s take a look at some misunderstandings and basic knowledge of floor waxing and maintenance.

First, the role of floor waxing and curing

The floor waxing maintenance means that by applying a layer of wax on the surface of the floor, the wax on the floor can be used to isolate air, water vapor and dust. Reduce the damage caused by the oxidation or release of harmful substances in the air; at the same time, it can also reduce the wear and tear of the shoes on the floor, thus extending the service life of the floor.

Second, floor wax vs floor oil

floor wax

floor waxing maintenance is the most indispensable natural floor wax. There are many types of floor wax products on the market, generally There are two kinds of waxes, one kind of liquid wax, which is cheap, easy to operate, and fast to dry. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is short and the use period is short; the other is solid wax, which must be polished with a professional high-speed waxing machine. It is able to make the wax layer even, the brightness of the floor is high, the wear resistance is high, and the service life is long.

Facial essential oil

In recent years, the floor oil has gradually become the new favorite of floor maintenance, floor oil It is generally formulated with resin and natural tree Fendo, which has the effect of deep moisturizing, crack prevention and repairing fine cracks. Compared with floor wax, the hardness and brightness of floor oil are higher, but there is easy to cause atomization of the floor. The problem is that there is no standard in the floor essential oil market, there are many inferior products, which may lead to water absorption deformation of the floor after use.

Second, floor waxing maintenance misunderstanding

Strengthen floor There is no need to wax.

The laminate flooring is divided into three layers of surface wear layer, base layer and bottom layer. The wear layer of the surface layer is aluminum oxide. High wear resistance and protection, so compared to solid wood, etc. The surface of his floor and laminate flooring is relatively tightly protected, and does not require ‘excessive action’. After waxing, it will cause more trouble for the later cleaning of the laminate floor. In addition, the floor heating floor does not need to be waxed to prevent the wax layer. Blocking the warmth of geothermal heat.

The floor is not waxed as much as possible

The floor waxing is not the more wax used, the better. Because if too much wax is used, it will fill the gap and affect the appearance, which will also cause uneven polishing and affect the brightness of the floor. Therefore, when the floor is waxed, wax is enough to cover the surface of the floor to form a uniform wax film. In addition, the floor waxing is not the more frequent, the general solid wood floor can be played once every six months.

Part 2: teach you to save money DIY home wood floor waxing method introduction

If it is a large area of ​​the floor need to wax, or suggest that you please professional cleaning company to do, because They have professional waxing and polishing machines, which are faster and cheaper. If the area of ​​waxing is not large, it is recommended that owners who have time can do it themselves. Let’s take a look at how the owners themselves wax the floor.

First, the waxing environment preparation

floor waxing is best to choose when the weather is better, to avoid high humidity When it is rainy and the temperature is low, it is easy to produce white turbidity when the humidity is too high, and the floor wax is easy to harden when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, which is unfavorable for construction.

Second, construction tools and floor wax preparation

large area waxing often use waxing machine, small area is used dust push or soft Cloth and so on. Nowadays, many people also have a small size and light weight waxing machine, which can be easily used when waxing. If you don’t have a waxing machine, you can use a simple tool such as dust pusher or soft cloth. Don’t look at the tool is simple, but the waxing effect is not necessarily bad, but may be more detailed. In addition, the corresponding floor wax needs to be prepared.

Third, finishing the clean ground

Before starting to wax, you need to organize the furniture that needs to be waxed area, determine the waxing region. At the same time, the floor area should be cleaned to ensure that there is no dust or other dirt before waxing to prevent the waxing finish. Cleaning Generally, wipe the floor with a wrung mop or a soft cloth. After cleaning, wait for the moisture on the floor to dry completely before waxing.

Fourth, waxing

Shake the container with the floor wax and mix well. Dip the floor wax thoroughly with a clean rag or sponge, not to drip. Shake and mix the floor wax thoroughly. You can perform a partial test in an unobtrusive place to confirm that there is no abnormality and then wax the whole.

Then use a clean rag or special waxing dust to fully dip the wood floor wax, carefully apply it according to the wood grain direction of the wood floor, not too fast. Do not leak or thick and uneven, keep it thin and even.

five, polished

Generally, the method of playing twice will be used. After the first pass, the wax will be played again. After each waxing, you must wait for a layer of wax to dry before you can apply a layer of wax. After it is completely dry, polish the surface with fine sandpaper or soft cloth.

Part 3: careful construction Floor waxing maintenance considerations

floor waxing is not a simple job, generally best to give to professionals to do. If you want to do it yourself, then pay attention to some construction details to prevent the final effect from being unsatisfactory.

First, the waxed floor needs to be waxed first

If the floor in the home is used for a long time, it has been played several times. Wax, then you need to clean the wax layer on the original floor before re-waxing. Wax cleaning agents are generally required, and proper handling should be taken when using them to prevent the cleaning agent from damaging the floor.

Second, the use of floor wax should pay attention to safety

floor wax is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods, in the waxing process, the floor wax The volatiles in the solid will become solid on the floor, and the volatile matter in the air will gradually increase to the extent that it is flammable. Therefore, when the floor is waxed, the window should be ventilated, so that the concentration of the chemical substance volatilized from the floor wax will be reduced without causing harm. At the same time, do not smoke in the waxing place, try not to use gas and other electrical equipment.

Third, protect the baseboard and furniture

To prevent floor wax from contaminating the baseboard and furniture, before waxing, you can Remove the furniture and cover the baseboard with tape. After the floor wax has dried, reconstitute it.

Fourth, waxing notes

When waxing the floor, be careful not to pour the floor wax directly on the floor, so easy to do so Make the appearance of the corresponding floor parts difficult to wear. In addition, when waxing, care should be taken to avoid the intrusion of sharp objects such as gravel into the floor wax, thus causing damage to the floor. During the entire construction process, care should be taken not to cause damage to the floor itself.

Five, after the waxing of the floor maintenance

After the floor waxing, you need to pay attention to leave the drying time, usually about 1 hour. Do not walk on the floor until the floor wax has dried. After the floor is waxed, it is also necessary to regularly clean the floor.

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The four major trends of customization, environmental protection, simplicity and intelligence in the home furnishing industry are obvious.

Recently, during the visit, the industry insiders said that with the development of the building materials industry and the changing economic and policy environment, as well as the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the overall market demand may change at any time. In the future, companies need to take a foothold in the market, and grasp the development trend of the home building materials industry, and follow the trend!

Simple Home

I. “Customized Industry Trends

Customized furniture concepts have been hot for many years, and in the past year, such personalized furniture has gradually Become the normal state of ordinary home decoration. Some insiders said: “There was a public data disclosure. Custom furniture in developed countries accounted for 60% of the total market share, and now China’s custom furniture accounts for only 20% of the market. As people’s demands for home life are getting higher and higher, the proportion of custom furniture will increase steadily year by year. At present, custom furniture in the domestic market is still in its infancy, and there is still much room for development in the future.

Visiting the market found that the current provincial custom furniture is mainly concentrated in cabinets, cloakrooms, children’s bedroom furniture and other aspects. Customized furniture is convenient, economical and individualized. It can adapt to different floor plans and make the area larger and more popular. It is loved by many young consumers. However, compared with standard finished furniture, custom furniture has higher requirements for design and service. From the requirements of size, structure, function and color of furniture, it will greatly test the comprehensive ability of furniture enterprises. If it is not handled well, the contradictions will increase.

According to industry insiders, custom furniture is also a comprehensive requirement for enterprises. It needs to improve design and research and development capabilities, brand promotion capabilities, information application capabilities, sales and service networks, large-scale flexible customization capabilities, etc. Operating in all aspects.

Simple Home

II. Important National Policy for Environmental Protection

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic for everyone, and this topic has also triggered consumer concerns about environmentally friendly homes. “In the past, everyone thought that environmental protection is very important, but now consumers are increasingly feeling that environmental protection is the first place before beauty and function. Many adults will also choose the more stable styles of children’s furniture as adult furniture, which shows that consumers pay more attention to the environmental protection of furniture. The manager of a children’s furniture dealership said this.

Studies have shown that more than 50% of consumers in China pay great attention to the environmental protection of products when purchasing home products, and more than 30% of consumers regard environmental protection as the primary standard, and this proportion is expected Increased year after year.

From the major furniture stores, in the 2017 home sales situation, environmentally friendly household products accounted for more than half of the total sales. This choice of consumers also brings a lot of business opportunities to some companies that produce environmentally friendly furniture. At the same time, it also shows that environmental protection has become the mainstream of consumption in the building materials and home furnishing industry, and this mainstream will continue in 2018.

Third, the development of smart home development

& ldquo; Domestic smart home started late, has not yet developed into a climate, but this trend is unstoppable. During the visit, almost every building material dealer and designer expressed this. With the development of science and technology, “Intelligence has become a lifestyle and social trend. Like the popularity of smartphones in the past, the home industry has begun to focus on user needs and keep up with social trends, and is involved in the research and development of smart homes. While bringing convenience, it also increases the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

The current smart home has been reflected in every aspect of life. The first is smart security, such as home access, smart locks, cameras. Followed by smart home appliances, refrigerators that can keep fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, double-barreled washing machine, no-clean washing machine, smart sweeping robot, smart window cleaning robot, smart toilet lid, smart pillow … … It is now popular in the market.

Industry insiders told reporters that the smart home market has seen a significant growth momentum since 2011, and manufacturers have begun to densely arrange smart homes two or three years ago. In 2017, the number of smart home businesses has increased significantly. However, from the macro perspective of the industry, the intelligentization and informatization construction of the domestic household industry is slow to advance. With the maturity of many new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, the application industry will start to have a lot of room for development in the future.


Fourth, the trend of the simple trend

In the last fashion trend of the home industry, the simple and modern style was overwhelmed by American and European luxury styles. “From 2017 onwards, the simple wind and the cold wind have once again made a comeback. Some designers say. “This year, obviously, I can feel that many homeowners choose the materials and decoration styles of their home furnishings. They tend to be simple, do not make complicated TV walls, sofa walls, ceilings, but choose Nordic simplicity, Japanese style simplicity, modern Simple and other styles.

Home textile style is also based on fresh and solid colors. However, in the quality of furniture, consumers are more concerned, such as pure wood furniture, flooring, cotton, silk textile products and so on. “The prices of these consumables are not low, but the style is simple, and you can taste the low-key luxury.

When visiting the market, I found that with the improvement of living standards and changes in the consumption environmentThe aesthetic concept of consumers is also changing, and the simple and comfortable layout is a hot favorite in the market. The heads of many building materials companies, they said that following the changes in the market’s popular style, most of the brand’s business ideas have also changed, starting to shift from selling products to selling lifestyles, and paying more attention to the importance of furniture product design. Buying a house, decoration and consumption is an important part of household expenses. Catering to the needs of consumers, launching environmentally friendly, simple and beautiful products, and capturing market share is the current focus of home brand enterprises.

(Disclaimer: Articles and images from the Internet, if there is infringement, contact to delete)

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Seven taboos for laying summer floors

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021742341424.jpg”>

First: Floor Stacking

Summer Originally, it was a high-temperature and dry fire-prone season. There were many materials and tools in the decoration. The wooden floor was not placed in a cool place. It was piled up with other materials and placed at the plug and wire connection. Be careful that the material will burn because of the high temperature, which will lead to fire.

Second: Don’t pay attention to the environmental protection of the floor

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The hot pot chef, Zhang Ping, adheres to the name of authentic Chongqing old hot pot with the “heart of the original craftsman”!

“ Only one thing in life, to record this period, is also an era, a blink of an eye, this thing he has been obsessed for 23 years. An alley, a shovel, countless all-nights, countless times shovel, Zhang Ping is in this kind of insistence, has become a veritable “hot pot artisans.”

“One person is turning around one thing, and finally the world is turning around you.

In this world, a group of people used time to polish rough life. They used their own voices to go through hardships and offer works for those who want to marry others, for comfort and Care for the hearts of others and full of warmth. Zhang Ping is such a person. The hot pot is like a child he has to take care of for his life, and every diners who come and go, he treats him with sincerity and cares. In the eyes of many loyal diners, Zhang Ping’s hot pot is a miracle that can create vitality.

In 1995, Zhang Ping and his wife relied on a spicy table shop at four tables in Lushan Street. Livelihood; In 1997, Xiaoyu hot pot was born, Zhang Ping, the name of the hot pot restaurant, used the homonym of his wife’s name; in 2012, he was among the top 50 hot pots selected by Chongqing locals. He was famous; in 2014, he was on the tip of his tongue. On the 2nd China, it has become famous since then (but the counterfeiters have intensified, Xiaoyu Hot Pot was forced to change its name to Xiaowei Xiaoyu); in 2018, Chongqing Hot Pot Festival, Zhang Ping once again won the recognition of the Hot Pot Association and became The rare “hot pot artisans” in Chongqing.

“The young couple used their golden time for the rest of their lives in Lushan. The evaluation of Zhang Ping’s couple in the neighbourhood of the neighborhood is the best evidence of their ingenuity.

In the small facade of Lushan Zhengjie, everything behind them is their home, Zhang Ping The temperature of the couple with the palm of the hand makes every day in the boring life day unique, especially Zhang Ping’s deep research on the bottom material, so that the longer they live, the more fresh, the more plain and direct.

“The craftsmanship spirit comes from tradition, but it coexists with the present era. Wood sawers can be used for wood shaving, but the surface of the wood must be very smooth by the carpenter’s hand; production can pass through the assembly line, but there must be a process done by the craftsman. In the food industry, only the high standards of high demand for ingredients are the respect for this delicious food, and it is also a responsibility for diners.

Stone Column Red pepper, Hanyuan pepper, Hebei butter, Yungui yellow mouth ginger, special bean paste, is the selection of these five materials, Zhang Ping will be able to make flowers, and create a authentic Chongqing hot pot taste! The selection, Zhang Ping is also very particular about the dishes that are eaten, “To use the best, countless market surveys, select the best products in the category, and in the finest products, only the day is fresh. The ingredients can be sent to the table of the diners, and the delicious soup sparks with the red soup. Therefore, for Zhang Ping, the harshness of hot pot materials is a kind of silent reputation for consumers, and it is a promise that will be adhered to throughout life.

The people of this era are too impetuous, but the craftsmen can find the peace of the world in the hustle and bustle, just like Zhang Ping, because his life only makes one thing, so his heart Sufficiently quiet and firm enough.

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Guest of the Business Leaders Annual Meeting Chen Haneng Chairman Chen Hong and his “Capital Dream”

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Fellows Series Report 24

Chen Hong, Chairman of Hanergy Investment Group Determined to attend the “Great Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. On January 24, 2018, he will give a keynote speech on the glory and dreams of entrepreneurs in the 40 years of reform and opening up.

He was the first Chinese student to come to the United States after the reform and opening up to bring the company to the Nasdaq. He was also the first Chinese entrepreneur who has successfully transformed into a financial investment field. He is also the founder and first chairman of the Huayuan Science and Technology Association, a famous Chinese technology association in the United States. For those who like to listen to wealth stories and entrepreneurial legends, he is a person not to be missed.

At the age of 15, he finished his junior high school and jumped to college. At the age of 35, he founded GRIC Communications. At the age of 37, he listed GRIC on NASDAQ. He successfully rewrote the history of the US capital market without a Chinese student startup company. Hanergy invested and determined to contribute to China’s international investment bank like “Goldman Sachs,” “Morgan.

He has been continually embarking on entrepreneurship, acting as a pioneer, and step by step.

& ldquo; I hope that one day, Chinese companies will not be the first choice when they go to the world, but they should consider Hanergy while considering Goldman Sachs. We hope to give them financial help, help them to go to the world and let the world go into China. —— Chen Hong, Chairman of Hanergy Investment Group

Entering the United States and embarking on the road to entrepreneurship

Chen Hong has a talent for being a child. At the age of 15, he was admitted to the Computer Science Department of Xi’an Jiaotong University. In 1983, Chen Hong became a young teacher selected by the Ministry of Education to study abroad.

Chen Hong’s first stop in the United States was at the State University of New York, where he studied computer science. In 1991, he received a Ph.D. in computer science from New York University. After graduating, he first entered Industry Auto as a software engineer, and then entered TRW as a business manager for banking system integration.

The Silicon Valley in the 1990s was at a time when the Internet world was surging and the Nasdaq’s wealth myth was staged. In the face of the gold mining territory where the Chinese have not yet occupied a place, Chen Hong first shouted out “Let the Westerners understand that the people in the socialist countries also know how to make money, and they are acting as Chinese students in Silicon Valley. Pioneer, and determined to win seats for the Chinese on the Nasdaq.

This is not a flat road, although he is smart enough and hard work.

At the time of the handover in 1993 and 1994, Chen Hong, a slightly better company, set up a new company dedicated to the Internet —— Aimnet. And he clearly understands that if a startup wants to survive, it must be one of the best in the industry, at least the top three. If you can’t do the top three in the market, you will face very big challenges.

The Internet industry is about speed. If you want to be fast, you have to be willing to burn money. Chen Hong is willing to burn money, but there is no money to burn. He rushed around and looked for the rice, but he hit the wall again and again on the financing road. In the end, he only got $2 million in investment from Vertex Management.

$2 million is a big deal for a war that wants to enter the top three. Although Aimnet became one of California’s largest Internet service providers under the focus of Chen Hong’s two people, but did not reach Chen Hong’s first goal, but also slowly fell behind other competitors.

In 1997, Aimnet was in a more disadvantageous position as several major competitors began to market under capital. The key point is that Chen Hong and his wife once again broke their wrists and looked for a new road breakout. They sold Aimnet to Verio for $10 million.

“ Do things first. If Aimnet couldn’t do it first, it would be sold. Chen Hong, now, recalls this history in an understatement. But at the time, it was undoubtedly the heart of the company to sell such a company with its original potential and carrying its own ideals.

In 2000, Verio sold Aimnet from Chen Hong to NTT for $5.6 billion.

First on NASDAQ

After selling Aimnet, Chen Hong saw an opportunity on international network roaming. Soon, he took 10 employees and reorganized a new company ——GRIC (Global Reach Internet Connection) based on Aimnet’s mobile office.

Chen Hong has positioned GRIC as a global virtual network roamer and is the world’s first virtual network roamer. The essence of its business is to reach the Internet by allowing ISPs and telecom operators around the world to allow consumers to roam to the local area to access the Internet at no higher than the local price, and the consumer only needs to settle the fee agreement with his domestic ISP. In turn, it provides global customers with the ability to connect to the Internet anywhere with the same account.

To accomplish this task, GRIC needs to have a high-quality mobile office communication service solution and a global wireless LAN roaming alliance.

In order to realize this ideal, Chen Hong concentrated on doing great things. The first is to concentrate on oneself.All the energy, to the world to promote their own ideas, and to convince the telecommunications or communication service giants of various countries to join the alliance. This is a major work of soft power. This work is not very difficult for Chen Hong, who has been a teacher and has great passion and appeal. The cultivation required is only to face the art of refusing to knock on the door again. He cultivated very well.

In the very short time, Chen Hong won the support of many national telecommunications companies and formed alliances with them. After this big problem is solved, other things are not a problem for those who have had a complete entrepreneurial experience.

GRIC entered the fast lane as soon as it was established, and soon became a global market leader, and formed alliances with hundreds of telecommunications companies around the world to quickly occupy the network roaming service market, AOL, NTT, HiNet And other large telecom companies have become their partners. In addition to the United States, the top three ISPs around the world have also become GRIC members. By allowing consumers to obtain GRIC ID accounts, they can enjoy the dream of roaming services in the place where GRIC completes networking, and it has been realized in more than 150 countries and regions.

On December 15, 1999, it was a happy day for the Chinese people in Silicon Valley. On the same day, Chen Hong’s GRIC company was successfully listed on NASDAQ, the first Nasdaq listed company founded by Chinese students in the United States.

The success of GRIC is a big step for Chen Hong and a big step for the Chinese in Silicon Valley. Not only did Chen Hong push the spotlight, but also American investors began to consider new engineers to understand Chinese engineers in Silicon Valley. “Computer World” magazine also joined in the fun, dedicated and selected Chen Hong as “the most shining star of the millennium.”

The success of the business did not prevent Chen Hong from moving forward. After bringing GRIC back to the road, I liked to see the new scenery, and then sold the GRIC again and started a new pursuit.

Advancing into the financial world

The hardships of capital in the process of starting a business, and the experience and experience of Nasdaq, let Chen Hong invest in venture capital, investment banking, stock analysts, fund management The person has a comprehensive understanding.

After China’s accession to the WTO, the economic development trend, Chen Hong began to have the idea of ​​setting up an investment bank. “When a country matures, it will definitely produce a very large investment bank. The Chinese economy is developing rapidly and prospering, and people are seeing hope.

On April 14, 2003, Chen Hong, who made up his mind, founded Han in Palo Alto, California. The Hina Group (hereinafter referred to as Hanergy) has established an office in Beijing, China. After the establishment of Hanergy, Chen Hong established an excellent management team with rich experience in investment banking, management and venture capital. The people employed were all masters from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and CSFB.

Since its establishment four years ago, Hanergy has completed a series of investment and financing projects that have caused sensation in the industry, including: the completion of the 183 million US dollar acquisition of Focus Media for the framework media, and helping the Thousand Oaks Group to complete the US$48 million. The third round of financing, winning a strategic investment of 35 million US dollars for ChinaSoft International Group and so on. And from the founding to the present, all cases are profitable.

Good performance has enabled Hanneng to win word of mouth and reputation. For Chen Hong, who wants to make Hanergy a famous investment bank brand, it is more exciting than earning a higher return on a certain project. . In May 2007, Hanergy was ranked among the top 10 PEs in China by international investment giants such as Blackstone and Carlyle. Moreover, in addition to Blackstone, it is the only one that has both PE (Private Equity) and investment banking functions. This indicates that Hanergy, who is less than 5 years old, has been recognized and affirmed by the Chinese market and authorities, and has stood up to the top international investment institutions and investment banks in the Chinese capital market.

Chen Hong said after the award: “Hanergy will continue to make itself one of the most leading investment banks in China; Hanergy will also work together and cooperate with industry partners to make efforts Investors create more investment opportunities in China.

In fact, Chen Hong’s achievements have won him many honors. In 2000, he was selected by Taiwan’s “Business Week” as the 100 most influential new Chinese economic leaders. In 2001, he was called by CCTV as one of the 25 most successful Chinese in North America, and was hired as an honorary professor by Xi’an Jiaotong University to inspire him and illuminate others.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese entrepreneurs who are full of passion and empty hands are on the road to success in the United States. These successful people also have to return to the country to transform into investment financial services. The Chinese elite who have completed their capital, experience and connections in Silicon Valley are becoming the main force in building China’s diversified financial services. And all of this started with Chen Hong, the first pioneer who made Silicon Valley investors fall in love with Chinese international entrepreneurs because of the company’s listing.

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Origin machine: 5.6 seconds ahead of the world

The so-called origin is the reference point for the machine to establish the workpiece coordinate system, and it is also the starting point and initial focus of the Zeng Chaofeng team.

On the road to pursuing ideals and excellence, how many hardships does a group of men have to eat and how many hurdles they have to overcome in order to honed the light of the winners, thereby illuminating the origin of the departure?

Interviewing the origin machine is a very valuable experience. Even if the manufacturing and real economy are slightly weak, this smart-manufacturing company, which was founded in Foshan and founded only three years, is still red. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and technical services of five-axis linkage and above CNC machine tools and CNC systems, the original machine tool leads the Chinese intelligent manufacturing trend with the black horse attitude with its technical spear and innovation shield.

Such a company, what kind of people are hidden behind it, and what kind of power?

Industrial Mother Machine and Big Country Machine

Interpretation of the origin machine tool and its founding team should be placed in the question of how China’s intelligent manufacturing is advancing.

Zeng Chaofeng, the CEO of the original machine tool, often thinks about a few years ago when he and CMO Park went to a machine tool factory in Germany. The museum of the factory displays machine tools from different eras around the world, and one of the old Chinese machine tools of the 1950s made the two feel quite touched.

The machine tool is known as an industrial machine, small to screw, mobile phone case, large train track, space shuttle, the initial starting point is a machine tool. China’s machine tool industry started not too late, but later, due to various reasons, the gap with developed countries has widened. In the 1990s, when CNC machine tools became the standard for foreign machine tools, domestic colleges and universities were still teaching students how to use boring tools and welding tools. Even after some domestic manufacturers have been able to produce high-end CNC machine tools, it is said that the brain’s CNC system is still firmly in the hands of companies such as Siemens and Japan FANUC.

The gap between China and world-class machine tools, Zeng Chaofeng, a core regional executive who has been a major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation at Central South University, and is a leading global cutting tool manufacturer in Sandvik, Sweden. Deeply worried and responsible, he is determined to change.

In 2015, Zeng Chaofeng founded Guangdong Yuandian Machine Tool Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the R&D, production, sales and technical services of CNC machine tools and CNC systems and their supporting products. At the beginning of the establishment, the original machine tool established a strategic partnership with the second largest CNC system manufacturer in Europe and NUM in Switzerland. The two parties negotiated a joint R&D center to produce a CNC system suitable for the Chinese market.

Zeng Chaofeng, who is full of ambitions, shouted out the industry’s first brand of small and medium-sized multi-axis linkage processing machine tools, providing technical support and parent machine protection for China Zhizhi. But this is a bit of a slogan that makes Zeng Chaofeng “a group of elites who have been immersed in machine tools, electronics, and venture capital for many years, and formed a core founding team.

——CMO Park Yan was a Japanese STAR and Mazak machine tool executive. COO Liu Zhifeng was a senior engineer of China Aviation Industry Corporation. CSO Yin Zhouyi has rich experience in entrepreneurship and investment. CFO Zeng Xiaomei was born as a Deloitte accountant. Office. In addition, Dr. Yang Jincheng, Ph.D., of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Hsinchu Jiaotong University, Taiwan, was invited as the chief technology officer, the international top CNC technology expert, and the country “outside the thousands of people planning expert Frank” as the chief scientist.

& ldquo; Our group of people have received professional and systematic academic training and vocational training, and have an international vision and resources, and have the responsibility to change the status quo of China’s smart manufacturing. Zeng Chaofeng said emotionally in the interview. It is this sense of mission to build a great power that gives Zeng Chaofeng and the origin of the machine tool a rising power.

Force Awakening

From the start-up to the black-horse conversion of CNC machine tools in China, No one can do it all at once, and the hard work and perseverance in the meantime is not something that outsiders can imagine.

Multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools are high-end goods in the parent machine, with high precision and high technical barriers. They are specially used to process complex curved surfaces and manufacture high-end equipment for automobiles, aerospace, military and precision instruments. essential. Zeng Chaofeng is determined to independently develop five-axis CNC machine tools and their control systems, so that the original machine tools truly have products with superior market competitiveness.

But it’s too hard. It should be noted that multi-axis CNC machine tools involve many key aspects such as mechanical structure design, standard part matching, CNC system debugging, post-processing, etc., especially the underlying technology of CNC system, just like an unfathomable “black box”. Zeng Chaofeng and the team constantly explored the way out in torment and surprise, but the positioning accuracy and machining accuracy of the first five-axis CNC machine tool never reached their own requirements, and there was no progress in debugging for half a year. The reason is that the setting of a friction coefficient is always difficult to debug to the best value, and this value is theoretically impossible to calculate.

Zeng Chaofeng was desperate. He only slept for 4 hours a day. When he was not bright, he ran to the factory to ponder. It was a period of darkness. Between the abandonment and the repetition of persistence, Zeng Chaofeng chose to die. Sometimes, the dawn of changing fate is often in an instant. Zeng Chaofeng and the team analyze the data model from scratch, setting an empirical value for this friction coefficient, and the problem is solved. A five-axis linkage machine with independent intellectual property rights and high speed stability and motion accuracy was announced.

Keep up the good work. In 2016, the original machine tool and Guangdong University of Technology, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed and built an eight-axis five-link laser composite processing equipment. This processing equipment is an integrated development of traditional processing and high-end machining, which can be used for ceramic coating cutting in aerospace equipment. At present, the equipment is in the domestic leading position in the five-axis linkage and laser processing, and it is a real big country.

After having the core technical advantages and fist products, Zeng Chaofeng can open his hands and feet to market. The origin machine tools focus on the application of automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, etc., and these fields have a great demand for high-end CNC machine tools. Taking denture machine tools as an example, 80% of dentures in the world are produced in China. In the Pearl River Delta region alone, more than 6,000 factories are doing denture processing. The annual output value of processing business reaches tens of billions, and the market prospect is very impressive.

5.6 seconds ahead of the world

From core technology to fist products to market Application, for more than three years, the original point machine has progressed year by year in difficulties and explorations, constantly surpassing itself. At present, the original machine tool has won 6 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and 8 software products and copyrights.

The market will not lie, the original machine tool will soon have stable core customers such as Toyota, China Airlines, Peninsula Group, etc., orders are coming. Among them, the most proud of Zeng Chaofeng is that the original machine tool is the engine block production line solution delivered by GAC Toyota.

The internal production standard of the Toyota engine is 98 seconds per machining completion time, but the original machine tool has achieved a specific production line of 92.4 seconds, helping customers achieve efficiency and productivity. “Don’t underestimate this 5.6 seconds, but it is 5.6 seconds ahead of the world. Zeng Chaofeng said that the production standard of Toyota engine itself is world-class, but the original machine tool still made a breakthrough in this standard.

In fact, there are three main reasons why the original machine tool is recognized by the market: First, the core technology has obvious advantages, the machine positioning accuracy and machining accuracy are high, and it can provide multi-axis linkage control system and machine tool. , automation, data collection of the overall solution; second, localized service capabilities, compared to imported equipment, short delivery time, after-sales service feedback speed; third, cost-effective, product prices only five points of similar imported products Third, some are only half.

In addition to the production and marketing market, the origin machine is still trying something more meaningful and valuable —— promoting its own CNC machine system, free open source. It should be known that the control systems of giants such as FANUC and Siemens are not open, and they are closed-loop, even if they are open, they are limited and open for payment. The origin machine tool builds an open underlying system and platform, which can lower the innovation threshold and cultivate relevant technical talents and usage habits. At present, this open control system has been “classified” and used for teaching in some institutions of higher learning.

Formulating standards to define the future. Zeng Chaofeng said that business model innovation is important, but core technology innovation is the fundamental driving force for a big manufacturing country to become a big country. The origin machine tool is to become the knife-edge dancer who stands at the origin of the machine and leads the trend of intelligent manufacturing in China.

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