What are the advantages of machine vision inspection system?

The surface flaw of industrial products seriously affects the quality of the product itself. How to avoid surface defects for quality control has always been the biggest problem faced by manufacturers. Traditional manual testing is not only expensive, but also easy for testers to fatigue and easy to leak. Checking for other drawbacks, but it is also difficult to adapt to high-speed production systems, knowing that the application of intelligent vision detection in the industry provides a new solution for surface flaw detection.

The current machine vision inspection system condenses many advanced technology applications in the field of machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, and quickly incorporates innovative inspection concepts. According to the automatic loading and unloading and automatic rejection mechanism, the division of work can be realized. Single station detection. Therefore, this can be applied to the automotive, electronics and other industries, we have also been widely used in the production process of glass cover, mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, electronic accessories and other products in the automated production process.

Machine Vision Detecting Images and System Advantages:

Correct Classification

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The current popular lithium battery industry is very common

Visual machine vision inspection systems manufacturers refers to the conversion of the ingested target into an image signal by a CCD industrial camera, which is transmitted to a dedicated image processing. The system converts into a digitized signal according to information such as pixel distribution and brightness; the image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the action of the device according to the result of the discrimination, and performs visual detection, dimensional measurement, and disadvantages. Detection and system positioning. Normally, CCD inspection can be applied to various industries, such as auto parts, hardware, fasteners, magnetic materials, etc. The current popular lithium battery industry is very common. The use of visual inspection equipment instead of manual detection, once the industrial intelligence is also a major trend, the use of visual inspection equipment for production, can cope with the trend of industrial development; Second, with the increase in labor costs, the use of machine vision inspection equipment from In the long run, it helps companies to reduce unnecessary expenditures. Thirdly, because of the non-contact measurement method, no damage will be caused to both the observer and the observed person, which can effectively reduce the detection process. Possible damage to the product; Fourthly, the visual inspection device has a wide spectral response range, for example, infrared measurement that is invisible to the human eye, which expands the visual range of the human eye, and the detection precision is also higher. It can be seen that visual inspection equipment is not only the only way for enterprises to transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing, but also an effective shortcut for enterprises to save labor resources, improve production efficiency and bring considerable benefits!

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The most intelligent PET bottle preform defect detection equipment

Second, product introduction

The most intelligent PET bottle preform defect detection equipment, using machine vision technology, to achieve fast and efficient for each preform under non-contact conditions Automatic screening and rejection, the first pass for production. Wuhan Churui “bottleware machine” can adapt to different bottle types from 300ml to 20L, and the detection speed can reach 15000BPH.

1, the basic principle

PET preform defect detection equipment consists of high-performance industrial computer, visual inspection software, optical module, electrical control cabinet, mechanical transmission structure and so on. As shown in Figure 2-1.

Figure 2-1 Device Schematic

When the PET preform enters the machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, after the photoelectric sensor The trigger signal, the detection system begins to track the product, and prepares for image acquisition. Under the positioning of the system tracking program, it is judged that the bottle reaches the predetermined position, and the system emits a light source and an image acquisition instruction. Under the aid of a specific light source, the system will capture the image in real time, and after the image is collected, the image processing module performs the recognition and algorithm analysis. , to determine whether the product is qualified and transmit signals to the control system, ready to reject the unqualified products. When the tracking program detects that the product has reached the culling position, the control system notifies the culling mechanism to perform the culling action on the defective product.

Figure 2-2 Device Operation Flowchart

2, Key Technologies

(1) Optical Imaging

Optical imaging is an extremely important part of a complete machine vision system. Designing a suitable optical solution will directly affect the later image processing part.

1) Camera

Select industrial grade cameras with high stability, high transmission capability and high noise immunity. Industrial cameras, also known as cameras, have high image stability, high transmission capacity, and high anti-interference ability compared to conventional civilian cameras (cameras).

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Industrial field, machine vision inspection application

Industry 4.0 has set the direction for the development and transformation of the manufacturing industry. Under the leadership of “intelligence”, technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will be widely used as never before, and become the main force driving change.

For manufacturing companies, product inspection has always been a core pain point, how to automate inspection equipment,

Increasing the yield rate, reducing material consumption and labor costs have become the core issues faced by the factory in the process of digitalization and intelligent transformation.

In order to solve this problem, in recent years, some enterprises have started detection and exploration based on machine vision inspection systems manufacturers technology, and in the actual application process, they have made major breakthroughs, and a number of powerful R&D have emerged in the industry. The strength of intelligent manufacturing enterprises. In response to the demand of the manufacturing industry to improve product quality, Dalian Yuyang Industrial Intelligence has joined hands with European research institutes to apply 3D machine vision systems to the manufacturing field, providing customers with solutions such as product positioning, dimensional measurement and surface defect detection to help companies upgrade their products. The pass rate and production efficiency greatly reduce labor costs.

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La corsa verso il Basso su Orecchini con Nuove Frange Esposti

Orecchini con Nuove Frange, ha Spiegato

Gli orecchini a bottone sono un punto fermo per un’aggiunta facile e veloce per ogni persona, per ogni stile! Gli orecchini abbagliano a lume di candela e ti faranno sicuramente risaltare tra la folla. Ci sono molti orecchini carini per bambini che arrivano in tutti i tuoi personaggi emoji preferiti, unicorni, borchie e orecchini a goccia che sono orecchini senza nichel per bambini.

L’Insolito Segreto di Orecchini con Nuove Frange

Le frange fuse su silhouette indiane e abiti contemporanei rendono ogni look trendy e versatile. Le frange ondeggiano con grazia quando una ballerina si muove. Le frange smussate con bordi duri sono un grande no-no think piumato e spazzato alla Cameron Diaz, o frange laterali come Chrissy Teigen ed Emma Stone.

Quello che non Sapete Su Orecchini con Nuove Frange

Una collana è un gioiello che viene portato al collo. Le collane sono state parte integrante della gioielleria sin dai tempi delle antiche civiltà e precedono l’invenzione della scrittura. Si ritiene che abbiano l’età di 40.000 anni, durante l’età della pietra. Sono indossati da uomini e donne nelle culture di tutto il mondo ai fini dell’ornamento e dello status sociale. La ciambella si preoccupa e regala una ciambella al migliore amico della tua migliore amica, oppure indossa una collana con ciondolo gelato quando ti senti dolce! D’altra parte, gli orecchini grandi sono molto più evidenti. Giustamente, se si considerano le diverse misure di Orecchini con Frange Nuovo a cerchio in argento sterling sono disponibili in.

The coolest shipping container hotel in the world

The hotel is designed for guests in Texas, so guests can experience the feeling of living in a home made from repositioned containers. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in six containers, each of which includes a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom that leads to a public fire pit, hammocks and an electric car charging station. Those who are interested in buying shipping containers can choose to use the hotel’s turnkeys to design and build one.

Because it is made of containers, it means easy to move and seasonal. Its location is located on the banks of the Elbe in the Czech Republic. This boutique hotel consists of three containers and can accommodate up to 13 guests. It is completed in just four months, the suites are simple and comfortable, the walls and ceilings are finished with birch plywood and are fully furnished with custom pieces.

Ski and Yoga Resort is another hotel that is completely made up of re-used containers. You can find it in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia to complement the landscape and minimize the impact on the environment, so the pyramidal structure and the container rise in the steel column. The container is divided into five floors, the floor consists of public spaces, such as the reception and dining areas. The room suite is located on the fourth floor and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Each suite is a separate container.

The fact that this structure contains three containers is almost irrelevant, because the really interesting and unusual thing is the crane. That’s right, this is a luxury rental apartment that used to be an old crane. You can find it in Amsterdam. When the area began to transform into a residential area in 1975, the crane 2868 was kept on site to remind the industrial heritage of the area. Recently, the crane was converted into a holiday home, which was supervised by the designer.

Located in Nha Trang, Vietnam, the hostel is a container-built hotel in the area. This is a hotel designed for backpackers, inspired by the fact that we should all be connected, even if we live in different parts of the world, like a big family. The project was completed by TAK Architects and the hotel was designed like a family home. Separate containers serve as bedrooms with common spaces such as kitchen, living room, games room and roof terrace.

Another interesting project is a pop-up hotel that includes four suites, breakfast and lounge, and a sauna, all of which are modified The composition of the container. Each room is 20 square meters of container space with bed, shower and simple furnishings. The project was developed by three partners and moved from one place to another. You can recommend the next location on the hotel website.

The hotel’s colourful, stylish look is unforgettable, but it’s not fun. Located in Valparaíso, Chile, the hotel is built from containers and each unit is in stark contrast to its neighbours. The container suite features a terrace, large windows and sliding glass doors, and some have sea views. In addition, all suites have a private bathroom.

Have you ever been to a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and wonderful atmosphere, you hope there is a hotel there ? Well, other people have this experience, they decided to take action on it. They came up with the idea of ​​converting containers into portable hotel rooms that can be transported to almost anywhere. Consisting of a 20-foot container that offers access to the surrounding landscape, it offers modern and stylish accommodation.


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Two apartments merged into a modern family apartment in Ukraine

The Minimal Mine is a refurbishment project led by Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov of the Ukrainian interior design firm ZOOI. The designer merged two apartments—one bedroom and one three-bedroom—to create a comfortable and modern home for a couple with children, eager to have a functionally minimalist space.

The kitchen, dining room and living room combine to create a larger open space with an oversized sofa. Comfortable neutral tones add a touch of colour to the entire public space.

The designer’s sketch is interpreted as a decorative wallboard that mimics rough stones. The bright blue armchair custom made for this project pops up in front of the charcoal grey panel.

The master bedroom is basically four spaces – bedroom, bathroom, closet and office. A glass partition is used to provide a sliding curtain between the bed and the work area to provide additional privacy.

The large glass windows provide a view of the shower.

The children’s room is where the project is really active, with sunny yellow decorations, a climbing wall and a blackboard.

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Tom Dixon launches new envelope for IKEA

The Stockholm-based brand Bemz has designed a multi-purpose DELAKTIG series envelope for IKEA and Dixon in collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon in the context of refurbished IKEA furniture. DELAKTIG is designed as an open source product that allows anyone to design and use it.

This collaboration has resulted in a range of luxurious envelopes that can be used on sofas, beds or loungers depending on your needs. The collection includes three fabrics.

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Flat roof house

This flat roof house was designed by Johan Sundberg and is located in Trelleborg, Sweden. This is a lovely summer resort with the possibility of becoming a permanent place to live. One side of the building hangs slightly on a gentle slope, with a simple and uniform design and a horizontal and good grounded appearance for the interior and exterior. The flat roof emphasizes the linearity and simplicity of the design.

This flat roof building in Höllviken, Sweden, is another great project done by architect Johan Sundberg. According to the customer’s request, the house has a modern, nature-oriented structure, and its space is organized on a single level. The exterior walls are covered with clay bricks, which allows the house to better connect to the garden and the surrounding environment.

Not all flat roof houses are single-storey. In fact, many of them do not. This is a concrete box house in Houston, Texas, designed and built by Robertson Design. The three main goals are better than everything else: clear and planned entryways, using simple and pure materials and the design and structure of the sculpture. The architect organized the building into three cabinets, each with its own function, and all three had flat roofs, emphasizing their clean geometry.

When they designed the RoadRunner home in Austin, Texas, North Arrow Studio wanted the flat roof to look like it was floating, so they were in the sorghum An important part of the house was built. The side of the house faces a beautiful protected area, made primarily of glass, and offers some truly stunning views. This is a house that tames the wilderness in a very fashionable way.

The Guaiume House is another beautiful flat roof structure that seems to take full advantage of this ancient architectural style. The house is located in Campinas, Brazil and was planned and built by 24.7 Arquitetura Design. The two main goals of the project are to connect the house to nature and the terrain it is in and to optimize ventilation throughout the space. To accomplish these two things, the architects organized the spaces vertically, giving the house four floors and a flat, clean roof.

When ONG&ONG Sdn Bhd was responsible for designing this custom home in Singapore, they decided to align the structure with one side of the site and optimize space usage by creating layouts including gardens and swimming pools. They also gave the house a flat roof, emphasizing its clean and modern geometry, in contrast to some interior design features.

This is the Ramos House home in Mexico City, designed by JJRR/Arquitectura. It has a triangle in its place and it is a bit uneven. This means creating a custom design that addresses these challenges and takes advantage of the content provided by the terrain. The architect decided to build a three-story flat roof house, including a basement floor, to make creative use of the site’s unevenness.

Flat roofs are versatile and they look great on a variety of structures. An interesting example is a wooden box house designed by Moloney Architects in Ballarat, Australia. This house is an eclectic style that blends contemporary architecture with Victorian design. Old and new features and details come together, friendly and beautiful.

When it comes to a warm space, ZIM arquitextura designed a very cool flat roof house in Tigre, Argentina. The focus of the project is to create a space that welcomes and embraces guests in a comfortable and friendly way. The final design has two types of space. The public and social areas form a concrete structure, while the private areas are located within the timber structure. They are stacked on top of two floors.

A single floor and a single structure, but with two different faces, this is how we describe the construction of Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos in Vladimir This simple flat roof house. This is a house that communicates with nature and the surrounding environment in a very special way. The idea of ​​this design is that it gives the impression of being both indoors and outdoors. All indoor spaces can be accessed outdoors, and the patio serves as a connector between the two environments.

According to the location of the house in JundiaíMirim, Brazil, when you see it, you stand in different directions and there will be one or two layers. Designed by Aresto Arquitetura, it takes full advantage of the steep slope it is on. The flat roof is an element that contrasts with the terrain, providing stability and making the building stand out.

Technically, this is a flat roof house, but not the most common, because there are those unusual protrusions that give it a rather strong and quirky appearance. Designed by Live Incorporadora, the house is located in Vila da Serra, Brazil. The owners are passionate about beer production, which reflects the design of the first floor, including the design of the brewery’s house.

This modern house is located in the city of Shimabara, Japan. It is a project completed by the architects of kurosawakawara-ten when they realized that they could not really build a In the L-shaped structure, they decided to create a two-story home, separated in the center of the first floor, and let the top floor hang.

The architect Luciano Kruk also faced challenges when designing the Ecuestre house in Buenos Aires. The challenge is to deal with the unusual trapezoidal shape and the fact that it tilts towards the center. The solution is to put the house on a platform.Choose a flat roof as a way to level the structure. The sturdy and simple nature of the exterior is also a feature of the interior design of the space.

This flat roof house was designed by b l a n k s t ud o o and is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has an open, multi-directional structure that connects to nature and the surrounding environment. The flat roof allows it to remain low profile and blends fairly well. In addition, this long balcony and stone wall gives the house a strong architectural atmosphere, in stark contrast to what we have described so far.

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Cathedral ceiling

So far, you should have a clear understanding of the appearance of the cathedral ceiling. Obviously, no two are the same, but they all share several key features in common, such as the symmetry of the sloping sides and the fact that they make the room feel more spacious and more dramatic without hindering its comfort and welcoming atmosphere.

Someone would say that the vaulted ceiling is almost the same as the church ceiling. In some ways, this is true, but there are some major differences between the two styles. The vaulted ceiling is not necessarily symmetrical because it actually has only one inclined side. In addition, it can have a curved or arched shape, while the cathedral ceiling can’t.

The ceiling of the cathedral is meaningful in the design of the building and there are many different situations. As mentioned earlier, each individual design or structure has its own characteristics. For example, the height of the ceiling, the material being covered, the finish and the color may vary from case to case.

The distinction between vaulted ceilings and cathedral ceilings is sometimes very similar, making it difficult to distinguish. Usually it is reduced to the exact length of the bevel or the angle or shape of the bevel and the extension of the entire ceiling. In this case, can you figure out what type of ceiling is there in this home?

The vault and the cathedral ceiling are ideal for skylights. It makes sense to install a skylight on a sloping ceiling. They give plenty of sunshine and also provide a fantastic view of the night sky.

There are a lot of cool ways to take advantage of the cathedral ceiling. First, you can emphasize its dramaticity with beams or hanging specific types of luminaires, such as this great restaurant chandelier.

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