Pakistani Taliban asks Pakistani government to stop fire

Pakistani Taliban spokesman Shahid said in a statement on the 21st that if the government takes the lead in declaring a ceasefire, Bata is willing to resume peace talks.

Shahid said that the government first provoked the war and the government should first declare a ceasefire. Bata takes the peace talk seriously and the government should show sincerity. But he said that the government wants Bata to accept the constitution. If this is the only way, the peace talks will not continue.

The Bata branch announced on the 16th that it killed 23 security personnel in the Mohmand district to retaliate against Bata members and was killed in prison. The Pakistani government cancelled the dialogue on the same day with Bata on the 17th. The Pakistani government negotiating committee said that unless Bata complies with the peace promise and stops the attack, the government will not be able to advance the peace talks process.

Shahid said on the 19th that Bata will take the peace talk seriously. If the government can make a guarantee to the Bata negotiating committee to stop killing its members, Bata will officially declare a ceasefire.

The Pakistani military launched a fighter plane on the 20th, and carried out an airstrike on the militant hiding place in the North Waziristan tribal area, killing 15 militants. (Reporter Wang Yu)

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

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