Passionate Brazilian residence

This beautiful private home is located in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, and is named White House.

White Housebuilt in 2014year, located in a beautiful location on the northern coast of São Paulo, surrounded by lush vegetation . Locations close to the beach offer many advantages, such as extraordinary visibility.
The studio decided to combine wood, concrete and white aluminum, which are able to withstand the effects of ocean air, and also allow architects and designers to combine tropical minimalism with Brazilian modernism.

All The social space is on the first floor. The full-height glass wall eliminates visual barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting areas and exposing living spaces to the lush gardens and ocean views.
Sliding glass doors open the interior to the outside and connect them to the balcony. Outdoors are leisure spaces and dining spaces.
In addition to the glass fence, the social area is connected to the outside through a series of perforated wood walls. These rotating walls provide shadows that don’t block the wind and can even open beautiful gardens.

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