Perfect home, carpets will definitely add a lot of color to you

In recent years, carpets have become home furnishing An indispensable piece of ornament, many people like to put a carpet at home, and they are beginning to realize the impact of the carpet on the overall home, it can create a good visual environment, add personality, atmosphere, and performance to the home space. Character and favorite home corner. And now we have a wide variety of carpets on the market, a variety of graphics, color changes, dazzling, how to choose a carpet that suits you? Then, Xiaobian will bring you together to reflect your personality and temperament Carpet!

First, look at the material of the carpet. As we all know, the best material for carpets is wool. The natural wool carpet is soft, comfortable, flexible, comfortable, flame-resistant, environmentally friendly and resistant to dirt. Many people think that wool is easier to eat than other animal hair fiber carpets. It is not easy to take care of. It is treated with insect-proof and anti-mite before leaving the factory. Aphids can only be produced if they are used improperly.

Additional is chemical fiber The material, although not as good as wool and other animal hair fibers, has the advantages of abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, antistatic and dirt resistance. In general, natural fiber and chemical fiber fiber carpets have their own advantages, this requires the choice of materials according to the use of the home.

Second, It depends on the craft of the carpet. The carpet process is mainly two processes of hand and weaving. The carpets produced by the hand-woven process are expensive, the patterns are rich and bright, the layers are delicate and distinct, and the workmanship is fine. And it has a very high collection value, and its life span can be as long as 100 years. The weaving production process has the advantages of large output, high work efficiency, low cost, low price, and can be cut according to the area. The production efficiency is faster than the manual carpet, and the price is cheaper than the handmade carpet. But he has no collection value and does not have a long life. The two carpet production processes still depend on the buyer’s choice.

Third, Choose according to the location of the carpet. Generally, there are many household carpets placed in the living room, and the carpet in the living room needs to occupy a large space. At this time, a thick and very wearable carpet can be selected. The living room has a large amount of people, so it must be wearable. There are also halls and corridors, which are high-density and wear-resistant carpets. The bedroom is a place to rest, with a choice of high, soft carpets. For living areas that are susceptible to stains, such as dining rooms, anti-fouling carpets, such as sisal natural fiber carpets, should be used for easy cleaning.

Fourth, The choice of carpet size. The size of the carpet is generally adapted to the function of the space used. The bedroom can choose a small plush carpet; the dining room carpet should be bigger, cover 60-70% of the table, including the covered chair; the living room sofa coffee table carpet should correspond to the size of the sofa, it is best to A little longer is the perfect match.

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