Pink Heritage: Nearly 19 carats of pink diamonds will be auctioned for valuations of several hundred million yuan (Figure), November 11th According to foreign media reports, Christie’s will auction a pink diamond of nearly 19 carats on the 13th. This is the largest brilliant pink diamond that Christie’s has ever offered to auction. It is expected to be sold at 3000. Up to 50 million US dollars (about 200 million to 350 million yuan).

Christie’s will auction nearly 19 carats of brilliant pink diamonds & ldquo; pink heritage.

The report says that this rectangular-cut diamond was named “Pink Legacy” and will be auctioned at the Christie’s Autumn Jewelry Auction in Geneva on the 13th.

This diamond used to belong to the famous Oppenheimer diamond family. According to Christie’s, this diamond meets Type IIa standards and is extremely pure and has a very low nitrogen content.

Christie’s says that more than 10 carats of brilliant pink diamonds rarely appear at auctions.

Christie’s will hold a two-day jewelry auction in Geneva.

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