Pvc ceiling will release formaldehyde when heated, pvc ceiling is heat treated

PVC ceilings are more common in every home. We can see in some offices that basically all PVC ceilings are installed. The PVC ceiling looks simple and light. So many people install PVC ceilings for their offices. Then everyone knows that after the PVC ceiling is heated, will there be any situation, will it produce harmful substances?

pvc ceiling heating —pvc ceiling heated release of formaldehyde

For this product Still very familiar, one of the five general-purpose plastics. Formaldehyde and xylene are mainly derived from coatings. There is no formaldehyde and xylene in PVC sheets. Generally, PVC sheets are used for construction. PVC plastic ceiling PVC is PVC. .. The landlord rest assured, we produce more than 30 years of PVC environmental pellets, furniture and glue. In fact, most of the decoration materials mostly contain formaldehyde, but only a few problems, PVC material is relatively low in content, basically harmless to the human body. The gusset itself is not toxic, but the splicing plate needs glue bar, mainly on the glue, my home is being renovated. I am going to get married, but I have to wait for at least two months to live in peace. If I live in advance, I will feel uncomfortable. If you haven’t lived in another place, try not to be in that room. You can’t do it in the living room. Put some onion or pineapple skin in the decorated bedroom. This can make a big effect.

pvc ceiling heating & mdash; pvc ceiling is heat treated

Keep indoor air circulation. Keep your home clean and dry, avoid using daily necessities containing volatile organic pollutants, and don’t smoke at home. Use a range hood when cooking in the kitchen. Pets should be kept at home and carpeted on a large area to avoid allergies. The release period of formaldehyde in the board is three to fifteen years, which can be solved not by raising green plants or by opening the window. Therefore, the removal of formaldehyde from various types of artificial boards is the key to solving the pollution of decoration and is also a truly effective method.

Activated carbon adsorption. The initial use of activated carbon does have an effect, because the pores have an adsorption potential, which is formed by the attraction of carbon molecules and adsorbed molecules. The smaller the pore size, the stronger the adsorption potential. In addition, according to the theory of molecular motion, all objects are composed of molecules or atoms, and there is a gap between them, and at the same time, they are in a state of constant thermal motion, and the molecules collide with each other frequently. From the data display, in the standard state, the free movement speed of formaldehyde molecules is about 450 m / s, and one formaldehyde molecule collides with other molecules 109 times per second. At this time, if the diameter of the collision molecule matches the pore of the activated carbon, it is adsorbed. Whether it is the traditional activated carbon or the modified activated carbon which is currently being fired more, the adsorption capacity is limited due to its excessive pore size.

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