Qatar building materials market, Foshan enterprises actively seize opportunities

Recently, the reporter has learned from the “Most Belts” of the most potential Middle East market —— 2017 into the Qatar market promotion meeting, Qatar’s infrastructure market demand is growing rapidly, which will bring opportunities for Foshan’s pan-home products. More than 200 representatives from all over Guangdong participated in the scene.

Shi Chunping, general manager of Foshan Haohao Business Information Co., Ltd. revealed that Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup and the 2019 World Championships, and the demand for infrastructure market showed a rapid growth. In the next four years, the government will invest more than US$205 billion in infrastructure construction, including major urban projects, old city renovations, subways, and high-tech stadium construction. The market potential is huge.

Shi Chunping pointed out that at this stage, Qatar is still in the stage of seeking cooperation with suppliers and products for construction, decorative materials and equipment. Qatar faces a fixed deadline for the delivery of the 2022 World Cup project, which will keep the real estate market stable for a long time without being affected by the recent drop in oil prices.

Affected by the two major events, Qatar’s hotel industry is growing rapidly. Shi Chunping said that there are currently 20,000 hotel rooms in Qatar, but the gap between the 60,000 hotel rooms required to host the World Cup is huge. It is expected that 130 hotels will be completed before the World Cup. By 2030, the number of hotel rooms in Qatar will reach 90,000 rooms, this will definitely drive the entry of Chinese hotel furniture and household products.

It is worth mentioning that Shi Chunping pointed out that the infrastructure of the two major events has reached a critical juncture, many projects have to be done, and procurement demand is strong.

In view of the market opportunities in Qatar, Foshan enterprises have actively deployed and participated in the exhibition as a choice for many companies. Shi Chunping said that since the launch of the Qatar China Manufacturing Exhibition in 2015, the company has attracted nearly 80 Foshan enterprises to participate in the exhibition in 2015. In 2016, there were more than 60 exhibitors. This year, it is expected to exhibit more enterprises than in the previous two years.

Foshan Jinweijian Building Materials Co., Ltd. has been established for less than three years and has participated in two Qatar China Manufacturing Exhibitions. Enterprises mainly export collapsible containers, and their local exports have risen year after year. Currently, Qatar has become their main market. Chen Xitao, general manager of the company, believes that finding a suitable overseas agent is an important reason for the success of the company’s exports. After the company opened the market in Qatar, after extensive publicity, it also found suitable agents in neighboring countries such as Dubai.

The companies that have already exported have tasted the sweetness, and companies that have not marketed are also actively planning. Foshan Xinzhongwei Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in ceramics export. Li Jiawei, a company commissioner, said that the company’s overseas market is mainly in Southeast Asia and is currently planning to open up the Middle East market. Qatar will be the focus.

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