Quality problems frequently exposed: the domestic market safe water purifier it?

Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee of the commercially available water purifiers were compared tests. The results show that the safety of the commercially available water purification products are not ideal, some products the presence of heavy metals exceeded, safety and easy to breed a microorganism; while chlorine disinfectants removal less effective removal volatile phenol, chloroform removed rate is lower than the threshold requirements, water purification effectiveness has yet to be improved. To this end, the reporter visited the Xicheng several electronics stores, where sales are indeed features colored, prices vary widely. Related to the safety of drinking water straight home water purifier has propaganda “trap” it? In the end how domestic water purifier pass rate in the sale of? Sales “flower heads are” too many Business reminder anti-flicker “This is a stick known as activated carbon black miracle, filtered water is more suitable for maternal and child population “,” this one is arguably the most reliable and safest water treatment machine, “and” it’s a purification of soft water in tea, coffee taste particularly good time. ” for every salesperson a water purifier features are endless, introduced hype, but for no detection tools, consumers can not determine the water quality index in terms of security, “listen functions are good, it is not the most secure is the most health, then in the end what should buy it. ” According to the survey, there are two types of water purifiers and domestic, import prices more expensive than domestically 1000-2000 on the market today. “Imported water purifiers can be discharged to the outside dirt from the water to clear, so that no residue, no secondary pollution, so the price is higher,” so explained sales staff. The domestic water purifiers aspect, the salesman also recommend 1,000 yuan higher than the price of new products – four filter water purifier. “Heavy workload borne by two pipes, the replacement frequency of the high cost of expensive, we do not recommend to buy,” the salesman said, four to share the workload of each water purifier filter, not only low-frequency filter replacement, four more detailed work, the kind of chemicals that can be removed more accuracy is also higher. For full flower head of sales, City of Industry, Bureau staff said, some of the products do exist cases of false propaganda or illegal propaganda, to prevent flicker “magical” effect upon the public to buy. It is reported that some manufacturers in promoting functional water, alkaline water will be called “medical treatment” of water, and some will be labeled “first, first, the world’s most” and other words, there are some promotion of the so-called “well-known trademark, exemption product “and so on, and these are not in line with” Advertising law “. Substandard goods has gradually standardize the market in recent years, super-Qi Cheng household water purifiers and more flower heads, then their safety in the end do? AreA similar excessive heavy metals, easy to microbial growth, low efficiency “trap” mean? For the case of qualified staff memories of the City of Industry, 2010, found in the sampling of the water purifier on the market 70% of the water purifier They are substandard products. It is understood that when the water purifier mainly exceeded the total number of colonies, which were detected in drinking water should not appear in E. coli and fecal coliform etc; excessive consumption of potassium permanganate; excessive water turbidity, logos, etc. are not marked specification, wherein the voltage identification product, product name and address and other information is missing; mounted inside the hub, the external conductor, a ground line does not meet national standards and other related problems. “After 2010 gradually increased the intensity of sampling and standardized management, from 2012 the market water purifier specification up” to the staff, at a sampling in 2012, 10 batches of water purifier just a substandard goods, then a few years, the passing rate also remained at a high level. “Now the water purifier pass rate on the market are very high, as long as the product is a regular mall, people can buy a” staff said. In addition, in August, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau in the province is likely to water purifiers available in the market another round of sampling, the relevant inspection report will be released in October. What to buy water purifier “tricks” City health supervision department recommendation, according to “drinking water health supervision and management measures” countries, water processor must obtain issued by the Ministry of Health (reverse osmosis and nanofiltration water purifier made provincial health administrative departments) of drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document to production and sales, but also a model of this document only corresponds to a water purifier, recommend whether the health products before consumers purchase the Ministry of health supervision Center website to be purchased permit this document. At the same time, the public will be the best to the regular scrutiny manufacturers documents relating supermarkets, shopping malls to buy home appliances products, direct sales of the product in the street must be careful, must obtain a health permit this document to see its qualifications, its clear filter products and after-sales service replacement cycle and methods to ask where I can buy the filter. In addition, the staff believes that the water quality in the choice of processor is the most critical time to grasp the following principles. one look””. The best choice would be to cooperate with an international background of professional import water purifier brand, because the background of international cooperation with a professional brand of international advanced technology and domestic adaptability. Look, the public can see the type of water processor, in conjunction with clean waterThe actual situation of the local water quality, surface water mainly in the south, mainly to remove sediment, biological humic matter, bacteria and organic matter, mainly in northern groundwater, consumers pay more attention to descaling. And organic chlorine adsorption depends mainly on activated carbon, filtered and microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

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