Rear row toilet installation method

Rear-mounted toilet installation method
  1.Checking the sewage pipe and ground level Before installing the toilet, the sewage pipe should be inspected thoroughly to see if there are any mud and sand, waste paper and other debris in the pipe. At the same time, check whether the floor of the toilet installation position is horizontal or not. If the ground is found to be uneven, the ground should be leveled during installation.

  2. Determine the core of the sewage pipe

  turn the toilet, determine the core on the toilet drain, and draw the cross core line, the core line should Extend to the foot of the bottom of the toilet.

  3.fixed toilet

   align the cross line on the toilet with the floor drain, keep the toilet installed horizontally, and press hard Tight seals, mounting anchor screws and decorative caps.

  4.Bottom seal

   Install a special seal on the toilet drain or put a circle of glass glue (putty) around it or Cement mortar, cement to sand ratio of 1:3.

  5.Install the water tank fittings

  Purge the water for 3-5 minutes to ensure the cleanliness of the water pipes; install the angle valve and connection Hose, then connect the hose to the installed water tank fitting inlet valve and press the water source.

  6.Debug inspection

  Check the inlet valve and seal of the inlet valve for normality, check whether the installation position of the drain valve is flexible, whether there is a card Obstruction and leakage, and whether there is a leaking inlet valve filter device.

   rear-seat toilet purchase tips

   toilet purchase tips I. Weight

  The heavier the toilet, the better, the average toilet weight is about 50 kg, and the good toilet is about 100 kg. The heavy toilet has a high density and the quality is relatively good. A simple way to test the weight of the toilet: pick up the lid of the tank with both hands and pick up its weight.

   toilet purchase skill 2, water outlet

  The drain hole at the bottom of the toilet is one, and often the drain holes of many brands are 2- 3 (according to different calibers), but the more the drain holes, the more impact the impact. The outlet of the bathroom has the following drainage and horizontal drainage. It is necessary to measure the distance from the core of the drain to the wall behind the tank. Buy the same type of toilet to “sit the seat, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drain should be The height of the horizontal drain is equal to the height of the horizontal drain, which is slightly higher, so that the sewage is smooth. The 30 cm is the middle water toilet: 20 to 25 cm is the rear water toilet; the distance is 40 cm or more for the front water toilet. The model is slightly wrong. The water is not smooth.

   Toilet buying skills III, glazed

   pay attention to the glazed surface of the toilet, the glazed surface of the good quality toilet It should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated in color. After checking the glazed surface of the outer surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it will easily form a hang in the future.

   Toilet purchase skills four, caliber

   large-caliber sewage pipe and the inner surface of the glazing, it is not easy to hang dirty, the sewage is fast and powerful, effective prevention of blockage. Test method, the whole hand Put it into the toilet seat, you can have a palm capacity.
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