Redemption Resort 2018

For resort, Redemption continued to progress from eveningwear to more casual ready-to-wear, with thebiker lifestyle still kept in mind. The inspiration was “aristocratic grunge” meant to reflect the current global political mood. “Because our brand is so intertwined with the social aspect and charity aspect, it’s really hard to distance the inspiration from what’s going on in the world,” said creative director Gabriele “Bebe” Moratti, who donates half of the brand’s net profits to charities and NGOs.A green military jacket with a peace sign embroidered on the sleeve was particularly on the nose. The “aristocratic” element was channeled via a smoking jacket done in a soft, unstructured burgundy velvet. Victorian collars were unfussy on delicate silk paisley button-up blouses and a sleeveless animal-print top. Leather, a core material for the brand, was interesting on a heavily fringed jacket that had nice movement.The label also expanded its luxury denim offering with a greater range of color — cranberry, black and light blue — and tough treatments and details, including distressing, zippers, lacing and cargo pockets.

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