Refurbished Madrid Penthouse

Architectural StudioA-ceroRefurbished this130Square(1399square feet) penthouse, located in a typical skyscraper in Madrid, Spain. After entering the apartment, the corridor branches into two paths, one is the public area and the other is connected to the private part. The ultra-modern space is filled with right angles and lines that connect this all-white apartment.

The kitchen’s white paint cabinet has a stylish look. The kitchen is located above the living room, but is slightly separated by a glass panel.
The open living area is surrounded by large windows and you can see the city of Madrid. There is also a balcony. The floor is white wood that can be used with all other surfaces of the house.
Two chandeliers hang from the table. Most of the furniture is made up of A-ceroSpecially designed for this apartment.
There are two bedrooms in the house, one with a master bedroom and a second bedroom with a hallway bathroom.

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