Renovate the community with new and old bricks

The Belgian studio Tom Vanhee has been commissioned in the renovation and expansion of the old and new brick community centre in Westvleteren. The building was originally a 19th-century school building, formerly a town hall, library and youth club. Later, the local council asked the studio Tom Vanhee to transform into a community activity center and expand the larger event area. In the end, he lived up to expectations and completed the project with new and old bricks, becoming a landscape of the country.
An obvious entrance facility and a lack of consistent elements unifying the poor construction conditions led to a series of renovations by bricks that used bricks as a common material. Under the design of his fascinating work, the matching of old and new bricks has achieved an imaginary effect. “We use the bricks because the existing buildings have been differently decorated and patched from the past 100 years,” Architect Tom Vanhee told Dezeen, “We think it is beautiful, we can add one by adding one Modern bricks reinforce this. & rdquo;
The refurbished event hall facade shows evidence that the front door has been removed and filled with new brick windows. Make an extension from the same brick to replace the old herringbone roof of the building and adopt a new window. The old and new bricks from the local materials retain the classical historical charm and add a new atmosphere.
Remove the dilapidated warehouse and expand the local space. This backyard became the outdoor space of the banquet hall, and the herringbone roof was replaced by a sloping roof, which made the room and space higher, bringing a better sound in the hall, and the high window brought light, giving Bring a view to the nearby church.
An entrance to the center of the armpits of the old and new brick buildings provides an address. The different functions and spaces of the entrance hall have been refurbished with different types of new and old bricks. The new bricks in the contemporary bricks have been recently refurbished to enhance the different bricks, the conference center, etc. to adapt to modern requirements, respect for the environment and users, the new and old bricks show a whimsical character.

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