Routine maintenance of household water purifier you understand about what

In order to drink healthy water, more and more people at home are installed on. Is at the same time serve you, do you think it should maintain it? While many people at home, but the maintenance of the water purifier knowledge Bin He knew a little, and that some users in the use of clean water process control, they found water production gradually decreases, and the taste of water is deteriorated, and there is cause household water purification quality problems, harm to the safety of drinking water. Now, Germany Bin and you work together to talk about routine maintenance of household water purifiers what are. 1, the product after use should remain membrane filter in a wet state. If the membrane filter and drying will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be recovered. 2, more than three days without the use of water purifiers, water purifiers to deal with repeated re-use along rinse 2-5 minutes, until the water in the water purifier in the drained so far. 3, in the case of tap water without water, first discharge opening in the tap water pipe after the sand, rust and other drained, and then opens the purge use a water faucet. 4, the total water production and water quality of the water purifier water purifier, and if the water purifier is better water quality, then the total water production will increase, whereas water quality is poor, then the total water production will decrease, corresponding the filter life will be slightly shorter. 5, often water purifier to wash, can effectively extend the life of the water purifier. 6, with the long-term use of the water purifier, the water production will gradually decline, but the quality of water still qualified, can be assured. 7, to replace the filter is preferably conducted by the local service center, or local service center under the guidance of professional staff. 8. Turn off the water inlet valve, cutting off the water purifier water purifier fails immediately, do not disassemble. 9, in the course of products such as unusual or unknown, please call the regional sales and service center or customer service department. In the case if you are in the process of using household water purifiers, water purifiers found water production gradually decreases, after repeated backwashing, the water production still can not meet the requirements, and product water taste significantly deteriorated German Bin amnesty to wake you at this time you need to replace the water purifier is.

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