Russian Prime Minister is willing to cooperate with Uzbekistan’s legitimate regime

Xinhuanet Moscow, February 20 (Reporter Hu Xiaoguang) Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in Moscow on the 20th that Russia is willing to develop cooperation with Ukraine’s legitimate and effective regime and called on Ukraine to rectify the national order.

According to the Russian government website, Medvedev said at the government meeting held on the same day that Russia will continue to cooperate with Ukraine in all aspects of the agreement and will make every effort to fulfill its commitments. “At the same time, our partners must be full of vigor, the Ukrainian regime must be legal and effective, and the extremists cannot be allowed to use the regime as a rag on the outside. & rdquo; He said that law enforcement agencies defend national interests and protect people’s safety, and the government should ensure the safety of people and the safety of law enforcement agencies.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukasevich declined to comment at the press conference on the day that Ukraine may be under the control of the new president. He said that Russia does not interfere in the internal conflict and mediation process in Ukraine. Russia insists that the mediation process of the Ukrainian crisis should be carried out on the legal track.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov refuted the report on Ukrainian President Yanukovych’s request for asylum in Russia in an interview with the Russian media, saying that the relevant news was “Proverbs” and “" Information warfare”. He said that at the request of Yanukovych, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a representative to Kiev on the evening of 20th to participate in the Ukrainian government and opposition negotiations as a middleman.

The most serious violent clashes in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, occurred in the past three months on the 18th, causing many deaths and injuries, including military police and journalists. On the 20th, a new conflict broke out in the Independence Square in the center of Kiev. According to the latest figures released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, as of the evening of the 20th, violent clashes caused 67 deaths and 562 injuries, including 13 police officers. The United Nations, Russia, and China have called on all parties concerned to stop the bloodshed of violence and resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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