Second and third tier cities in water purification will happen then?

With the increasingly serious water pollution, water purifiers and more and more people’s attention. Some experts predict that the water purifier at 3 – become essential household electrical appliances within five years, this is the trend no one can stop. Water purifier known as the last piece of 50% of the “Blue Ocean”, compared to the restaurant industry appliance industry, 30% of the general retail industry, profit margins even as high as 80% to as much as 300%, almost comparable with cosmetics. The main battlefield of the water purifier is being slowly excessive by the first-tier cities to second and third tier cities, in water purification in the second and third tier cities to join what? Better to do?

the development of the water purifier can be “overwhelming” to describe, after several years of development, the development of the road Big water purifier, we have noticed an objective fact: domestic cities are big “battleground.” the reason, mainly first-tier cities have more spending power, high audience, densely populated and convenient transportation, it is also the major brands to establish a water purifier brand positions. Second and third tier cities and the rise of emerging business circle, is to inject new vitality. Like some experts said: “China’s urbanization process is still a long way to go, especially in the Midwest and third tier cities is still very low as people of the concept of consumption continue to improve, especially in the last five years. since entering into a stage of rapid development, a lot of water purifier brand faced with this situation, has opened its second front “in the second and third tier cities.

second and third tier market space has become a huge hot water purifier to join, along with national regulatory policies, the second and third tier cities gradually showing plenty of investment prospects and space. Policy makes real estate developers move from first-tier cities to second and third tier cities, second and third tier cities and the economic level of development than the first-tier cities also did not stray very far, so now most of the water purifier brand in second and third tier cities began to grab. In the second and third tier cities, the future is self-evident, and the intensity of competition is no more than first-tier cities, providers who should become a regional brand king, who will be able to grab a larger market share.

In summary, the second and third tier cities do water purifier to join the profit is very large, and prospects for the future. As we all know, no matter which industry into the sooner, the greater the profits generated, and those who are still hesitant wait and see friends, take action now. He joined our German coast, spend the least money, get the maximum benefit. He joined the German coast, you really need to do, is to send the product, other market analysis, customsHigh publicity, marketing planning, store site selection, installation and maintenance and so on, we seal the deal, the German Bin He service, so you worry-free.

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