See these quality indicators easily to select the floor

1. Formaldehyde emission

Formaldehyde emission is an important indicator for measuring home decoration materials. The standard for green building materials specified by international environmental protection organizations is not higher than 8mg/100g, and the allowable release standard for formaldehyde in environmentally-friendly artificial boards is 0.20mg/m3. The floor is mainly divided into solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, impregnated paper laminated wooden flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring), and bamboo flooring. According to the national standard, the formaldehyde emission requirement of solid wood flooring is required. The formaldehyde emission requirement of solid wood composite floor and bamboo floor is 1.5mg/L, and the laminate flooring is divided into E0 grade, E1 grade, E0 grade 0.5 mg/L, E1 grade 1.5 mg. /L.

2, surface wear resistance

The surface wear resistance of the floor refers to the detection index of the wear resistance of the first layer of wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide, it is It is measured by the number of revolutions of the detection device. The higher the number of revolutions, the better the quality of the wooden floor and the more wear resistant. The national standard stipulates that the wear resistance of household grade 1 laminate flooring is ≥6000 rpm, the brand laminate flooring is usually maintained at around 8500 rpm, and the non-brand laminate flooring cannot meet the national standard. This is an important indicator of the quality of laminate flooring. Some people think that the higher the wear resistance of the floor, the longer the floor should be used, but the wear resistance value is not the only standard to measure the service life of the composite floor. The latest national standard stipulates that the initial wear resistance of household laminate flooring is 4500 rpm.

3, surface scratch resistance indicators

The surface scratch resistance index of the wooden floor reflects its ability to resist sharp scratches. The latest national standard of 2010 is ≥4.0N surface decorative pattern is not scratched, brand-reinforced flooring can generally reach the national standard, and the laminate flooring that does not reach the national standard can only reach 2-3N.

Of course, the performance indicators of wood flooring also have water content, water absorption thickness expansion rate, static bending strength, surface corrosion resistance, surface bonding strength, internal bonding strength, impact resistance and so on.

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