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Background of smart clothing industry

  Smart is full of smart decoration, for the current decoration industry and intelligent industry It is a relatively new concept. It is literally divided into two meanings of intelligence and decoration. Intelligence is intelligent, and the meaning of intelligence extends. It also includes intelligent community, smart home, smart villa, and can also be summarized by intelligent architecture.
  decoration is divided into home decoration and engineering decoration. The different requirements of these two kinds of decorations have different requirements for intelligence, home decoration, aiming at home, comfort and convenience. The development of smart home is in response to this requirement. Smart home is a platform for housing, which combines building, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation functions. It integrates system, structure, service and management into one, high efficiency, comfort, safety and convenience. An environmentally friendly living environment.
  Engineering decoration, more is the purpose of intelligent control, safe control, environmental control, control of mobile personnel, etc., so that managers can more easily implement these management, in the smart industry In the definition of intelligent community, these requirements can be met. That is to say, for different requirements of decoration, the intelligent industry can fully satisfy and improve the depth and breadth of the decoration industry.
  Intelligent industry market status
   At present, the decoration industry has developed to an important barrier, transforming the industry development mode, implementing industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting the decoration industry to enter the innovation-driven development track. There is no time to delay, but to achieve a true transformation and upgrading, it also faces many challenges and the task is arduous. The upgrade of smart equipment has become an important direction of transformation.
   With the increase of labor cost, raw material cost and sales cost, the net profit of decorative enterprises has generally decreased, the profits of large-scale decorative enterprises have dropped significantly, and SMEs even face the problem of whether they can continue to survive. At present, China’s economy is turning to the new normal, or it will face a period of adjustment. The development of the decoration industry has also reached an important juncture. It is imperative to transform the development mode of the industry, implement industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the development of the decoration industry into the intellectual development. Transformation and upgrading also face many challenges and the task is arduous.
  The transformation and upgrading of the decoration industry follows two rules: on the one hand, the demand from its own development, on the other hand, from the continuous improvement of customer demand. At present, the upgrade of smart equipment has become an important direction of transformation. From the promulgation of the “Green Building” action plan by the State Council in 2013, to the green building standards, and then to the “Made in China 2025” and other series of documents, it is clear that the policy in the field of smart wear is good.
   Although the wisdom of the past is not mature due to the concept, technology, etc., and has not been widely concerned by designers and decoration companies, but with the upgrade of technology, product upgrades and the promotion of the industry, In particular, the high attention of the capital market has enabled the entire industry, practitioners and entrepreneurs to turn their attention to the field of smartwear.
   However, these two years are an important watershed for the development of smartwear. There have been many traditional decoration companies and intelligent enterprises from the state of twisting and pinching to handshake. The integration of smart equipment is not only the trend of the times, but also a new stage of market development. It will also become the only way for decorative enterprises to move towards transformation and upgrading.
  smart industry development trend
   With the improvement of modern people’s economic level, the increase in the frequency of home ownership, people’s broad vision and full understanding of life and lifestyle make It pays more attention to and emphasizes the healthy, environmentally friendly, intelligent and comfortable home atmosphere. All along, the development trend of the home decoration industry is a very controversial topic, the business competition is very fierce, any modern industry will follow the development trend of nature, people and cost performance, of course, the home improvement industry is no exception.
   First of all, decoration should also be people-oriented. Every year, the home decoration market will have a new decorative style, and the concept of home decoration will change greatly in the future. This year, home decoration begins to return to the essence, and is decorated for “people” and “home”. The space for the future should be to consider more personal spiritual and emotional factors in a limited space. Decoration is for people, not for decoration. In the decoration, we must guide consumers to be people-oriented. We must consider it according to family needs and pursue it according to our own characteristics. The starting point cannot be abandoned in order to pay attention to form.
   Second, natural texture. At the same time that the environment has become the primary problem in China, the decoration industry is paying more and more attention to the natural design texture. Just like Shanghai’s Daning Jinmao House, when the price is only 4-5 million, the price of 100,000 is opened. Can not help but say that the natural environmental protection of the architectural concept and hardcover design has become an important support point for the price. Natural jewelry, environmentally friendly materials, and natural and undecorated furniture are enough to see the attitude and life pursuit of the owner. The use of natural solid wood furniture such as pine and cedar is the most commonly used natural element in modern home decoration design. From the current point of view, some Yuepai furniture are good at showing the natural texture, such as the coffee table surface, the desktop is a cross section cut from the thick tree stump, the edge is a rough bark, and the middle of the table is a circle. The annual rings, as well as the cracks lying there, make people feel very addicted. The essence of the logs is released.
   Again, cost-effective decoration. The eternal theme of home interior decoration design is to spend the least amount of money to make the most worthy decoration. The important reason for the rapid development of the Internet decoration industry is the cost reduction of material integration and the saving of labor costs. At the same time, with the rapid development of new building materials and decorative materials, the cost performance of new materials makesThe performance of the home improvement is wonderful, and the use of partitions, glass and other materials can not only increase the use of space, but also reduce the cost of the physical wall to a certain extent.
   Finally, the smart combination. With the rapid development of smart homes, more and more decorative companies are beginning to introduce smart home devices. Smart decoration has become a critical point in the combination of intelligent industry and decoration industry. In the development of intelligent industry, the decorative industry and intelligent industry that have been accepted by the public are united, together with the decoration industry to create the concept of intelligent decoration, let the intelligent industry And the decorative industry to achieve a mutually beneficial virtuous cycle to achieve their respective development goals.
   decoration combined with intelligence, promoting the development of technology to the public, while promoting the smart industry, but also enhance the breadth and depth of the decoration industry; make the decoration industry further, but also make smart The industry has made a qualitative leap. Smart decoration to create a smart industry and decoration industry with a win-win goal will inevitably become a booster for promoting the living standards of the society and the people and become a model for the common development of the industry.
  In view of the present, the design, construction and after-sales service of the intelligent industry is still a high-tech work. Simply pushing the power of the current decoration industry will inevitably have the effect of half the effort, and the smart industry. The practitioners are familiar with this, and the alliance between the decoration industry and the smart industry has become the best way to solve this problem.
  The intelligent company provides specific services to the decoration company’s customers, intelligent design, construction, and after-sales management to promote the decoration company to achieve the degree of decorative intelligence; the decoration company promotes intelligent products to the general public, The needs of the general public have also promoted the expansion of smart companies and industries. Intelligent companies can invest a lot of money and energy to develop and transform smart products. They can also provide more comprehensive services for decoration companies, and the decoration companies will put better smart products. To the public; in order to achieve a virtuous circle, it will inevitably promote the expansion of the smart industry and the decoration industry.
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