Smart new retail, through cloud technology to help traditional small stores to meet the industry upgrade!

With the development of the mobile Internet and the increase in online profitability, the focus of the retail industry has shifted from pure online e-commerce to the development of new retail. The major e-commerce giants have turned their attention to the offline, and started the battle in the new retail era. Right now, around the online, offline, and data, competition for experience and efficiency continues to ferment, and the retail industry is facing new opportunities and challenges.

As a leader in the technology of one thing and one code, through cloud technology is committed to “high technology” Means + offline operation services to open up various business links. For the retail industry, Turbo Technology has launched a smart new retail product that includes retail-oriented and “brand-oriented” retail-oriented stores.

& ldquo;Tongyun Zhizhi includes store smart devices, store-side APP applications and consumer applications. Designed to help store owners efficiently implement inbound and outbound management, electronic billing reconciliation, online payment (including WeChat, Alipay, Flash payment and other common payment methods), online ordering, membership system, online sales and enjoy brand retail promotions and physical redemption Offers to increase retail outlet sales revenue and maximize profits.

& ldquo;Tongyun Zhizhi includes delivery system, precision advertising system, supply chain distribution, distribution, new product distribution service, promotion system, membership system, data insight service and brand One-code marketing activity rewards verification function, is committed to helping brands to open up dealers, retail stores and consumer layers, establish a brand-specific complete ecology, reduce sales costs and improve marketing efficiency.

Tsinghua Technology CEO Xie Zhen said: “The future of the retail industry is bound to open up online and offline Barriers to achieve complementary advantages. By opening up online and offline, Zhongdianbao is targeting retail store owners who are huge in the Internet age but unable to achieve Internetization through their own capabilities. They provide e-commerce management, use the Internet and data to optimize the invoicing and effective. A comprehensive solution to increase actual profit. Moreover, the offline distribution and promotion services provided by Zhongdianbao can help the store to introduce more high-quality goods, participate in more brand promotion activities, and increase the traffic volume of the stores.

Zhongdianbao connects to the store’s smart cash register equipment, and connects dealers, retail stores, brands and consumers through the store-side APP application and consumer applications to create a complete new Retail ecosystem. From the application scenario, Zhongdianbao provides efficient and high-quality services for retail stores from the following four aspects:

1. Inventory Initialization and Inventory

Store owners can quickly create and maintain product pools including product names, prices, quantities, etc. by scanning barcodes. The system associated with the store’s cashier ensures that inventory is easy and convenient. In addition, through cloud technology has signed a product distribution contract with a number of brands and distributors, through the order of Zhongdianbao will directly supply directly from the brand and dealer supply platform, reduce the intermediate cost, ensure that the owner to obtain the most favorable price Source of supply.

2, brand promotion activities

Through Zhongdianbao, brand manufacturers can directly manage the promotion activities of related stores. When consumers pay for the cash register, they will directly participate in the promotion through Zhongdianbao to get the discount. Brand manufacturers can also directly understand the actual situation of terminal promotion through the system. The offline distribution and promotion services provided by Zhongdianbao can help the brand to introduce the promotional products or new products to tens of thousands of through-cloud stores at the lowest cost in the shortest time, and reach the consumers as quickly as possible.

3, small store promotions

Through the store, the store can also set up various promotions for its members and non-members to increase sales and enhance store customers. Stickiness and increase customer loyalty.

4, Consumer Online Order

Consumers can directly search for a store where a certain product is available by calling the consumer application, select the product and get the distribution of the store. service.

Through Cloud Technology Zhongdianbao Smart Store System can not only serve millions of retail store operators in China Providing opportunities to compete in the new retail era; at the same time, relying on the powerful data processing capabilities of its cloud database, it can also provide integrated consumer big data analytics platform for brands to track consumer preferences, distribution areas, and purchase behavior. Such data provides a real and reliable insight into the development of precise marketing strategies for market segments.

Up to now, 10,000+ retail outlets in 12 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing and Hefei are using the Zhongbao Baomen store system.

Tsinghua Technology CEO Xie Zhen said: “The goal of Tonyun is to help every small store owner to realize the dream of e-commerce new retail mode operation and participate in the competition of the new retail era. At the same time, the brand provides the promotion of existing products and the promotion of new products. It fully combines the advantages of online marketing with one yard and one yard, the offline verification function of Zhongdianbao system and the offline service of the Yunyun operation team. To help brands understand the true performance of the market and products more quickly and accurately, so that the data can better serve the brand marketing.

About Turbo Technology

As a leader in the application of one thing and one code, Through Cloud Technology is committed to creating a unique QR code for each product. The boundaries of communication with each existing consumer. With the help of “one thing, one yard, the company will have the ability to create”Every consumer-centric ecosystem. Based on consumer behavior analysis, companies continue to improve the personality interaction between consumers and brands, and continue to enhance consumer loyalty to the brand. The company will also receive another asset after the brand —— big data. Based on the application of “One Material and One Code”, Through Cloud Technology combines information technology and marketing innovation to provide integrated solutions including scanning code marketing, flood control, distribution management and product traceability.

About Turbine Technology Group

China Turbine Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 01332) is mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of packaging products and sales terminal display products. The group now has a number of QR code printing patents, and provides product QR code printing services and one-stop innovative digital marketing solutions for Chinese product manufacturers; Group product packaging innovation QR code technology & ldquo; The combination of technology and marketing innovation provides companies with integrated solutions including merchandising codes, big data analytics, personalized marketing, sales process management and anti-counterfeiting.

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