Steel and silver break through the barriers of credit data in the industry and push B2B to a new era of credit business

On June 28th, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the Shanghai Information Center, and the Shanghai Quality Standards Institute jointly organized the optimization of the consumption environment and started “Shanghai”. Shopping brand – 2018 annual business integrity construction promotion conference was held. Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Liu Min, Deputy Director of Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau Chen Xiaojun, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Quality and Standardization Institute, Shao Shaoqing, Director of Shanghai Information Center, Yu Wenkai, and other relevant government departments attended the meeting, and Suning, Red Star Macalline, Steel and Silver E-Commerce, and other business integrity market sub-platforms, third-party professional evaluation agencies and more than 100 home appliance business representatives gathered together to discuss the development of Shanghai’s business integrity.

Business integrity construction is an important part of the construction of social credit system, expanding consumption, stimulating domestic demand, and promoting The steady growth of the economy is of great significance. The State Council executive meeting held on June 6 pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to application orientation and legislation first, and further strengthen the construction of the social credit system. Guided by national policies, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce takes the lead in breaking the barrier between public credit and market credit, and strives to build a new circulation management model with business credit as the core. The commercial integrity of Shanghai was officially opened at the end of October 2016. The public service platform has created an interactive sharing mechanism between public and market credit information. In terms of sub-platform construction, Shanghai Business Integrity Platform has absorbed 29 market credit sub-platforms. At the meeting, the second batch of business integrity sub-platforms was officially awarded, further promoting the promotion and application of business integrity. The meeting held the establishment ceremony of Shanghai Commercial Credit Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Market Landmark Committee”). The Municipal Landmark Committee is an organization engaged in Shanghai’s business credit standardization technology. Its establishment marks that Shanghai’s business credit standardization work is high. The starting point has taken a higher step. In order to further enhance the environment of honest transactions and further strengthen the protection of consumer shopping, at the meeting, Shanghai e-commerce enterprise units relyed on the Shanghai Business Integrity Alliance to establish Shanghai “Anti-French Alliance” to build a network integrity system and build integrity. A safe and civilized network ecosystem will further strengthen the construction of the credit system in Shanghai’s business sector and sharing economic sectors.

As the first batch of advanced enterprises represented by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce to be included in the Business Integrity Sub-platform, Zhu Jinhong was invited to attend the meeting and shared the innovation of the credit standardization construction of the steel and silver platform. practice. Zhu Junhong said that as an Internet platform, the biggest advantage of steel and silver is that through the use of Internet and big data technology, through the sharing of social resources, the industry upstream and downstream, shorten the industrial chain, achieve superior resource allocation, and reduce social costs. At the same time, relying on Shanghai Iron and Steel’s 18-year commodity information background and big data accumulation, the industry information and transaction services are perfectly combined to achieve the online and offline industrial big data closed-loop service ecosystem. The BCS credit system constructed by Steel and Silver has designed sub-models according to different application scenarios. It has been applied to the platform’s merchant credit rating, supply chain products, and other scenarios, and through collaboration with Shanghai Business Integrity Public Service Platform. Further, the data at the market level is combined with the data at the government level to establish a more stereoscopic and accurate corporate credit judgment.

“There is no trust in people, and no faith in the country is the healthy operation of the market economy. cornerstone. Zhu Junhong said that under the great pattern of the country’s efforts to promote integrity, the future steel and silver e-commerce will further improve and optimize the BCS credit system, and extend it to the inside and outside of the enterprise, in the Commerce Commission, the Development and Reform Commission, the Quality Supervision Bureau, Under the supervision and guidance of the government departments such as the Information Center and the Quality Standards Institute, we will use practical actions to build a promise and trustworthiness, know the credit letter, and build a good commodity business environment for commodities, setting a benchmark for the steel and commerce industry and opening up credit data barriers for the steel industry. Promote B2B to a new era of credit business, and spare no effort to build and promote the corporate credit system and market healthy consumption environment.

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