Teach you the 5 principles of wood floor color selection is no longer difficult

Principle I. Evaluating the brightness of the room: avoiding the dark wood floor when the lighting is poor.

When the color of the wooden floor store is compared, the light source is often selected because it is not suitable for the room. The main reason for the wooden floor is the difference in the brightness of the space. If the evaluator is lacking in daylight, try to avoid buying too dark wooden floors, so that the whole space is too dark, not only makes the space narrow, but also creates visual pressure.

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▲ Bright space on the wooden floor color Less restrictive; however, if the home is not well lit, avoid picking the dark floor.

Principle 2, consider the size of the area: small rooms do not use compressed visual color system

Color can affect the sense of visual space, such as bright and warm colors have a dilating effect; conversely, cold and dark colors have a compression effect. Therefore, before purchasing a wooden floor, you can first think about the size of the city, if it is only a small number of spaces, it is recommended It is better to buy bright and light wooden floors, while the thick and heavy wooden floors are suitable for ample space, which can produce a quiet and stable feeling.

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Principle 3. Select according to space function: Applicable wood flooring types vary by user

Different functions The space and the type of wooden flooring available are also different. For example, the bedroom usually chooses a warm or neutral color wooden floor, giving a quieter, warm feeling. If it is a kid’s room or a game room, be sure to pay attention to the wear resistance of the wooden floor. It is a very good choice if the children play with toys and the game is not easy to damage.

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▲The study room with a slightly darker wooden floor can create another Oriental Yayun.

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▲The room wooden floor can be used warmer Tone.

Principle 4, the logic of the floor and furniture: master the depth of the match can be safe color selection

In addition to the wall, the proportion of the floor in the visual is not small, and the floor is almost It is no longer easy to change as soon as it is applied, so the color of the floor must be considered and decided. The owner can master the big principle. If the home is light-colored furniture, the wooden floor has a safe color selection range. However, if most of the furniture is dark furniture, it is recommended not to choose too dark wooden floor to avoid the whole space being too dark. Lost the warmth and softness of the desire.

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▲Showing freshness through the combination of floor, wall and furniture Elegant space texture.

Principle 5, color matching between wooden floor and wall: use the same color extension technique to enlarge the space

Modern has many families who like the quietness of the white floor The holiday atmosphere, but the white floor is not easy to maintain on the one hand, on the other hand, it is easy to have a top-heavy feeling due to the heavy color around. If you want a fresh and natural home atmosphere, you can choose a better control of the gray-white tone. A relaxed and casual atmosphere. In addition, walls and wooden floors can also deliberately use close colors, such as close wood grain tones, giving a more enlarged and extended sense of space.

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▲The color of the floor and the wall is similar, so that the space has an extension effect.

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