Terrace sun room decoration, close to the distance with nature …..

In the warm winter sun, the afternoon of leisure in the weekend, find a place full of sunshine, hold a book, brew a pot of tea, lazy to enjoy the warmth of the sun, this is a pleasant lifestyle. But the winter is cold outside, a bit cold, what to do. By creating a sun room on the terrace, you can effectively solve this problem and let you enjoy the warm winter sun. If you want to build a sun room on the terrace, of course you have to start with design and construction. Here’s a look at the techniques for creating a sun room on the terrace, and let’s take a look. Second, the terrace sun room decoration precautions

No matter what style should be adopted in the sun room decoration of the terrace, the following points should be considered:

1. Waterproof: terrace sun room In the decoration process, its waterproofness is particularly important. Waterproof material should be made of coil waterproof material, which can effectively avoid the UV damage to the waterproof layer and avoid it. If the temperature difference is different from the damage of the waterproof layer, it is best to do the waterproofing of the coil material twice. Do not damage the original waterproof layer during the surface decoration.

2. Load-bearing aspects: The load-receiving problem should be considered in the terrace. The terrace decoration should be based on the drawings of the original building, and the load-bearing capacity of the entire terrace should be calculated. At the same time, the weight per unit area should be considered. Otherwise, the load-bearing over load accident will occur. Injure the entire building and the human body.

3. Drainage system: The drainage of the terrace should be drained by straight slope. It is not recommended to use groove drainage. The drainage of the groove is that the waterproof layer is easily damaged by the temperature factor, which causes water leakage. The drainage also considers drainage. The size of the mouth should be determined according to the size of the terrace.

4. Circuit: The terrace circuit mainly refers to the installation of the table lamp walking circuit. There are two problems to be considered here. One is to consider the problem of the pipeline. The phenomenon of water accumulation in the tube caused by condensation caused by the bridge is prone to circuit short circuit after water accumulation. The other is the luminaire’s waterproof and antifreeze performance is better.

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