Thailand dispatched riot police to retake the government building occupied by demonstrators

China News Service, February 14th According to Agence France-Presse, the Thai government dispatched thousands of riot police in Bangkok on the 14th to retake the government building and other areas occupied by demonstrators.

Paradorn Pattanatabut, secretary general of the National Security Council of Thailand, said in an interview with AFP reporter that the area that the Thai authorities intend to retake includes the government building and the Ministry of the Interior. He also said that the authorities will first consult with the demonstrators.

& ldquo;We will try our best to recapture the area we can recapture and arrest the demonstrators,” Balaton said, “This is not a crackdown on protests —— but in these areas legal. & rdquo; He said that gathering and carrying weapons in these areas is illegal.

According to reports, the clean-up activities are mainly concentrated in the government office area. In the past few weeks, the demonstrators launched the “Blocking Bangkok” campaign, which shifted the main location of the rally to the intersection of the commercial center.

According to AFP’s reporters at the scene of the clean-up, the riot police removed the demonstrators’ tents and warned the demonstrators not to resist through the loudspeakers.

According to previous media reports, the political stalemate in Thailand did not ease with the end of the February 2 election. Since there are 28 constituencies in southern Thailand that have been blocked by protesters, no candidate has successfully registered for the election. This means that even if 472 parliamentarians can be elected in the February 2 election, it will still be unable to meet the minimum convening of 95% of the members of the Constitution. The request made the new Thai government still difficult to produce.

It is reported that the caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck will discuss the by-election of 28 constituencies with the Election Committee on February 17. At the same time, Yingluck’s anti-corruption allegations and the danger of being impeached remain unresolved.

In addition, the Thai anti-government organization “The People’s Committee of the Complete Democratic System under the Constitutional System of the Constitution” was arrested on the 10th and became the 19 anti-government leaders in the arrest warrant of the Thai Criminal Court. The first one was arrested. Thailand’s National Security Council Secretary-General Paradun said on the 11th that the police have been closely monitoring the number one character and will seek a suitable opportunity to arrest him.

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