The Anglo-French government continues to support research on the next generation of fighter engines

China News Service February 12th According to China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, Luo & middot; Luo and Snecma welcomed the decision of the British and French governments to continue supporting the research of the next generation of fighter engines in the two countries.

The two companies will continue to research the project through their joint venture in 2001, mdash; — Luo & middot; Rosne Kemah. Luo & middot; Luo and Snecma will continue to develop the concept and technology of the propulsion system, which is part of the contract for the preparatory phase of the UK-French Future Combat Aviation System (FCAS) development project.

The joint power research project began in July 2012, and the two companies have clearly defined their division of labor based on their own strengths. The research focuses on developing advanced engine technology for FCAS and providing sufficient power for aircraft sensors and related systems.

Luo · Bob Stoddart, President of the Defense Department of Romania, said: “We welcome the support of the two governments for this project in the current financial crisis. The continuation of the project will allow us to further develop and maintain important military propulsion system technologies, which will ensure the advanced combat capabilities of the UK and France. ”

Didier Desnoyer, vice president of military engines at Snecma, said: “I am very pleased that our two governments have agreed to continue the project. The research team will provide the UK and France with the most advanced military power systems to meet the technical and economic affordability indicators of joint research projects. ”

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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