The cross-border era of the home industry is approaching, and I think I am safe?

The so-called competition is not only in the industry, but sometimes the strong enemy outside is even more unpredictable. Don’t take it lightly at all times, the times are moving forward, the market is changing, and companies can only survive in this ever-changing situation if they are actively moving forward and actively innovating. In the situation that the Internet has begun to reach out, the home industry should be more vigilant.

In the past few years, many things have happened in the cross-border robbery. Many industries have encountered it. They have lived well. Suddenly, they smashed the slashing gold and killed you.

Let’s do home building materials, and it is possible to face the same situation. It is impossible to change the market from day to day. From the manufacturer to the dealer, from the store to each employee, we are not prepared. Faced with the situation of shutting down factories, closing stores, losing jobs, and making major changes.

01: The ubiquitous cross-border strong enemy

Just like three years ago, the bicycle manufacturers did not expect that their orders and fates were completely shared by bicycles. The seller of bicycles never imagined that no one would buy a car one day, and most people would not need to buy a bicycle. Motor car owners did not even think that it was not the city management traffic police to let themselves do business, but the Mobai, OFOs blocked the source of customers, broke the financial road.

Just like WeChat and Alipay gradually replacing the use of ATM machines, replacing some of the functions of the bank window, Virgin Creative, which specializes in banking ATM equipment packaging, security monitoring and application software, March 9 The 2017 annual performance forecast was released. It is estimated that the company achieved a net profit of 3 million yuan to 3.9 million yuan in 2017, a year-on-year decrease of 88.6%-91.2%.

Virgin Creative admitted in the announcement that in 2017, Alipay and WeChat payment developed rapidly, and mobile payment replaced a large amount of small cash payment, which seriously affected the deployment of self-service equipment such as bank ATM. The annual results have fallen sharply.

It is known that in 2014, China became the world’s largest ATM market, and the number of ATMs at the end of 2015 was approximately 860,000 units. In terms of the number of transactions, in 2015, the number of self-service equipment transactions of banking financial institutions reached 45.931 billion, and the total transaction volume was 56.55 trillion yuan. It is against this enthusiasm that Virgin Creative hoped to become the boss of ATM machines.

The situation has changed too fast, and the grand vision that has just been established has been ruined. You said that cruelty is not cruel. Two years ago, Virgin Creative also wanted to advertise and content business on ATM machines, but now even the basic trading activity can not be done.

The sales of instant noodles have been growing for more than a decade. In 2013, it sold 46.2 billion bales in China. In 2016, it fell to 38.5 billion bales. Some of the markets were taken away by takeaway.

In 2009, among the top 10 brands of Chinese smartphones, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Nokia, Dopod, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo, Coolpad, Meizu, LG, ZTE, OPPO, etc. Common master.

Then there will be a millet, no land, no factory, no employees in the production line, first engage in the system, first settle the fans, production is outsourced, and the top three are killed.

What makes the apron and digital camera brands even more embarrassing is that after the popularity of smart phones, they actually gave Kodak, Lekai, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Patriots a brutal blow.

When Gome woke up, Jingdong had grown bigger. When the original book was well done, Jingdong, which started with the 3C product e-commerce, plugged in and squeezed out Dangdang’s main business. However, I have to praise the Dangdang, my new book “New Retail Combat” came out, Dangdang is the fastest.

Rising relies on anti-virus software to live very moist, accidentally caught in the 360 ​​without the eight-pole, and engage in free services. A multi-billion-dollar civilian anti-virus market has almost disappeared. In addition, China Mobile and China’s linkages have thought about it, their opponents are actually Tencent, WeChat subverted SMS and MMS, and now operators rely on selling traffic to live.

02: Potential Crisis in the Building Ceramics Industry

Has the building ceramics industry ever thought that a new material might replace itself? Thin sheets are an effort, but not a substitute. They are improvements based on the original products, and things that have room for imagination have not yet occurred.

After all, the materials used to make ceramic tiles are not inexhaustible. It is estimated that many places have already experienced resource depletion. To a certain extent, they belong to industries with high resource consumption. Moreover, ceramic tile products are relatively complicated in the construction of the consumer end. Professional workers must be used for the construction of a house. Tiles may be laid for a few days, and cutting, causing air and noise pollution. The problem is actually more. .

If the new material can reach the level of the tile in the quality, or even better, such as the easier access to the raw materials, the decorative effect of the tile, the more convenient construction and the long life and durability, it is very likely Rapidly increasing market acceptance, the possibility that ceramic tiles are gradually being abandoned is not without.

If this is the case, the head brands can live longer, or transform into new wall materials, small and medium ceramic brands are expected to face more serious closures, most of the distribution of ceramic tiles, etc. The merchants of the products have to be transformed, and the original product knowledge, experience and sales methods may be overthrown and rebuilt.

03: Potential stocks for paint decoration

Changes in decoration coatings are taking place, previously solvent-based coatings, which are relatively polluting. Later, there were dry powder coatings, water-based paints, etc., and environmental protection has improved. It has taken a big step, but it is still not complete.

Water-based paint is regarded as the current key substitute. At least two famous brands have appeared. One is the morning sun water paint in Baoding, Hebei Province. The annual production capacity is 450,000 tons. Paint day, becomeWater paint supplier for the nest. The other is the water-based Ketian in Lanzhou, Gansu. In 2015, Yao Ming was invited to speak. In 2016, non-toxic home improvement products were released.

There are actually wallpapers in the interior wall coating market. In the decoration stage, it can replace the interior wall coatings. The development momentum has been very rapid. There are Aishe, Marburg, Grammy, and Moman. , Napoleon, Ouya, Rouran, Magnolia, Ruibao, Te Pu Li, Brewster, Xinwang, Alice and other domestic and foreign brands, such as Rouran, Ruibao, etc., the influence is still quite large, but the current wallpaper and The confrontation of interior paints is relatively stable, and the attitude of this change has not been formed.

After the appearance of diatom mud, it once opened fire to the paint. The Baidu index, the key word for diatom mud, peaked at 11,800+ in 2015, and fell to March 2018. At around 4,000, the change in market acceptance is like a roller coaster.

This material contains diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock deposited from the cell wall of diatoms. It has low density, porosity, roughness and strong water absorption. It performs well in terms of its own limit of harmful substances, sound insulation and maintenance of indoor humidity. Plus it is porous, it can absorb some macromolecular air suspension.

Some propaganda believes that it can eliminate formaldehyde, purify the air, etc., but it is not so magical. From the current situation, there are hundreds of companies doing diatom mud on the market, and there are about 20 well-known brands, such as the Blue Dolphin, Kasimi, Montage, Otsu, Lanshe, Antarctic Sea, Clos. Wei, Oxygen, Spring, Taist, Chuanyi, Muerbao, Green Forest, Shangshang Shangpin, Dr. Mu, Daqin, Quanjiamei, Shuangmulin, etc.

However, the scale of the above-mentioned enterprises is not very large. There is no big brother like the three trees, Carpoly, Huarun paint, and the market acceptance of diatom mud is much smaller than that of latex paint. It does not have a subversive impact on traditional decoration coatings, but has the potential to complement the coatings.

04: Home improvement company innovation and change

The traditional decoration company has already encountered a cross-border robbery. According to the data of the large-scale research, the company that did a very good decoration business five years ago, there are dozens of national ones, mainly: Dongyi Risheng, Longfa Decoration, Shichuang, and Industry Peak.

More than 90% of the decoration companies are regional, such as the market in several provinces, and some even develop in a province or a city, such as living homes. Although the days are not rich and expensive, they are also very moist, and the market has also fostered a lot of decoration guerrillas.

Who ever thought that the emergence of a large number of Internet decoration platforms and companies has disrupted the established situation in the decoration market. At least two forces have brought a strong impact.

One is the Internet decoration platform, with Tuba rabbit, Qijia network, a decoration network, I want to decorate the net, love the net, etc., do not decorate the house, but one end integrates the decoration company, The order is received on the platform, divided into platforms, supervised by the platform, and the other end integrates the owner’s resources. The owner issues the package on the platform, reserves the decoration company, enjoys the supervision and after-sale services provided by the platform, and now can also apply for the decoration loan through the channel provided by the platform. .

There is also a force from the Internet decoration company, which is essentially a decoration company, but some of them were established soon, from the Internet to the decoration market, such as love space, Meijiabang, mushroom+, Haier live, Sina Grab the foreman, etc., in the platform construction, customer acquisition and business execution, compared with the traditional decoration company, there has been a very obvious improvement.

According to the comparison of large materials, there are at least some new changes as follows:

A. Mainly rely on websites, public numbers, Weibo, search and other channels to get customers;

B, the owner can make an appointment online, the designer visits the door and negotiates;

C, the construction link increases the remote monitoring of the mobile phone, and even the live broadcast of the site;

D The owner pays more freely. The traditional model is probably paid at 30:65:5. Now the tail may be pressed a little more, 20% of the tail is possible, and if you are not satisfied, you can’t pay the last one;

E, the product side pushes a large number of packages, so that the package becomes the standard of the decoration market, mostly for 999 yuan per flat, 899 yuan per flat, 1988 yuan per flat, 1099 yuan per equal, there are also packages before, but not universal, a small part The decoration company is doing it. When I am renovating my home, I will cooperate with a package company called a creative house. The decoration quality is average.

Some traditional decoration companies, including real estate companies, have done a lot of scale, and later responded to changes, have to launch a special Internet decoration brand, such as the mushroom + of the Asian-owned shares, the orange of the Country Garden investment Home, Vanke and chain home cooperation million chain.

05: Be prepared for danger, cross-border era is coming soon

I believe everyone is impressed that in February, Alibaba and related investors took out 5.453 billion yuan, and the investment actually went. The home got 15% of the shares, promoted the digital upgrade of the actual home, matched the cloud decoration platform, and reconstructed the home improvement operation mode, which may lead to new changes in the construction and operation of the stores and stores.

And another store oligarchy Red Star Macalline is also preparing for the whole army, listing financing, speeding up the opening of stores, expanding the management of shopping malls, enriching the format of the model store, and continuously signing strategies with some head home building materials brands. Cooperation agreement.

For the regional stores and small and medium-sized building materials markets that are still struggling, there will be more and more bad days, either being acquired or transformed.

Lei Jun’s first-handed Shun Capital, also in the pan-home industry layout, led the investment space of 50 million yuan in 2014 round A round, two rounds of custom home brand Li Weijia, 2018 led the home cloud The design platform Cool House is $100 million.

And in the Xiaomi ecological chain, there are many home-related businesses,For example, Zhimi, who is an air purifier, Yunmi, who is a water purifier and a water quality test pen, a rice maker that is a smart socket and a universal remote controller, a Yeelink that is a smart light bulb and a bedside lamp, and a green rice that is a patch panel. Do smart home set and wireless switch green rice joint creation, do mobile power and LED portable lights, such as purple rice.

As you can see, the business that each company focuses on in the Xiaomi ecological chain is actually challenging the players in the former industry. The key is that the business they do is not along The roads of the predecessors, but directly from the intelligence, the accuracy of this robbery is quite high.

There are still many similar phenomena. There is no doubt that in the next few years, the era of large-scale robbery in China’s commercial sector will be robbed from first-line brands and invisible champions to small and medium-sized businesses and stores. Your brilliant struggle yesterday may seem very out of place tomorrow.

Once the lifestyle of consumers changes, the Forces nouvelles quickly launch products that match demand and even lead demand, and companies that are less than transformative, and dealers who do not make new choices may be robbed.

Those who cross the border may not be professional, but they may hold a lot of money. More importantly, they are innovators. They have never had the momentum and the ability to subvert. A field, the angle of finding you did not think before, or simply can’t.

If you don’t cross the border, someone will rob you. Innovations or markets that you look down on, invisible, and disapproval can be targets of looters.

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