The current popular lithium battery industry is very common

Visual machine vision inspection systems manufacturers refers to the conversion of the ingested target into an image signal by a CCD industrial camera, which is transmitted to a dedicated image processing. The system converts into a digitized signal according to information such as pixel distribution and brightness; the image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the action of the device according to the result of the discrimination, and performs visual detection, dimensional measurement, and disadvantages. Detection and system positioning. Normally, CCD inspection can be applied to various industries, such as auto parts, hardware, fasteners, magnetic materials, etc. The current popular lithium battery industry is very common. The use of visual inspection equipment instead of manual detection, once the industrial intelligence is also a major trend, the use of visual inspection equipment for production, can cope with the trend of industrial development; Second, with the increase in labor costs, the use of machine vision inspection equipment from In the long run, it helps companies to reduce unnecessary expenditures. Thirdly, because of the non-contact measurement method, no damage will be caused to both the observer and the observed person, which can effectively reduce the detection process. Possible damage to the product; Fourthly, the visual inspection device has a wide spectral response range, for example, infrared measurement that is invisible to the human eye, which expands the visual range of the human eye, and the detection precision is also higher. It can be seen that visual inspection equipment is not only the only way for enterprises to transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing, but also an effective shortcut for enterprises to save labor resources, improve production efficiency and bring considerable benefits!

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