The fascinating bright dragon diatom mud screen printing, this is the decoration effect you want!

[Screen printing] is made by using a wire mesh mold, a special modeling process. The European pattern originated in Europe has always been an important element of home design. It has not been submerged in the advancement of history, but has become more and more popular. The European style with unique charm is elegant and luxurious, making the home more refined and luxurious.

The blue ocean has a vast, mysterious and happy color, and it has always been a place that people yearn for. White and blue are always the choice of ocean wind. The light orange and fresh green screen printed sofa background makes the room more lively and warm.

What kind of life is better? There must be many people who choose a simple, calm life. Dark curtains and old-fashioned furniture give the impression of a small town. The arty bright dragon diatom mud background is screen printed, retro and romantic.

The living room in white tones is decorated with local gold and luxurious. Simple tones, smooth texture furniture, wall coverings, especially sexy black lace curtains. The dark green diatom mud screen printing of dark green background and dark red pattern enriches the whole space.

The overall warm color, the sofa background wall is bright dragon diatom mud paint texture, TV background wall is silk Screen printing. The interior is simple and the lines are strong. The background wall is printed with a visually rich bright diatom mud screen to neutralize the interior, so that the interior is not monotonous.

This screen-printed European-style style is rich in style, with a style of purple and elegant elegance. This delicate, elegant screen print is more popular with women.

The modern decoration style is clear and capable. The marble-blended TV background wall is inevitably chilly, and the soft-colored bright diatom mud screen print makes people feel delicate and warm.

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