The floor drain is blocked again. What should I do? To solve the dredging floor drain according to the cause of the blockage

The floor drain is blocked again. What should I do? To solve the dredging leak according to the cause of the blockage

clear the floor drain, according to the cause of the blockage Solution:

1. If the toilet paper is causing the floor drain to block, the pipe dredging agent can be drained into the floor, and the toilet paper can be decomposed and then washed. Water can be restored several times.

And, pipe dredging agents have effects on hair, leaves, etc.

2. Excessive accumulation of stains on the drain and lid can also cause blockages, and wipe the stains on the lid and drain with a brush, as long as the brush can reach Wipe the parts thoroughly, then wash them with water. Repeat the brushing several times to ensure that the stains are washed.

3.Hose dredging method, connect a hose of sufficient length at the corner, put the hose into the floor drain to know the blockage, and then block it with a towel. Drain. Then open the faucet that connects the hose, press the towel on the floor drain to prevent the water from flowing out, and use this method to flush the pipe.

4. The most common reason for the floor drain is that something is stuck at the elbow The hook is made into a hook and the obstruction is hooked out. The hair that most often blocks the tube is hair, which works well for cleaning the hair.

5. Excessive grease can also cause blockage of the pipe, soda + vinegar can be used to dissolve the grease. First, put half a cup of cooked soda into a powder and pour it into the sewer. Then pour half a cup of vinegar. After the reaction between soda and acetic acid, a large amount of water can be recovered.

6. Prepare a log that is slightly smaller than the drain, then put some water in the sink and insert the log into the hose quickly. Twitching, using the effects of pressure and suction to wash away the blockage in the pipe.

7. There are some tools on the market that are used to clear the floor drain. According to the size of the floor drain, buy a suitable manual dredge, refer to the instructions. Just fine.


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