The most expensive corridor in the world in New York City

Good report: The high cost of the new World Trade Center transportation hub: the station cost $4 billion. New Yorkers can already experience an element of expensive wheels on the sidewalk of Lower West Street. If the calculations are correct, the 600-foot corridor is the most expensive corridor on the planet.

The station in the form of a dragon skeleton by designer Santiago · Calatrava has been described as playing water drift. The architect is famous, his fantasy structure has exceeded the budget after the deadline (and he has to bear too much repair and maintenance costs in the city, they can’t support it), and the cost has surged to $4 billion.
So, is the total for this corridor only? Keep in mind that this price includes not only the elegant details like white marble, but the cost of creating a brand new tunnel. The World Trade Center transportation hub has won the most expensive historical title. It has been very clear, and New York City has spared no effort in the development of fees.

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