The most intelligent PET bottle preform defect detection equipment

Second, product introduction

The most intelligent PET bottle preform defect detection equipment, using machine vision technology, to achieve fast and efficient for each preform under non-contact conditions Automatic screening and rejection, the first pass for production. Wuhan Churui “bottleware machine” can adapt to different bottle types from 300ml to 20L, and the detection speed can reach 15000BPH.

1, the basic principle

PET preform defect detection equipment consists of high-performance industrial computer, visual inspection software, optical module, electrical control cabinet, mechanical transmission structure and so on. As shown in Figure 2-1.

Figure 2-1 Device Schematic

When the PET preform enters the machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, after the photoelectric sensor The trigger signal, the detection system begins to track the product, and prepares for image acquisition. Under the positioning of the system tracking program, it is judged that the bottle reaches the predetermined position, and the system emits a light source and an image acquisition instruction. Under the aid of a specific light source, the system will capture the image in real time, and after the image is collected, the image processing module performs the recognition and algorithm analysis. , to determine whether the product is qualified and transmit signals to the control system, ready to reject the unqualified products. When the tracking program detects that the product has reached the culling position, the control system notifies the culling mechanism to perform the culling action on the defective product.

Figure 2-2 Device Operation Flowchart

2, Key Technologies

(1) Optical Imaging

Optical imaging is an extremely important part of a complete machine vision system. Designing a suitable optical solution will directly affect the later image processing part.

1) Camera

Select industrial grade cameras with high stability, high transmission capability and high noise immunity. Industrial cameras, also known as cameras, have high image stability, high transmission capacity, and high anti-interference ability compared to conventional civilian cameras (cameras).

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