The New York State Senate and the House of Representatives promoted the textbook “Donghai” and recorded the bill

China News Service February 11th According to the Yonhap News Agency, the US New York State Senate and the local Korean nationals held a press conference on the 10th, said the Senate and the House of Representatives submitted the textbook on the public schools in the state to the east side of South Korea. The sea area is also marked as the “East Sea” and “Sea of ​​Japan” bills.

The bill includes that all public school textbooks issued in New York State from July 1 this year should be marked with “East Sea"; & "Japan Sea". The New York State Senate decided to add the content to the New York State Education Act.

The New York State Senator Stavinsky, who proposed the bill, said at a press conference that the name of the Sea of ​​Japan is reminiscent of Japan’s history of aggression against South Korea, allowing New York State students to study East Asia. Learning a more neutral and complete history in history is the goal of this bill.

Rep. Brownstein, who led the legislative process of the bill in the House of Representatives, also said that the name of the Sea of ​​Japan has not been recognized around the world, requiring simultaneous labelling of the “East Sea” and “The Sea of ​​Japan” The voice is getting higher. It is expected that this move by the State of New York will have an impact on other states.

The president of the New York Korean Association said at the press conference that many parts of the South Korean liberation have returned to normal, but the issue of the East China Sea mark has yet to be resolved. The Korean society will actively promote the success of this legislation.

After the New York State MPs began to fully promote the work of marking the “East Sea” and “Japan Sea” in the textbooks, the Korean society will soon be built by a large number of Koreans this week. The “American Textbook Donghai and the Bills Promotion Committee” participated in the “American Textbook” and the related work on supporting the legislation.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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