The Ordovician scenic area has a 20-degree weather to play snow. The Chongqing scenic area has been opened.

In the winter, the snowy area of ​​Chongqing scenic spot has been opened this year, one and a half months earlier than last year, even earlier than the snowy mountains in the northern scenic spot. — who is earlier than the snow, who is better than More gameplay.

No one is more likely to have a colder weather than the scenic spot with snow project resources.

Time Competition

In August this year, the Yuhua Garden in Yubei quietly The ski resort was opened, and Chongqing repeatedly broke 40 degrees in the month.

Ginkgo biloba is not yellow. On October 17, 8 snow-making machines in the Wansheng Ordovician Scenic Area began to operate without stopping for 24 hours.

Snow-making machines are generally divided into two types, which are suitable for snow-making machines below zero temperature, but it depends on the day-to-day operation, the water can be started after freezing; the snow-making machine above zero has a compressor And the cooling tower is expensive and does not need to look at the sky. The principle is to first freeze the water into ice, and then spray the ice foam like a shaved ice, giving the impression that it is snowing.

The Ordovician scenic area uses a snow machine with a temperature above zero. At an altitude of 1200 meters, when the snow starts this fall, the temperature of the main city of Chongqing is still around 20 degrees. This snow field is not completely closed.

“ Last year we mentioned that we were playing snow 10 degrees a day. This year, we have doubled the snowmaking equipment, and we are going to play snow every 20 degrees. Zhao Zhidan, the person in charge of the scenic spot, said yesterday that “8 sets of equipment are doing night and night snow, there is no need to wait for the water to condense into ice. The daily snowmaking is 200 cubic meters. The daily water and electricity costs are 60,000 yuan. From the 17th to the present, the machine has not stopped for half a month. After that, the speed of snowmaking is faster than that of snow. The semi-enclosed shed has a unique insulation layer, and the snow is slower.

The Chongqing Morning Post reporter saw at the scene yesterday that the 10,000-square-meter Ordovician play snow field and ski resort, the snow thickness of the play snow field is close to 1 meter, the snow of the ski resort has accumulated half, two The group equipment is “snowing, the children are playing with snow. It is expected that the 10th ski resort will also open this month. This will be the first non-indoor ski resort opened in Chongqing after the winter.

& ldquo;We made the first two months of snowmaking, and by January, we will push the snow in the snow field to the outside, and expand the snow area to 3,000 square meters. At that time, the scenic area is the most exciting. The bungee jumping and catapult flying project was also opened. Zhao Zhidan is full of confidence in this time difference.

The spoiler of the snow line

Before last year, Chongqing’s winter was worth a gift. “ Snow this cup is the Fairy Mountain, Jinfo Mountain.

The Fairy Mountain Snow Field is about 1900 meters above sea level. It takes 3 and a half hours to drive from Guanyin Bridge. The snow slope of Jinfo Mountain is about 2100 meters. It takes two hours for Guanyin Bridge to reach the scenic gate, but the cableway takes the cableway up the mountain. It takes three and a half hours to say that it takes one hour to walk to the ski resort.

At an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, there is a chance to enjoy the snow of heaven in December, but the problem is that no one knows when the first heavy snow will come, sometimes it will come in January, and Chongqing people The car will not have a snow chain. When you see a snow in Jinyun Mountain, there will be a big traffic jam. On a snowy weekend, the traffic jams on the two snow fields are certain, and the road time will be greatly lengthened.

Last winter, Chongqing joined the snow-capped districts and counties: Fengdu South Tianhu Ski Resort, 1,760 meters above sea level, known as a professional ski resort, the biggest disadvantage is that it is far from the main city, and it takes 4 half an hour.

The Shizhu Day Pool Ski Resort, 1,500 meters above sea level, is open only in the middle and late January of this year because of the low altitude.

The Wansheng Ordovician ski resort is only 1,200 meters above sea level. Last week, the snow cover on the mountain was only one week. However, due to the use of snow-making equipment above zero, although it was outdoor, it turned out to be the last closed ski. The field, which was opened in mid-December last year until the beginning of March this year, this year they spent 30 million to upgrade the site to a semi-enclosed ski resort with insulation layer, and even put forward the slogan of playing half a year of snow. By the beginning of May next year.

The northern slope of Jinfo Mountain saw the west slope relying on snow to make money. Last year, it also perfected the ski resort, which has a price advantage over Xipo. The Fairy Mountain has built an indoor ski resort and artificially extended the snow period.

There are more districts and counties interested in entering the snowy area. For example, this year’s key projects for investment promotion in Wushan include a huge investment ski resort, Wushan Airport trials at the end of the year, and it is possible to go to this ski resort. Shorter.

Gameplay and price war

Chongqing has a short snow period and is not competitive when skiing It is also a very expensive way to play.

Last winter, the most expensive West Slope tickets for Jinfoshan people plus 180 yuan for bus tickets, 160 yuan per hour for weekend skiing, 1,000 yuan for a couple of weekend skies, 1,000 yuan for oil money, 1150 for oil money. Yuan or so. There are fewer people on the north slope, non-Nanchuan’s “80 yuan for foreigners, the ropeway plus or minus 160 yuan for a limited time, a couple of main city couples 480 yuan can slide enough snow, plus oil money tolls about 650 yuan.

Nantian Lake, double board skiing 2 hours 278 yuan, tickets 20 + parking fee + shuttle bus 40 yuan / person, toll fee 160 yuan round trip, oil money add up, a couple slip two hours snow It costs about 900 yuan, and the cost of renting snow chains on the road.

Fairy Mountain tickets are 60 yuan, skiing 120 yuan per hour, a couple of skiers for two hours, plus oil money tolls around 700 yuan, the cost of renting snow chains on the road.

Ao Tao online 170 yuan pass, oil money tolls around 160 yuan, this year skiing 100 yuan two hours, a couple of flowers can play 700 yuan, more time to play those network red stimulation projects, Ordovician originally It is the red sky area of ​​the high-altitude project network of the pass system. Skiing is only a sub-item. If you remove the big ticket from the scenic spot, the skiing two people can 360 yuan.

Joining Xueyu’s Huayuan Park this year, skiing 180 yuan an hour, there is a road time advantage, but expensive, sliding for two hours is not cheap.

Some scenic spots suddenly wake up: Chongqing people like snow, in fact, it may not be necessary to “slip, ski equipment, coaches can not afford the cost, the scenic area can enjoy snow and play snow, in fact, can meet 90% The needs of people.

The Jihua Garden and the Ordovician Scenic Area have added ice sculpture pavilions this year. The Ordovician ice sculpture pavilion and the ski resort are not together. The difference is that all the ice sculptures are not just ornamental, there are 5 The root slide can be used for real-life participation. The children like it very much. The entrance fee is 20 yuan for renting shoe covers and down jackets.

On the snow, there are snowboarding and snow-capped karts on the west slope of Jinfo Mountain. There are snowmobiles in Nantian Lake, and the open Ordovician snow field has snow circles and inflatable balls. The project, 15 yuan to rent a disposable shoe cover can enter, the biggest advantage is that the other high-altitude projects in the scenic area have doubled this summer, different play can play a whole day.

After using the snow machine with more than zero degrees and adding the snow field to the ski area, the advantage of the low-altitude scenic spot was revealed: the road to the mountain was short, and the temperature was high. Then the frozen people, snow machine snow machine can still every day “snow, take photos, others think you are playing in the snowy days in the north.

It is expected that more districts and counties will join the ferrets this year. The total cost is small, the road time is short, the snow time is long, and the gameplay is diverse, so that they can win in the snowy mountains in the south. (Author: Shi Heng)

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